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Barry Wellman
Barry Wellman (Canadees socioloog)
Barry Wellman (Canadian sociologist)
Wellman, B.
Wellman, Barry
Wellman, Barry Stephen
בארי ולמן
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Berkowitz, S.D.
Berkowitz, Stephen D.
Berkowitz, Stephen D. (1943- ))
Conference on contributions of network analysis to structural sociology (03-04-1981 - 04-04-1981 : Albany)
Emerald Group Publishing
Haythornthwaite, Caroline A.
Rainie, Harrison
Rainie, Lee
University of Toronto. Centre for Urban and Community Studies
University of Toronto. Department of Sociology
Whitaker, Marilyn
2001 - 1997 Numerous -- see [publications]
Agency In Social Activity Interactions: The Role Of Social Networks In Time And Space
Asynchronous learning networks as a virtual classroom
Brothers' Keepers: Situating Kinship Relations in Broader Networks of Social Support
Canada as social structure: social network analysis and Canadian sociology
City of Bits: Space, Place and the Infobahn
COMMUNITY: From Neighborhood to Network
Community, network, communication : an annotated bibliography
community question re-evaluated, The
community question the intimate networks of East Yorkers, The : revised version : [paper for ad hoc group 21 - Serial networks, [9th world congress of sociology, Uppsala, Sweden, August 14-19, 1978]
Computer networks as social networks: Collaborative work, telework, and virtual community
Connecting Communities: On and Offline
Decade of Network Change: Turnover, Persistence and Stability in Personal Communities, A
Designing the Internet for a networked society
Development of Social Network Analysis: A Study in the Sociology of Science, The
Different strokes from different folks: community ties and social support
Different strokes from different folks : which type of ties provide what kind of social support?
Does citation reflect social structure?: Longitudinal evidence from the "Globenet" interdisciplinary research group
Does Distance Matter in the Age of the Internet
Does Social Capital Pay Off More within or between Ethnic Groups? Analyzing Job Searchers in Five Toronto Ethnic Groups
Does the Internet increase, decrease, or supplement social capital? : social networks, participation, and community commitment
Domestic affairs and network relations
Elements of Personal Communities, The
Elements of Personal Community Networks, The
Evaluating community in social housing : social networks, social support and local community involvement
Experiences in the use of a media space
Fear, Control and Empowerment: The Interplay between Computerized Communication Technologies and the Social Organization of the Virtual Workplace
For a social network analysis of computer networks: a sociological perspective on collaborative work and virtual community
From Little Boxes to Loosely Bounded Networks: The Privatization and Domestication of Community
Global Digital Divide -- Within and between Countries, The
Global Villagers: Comparing Internet Users and Uses around the World, The
Guide to network analysis series 1 and 1A
Hatalom a mobiltömegek kezében
How -- and Why -- Do Social Networks Change over a Decade?
How Far and with Whom Do People Socialize?: Empirical Evidence About Distance Between Social Network Members
How telephone networks connect social networks
How Telephone Networks Keep Social Networks Going
How to Beat a Bulgarian Radar Trap
Identities, Boundaries, and Social Ties
informational city, The : a new framework for social change
Integrating Individual, Relational and Structural Analysis
Interactive path analysis (IPA-APL) : a computer programme
Internet in Everyday Life: An Introduction, The
It's about Time: How, Why, and When Networks Change
It's not who you know, it's how you know them: Who exchanges what with whom?
Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet
Living networked in a wired world
Living Networked in the Wired World
Local Virtuality in a High-Tech Networked Organization
Long distance community in the network society: contact and support beyond Netville
Media use and work relationships in a research group
Neighboring in Netville: How the Internet Supports Community and Social Capital in a Wired Suburb
Net and Jet: The Internet use, travel and social networks of Chinese Canadian entrepreneurs
Net-Surfers Don't Ride Alone: Virtual Communities as Communities
Netting scholars: online and offline
Netville Online and Offline: Observing and Surveying a Wired Suburb
Network analysis from method and metaphor to theory and substance
Network Analysis: Some Basic Principles
Network Basis of Social Support: A Network Is More than the Sum of Its Ties, The
Network Capital in a Multi-Level World: How Individuals, Ties and Networks Provide Social Support in Contemporary Communities
Network Community: An Introduction, The
Networked Nature of Community Online and Offline, The
Networked : the new social operating system
Networks as Personal Communities
Networks in the global village : life in contemporary communities
Networks, Neighborhoods, and Communities: Approaches to the Study of the Community Question
Networks of Personal Community in the Global Village
New East York study, The : a strategy and tactics
Not So Global Village of Netville, The
Personal communities as sources of social support.
Perspectives on Social Network Research
Physical Place and Cyberplace: The Rise of Personalized Networking
Place of Kinfolk in Commmunity Networks, The
place of kinfolk in personal community networks., The
plague of viruses: biological, computer and marketing, A
Reconstruction of Space and Time: Mobile Communication Practices, The
Research issues in the design of online communities
Road to Utopia and Dystopia on the Information Highway, The
Searching for Culture-High and Low
Silicon Snake Oil: Second Thoughts on the Information Highway
Small Town in the Internet Society: Chapleau Is No Longer an Island
social affordances of e-mail, The
Social Connectivity in America: Changes in Adult Friendship Network Size From 2002 to 2007
Social identities and cosmopolitanism among urban adolescents: variation by race, social status, and school integration experience.
Social Network Analysis of Historical Communities: Some Questions from the Present for the Past
Social networks and social support : implications for later life
Social Networks, Kinship, and Community in Eastern Europe
Social Structure, Cultural Identity, and Personal Autonomy in the Practice of the Internet: The Network Society in Catalonia
Social structures : a network approach
Social Support, Life Events, and Depression
Sociological Rob: How Rob Kling Brought Computing and Sociology Together
Sociologists Engaging with Computers: Introduction to the Symposium on the History of CITASA, 1988 to 2005: From Microcomputers to Communication and Information Technologies
Statistical Models for Social Support Networks
Structural analysis : from method and metaphor to theory and substance
Studying Online Social Networks.
Sum of Ties Does Not Equal a Network: The Question of Social Support, The
Supportive community networks: which networks members, relationships and networks provide what kinds of social support?
Theatre and Politics in Modern Quebec
Three Ages of Internet Studies: Ten, Five and Zero Years Ago, The
Towards an Electronic Sociology
Use of a Media Space
uses of community, The : community ties and support system
Virtual Community: Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier, The
Virtual Reality of Virtual Organizations: How Does Computer Supported Cooperative Work Work?, The
Visualizing Personal Networks: Working with Participant-Aided Sociograms
War of Desire and Technology at the Close of the Mechanical Age, The
War of the Worlds: Cyberspace and the High-Tech Assault on Reality
When Social Networks Meet Computer Networks: The Policy Implications of Virtual Communities
Work, friendship, and media use for information exchange in a networked organization
Work Relationships and Media Use: A Social Network Analysis
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