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Cooper, H.
Cooper, H. M.
Cooper, Harris
Cooper, Harris M.
Cooper, Harris Martin
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American psychological association
Borman, Geoffrey D.
Camic, Paul M. (1955-)
Camic, Paul Marc (1955-)
Charlton, Kelly
Duke University Affiliation (see also from)
Good, Thomas L. (1943-)
Hedges, Larry V.
Panter, A.T.
Rindskopf, David
Valentine, Jeff C.
Valentine, Jeffrey C.
Academic Attributions for Success and Failure among Asian Americans.
Academic Expectations, Attributed Responsibility, and Teachers' Reinforcement Behavior: A Suggested Integration of Conflicting Literatures.
accuracy-confidence correlation in the detection of deception., The
administrator's guide to setting sound and effective policies. -, an
Alternative methods for the investigation of moderator effects in meta-analysis
APA handbook of research methods in psychology
Battle Over Homework: An Administrator's Guide to Setting Sound and Effective Policies, The
battle over homework: Common ground for administrators, teachers, and parents (2nd ed.), The
battle over homework, The : common ground for administrators, teachers, and parents
brief history of research synthesis., A
Campbell Collaboration and the promise of systematic reviews, The
Chapter 1 Programs Reduce Student-To-Instructor Ratios but Do Reduced Ratios Affect Achievement?
Children and hospitalization: putting the new reviews in methodological context.
Classroom Context and Student Ability as Influences on Teacher Perceptions of Classroom Control.
Controlling Personal Rewards: Professional Teachers' Differential Use of Feedback and the Effects of Feedback on the Student's Motivation to Perform
Correlates of Children's Television Viewing: Expectancies, Age, and Sex
Cues to deception
Defining the quality of educational research
Department of Education¿s What Works Clearinghouse Study Design and Implementation Assessment Device: Version 1.0, The
Do students with different characteristics take part in psychology experiments at different times of the semester?
Does Homework Improve Academic Achievement? A Synthesis of Research, 1987-2003
Effect of Class Placement on the Social Adjustment of Mentally Retarded Children., The
Effectiveness and Relative Importance of Choice in the Classroom, The
Effectiveness of mentoring programs for youth: A meta-analytic review
Effects of alcohol on human aggression: an integrative research review
Effects of Choice on Intrinsic Motivation and Related Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis of Research Findings, The
Effects of Full-Day Kindergarten on Academic Achievement and Social Development
effects of modified school calendars on student achievement and on school and community attitudes, The
effects of modified school calendars on student achievement and student, parent, and educator attitudes, The
effects of students' after-school activities on teachers' academic expectations, The
effects of summer vacation on achievement test scores: A narrative and meta-analytic review, The
Ending social promotion: Results from Summer Bridge
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Family Therapies: An Integrative Review and Analysis
Finding the missing science: the fate of studies submitted for review by a human subjects committee
Grey literature in meta-analyses
handbook of research synthesis and meta-analysis, The
Historical Overview of Teacher Expectation Effects., A
Homework and achievement: Explaining the different relations at the elementary and secondary school levels
Homework for all - in moderation
Homework for students with learning disabilities: the implications of research for policy and practice.
Homework Hotlines: Recommendations for Successful Practice
Homework in the home: How student, family and parenting style differences related to the homework process
Homework, The Encyclopedia of Education (2nd Ed.)
How non-school activities affect academic achievement: The role of self-concept
How Teachers Explain Students' Academic Performance: A Categorization of Free Response Academic Attributions.
implication of homework research for classroom teachers, The
Importance of Race and Social Class Information in the Formation of Expectancies About Academic Performance, The
Individual differences and attitudes toward rape: a meta-analytic review
Influences on the Outcome of Literature Searches for Integrative Research Reviews.
integrative research review, The : a systematic approach
Interpersonal expectancy effects and the preference for consistency
Interventioins to increase physical activity among aging adults: A meta-analysis
Interventions to increase physical activity among aging adults: a meta-analysis.
Is the school calendar dated?: Education, economics, and the politics of time., Summer learning: Research, Policies, and Programs
Learning beyond school: Developing the field of after scholl education
Making the most of summer school : a meta-analytic and narrative review
Marital satisfaction in remarriage: a meta-analysis
Meta-Analysis for Explanation
Meta-analysis of factor analyses: an illustration using the Buss-Durkee Hostility Inventory
Meta-analysis, The Encyclopedia of Research Methods for the Social Sciences
methodology of meta-analysis, Synthesis of Research in Special Education, The
model of homework's influence on the performance evaluations of elementary school students, A
On the role of meta-analysis in personality and social psychology
On the Social Psychology of Using Research: The Case of Desegregation and Black Achievement.
Organizing Knowledge Syntheses: A Taxonomy of Literature Reviews
Parent Involvement in Homework: A Research Synthesis
Personality moderators of interpersonal expectancy effects: an integrative research review
Pygmalion Grows Up: A Model for Teacher Expectation Communication and Performance Influence.
Pygmalion grows up : studies in the expectation communication process
Race Comparisons on Need for Achievement: A Meta-analytic Alternative to Graham's Narrative Review.
Reading Between the Lines : Observations on the Report of the National Reading Panel and Its Critics
Relation Between Self-Beliefs and Academic Achievement: A Meta-Analytic Review, The
relations between self-beliefs and academic achievement: A systematic review, The
Relationships between five after-school activities and academic achievement
Relative Benefits of Meta-Analysis Conducted with Individual Participant Data versus Aggregated Data, The
Reporting research in psychology : how to meet journal article reporting standards
Reporting Standards for Research in Psychology: Why Do We Need Them? What Might They Be?
Research designs
Scientific Guidelines for Conducting Integrative Research Reviews.
Search for Meaningful Ways to Express the Effects of Interventions, The
Should grey literature be included in meta-analyses?
Some Effects of Preperformance Information on Academic Expectations.
Statistical versus traditional procedures for summarizing research findings.
Synthesizing research : a guide for literature reviews
Systematic and Transparent Approach for Assessing the Methodological Quality of Intervention Effectiveness Research: The Study Design and Implementation Assessment Device (Study DIAD), A
Systematic research synthesis on motivation, Advances in Motivation and Achievement
Taxonomy of Literature Reviews., A
Teacher Expectation Research: A Review with Implications for Classroom Instruction.
Teachers' Beliefs about Interaction Control and Their Observed Behavioral Correlates.
Teenage Motherhood, Mother-Only Households, and Teacher Expectations
Testing the Null Hypothesis in Meta-Analysis: A Comparison of Combined Probability and Confidence Interval Procedures
Understanding Pygmalion: The Social Psychology of Self-Fulfilling Classroom Expectations.
Using research to answer practical questions about homework
What is a meta-analysis and how do we know we can trust it?, The Voice of Evidence: Bringing Research to Classroom Educators
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