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Altman, A.
Altman, Arie
אלטמאן, אריה
אלטמן, אריה
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Colwell, Rita R. (1934-)
Hasegawa, Paul M.
International association for plant tissue culture and biotechnology, International congress 09 1998
International Association of Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology
International Atomic Energy Agency
Izhar, S.
Izhar, Shamay
Waisel, Yoav
Ziv, M.
Ziv, Meira
Ziv, Meira (1931-.)
Ziv, Meira (1931-)
אלטמן, אריה (1937-)
Accumulation and protection activity of protease-resistant heat-stable proteins in Haematococcus pluvialis during high light and nitrogen starvation
Agricultural biotechnology, 1997:
Agriculture and agricultural biotechnology: development trends toward the 21st century.
Biology of root formation and development, c1997:
Biotechnology of plant osmotic stress tolerance: physiological and molecular considerations.
Bud regeneration and growth from transgenic and non-transgenic aspen (Populus tremula) root explants.
Characterization of SP1, a stress-responsive, boiling-soluble, homo-oligomeric protein from aspen.
Characterization of SP1, a Stress-Responsive, Boiling-Soluble, Homo-Oligomeric Protein from Aspen1
Clonal stability, seasonal periodicity and transgenes: the lesson from long-term micropropagation of transgenic and non-transformed Populus tremula L. plants.
comparative study of chloride uptake and transport in various tissues of citrus seedlings, and its relevance to ion absorption in trees, A
Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of SP1, a novel chaperone-like protein.
Direct regeneration and selection of Populus tremula L. transgenic shoots from Agrobacterium tumefaciens-transformed stem explants.
Effect of NaCl on growth, photosynthesis, ion and water relations of four poplar genotypes
Forest-tree biotechnology: genetic transformation and its application to future forests
From plant tissue culture to biotechnology: Scientific revolutions, abiotic stress tolerance, and forestry
Gene expression and metabolite profiling of Populus euphratica growing in the Negev desert.
Genotypic difference in salinity and water stress tolerance of fresh market tomato cultivars.
Genotypic variation in drought tolerance of poplar in relation to abscisic acid
Gradual Soil Water Depletion Results in Reversible Changes of Gene Expression, Protein Profiles, Ecophysiology, and Growth Performance in Populus euphratica, a Poplar Growing in Arid Regions
Horticultural biotechnology in vitro culture and breeding
Improved rooting ability and root-system performance in transgenic aspen plants.
In vitro organogenesis, transformation and expression of drought-related proteins in forest tree cultures.
Linking the Salt Transcriptome with Physiological Responses of a Salt-Resistant Populus Species as a Strategy to Identify Genes Important for Stress Acclimation1[W][OA]
Micropropagation: clonal plant propagation in vitro.
Otto Warburg Minerva Center for Agricultural Biotechnology, The : 10th anniversary, 1984-1994
Photosynthetic response of Populus euphratica to salt stress
Plant biotechnology and agriculture prospects for the 21st century
Plant biotechnology and in vitro biology in the 21st century : proceedings of the IXth International Congress of the International Association of Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology, Jerusalem, Israel, 14-19 June 1998
Plant biotechnology in the 21st century: the challenges ahead
Plant responses to drought, salinity and extreme temperatures: towards genetic engineering for stress tolerance.
Recent advances in engineering plant tolerance to abiotic stress: achievements and limitations.
rol-Gene expression in transgenic aspen (Populus tremula) plants results in accelerated growth and improved stem production index.
Role of plant heat-shock proteins and molecular chaperones in the abiotic stress response.
role of polyamines in growth ... 1983, The
Salt, nutrient uptake and transport, and ABA of Populus euphratica; a hybrid in response to increasing soil NaCl.
structural basis of the thermostability of SP1, a novel plant (Populus tremula) boiling stable protein., The
Towards water stress-tolerant poplar and pine trees: molecular biology, transformation and regeneration.
Transgenic Populus tremula: a step-by-step protocol for its Agrobacterium-mediated transformation.
Tree genetic engineering and applications to sustainable forestry and biomass production
בדיקות פיסיולוגיות ומורפולוגיות בשרשי כנות-הדר
נזקים לצמחים מזיהום האוויר
קליטת כלור בשרשי כנות הדר
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