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Abraham Waksman, Selman
Selman A. Waksman
Selman Abraham Waksman (American scientist, biochemist, microbiologist who discovered Streptomycin and many antibiotics)
Selman Abraham Waksman (biologo e microbiologo russo)
Selman Abraham Waksman (US-amerikanischer Biochemiker ukrainisch-russischer Herkunft)
Selman Waksman
Selman Waksman (Russisch bioloog (1888-1973))
Vaksman, Selman A.
Vaksman, Solomon Jakovlevič
Vaksman, Solomon Jakovyč
Vaksman, Zelʹman
Vaksman, Zelʹman Abracham
Vaksman, Zelʹman Jankelevyč
Vaksman, Zelman A.
Vaksman Zelman Abraham
Waksman, S. A.
Waksman, Selman A.
Waksman, Selman Abraham
Waksman, Zalman
Waksman, Zelman A.
Waksman, Zelman Abraham
Ваксман, З. А
Ваксман, Зельман Абрахам
Ваксман, Селман Абрахам
Ваксман, Соломон Яковлевич
Зельман Ваксман
Селман Ваксман
וקסמן, זלמן אברהם
זלמן אברהם וקסמן
سلمان واكسمان
سلمان واکسمان
سلمان واکسمن
عیل مین والکمین
셀먼 에이브러햄 왁스먼
ワクスマン, セルマン
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Fred, Edwin Broun (1887-1981)
Harris, Dale A.
Hutchison, Dorris
Iverson, Warren P.
Katz, Edward
Lechevalier, Hubert A.
Nellmann, Hilde
Reilly, H. Christine
Schatz, Albert (1879-19..))
Swart, E. Augustus
Univ. of California
Waksman, Selman A. (1888-1973)
Waksman, Selman Abraham (1888-1973)
Welsch, Maurice
Woodruff, Harold Boyd (1917-)
Гаузе, Г. Ф. (1910-1986)
Гаузе, Георгий Францевич (1910-1986)
Кучер, Владимир Александрович
actinomycetes., The
Actinomycin; nature, formation, and activities
actinomycins and their importance in the treatment of tumors in animals and man, The
Agar-Streak method for assaying antibiotic substances
antibiotics and their role in the service of man, The
Antibiotics, their nature, formation and application, lectures presented before the Academy of sciences of the USSR, 8-12 August, 1946. - @
Antibiotiki : ich priroda, poluc̆enie i primenenie : lekcii c̆itannye v Akademii Nauk Sojuza SSR, 8-12 avgusta 1946 g.
antibiotiques, Les : trois conférences
Antibistic - producing praperties of streptomyces 3560, a member of the S. flavus group
brilliant and tragic life of W.M.W. Haffkine, bacteriologist, The
Butyric acid and butyl alcohol fermentation of hemicellulose and starch-rich materials
Chemical nature of organic matter in different soil types
Conquest of tuberculosis
Control of Gram-negative bacteria in experimental animals by streptomycin
Distribution of antagonistic fungi in nature and their antibiotic action
Effect of nutrients upon growth of Streptomycin-sensitive, - Resistant - and - Dependent strains of Escherichia coli...
Effect of organic acids on streptomycin activity
Enzymes : properties, distribution, methods and applications
gegenwärtige Stand der Bodenmikrobiologie und ihre Anwendung auf Bodenfruchtbarkeit und Pflanzenwachstum
Humus; origin, chemical composition, and importance in nature
impact of the antibiotics on medicine and society, The
Influence of artificial irradiation upon the oxydation of ammonia and formation of nitrate in soil
Influence of temperature upon the microbiological population and decomposition processus in composts of stable manure
Jacob G. Lipman: agricultural scientist, humanitarian
literature on streptomycin, 1944-1952., The
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Microbial antagonisms and antibiotic substances.
My life with the microbes
Natural and acquired resistance of Escherichia coli to neomycin...
Neomycin activity upson mycobacterium tuberculosis and other mycobacteria
Neomycin: its nature and practical application.
Neomycin ; Recovery and purification...
On the oxidation of organic matter in marine sediments by bacteria
oxidation of sulfur by soil microorganisms, The
peats of New Jersey and their utilization ..., The
Production, Isolation and Antimicrobial, notably antituberculosis, properties of strytothriein VI...
Production of citric acid in submerged culture
rapid and accurate method for testing penicillin production by different strains of P. Notatum, A
role of plant constituents in the preservation of nitrogen in the soil, The
Scientific contributions of Selman A. Waksman; selected articles published in honor of his 80th birthday, July 22, 1968.
search for virus-inactivating substances among microorganism, A
Selman A. Waksman papers
Sergei N. Winogradsky: his life and work; the story of a great bacteriologist.
soil and the microbe; an introduction to the study of the microscopic population of the soil and its role in soil processes and plant growth, The
Soil microbiology
Strain specificity and production of antibiotic substances.
Streptomyces griseus (Krainsky)
Streptomycin therapy in nontuberculous diseases
Streptomycin : Two decades of progress in the antibiotic era
Studies on proteolytic activities of soil microorganisms
Studies on proteolytic activity ...
Synthesis of a humus-nucleus, an important constituent of humus in soils, peats and composts
Their nature, occurence, activities, and importance
Use of Streptomycin - dependent strains of bacteria for demonstrating the ability of microorganisms to produce streptomycin...
Zel'man Abraham Vaksman
Антагонизм микробов и антибиотические вещества
Зельман Абрахам Ваксман : жизнь, вдохновение, слава
Reprints from the Journal of bacteriology, vol. III, no. 5, September, 1918; no. 6, November, 1918, issued as thesis, with thesis t.-p. mounted on cover of pt. 1
[Pt. 1] has title: Studies on proteolytic activities of soil microörganisms, with special reference to Fungi. [Pt. 2] Studies on the proteolytic enzymes of soil Fungi and Actinomycetes
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Univ. of California, 1917