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Persson, T.
Persson, Torsten,
Persson, Tryggve
Torsten Persson
Torsten Persson (schwedischer Ökonom)
Torsten Persson (svensk ekonom)
Torsten Persson (svensk økonom)
Torsten Persson (Swedish economist)
Torsten Persson (Zweeds econoom)
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Language material
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Aghion, Philippe
Alesina, Alberto
Below, David von
Besley, Timothy
Besley, Timothy J.
Blundell, Richard
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Affiliation (see also from)
Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)
Englund, P.
Englund, Peter
Flam, Harry
Gottfries, Nils
Guido, Torsten Persson and Tabellini
Hassler, John
Helpman, E.
Helpman, Elhanan
Horn, Henrik
Institutet för Internationell Ekonomi Stockholm Affiliation (see also from)
Kotlikoff, Laurence J
Kotlikoff, Laurence J.
Krugman, Paul R
Krugman, Paul R.
Kudamatsu, Masayuki
Lindbeck, A.
Logren, Karl-Gustaf
London School of Economics (LSE) / Economics Department
London School of Economics and Political Science
London School of Economics and Political Science Affiliation (see also from)
Lundvik, Petter
Molander, P.
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
National Bureau of Economic Research Affiliation (see also from)
Neary, Peter
Newey, Whitney K.
Palmer, Edward
Persson, M
Persson, Mats
Persson, Mats (1954-)
Persson, T
Persson, T.
Persson, Torsten
Roland, G
Roland, G.
Roland, Gérard
Roland, Gérard (1954-)
Rouzet, Dorothee
Stock, James H.
Stockholm : Univ
Stockholms Universitet / Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES)
Strömberg, David
Sturm, Daniel
Sturm, Daniel M
Sturm, Daniel M.
Svensson, L-E-O
Svensson, L.E.O.
Svensson, Lars E O
Svensson, Lars E. O.
Svensson, Lars E.O.
Svenssor, Lars E. O.
Tabellini, G
Tabellini, G.
Tabellini, Guido
Tabellini, Guido (1956-)
Tabellini, Guido Enrico
Tabellini, Guido Enrico (1956-)
Tirole, Jean
Trebbi, Francesco
University of Western Ontario. Department of Economics
van Wijnbergen, Sweder
von Below, David
Weibull, Jorgen W
Wijnbergen, Sweder van
Advances in Economics and Econometrics 3 Volume Hardback Set
Advances in Economics and Econometrics 3 Volume Paperback Set
Advances in economics and econometrics : theory and applications, ninth World Congress
Alternative Exchange Rate Regimes and the Transmission of Disturbances : A general Equilibrium Approach
Alternative transactions variables and the empirical evidence of economies of scale in money holdings
Alternative transactions variables in money demand equations. -
Capital Market "Imperfections" and the Consumption Function: Comment.
Comparative politics and public finance
Consequences of Constitutions
Constitutional rules and fiscal policy outcomes
Constitutions and Economic Policy
Credibility of macroeconomic policy : an introduction and a broad survey.
Currency unions and trade: how large is the treatment effect?
Current account dynamics and the terms of trade : Harberger-Laursen-Metzler two generations later
Debt, cash flow and inflation incentives : a Swedish example
Deficits and intergenerational welfare in open economies.
Democracy and development the devil in the details
Democratic capital the nexus of political and economic change
Designing institutions for monetary stability
Do constitutions cause large governments? Quasi-experimental evidence
Do Electoral Cycles Differ Across Political Systems?
Do political institutions shape economic policy?
Does centralization increase the size of government?
Double-edged incentives: Institutions and policy coordination
Double-edged inventives : institutions and policy coordination
economic effects of constitutions, The
Economic effects of the government budget
Economic policy and special interest politics
Economic sciences, 1991-1995
Economic sciences 1996-2000
Education and Military Rivalry
Ekonomisk politik och politisk ekonomi
Electoral rules and corruption
Electoral Rules and Government Spending in Parliamentary Democracies
Empirical examinations of the information sets of economic agents
Energetical significance of the annelids and arthropods in a Swedish grassland soil
Exchange rate policy, wage formation and credibility
Exchange rate theory and practice : John F.O. Bilson and Richard C. Marston, eds., (University of chicago press for the national bureau of economic research, chicago, 1984) pp. ix + 528, $58.00
Exchange rate variability and asset trade
Federal fiscal constitutions part 1: risk sharing and moral hazard
Federal Fiscal Constitutions ; Part I: Risk Sharing and Moral Hazard.
Federal Fiscal Constitutions. Part II: Risk Sharing and Redistribution
Flexible integration : towards a more effective and democratic Europe
Forms of democracy, policy and economic development
Fragile States and Development Policy
Global effects of national stabilization policies under fixed and floating exchange rates.
Growth, distribution and politics
Growth Effect of Democracy: Is It Heterogeneous and How Can It Be Estimated?, The
growth effect of democracy: is it heterogenous and how can it be estimated?, The
Growth Effects of Democracy: Is It Heterogenous and How Can It Be Estimated?, The
How do electoral rules shape party structures, government coalitions and economic policies?
Hur långt skall EU centraliseras? : vad säger ekonomisk teori?
incidence of civil war: theory and evidence, The
Inflation, arbetslöshet och stabiliseringspolitik
Inflation, Interest Rates, and Welfare.
Inflation, monetary velocity and welfare
International Borrowing and Time-Consistent Fiscal Policy/Comment
International Seminar on Macroeconomics
introduction and a broad survey, An
Is inequality harmful for growth? : theory and evidence
Is optimism good in a Keynesian economy?
Långtidsutredningen 1987.
Laws as Assets: A Possible Solution to the Time Consistency Problem
Lobbying and legislative bargaining
Logic of Political Violence, The
Macroeconomic Tradeoffs of Price and Income Policies: Comment., The
Macroeconomic Tradeoffs of Price and Income Policies; Comments, The
Markets with Asymmetric Information: The Contributions of George Akerlof, Michael Spence and Joseph Stiglitz.
Misperceptions, rigidity and welfare
Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Vol. 2: Politics
Monetary cohabitation in Europe
neutrality of money and the analysis of alternative exchange rate regimes., The
New methods in the Swedish medium-term survey
Nobel lectures including presentation speeches and laureates' biographies.
Optimal subsidies to declining industries : efficiency and equity considerations
Options for Economic and Political Reform in Sweden.
origins of state capacity: property rights, taxation, and politics, The
Pillars of prosperity : the political economics of development clusters
Political competition and economic performance theory and evidence from the United States
Political Competition, Policy and Growth: Theory and Evidence from the United States
Political Competition, Policy and Growth: Theory and Evidence from the US
Political economics and macroeconomic policy
Political economics and public finance
Political economics explaining economic policy
Political institutions and policy outcomes: what are the stylized facts?
Politics and economic policy
Politics of 1992: Fiscal Policy and European Integration., The
Presidential Address: Consequences of Constitutions
Real transfers in fixed exchange rate systems and the international adjustment mechanism
Regulation, financial buffer stocks, and short-run adjustment : An econometric case-study of Sweden, 1970-1982
Regulation, financial buffer stocks, and short-run adjustment : an econometric case-study of Sweden, 1970-82
Regulation, financial buffer stocks, and short-run adjustment: An economic case-study of Sweden, 1970-82
Reply to Blankart and Koester's Political Economics versus Public Choice Two Views of Political Economy in Competition
Report of the President 2003
Representative democracy and capital taxation
Repression or Civil War?
Separation of powers and accountability : towards a formal approach to comparative politics
Separation of powers and political accountability
Signalling, wage controls and monetary disinflation policy
size and scope of government, The : comparative politics with rational politicians
size and the scope of government: Comparative politics with rational politicians, The
Social contracts as assets : a possible solution to the time-consistency problem
Sparation of Powers and Accountability : Towards a Formal Approach to Comparative Politics.
State capacity, conflict and development
Studies of alternative exchange rate systems : an intertemporal general equilibrium approach
Swedish business cycle: stylized facts over 130 years, The
Swedish business cycles : 1861-1988
Swedish Business Cyscles: 1861-1988.
Taxation and Development
Theory of Fiscal Federalism: What Does it Mean for Europe?, The
Time consistency of fiscal and monetary policy: a solution
Time consistency of fiscal and monetory policy: a solution
Time-consistent fiscal policy and government cash-flow
Towards micropolitical foundations of public finance
Uncertainty, climate change and the global economy
Wars and State Capacity
Weather and infant mortality in Africa
Why A Stubborn Conservative Would Run A Deficit: Policy Wit
Why a Stubborn Conservative Would Run a Deficit: Policy with Time-Inconsistent Preferences.
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Diss. Stockholm : Univ