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Grabisch, M.
Grabisch, Michel
Grabisch, Michel (Auteur.)
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Language material
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Autom. et trait. du signal : Grenoble I.N.P.G
Baets, Bernard De
Berghammer, Rudolf
Chateauneuf, A.
Chateauneuf, Alain
Dechy, Nicolas
Denneberg, Dieter
Duchêne, Jacques
Faigle, U.
Faigle, Ulrich
Fernández, Julio R.
Fodor, Janos
Förster, Manuel
Funaki, Yukihiko
Gil, P.
Gil, Pedro
Gonzalez, Stéphane
Gonzalez, Stéphane (19..-....))
Grabisch, M.
Grabisch, Michel
Greco, Salvatore
Heyne, M.
Heyne, Maximilian
Honda, Aoi
Jiménez-Losada, Andrés
Kojadinovic, Ivan
Labreuche, Christophe
Lange, Fabien
Li, Tong
Lino, Frédéric
Marichal, J.-L.
Marichal, Jean-Luc
Maruani, Emmanuel
Mayag, Brice
Merad, Myriam
Mesiar, Radko
Meyer, Patrick
Miranda, P.
Miranda, Pedro
Nguyêñ, Hung T. (1944-....))
Nguyêñ, Hung T. (1944-...)
Ordóñez, Manuel
Pirlot, Marc
Raufaste, Eric
Rico, A.
Rico, Agnès
Roubens, M.
Roubens, Marc
Rusinowska, Agnieszka
Serir, Lisa
Skoda, Alexandre
Sudhölter, Peter
Sugeno, Michio (1940-....))
Swart, Harrie De
Université Panthéon-Sorbonne Affiliation (see also from)
Université Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne) / Centre d'Économie de la Sorbonne / Centre de recherche de mathématiques et économie mathématique (CERMSEM)
Vansnick, Jean-Claude
Walker, E. (1930-)
Walker, E.A. (1930-)
Walker, Elbert (1930-)
Walker, Elbert A. (1930-....))
Walker, Elbert A. (1930-...)
Walker, Elbert A. (1930-)
Xie, Lijue
Xie, Lijue (1979-....))
¤bounded core for games with precedence constrains, The
Aggregation functions: construction methods, conjunctive, disjunctive and mixed classes
Aggregation functions: Means
Aggregation on bipolar scales
allocation rule for dynamic random network formation processes, An
Application de l'opérateur cepstre d'énergie à l'identification en présence d'échos
application of fuzzy integrals in multicriteria decision making, The
approche constructive de la décision multicritère, Une
axiomatic approach to the concept of interaction among players in cooperative games, An
Axiomatic structure of k-additive capacities
Axiomatisation of the Shapley value and power index for bi-cooperative games
axiomatization of entropy of capacities on set systems, An
Axiomatization of the Shapley value and power index for bi-cooperative games.
Bipolar and bivariate models in multi-criteria decision analysis: descriptive and constructive approaches
Bipolarization of posets and natural interpolation
bounded core for games with precedence constraints., The
Capacities and Games on Lattices: A Survey of Result
characterization of the 2-additive Choquet integral through cardinal information, A
Choquet integral for the aggregation of interval scales in multicriteria decision making, The
coalition formation value for games in partition function form, A
coalition formation value for games with externalities., A
Coalition structures induced by the strength of a graph.
coeur des jeux sur des ensembles ordonnés, Le
Comments on: Transversality of the Shapley value
concise axiomatization of a Shapley-type value for stochastic coalition processes, A
core of bicapacities and bipolar games, The
core of games on distributive lattices, The : how to share benefits in a hierarchy.
core of games on k-regular set systems., The
core of games on ordered structures and graphs, The
core of games on partially ordered sets., The
decade of application of the Choquet and Sugeno integrals in multi-criteria decision aid, A
Different Approaches to Influence Based on Social Networks and Simple Games
Discrete Choquet Integral for Ordered Systems, A
Dominance of capacities by k-additive belief functions
Élaboration d'une démarche constructive prenant en compte les interactions entre critères en aide multicritère à la décision
Elaboration of an interactive approach in multicriteria decision aid taking into account interaction between criteria.
empirical study of statistical properties of Choquet and Sugeno integrals, An
Ensuring the boundedness of the core of games with restricted cooperation.
Equivalent Representations of a Set Function with Applications to Game Theory and Multicriteria Decision Making
Evaluation subjective
Fundamentals of uncertainty calculi with applications to fuzzy inference
Fuzzy measures and integrals in MCDA
Fuzzy measures and integrals : theory and applications
Games on fuzzy communication structures with Choquet players
Games on lattices, multichoice games and the Shapley value: a new approach
Generalized Choquet-like aggregation functions for handling bipolar scales
How to score alternatives when criteria are scored on an ordinal scale
Influence functions, followers and command games.
Influence Indices
Intégration d'un modèle d'Aide à la Décision Multicritère en Programmation Par Contraintes ; sous la dir. de Michel Grabisch, 2003
Interaction transform for bi-set functions over a finite set
Iterating influence between players in a social network.
k-balanced games and capacities
lattice of embedded subsets, The
Measure and integral with purely ordinal scales
Measuring influence among players with an ordered set of possible actions
Measuring influence in command games.
Mesures et intégrales floues en analyse multicritère et reconnaissance des formes
Möbius transform on symmetric ordered structures and its application to capacities on finite sets, The
model of influence based on aggregation functions., A
model of influence in a social network., A
model of influence with a continuum of actions, A
model of influence with an ordered set of possible actions, A
Modeling attitudes toward uncertainty through the use of the Sugeno integral
Monge extensions of cooperation and communication structures
Multicoalitional solutions
new approach to the core and Weber set of multichoice games, A
New axiomatizations of the Shapley interaction index for bi-capacities
On the extension of pseudo-Boolean functions for the aggregation of interacting criteria
On the restricted cores and the bounded core of games on distributive lattices.
On the set of imputations induced by the k-additive core
On the vertices of the k-addiive core
On the vertices of the k-additive core
Ordered weighted averaging in social networks
p-symmetric bi-capacities
p-symmetric fuzzy measures
Preference modelling on totally ordered sets by the Sugeno integral
Preserving coalitional rationality for non-balanced games.
quest for rings on bipolar scales, The
representation of conditional relative importance between criteria, The
representation of preferences by the Choquet integral with respect to a 2-additive capacity, A
Representation of preferences over a finite scale by a mean operator
restricted core of games on distributive lattices: how to share benefits in a hierarchy, The
review of methods for capacity identification in Choquet integral based multi-attribute utility theory: Applications of the Kappalab R package, A
review of methods for capacity identification inChoquet integral based multi-attribute utility theoryApplications of the Kappalab R package, A
Shapley value and interaction index
Social networks: Prestige, centrality, and influence (Invited paper)
study of the dynamic of influence through differential equations., A
Subjective Evaluation of Discomfort in Sitting Positions
symmetric and asymmetric Choquet integrals on finite spaces for decision making, The
Symmetric and Asymmetric Choquet integrals on finite spaces fordecision making, The
Symmetric Sugeno Integral, The
Using a multi-criteria decision aid methodology to implement sustainable development principles within an organization
value for bi-cooperative games, A
Values for Markovian coalition processes
Values on regular games under Kirchhoff’s laws
Thèse de docteur-ingénieur : Autom. et trait. du signal : Grenoble I.N.P.G. : 1982 ; DI 286