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Rosa, E. B.
Rosa, Edward B.
Rosa, Edward Bennet
Rosa, Edward Bennett
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Dorsey, Noah Ernest (1873- [from old catalog])
Grover, Frederick W. (1876-1973)
Grover, Frederick Warren (1876-1973)
Lloyd, Morton Githens (1874-1941)
McCollum, Burton ([from old catalog])
McCollum, Burton (1880-)
McDaniel, Alonzo S. [from old catalog]
Underwriters' Laboratories
United States. Bureau of standards. Reprint no. 83. [from old catalog]
United States. National Bureau of Standards
Vinal, George Wood (1882-)
absolute measurement of capacity., The
Calculation of the self-inductance of single-layer coils
determination of the international ampere in absolute measure, A
determination of the ratio of transformation and of the phase relations in transformers, The
economic importance of the scientific work of the government, The
Expenditures and revenues of the federal government
Flame standards in photometry
Formulas and tables for the calculation of mutual and self-induction revised.
Gray absolute electrodynamometer, The
Influence of wave form on the rate of integrating induction wattmeters
Investigation of cartridge-inclosed fuses : report of the Bureau of Standards in the case of Economy Fuse & Manufacturing Co. v. Underwriters' Laboratories (Inc.), concerning the fire and accident hazard of the Economy refillable fuse as compared with approved fuses
Legal specifications for illuminating gas
Measurement of inductance by Anderson's method, using alternating currents and a vibration galvanometer
mutual inductance of two circular coaxial coils of rectangular section, The
National safety code for the protection of the heads and eyes of industrial workers.
new determination of the ratio of the electromagnetic to the electrostatic unit of electricity, A
new form of standard resistance, A
Photometric units and nomenclature
self-inductance of a coil of any length and any number of layers of wire, The
silver voltameter--part II. The chemistry of the filter paper voltameter and the explanation of striations, The
silver voltameter--part IV. Third series of quantitative experiments and special investigations, The
Special studies in electrolysis mitigation.
specific inductive capacity of electrolytes ..., The
Summary of experiments on the silver voltameter at the Bureau of Standards and proposed specifications
Use of serpentine in standards of inductance
Volume effect in the silver voltameter
Wattmeter, methods of measuring power expended upon condensers...