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Brooks, R.
Brooks, Rodney
Brooks, Rodney A.
Brooks, Rodney Allen
Rodney A. Brooks (australischer Informatiker und Kognitionswissenschaftler)
Rodney Brooks (Australian Roboticist)
Rodney Brooks (australiensk ingenjör och datavetare)
Rodney Brooks (australsk ingeniør og informatikar)
Rodney Brooks (australsk ingeniør og informatiker)
Rodney Brooks (informaticus uit Australië)
Rodney Brooks (scienziato australiano)
רודני ברוקס
رادنی بروکس (دانشمند علوم کامپیوتر و مهندس استرالیایی)
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Language material
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Stanford University Computer Science Department
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Achieving Artificial Intelligence through Building Robots
approach to automatic robot programming, An
Artificial life IV proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems
artificial life route to artificial intelligence: building embodied, situated agents, The
artificial life route to artificial intelligence, The : building embodied, situated agents
Asynchronous distributed control system for a mobile robot.
Burukkusu no chinō robotto ron : Naze MIT no robotto wa zenshinshitsuzukerunoka
Cambrian intelligence the early history of the new AI
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Design of an optimizing, dynamically retargetable compiler for common Lisp
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Flesh and machines : how robots will change us
From robot dreams to reality
How the body shapes the way we think a new view of intelligence
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Humanoid robots: A new kind of tool
Integrated systems based on behaviors
International symposium on computer assisted tomography in nontumoral diseases of the brain, spinal cord and eye
Komon risupu puroguramingu
kunstmatige mens, De : hoe machines ons veranderen
La matière
Low computation vision-based navigation for a Martian rover
Menschmaschinen wie uns die Zukunftstechnologien neu erschaffen
Model-based computer vision. -
Model based three dimensional interpretations of two dimensional images.
Negative genetic correlation between male sexual attractiveness and survival
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Planning Collision- Free Motions for Pick-and-Place Operations
Programming in Common LISP
relationship between matter and life, The
Robot that Walks; Emergent Behaviors from a Carefully Evolved Network
Robotics research result of the 12th international symposium ISRR
Robotics research : results of the 12th International Symposium ISRR
robust layered control system for a mobile robot., A
Rodney Brooks diz que robôs invadirão nossas vidas
Rodney Brooks: Por qué dependeremos de los robots
Rodney Brooks: Pourquoi nous misons sur les robots
Rodney Brooks: Robotlara neden ihtiyaç duyuyoruz?
Rodney Brooks robotların hayatımızı işgal edeceğini söylüyor
Rodney Brooks: Tại sao chúng ta sẽ dựa vào những con robot
Rodney Brooks: Warum wir auf Roboter angewiesen sein werden
Rodney Brooks: Why we will rely on robots
role of learning in autonomous robots, The
S-1 Common Lisp implementation
Science on the edge of chaos
Self Calibration of Motion and Stereo Vision for Mobile Robot Navigation
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Squirt: The Prototypical Mobile Robot for Autonomous Graduate Students
subdivision algorithm in configuration space for findpath with rotation, A
Symbolic error analysis and robot planning
Symbolic reasoning among 3-D models and 2-D images. Diss. - Stanford, Calif.
Toward a brain-Internet link
Trading data space for reduced time and code space in real-time garbage collection on stock hardware
Родни Брукс говорит, что роботы внедряются в нашу жизнь
Родни Брукс: Почему мы будем полагаться на роботов
رادنی بروکس: چرا به ربات‌ها تکیه خواهیم کرد؟
로드니 부룩스(Rodney Brooks): 로봇에 의존하게 되는 이유
로드니 부룩스 교수가 들려주는 현재와 미래의 로봇 이야기
ブルックスの知能ロボット論 : なぜMITのロボットは前進し続けるのか?
ロドニー・ブルックス: なぜ、私たちはロボットに頼ることになるのか
罗德尼·布鲁克斯: 我们为什么要找机器人帮忙?
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"June 1981."
"Also numbered AIM 343."
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Stanford University, 1981