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Alexander Webster
Alexander Webster (Moderator of the general Assembly of the Church of Scotland)
Webster, Alexander
Webster, Alexander (Dr)
Webster, Alexander (Mr)
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Erskine, Ralph (1685-1752))
Fisher, James (1697-1775))
Fund for the Widows and Children of Scottish Ministers and Professors
Kyd, James Gray
Price, Richard (1723-1791))
Webster, Alexander (1707-1784))
account of the number of people in Scotland in the year one thousand seven hundred and fifty five
Divine influence the true spring of the extraordinary work at Cambuslang and other places in the west of Scotland, illustrate [sic] in a letter from the Reverend Mr. Alexander Webster, one of the ministers of this city, to a gentleman in the country.
Haman's deserved end A sermon preach'd in the High Church in Edinburgh at the election of magistrates for the year ensuing. From Esther IV. 13,14. By A. W--B---R, M.A.
Heathens professing Judaism, when the fear of the Jews fell upon them The substance of two sermons preached in the Tolbooth Church Edinburgh, ... By Alexander Webster.
letter from Mr. Alexander Webster to the Reverend Mr. Ralph Erskine containing a vindication of Mr. Webster's postscript to his second edition of Divine influence, &c., A : in answer to Mr. Erskine's charge of fraud and falsehood, &c.
letter from the Rev. Dr Webster, of Edinburgh, to the Rev. Dr Price, of London, and Dr Price's answer, relative to the establishment for a provision to the widows and children of the ministers and professors in Scotland, A
Scottish population statistics, including Webster's Analysis of population, 1755
Supernatural revelation the only sure hope of sinners. A sermon preached in the High Church of Edinburgh, Monday January 12. 1741. upon occasion of the anniversary meeting of the Society in Scotland for propagating Christian Knowledge. By Mr. Webster
wicked life, and fatal but deserved death of Haman, Ahasuerus's prime-minister A sermon, preached before the Right Honourable, Lord Provost, magistrates and town-council of Edinburgh, ... 30th. September, 1740. By Mr. Webster., The
Zeal for the civil and religious interests of mankind recommended in a sermon preached in the high Church of Edinburgh, on Thursday, May 23. 1754. at the opening of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. By Alexander Webster.