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Harford, John
Hartford, John
Hartford, John Cowan
John Hartford
John Hartford (American singer-songwriter and musician)
John Hartford (Amerikaans singer-songwriter (1937-2001))
John Hartford (auteur-compositeur-interprète américain)
John Hartford (US-amerikanischer Country-Sänger und Songwriter)
John Hartford (violinista, suonatore di banjo e compositore statunitense)
Хартфорд, Джон
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Clements, Vassar
Hall, Tom T (1936-...)
Hartford, John (1937-2001)
Jennings, Waylon (1937-2002)
Skaggs, Ricky
Stanley, Ralph
Traum, Happy
Whitten, Chris
Williams, Hank (1949-...)
Wood, Bobby
1974-01-25: Amazingrace, Evanston, IL, USA
Aereo-Plain / Morning Bugle: The Complete Warner Bros Recordings
ain't got no business doin'business today (2 min 49 s), I
Airport Floor
All Collision All Explosion Song, The
All Fall Down
All I Got Is Gone Away
All in My Love for You
All in the name of love, 1981
Also Love You for Your Mind
Am a Man of Constant Sorrow (instrumental), I
And the Band Played On
Annual Waltz, The
Another Short (But Not So Sentimental) (interlude)
archive collection of great country music
As long as I live
[Audience Asks for More]
Aura Lee
Austin Minor Sympathy
Back in the Goodle Days
Back Up and Push
Backroads, Rivers & Memories: The Rare & Unreleased John Hartford
Bad Music (Is Better Than No Music at All)
Baking Soda
Ballad of a teenage queen
banjo of John Hartford, The
Bear Creek Hop
Beatty's Navy
Because of You
Bed On My Mind
Before They Tow My Car Away
Believe In You, I
Best of Rounder Records
Big Blue Balloon
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Black River
Blackberry Blossom
Blame It on Joann
Bluegrass goes to town pop songs Buegrass style.
Bluegrass sessions
Bonaparte's Retreat
Boys From North Carolina, The
Bring Your Clothes Back Home
Brownlow's Dream
Brushy Fork of John's Creek
Bumble Bee in a Jug
Bumble bee waltz
Burning of Grand Republic
Cadillac rag
California Earthquake (Bonus)
Californian Earthquake
Call me the breeze
Can't Stand to Throw Anything Away
Category Stomp, The
Chicken Oh Chicken
Classic bluegrass from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.
Collector, The
Comin' Down From Denver on a Trip to Galway Here and There
Corn Cob Blues
Country music time (Radio program)
Country special
Critic's choice
Croft in clachan
Cross Eyed Child
Crystallia Daydream
Cuckoo’s Nest
Cumberland Gap
Dancing in the Bathtub
Days of wine and vinyl
Daytime of Life
Death of John Henry
Deck Hand's Waltz, The
Delta Queen Waltz
Devil's Hornpipe
Didn’t Know the World Would Last This Long, I
Didn't Want to Be Forgotten
Dig a Hole
Doin' My Time
Don't Ever Take Your Eyes Off the Game, Babe
Don't Go Away
[Don’t Leave Your Records in the Sun Intro]
Don T Let Your Deal Go Down
Don't Love Nobody, I
Don't Try to Hide Your Tears From Me
don't want to have to marry you (3 min 03s), I
Door is always open (2 min 44 s)
Douglas and I Used to Sit Around and Play
Down at the Mouth of Old Stinson
Down from the mountain
Down on the Levee
Down on the River
Dusty Miller Hornpipe and Fugue in A Major for Strings, Brass and 5-String Banjo
Dusty Miller Hornpipe and Fugue in a Major for Strings, Brass and Five String Banjo
Earthwords & Music
Elvis, 1992:
Emanuel Cant
Emminence Breakdown
Empty Afternoon of Summer Longing
Eve of My Multiplication
Evening Prayer
Fade Out
False-Hearted Tenor Waltz, The
Feels so right (3 min 35 s)
Fiddle Instrumental
Fiddle Tune
Fiddler Magazine
Fiddler's Hornpipe
First Girl I Loved
Flannery's Dream
Flea Market Breakdown
Flower Power Died
Forgot to Forget, I
Forks of Sandy
Forty Years a Gambler
Fourteen Pole Cat Skins On a Chevy Camaro
Front Porch
Frustrated Bird
fun of open discussion
General Jackson
Gentle on my mind (3 min)
Gentle On My Mind and Other Originals
George, how I miss you
Girl I Left Behind
Girl with the Blue Dress On, The
Girl With the Long Brown Hair, The
Give Me the Flowers While I'm Living
Go Fall Asleep Now
Go Home Girl
Goforth's Dusty Miller
Goin' back to Dixie
[Golden Globe Award Intro]
Golden Globe Award, The
Gone, Gone, Gone
Good'le days
(Good Old Electric) Washing Machine (Circa. 1943)
Goodbye Waltz
Got No Place to Go
Grandmammy Look at Uncle Sam
Granny Wontcha Smoke Some Marijuana
Greatest country music recordings of all time our stories in song
Green Corn
Green green grass of home (2 min 23 s)
Greenback Dollar
Grownup Man
Gum tree canoe
Half Past Four
Hamilton ironworks
Headin' down into the mystery below
Heavenly Sunlight
Hell Up Coal Holler
Here I Am in Love Again
Here's to Your Dreams
Hey Jude
Hi Dad in the Morning
[Holding Intro]
Hooter Thunkit
Housing project
How Come You're Being So Good to Me
Howard Hughes’ Blues
I’m Still Here
I've Heard That Tearstained Monologue You Do There by the Door Before You Go
I've Heard the Tearstained Monologue You Do There by the Door Before You Go
Ice Cold Love
Ida Red
Illinois River Rag
Imagination Fired by Books
In Like Of
In Plain View of Town
In Sara's Eyes
In Tall Buildings
In the Heart of the Cross Eyed Child
Indian War Whoop
Interstate Waltz
Iron Mountain Depot
Is anybody goin'to San Antone (2 min 13 s)
Jack's in the Sack
Jaw Bone
Jesus Loves Everybody
Jimmy in the Swamp
John Hartford and Iron Mountain Depot
John Henry
John McLaughlin
Jolene (2 min 38 s)
Joseph's Dream
Jug Harris
Julia Belle Swain, The
Just Wanna Look in There, I
Keep on Truckin'
Kentucky Pool
Kiss My Plywood
Knockin' at Your Door
Ladies Live Such a Long Long Time
Lady Jane
Lady of the Lake
Landscape Grown Cold
Last of the drifters
Late Last Night When My Willie Came Home
Learning to Smile All Over Again
Leather Britches
Left Handed Woman
Let Him Go On, Mama
Life of sorrow
Like unto a Mockingbird
Little Boy
Little Cabin Home on the Hill Waugh Waugh
Little Girl With Her Hair All Down Behind
Little Old Lonesome Little Circle Song, The
Little Piece in D
Little Piece of My Heart
Live from Mountain Stage
Living in the MIssissippi Valley
Long Hot Summer Days
Looks at Life / Earthwords & Music
Lord’s Prayer Pun
Lord’s Pun Intro], [The
Lost Indian
Love Album / Housing Project, The
Love Is Sweeter
Love Song in 2/4 Time
Love Wrote This Song
Lowest Pair, The
Luckenbach, Texas (3 min 17 s)
Mama Plays the Calliope
Man Smoking a Cigar, A
Marie Laveau (3 min 09 s)
Mark Twang
Matthew 24
Me and My Fiddle
Me Oh My How the Time Does Fly
Meanwhile You Sit by My Banjo
Medicine Chest
Men All Want to Be Hoboes
Mike Seeger recordings, 1982
Minus the Woman
Miss Ferris
Mississippi Queen, The
Molly Put the Kettle On
More Big Bull Fiddle Fun
Morning Bugle
Mouth To Mouth Resuscitation (Bonus)
Mr. Jackson's Got Nothing to Do
Music Valley Waltz
My Face
My Love for You
My Rag
My Tears Don't Show
Naked in Spite of Myself
Natchez Under the Hill
Natchez Whistle
Natural to Be Gone: 1967-1970
New moon over jamaica
No end of love
No End To Love
No Expectations
Nobody Eats at Linebaugh's Anymore
Nobody Eats at Linebaughs
nobody knows what you do
O brother, where art thou? original soundtrack.
Ohio River Rag
Old Joe Clark
Old Riverman
Old Time River Man
Old Virginia Reel
On Christmas Eve
On the Road
Once You've Had the Best
Open Rode Ode
Orange Blossom Special
Orphan of World War Two
Over the Road to Maysville
Pea Patch Jig
Pennington Bend
Poor Old Purient Interest Blues, The
Portsmouth Airs
prairie home companion, A : 5-9-87.
Presbyterian Guitar
Pumpkin Ridge
Quail Is a Pretty Bird
Queen of Rock & Roll, The
Radio John
Ragged Bill
Ragtime Dream
Railroad Cap
Railroad Street
RCA Country Legends
Rebel Raid
Reckon, I
Right in the Middle of Falling for You
River of Life
Ruff and Ready
Sail Away Ladies
Sailboat Song, The
Scapin' Out on the Roof
schönen Zeiten der Erinnerung, Die
Secesh (Shiloh), The
See the Julia Belle Swain
Self Made Man
Sexual Harrassment
Shelvin' Rock
Shiny Rails of Steel
Short Life of Trouble
Short Sentimental (interlude), A
Shoulda Wore My Birthday Suit, I
Si douce à mon souvenir
Simple Thing as Love, A
Six O'Clock Train and a Girl With Green Eyes, The
[Skippin’ in the Mississippi Dew Intro]
Slumberin’ on the Cumberland
Sly Feel
Somewhere My Love / We'll Meet Again Sweetheart
Song book
Speed of the Old Long Bow: A Tribute to the Fiddle Music of Ed Haley, The
Springtime All Over Again
Squirrel Hunters
Station Break
Steam Powered Aereo Plain (First Rehearsal Excerpt)
Steam Powered Aereo Plane
Steam Powered Aereo-Takes
Steamboat in a cornfield.
Steamboat Whistle Blues
Strange Old Man
Sunshine Lady, You Really Know How to Slow a Man Down
Sweeter than the flowers
Sweetheart Can't You Hear Me Calling
swinging middle, The
Symphony Hall Rag
Take Me Back to My Mississippi River Home
Tales from the acoustic planet.
Tall Tall Grass, The
Tater Tate and Allen Mundy
Tear Down the Grand Ole Opry
Ten Chord Blues, The
Tennessee jubilee
That Great Day Is Coming
That old wheel
Them Way Long Time Ago Times
There Are No Fools in Heaven (Anyman's Inferno)
There Are No Fools in Heaven (Anyman's Lament)
There'll Never Be Another You
There won't be anymore (2 min 24 s)
This Eve of Parting
Till Something Better Comes Along
Tishomingo Blues
To Say
[Today Intro]
Tonite We're Gonna Boogie
Towboat River
Tribute to Bill Monroe
Tryin' to Do Something to Get Your Attention
Turkey Buzzard
Turn Your Radio On
Uncle Dink
Underground, The
Untangle Your Mind
Up on the Hill Where They Do the Boogie
Vamp from Back in the Goodle Days, The
Vassar Clements, John Hartford, David Holland
Walls We Bounce Off Of, The
Wart, The
Watchin' the River Go By
Watching the River Go By
Water from the wells of home
Waugh Paugh
Way Down the River Road
Way Is Narrow, The
We Did Our Best
Weave and Way
West Fork Gals
When I Feel the Hand of My Saviour
When the Dinner Bell Rings
When the Guiding Star Came to Tell City
When the Sky Began to Fall
When you're hot, you're hot (2 min 19 s)
Where did we go right
Where Does an Old Time River Man Go
Where the Old Red River Flows
White Lightning
White River
Whose That
Why Do You Do Me Like You Do?
Wild Hog in the Red Brush
wird immer sein, Das
Wish We Had Our Time Again, I
With a Vamp in the Middle
Wolves a Howlin'
Won't Know Why I Went There Until After I Get Back, I
Won't Know Why I Went, Till After I Get Back, I
Wonder Where You Are Tonight, I
Wonder Woman
Woodchopper's Breakdown
Wooliver's Money Musk
Word movies.
Would Not Be Here, I
Would Not Be There, I
Wrong Road Again
Yellow Barber
You and me at home
You and Me Reprised
You and the Way You Do
You Asked Me To
[You Can Do Anything Intro]
You Can't Run Away From Your Feet
You Don't Have to Do That
You're easy to love (2 min 20 s)
Your Long Journey
Your Stuff
Your Tax Dollars At Work
Пароход в кукурузном поле
Contributed to or performed: 
(Sittin' on) the Dock of the Bay
[Announcer / Ambience / Banter]
[Band Intros]
[Banter / Heel and Toe Polka intro]
[Get in Line Brothers intro]
[Hit Song intro]
[My Pet Worm intro]
[Ragtime Annie intro]
[Slide Whistle intro]
[Your Love Is Like a Flower intro]
100 Hits: Country
1974-04-27/28: 1974 Marin County Bluegrass Festival, Golden State College, San Rafael, CA, USA
1974-06-19: Amazingrace, Evanston, IL, USA
30 Country Treffers, Volume 1
Acoustic Disc: 100% Handmade Music, Volume V
Airmail Special
Airmail Special on the Fly
All-Ears Review, Volume 7: Still Amazing After All These Years
Alphabet Song intro], [The
Alphabet Song, The
American Folk Legends
Arthur Smith's Twinkle Little Star
Balance All
Battle of New Orleans
Benny Didn't Get Into That Part
Big John McNeil
Billy the Kid
Bitter Creek
Blue Ribbon Banjo
Blue Ridge Cabin Home
Blue Trail of Sorrow: 16 Top Bluegrass Gems
Blue Writin' on White Paper
Bluegrass Goes to Town: Pop Songs Bluegrass Style
Bonapart's Retreat
Bonie Maronie
Bound to Ride
Bull at the Wagon
Can Read Between the Lines in Your Letters, I
Classic Bluegrass, Volume 2: From Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Come Back Darling
Cosmic Cowboy
Cotton Eyed Joe
Country Love Songs
Cross-Eyed Child
Days of Wine and Vinyl
Deep Ear
Diggy Liggy Lo
Dixie Trucker's Home
Doc Chapman's Breakdown
Double Time
Down From the Mountain: Live Concert Performances by the Artists & Musicians of O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Down Yonder
Dry and Dusty
Dugler With a Shoefly On
Dylan, Cash and the Nashville Cats: A New Music City
Dylan, Cash, and the Nashville Cats: A New Music City
Even Back in Those Days
Fallen Angels: Legendary Country Rock Recordings
Feber 3 - Lennart Persson - Folk/rock
Festival Tapes Tellulive, The
Fiddle Faddle
Fiddler Magazine’s Favorites
First Fall of Snow
Flint Hill Special
Flint Hill Special (take 1)
Folk, Live From Mountain Stage
Fun of Open Discussion, The
Georgia Boys
Get in Line Brothers
Go Fall Asleep Now
Going Across the Sea
Going Back to Old Kentucky
Going Uptown
Good Old Boys
Greenback Dollar
Greenback Dollar... Vernon Solomon Never Heard That
Greenback Dollars / Careless Love
Hartford and Hartford
Hartford, Rice & Clements
Heavenly Sunlight
Heel and Toe Polka
Hit Song
Home Made Sugar and a Puncheon Floor
Honky Tonkin'
Hound Dawg
Hound Dawg (take 1)
Hound Dawg (take 3)
Hound Dawg (take 4)
Hy Patitian
I've Never Heard Anybody Play It but Arthur
If I Can Stay Away Long Enough
If I Should Wander Back Tonight
Indian War Whoop
Introduction Song
Jenny on the Railroad
Jerusalem Ridge
Katy Hill
Keep on Truckin'
Killing Floor
Kitty Puss
Know You Don't Love Me No More, I
Ladies in the Ballroom
Lady Bird - Soundtrack from the Motion Picture
Lady of the Lake
Lady's Fancy
Lantern in the Ditch
Laughing Boy
Legend Lives On: A Tribute to Bill Monroe, The
Liverpool Hornpipe
Long Journey Home
Love Grown Cold
Love in Vain
Love Please Come Home
Love, Peace and Folk Rock Hits of the 60's and 70's
Maggie's Farm
Memories of John
Midnight on the Water
Mike & John in the Wilderness
Miller's Reel
Mississippi River of Song: A Musical Journey Down the Mississippi, The
Mr. Bojangles
Mrs. Maxwell
My Baby's Gone
My Last Days On Earth
My Pet Worm
My Walking Shoes
New Love
New Music Sampler Volume 1 - Lost Highway
Nobody Eats at Linebaugh's Anymore
Nobody's Darling but Mine
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Music From The Motion Picture)
O Brother, Where Art Thou? Music From a Film by Joel Coen & Ethan Coen
O Brother, Where Art Thou? Music From the Motion Picture
Old Home Place (take 1), The
Old Home Place, The
Old Riverman
Old Sport
Old Time
Old-Time Music On The Air, Volume Two
On the Radio
Outlaws & Armadillos: Country's Roaring '70s
Owl Feather
Oxford American: Southern Music CD #15 - Tennessee
Paddy on the Turnpike
Painful Memories
Philadelphia Folk Festival 40th Anniversary
Polly Put the Kettle On
Poor Ellen Smith
Possum Up a Gum Stump
Pretty Little Widder
Pretty Polly Anna
Put All Your Troubles Away
Ragtime Annie
Randy Lynn Rag
Rocky Road Blues
Rocky Top
Rocky Top (take 1)
Room at the Top of the Stairs
Room at the Top of the Stairs (take 2)
Rounder Banjo
Roy Talked About Grandpappy George Wilkerson
Ruckers, Kickers, Cowboy Angels Vol.5: The Blissed-Out Birth of Country Rock 1972
Run Little Rabbit
Run Out of Tunes
Sally Goodin
Salt River
She's Gonna Break Your Heart
Shenendoah: A Quiet Place, Golden Slippers
Shortenin' Bread
Sittin' at the Dock of the Bay
Slide Whistle
Slumberin' on the Cumberland
Snowbird on the Ash Bank
Songs of the Civil War
Southern Moon
Still on the Hill (Sells Brothers Circus Rag)
Stump Tail Dog
Sugar in the Gourd
Sweet Rolls
Sweet Sunny South
Teardrops in My Eyes
Tell You Where I First Heard That One
Tennessee Mountain Home: 23 Bluegrass Gems
That Must Have Been a Tie
That's More Like a Scotland Tune
Time-Life's Treasury of Folk Music: An All Star Hootenanny, Volume 1
Tishomingo County Blues
Tribute to John Hartford: Live From Mountain Stage, A
Tribute to Steve Goodman
Troubadours (Folk and the Roots of American Music) Part 4
Truck Stop Jukebox
True Grit
True Life Blues: The Songs of Bill Monroe
Tulane and Johnny
Tumbling Creek Liza Jane
Ultimate Country
Uncle John Wills's Lost Indian
Uncle Pen
Uncle Pen (take 1)
Vassar Clements, John Hartford, Dave Holland
Waltz of the Golden Rule
Waltz of the Mississippi
Warm Up
Watching the River Go By
Way Downtown Fooling Around
We Can't Be Darlings Anymoore
Well It's Different
When I'm Sixty Four
When I'm Sixty-Four
When the Roses Bloom in Dixie Land
Where Is Your Heart Tonight
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Winds of a Song, The
Windy Mountain
You Did a Whoop
You Don't Notice Me Ignoring You
You Ever Heard Secesh
Your Love Is Like a Flower