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Arundel, Thomas Howard
Arundel, Thomas Howard (2nd earl of)
Arundel, Thomas Howard (comte d')
Arundel, Thomas Howard (earl)
Arundel, Thomas Howard (Earl of)
Arundel, Thomas Howard Earl of (English peer, collector, 1586-1646)
Arundel, Thomas Howard (II.; hrabě)
Arundel, Thomas Howard of
Arundel, Thomas of
Howard, Thomas
Howard, Thomas (2nd Earl of Arundel)
Howard, Thomas (earl of Arundel)
Howard, Thomas (Earl of Arundel and Surrey)
Howard, Thomas (Lord)
Norfolk, Thomas Howard
Norfolk, Thomas Howard (Earl of)
Norfolk, Thomas Howard of
Surrey, Thomas Howard
Surrey, Thomas Howard (Earl of)
Surrey, Thomas Howard (II.; hrabě)
Surrey, Thomas Howard of
Thomas (Earl of Arundel)
Thomas (Earl of Arundel and Surrey)
Thomas (Earl of Surrey)
Thomas Howard
Thomas Howard, 14th Earl of Arundel
Thomas Howard, 14th Earl of Arundel and Surrey
Thomas Howard, 21:e earl av Arundel (brittisk diplomat och politiker)
Thomas Howard, 21. Earl of Arundel (englischer Adliger, Diplomat und Kunstsammler)
Thomas Howard, 21st Earl of Arundel (English diplomat)
Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Arundel and Surrey
Thomas Howard Arundel
Thomas Howard Arundel Earl of
Thomas Howard (britisk diplomat og politiker)
Thomas Howard (collectionneur d'art anglais)
Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel
Thomas Howard, XXI conte di Arundel (politico e collezionista d'arte britannico)
Thomas Howard z Arundelu
z Arundelu a Surrey, Thomas Howard (II.; hrabě)
ze Surrey a Arundelu, Thomas Howard (II.; hrabě)
ca. 1584-1646
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Arundel, Aletheia Talbot (Countess of; 1585-1654; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
dyck anthony van
Great Britain. Army
Hervey, Mary Frederica Sophia
Orsato, Sertorio (1617-1678))
Phillimore, Catherine Mary
Prideaux, Humphrey (1648-1724)
Robinson, John Martin
Roe, Thomas (1581?-1644))
Selden, John (1584-1654)
University of Oxford
Young, Patrick (1584-1652))
Catalogue of manuscripts in the British museum. : New Series. Volume 1.
Concise universal biog.:
Connoisseur and diplomat : the Earl of Arundel's Embassy to Germany in 1636 as recounted in William Crowne's diary, the Earl's letters and other contemporary sources with a catalogue of the topographical drawings made on the journey by Wenceslaus Hollar
Lawes and ordinances of warre, for the better government of His Majesties Army Royall, in the present expedition for the northern parts, and safety of the kingdome
life, correspondence and collections of Thomas Howard, earl of Arundel, "Father of vertu in England", The
Marmora arundelliana ; sive saxa græcè incisa ex venerandis priscae orientis gloriae ruberibus auspiciis... Thomae comitis Arundelliae et Surriae,... pridem vindicata, et in aedibus ejus hortisque... ad Thamesis ripam disposita. Accedunt inscriptiones aliquot veteris Latii... Publicavit et commentariolos adjecit Joannes Seldenus,....
Marmora Oxoniensia, ex Arundellianis, Seldenianis, aliisque conflata. Recensuit, & perpetuo commentario explicavit, Humphridus Prideaux ædis Christi alumnus. Appositis ad eorum nonnulla Seldeni & Lydiati annotationibus. Accessit Sertorii Ursati Patavini De notis Romanorum commentarius.
Recueil factice.
Remembrances of things worth seeing in Italy given to John Evelyn 25 April 1646 by Thomas Howard, 14th Earl of Arundel
voleur d'éternité la vie aventureuse de William Petty, érudit, esthète et brigand, Le