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Beal, John
Beal, John ((Bassist))
Beal, John (contrebassiste)
Beal, John Everett
John Beal
John Beal (American film composer)
John Beal (Amerikaans componist)
John Beal (amerikansk komponist)
John Beal (amerikansk kompositör)
Джон Бил
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bernstein, Leonard (1918-1990)
CIC-3M France vidéo
Cohn, Al (co-performer)
Desmond, Paul (1924-1977)
Desmond, Paul (co-performer)
Flaherty, Stephen
Franke, Christopher
Goldenthal, Elliot
Goldenthal, Elliot (co-author)
Goldsmith, Jerry
Hoenig, Michael
Hollywood Chamber Orchestra
Howarth, Alan
Kuney, Scott
Leoncavallo, Ruggiero (1858-1919)
Lewis, Mel
Miles, Sylvia (1932-)
Mulligan, Gerry (1927-1996)
Norman Scribner Choir
Simone, Nina (co-performer)
Snow, Mark
Tangerine Dream (Musical group)
Titus, Alan (1945-)
Wilkes, Elaine (1965-)
Zeitlin, Denny
Antharia Jack and the Magic Lantern
Bernstein conducts Bernstein
Best of Stephen King
Big River (a)
Big River (b)
Big River (c)
Big River (d)
Brog: "Cave Good Place to Hide"
brothers ! [Al] Cohn, [Bill] Perkins, [Richie] Kamuca, The
Cantus Excio and Lamenta
Chicago Story
Cobb original motion picture soundtrack
Coming soon! [SR] p1998:
Días felices
Disturbing behavior original motion picture score
Dracula's Castle
Dungeon Master's Lair, The
Elektra (a)
Elektra (b)
Elektra (c)
Elektra (d)
Enchantress Y'Gael, The
Executive Decision (a)
Executive Decision (b)
Executive Decision (c)
Fides Fragilis/Exoptare Ex Veritas/Kyrie
Flare Up (a)
Flare Up (b)
Flare Up (c)
Flare Up (d)
Flathead Lucy Captured By Wartle
funhouse, The
Gänget och jag
Grand Inquisitor and Jack Make a Deal
great saxophones 1951-1970, The
Griff: "A Knobby Something or Other"
GUE Tech Fight Song
Happy Days
Horror tracks the scariest horror soundtracks
house that cried murder, The
Inquisition Jail Escape
Instrumental music.
Jack's Game/Jack Left Behind
Jack Takes A Number/Totemized
John Beal trailer project
Killer party
Lethal Velocity (a)
Lethal Velocity (b)
Lethal Velocity (c)
Lethal Velocity (d)
Lethal Velocity (e)
Lucky stiff a musical comedy
Macabre party
Mask: Trailer Music, The
Mass a theatre piece for singers, players and dancers
Massacres dans le train fantôme
Materia Primoris/The X Files Theme
Mostly Sondheim
Onnen päivät
Port Foozle
Previews of coming attractions
Propaganda on Parade/Newsreel
Ransomed (a)
Ransomed (b)
Ransomed (c)
Ransomed (d)
Ransomed (e)
RCA jazz workshop, The
Red Zone (a)
Red Zone (b)
Red Zone (c)
Red Zone (d)
Red Zone (e)
scene live in New York, The
Schwarzenegger - Superhero
Selling water by the side of the river
song of Naples, A
spectre de la peur
Terreur dans la salle
Terror im Parkett
Terror in the aisles
Terrore in sala
tunnel dell'orrore, Il
Two of a mind
Watch the skies
X Files Theme, The
Zero to sixty
Zork Finale: Castle Walks, Y'Gaels Advice, You Take The Tower, The Cable is Cut, End of the Inquisition
Zork: Grand Inquisitor
Счастливые дни
ימים מאושרים
해피 데이스
Contributed to or performed: 
Drama Plus, Volume 11
Femme Nikita - Music From the Television Series, La
Men in Black (Main Title)
Predator (Main Title)
Super Scary Monster Party
Watch the Skies