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Atluri, S.
Atluri, S. N.
Atluri, Satya N.
Satya Atluri
Satya N. Atluri (American aerospace engineer)
सत्यनाथन अतलुरी
అట్లూరి సత్యనాధం
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ebrary, Inc
Gallagher, Richard H.
International Workshop on Developmet and Advancement of Computational Mechanics (2005 : Kobe, Japonsko)
Kuzovkov, E. G.
Perrone, Nicholas (1930-)
Transportation Systems Center
Yagawa, G. (1942-)
Yagawa, Genki
Yagawa, Genki (1942-)
Zienkiewicz, 1921-2009
Zienkiewicz, O. C.
Zienkiewicz, Olgierd Cecil
Accuracy of Finite Element Solutions of Navier-Stokes Equations Using a Velocity-Pressure Formulation
Accuracy of Finite Element Solutions of Problems With Traction Boundary Conditions
Active control of interlaminar stresses in laminated composites by through-thickness thermal gradients
Active control of nonlinear dynamic response of space-frames using piezo-electric actuators.
Advances and trends in boundary element methods
Advances in the MLPG meshless methods
alternating method for analysis of surface-flawed aircraft structural components, An
alternating technique for evaluating weight functions for 3-D surface flaws in finite solid bodies, An
alternating technique for flaws in welded components, An
Analysis of cracks in adhesively bonded metallic laminates by a 3-dimensional assumed stress hybrid FEM
Analysis of cracks in aging aircraft structures, with and without composite-patch repairs.
Analysis of Dynamic Fracture in an Impact Test Specimen, An
Analysis of embedded and surface elliptical flaws in transversely isotropic bodies by the finite element alternating method
Analysis of flexible multibody systems with spatial beams using mixed variational principles
analysis of flow over a backward-facing step by an assumed stress mixed finite element method, An
Analysis of Interaction Behavior of Surface Flaws in Pressure Vessels
Analysis of materials with strain-gradient effects - A meshless local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) approach, with nodal displacements only
Analysis of multiple curved cracks embedded in an isotropic plate using the finite element alternating method
Analysis of shear flexible beams, using the meshless local Petrov-Galerkin method, based on a locking-free formulation
analysis of stable crack growth in ductile materials, An
Analysis of Stokes flow by a hybrid method
Analysis of subinterface cracks.
Analysis of surface flaw in pressure vessels by a new 3-dimensional alternating method.
Analysis of Toughening of Magnesia Partially Stabilized Zirconia, Due to Dilatational Transformation
Analysis of two-dimensional fracture problems involving large-scale yielding - A displacement-hybrid finite element method
Analytical fatigue life estimation of full-scale fuselage panel
Analytical solution for embedded elliptical cracks, and finite element alternating method for elliptical surface cracks, subjected to arbitrary loadings.
Application of an assumed displacement hybrid finite element procedure to two-dimensional problems in fracture mechanics
Application of the local boundary integral equation method to boundary-value problems.
Applications of isoparametric three-dimensional hybrid-stress finite elements with least-order stress fields
Applications of the three dimensional finite element alternating method
Arbitrary placement of secondary nodes, and error control, in the meshless local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) method
'assumed deviatoric stress-pressure-velocity' mixed finite element method for unsteady, convective, incompressible viscous flow. II - Computational studies, An
Assumed displacement hybrid finite element method for nonlinear elastic and elastic-plastic analyses
assumed displacement hybrid finite element model for three-dimensional linear-fracture-mechanics analysis, An
assumed stress hybrid finite element model for linear elastodynamic analysis, An
Asymptotic analysis of a subinterface crack in dissimilar orthotropic media
Atomic-level Stress Calculation and Continuum-Molecular System Equivalence
Automated evaluation of residual strength in the presence of widespread fatigue damage
Automation of global-intermediate-local analysis based on feature-based modeling techniques and the finite element alternating method
basis of meshless domain discretization: the meshless local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) method, The
Boundary discretization using the edge-function method in three dimensional elasticity
boundary/interior element method for quasi-static and transient response analyses of shallow shells, A
Combined Numerical/Experimental Study of Ductile Crack Growth After a Large Unloading, Using T*, J and CTOA Criteria, A
Composite patch repairs of metal structures: adhesive nonlinearity, thermal cycling, and debonding
Computational Approach to Determining the Depth of Surface Flaws by the ACPD Technique, A
Computational mechanics '86 : theory and applications : proceedings of International Conference on Computational Mechanics, May 25-29, 1986, Tokyo
Computational methods in the mechanics of fracture
Computational nanotechnology - A current perspective
Computational nonlinear mechanics in aerospace engineering
Computational solid mechanics (finite elements and boundary elements) -Present status and future directions
Computational strategies for fatigue crack growth in three dimensions with application to aircraft components
Computational Techniques for Inelastic Stress and Fracture Analyses
Computer methods for nonlinear solids and structural mechanics
Computer Simulation of Transformation Induced Plasticity Using Finite Element Method
Conducting cracks in dissimilar piezoelectric media.
Constitutive modeling and computational implementation for finite strain plasticity
Constitutive Modeling of Cyclic Plasticity and Creep, Using an Internal Time Concept
Control of dynamic response of a continuum model of a large space structure.
Crack linkup: an experimental analysis
Crack linkup by stable crack growth
Crack-tip parameters and temperature rise in dynamic crack propagation.
Damage tolerant design of panels with surface cracks - A study of lower bound flaw shapes
Development and testing of stable, invariant, isoparametric curvilinear 2- and 3-D hybrid-stress elements
Development of a new frame finite element for crash analysis, using a mixed variational principle and rotations as independent variables
Direct evaluation of T*-epsilon integral from experimentally measured near tip displacement field, for a plate with stably propagating crack
Directly Derived Non-Hyper-Singular Boundary Integral Equations for Acoustic Problems, and Their Solution through Petrov-Galerkin Schemes
Dynamic crack propagation analysis using a new path-independent integral and moving isoparametric elements
Dynamic Fracture Analysis: a Translating--Singularity Finite-Element Procedure
edge function method for three-dimensional stress analysis, including embedded elliptical cracks and surface flaws, The
Effect of electric fields on fracture behavior of ferroelectric ceramics.
effect of longitudinal pre-stretch and radial constraint on the stress distribution in the vessel wall: a new hypothesis., The
Effect of Surrounding Tissue on Vessel Fluid and Solid Mechanics
Effects of a piezo-actuator on a finitely deformed beam subjected to general loading
Effects of multiple blade interaction on the containment of blade fragments during a rotor failure
Effects of piezoelectric sensor/actuator debonding on vibration control of smart beams
Efficient Computational Techniques For the Analysis of Some Problems of Fracture in Pressure Vessels and Piping
Elasto-plastic large deformation analysis of space-frames: a plastic-hinge and stress-based explicit derivation of tangent stiffnesses
embedded elliptical crack, in an infinite solid, subject to arbitrary crack-face tractions, An
energetic characterization of the propagation of curved cracks in thin ductile plates, An
Energy Release Rates and Path Independent Integrals in Dynamic Fracture
Energy-release rates in dynamic fracture - Path-invariant integrals, and some computational studies
equivalent domain integral method for computing crack-tip integral parameters in non-elastic, thermo-mechanical fracture, An
evaluation of several moving singularity finite element models for fast fracture analysis, An
Existence and stability conditions for mixed-hybrid finite element solutions based on Reissner's variational principle.
Experimental-Numerical Evaluation of the T*e* Integral for a Three-dimensional Crack Front, An
Experimental R-curve behavior in partially stabilized zirconia using moire interferometry.
explicit expression for the tangent-stiffness of a finitely deformed 3-D beam and its use in the analysis of space frames, An
Failure analysis of aircraft engine containment structures
FEAM based methodology for analyzing composite patch repairs of metallic structures, A
Field/boundary element approach to the large deflection of thin flat plates
Finite deformation analysis of shells - A complementary energy: Hybrid approach
Finite deformation analysis of shells - A hybrid finite element method based on assumed stress-function vector and rotation tensor
Finite deformations, finite rotations, and stability of plates: A complementary energy-finite element analysis
finite-difference alternating method for a cost-effective determination of weight-functions for orthotropic materials in mixed-mode fracture., A
Finite elasticity solutions using hybrid finite elements based on a complementary energy principle. II - Incompressible materials
finite element alternating method for evaluation of stress intensity factors for part-circular cracks subjected to arbitrary loadings., A
Finite-element analysis of shells of revolution by two doubly curved quadrilateral elements
finite-element analysis of stable crack growth. I, A
Finite element analysis of static and dynamic fracture of brittle microcracking solids. Part 1: Formulation and simple numerical examples.
Finite element analysis of static and dynamic fracture of brittle microcracking solids. Part 2: Stationary and growing macro-cracks under static loading.
Finite element analysis of static and dynamic fracture of brittle microcracking solids. Part 3: Stationary and rapidly propagating cracks under dynamic loading.
Finite element-perturbation analysis of nonlinear dynamic response of elastic continua
finite-element program for fracture mechanics analysis of composite material, A
Finite Element Simulation of Fast Fracture in Steel DCB Specimen
Finite Element Simulation of Problems in Dynamic Fracture Mechanics.
first-order variation of the displacement field due to geometrical changes in an elliptical crack, The
four-node hybrid assumed-strain finite element for laminated composite plates, A
Fracture analysis under large-scale plastic yielding - A finite deformation, embedded singularity, elastoplastic incremental finite-element solution
Fracture and fatigue analysis of curved or kinked cracks near fastener holes
Fracture Initiation in Plane Ductile Fracture Problems--Elastic-Plastic Finite Element Incremental Analysis
Fracture-stress analysis of through-cracks in angle-ply laminates - An efficient assumed-stress finite element approach. I
Further studies into interacting 3D cracks
Further studies on T* integral under plane stress crack growth
Further Study on Using x, A
Growth of multiple cracks and their linkup in a fuselage lap joint
Hybrid and mixed finite element methods
Hybrid finite element analysis of some nonlinear and 3-dimensional problems of engineering fracture mechanics
Hybrid finite element models for linear and nonlinear fracture analyses
Hybrid/Mixed Methods in Fluid Mechanics
Hybrid stress finite element analysis of bending of a plate with a through flaw
Hybrid stress finite elements for large deformations of inelastic solids.
Incremental Path-Independent Integrals in Inelastic and Dynamic Fracture Mechanics
Influence of flaw shapes on stress intensity factors for pressure vessel surface flaws and nozzle corner cracks
Inner Surface Cracks in an Internally Pressurized Cylinder Analyzed by a Three-Dimensional Displacement-Hybrid Finite Element Method
Instability analysis of space trusses using exact tangent-stiffness matrices.
Integrity analyses of surface-flawed aircraft attachment lugs - A new, inexpensive, 3-D alternating method
Integrity of aircraft structural elements with multi-site fatigue damage
Interlaminar stresses in composite laminates under out-of-plane shear/bending
Internal time, general internal variable, and multi-yield-surface theories of plasticity and creep - A unification of concepts
Investigations on the Accuracy and Condition Number for the Method of Fundamental Solutions
Iterative Solution of a System of Nonlinear Algebraic Equations F(x)
J-integral estimates for strain-hardening materials in ductile fracture problems
Large displacement analysis of plates by a stress-based finite element approach
Large space structures : dynamics and control
meshless local Petrov-Galerkin method for solving the bending problem of a thin plate, A
Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) Approach for 3-Dimensional Elasto-dynamics, A
meshless local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) method - A simple and less-costly alternative to the finite element and boundary element methods, The
Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) method for solving incompressible Navier-Stokes equations, The
Meshless method (MLPG) for domain & bie discretizations, The
method for determining dynamic stress intensity factors from cod measurement at the notch mouth in dynamic tear testing, A
Methods of computer modeling in engineering &the sciences
Mixed finite element models for plate bending analysis - A new element and its applications
Mixed finite element models for plate bending analysis - Theory
Mixed variational principles in space and time for elastodynamics analysis
Modeling and simulation based engineering
Moving Singularity-Finite-Element Modeling of Fast Fracture in Finite Bodies: 'Generation' and 'Propagation' Studies
Multidomain modeling and analysis of delaminated stiffened composite shells
Multiple coplanar embedded elliptical cracks in an infinite solid subject to arbitrary crack face tractions
Multiple Surface Cracks in Pressure Vessels
Multiscale Simulation Based on The Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) Method
Natural Shaped Flaws at Nozzle Corners With Pressure Loading and Thermal Shock
New concepts in meshless methods
New Implementation of the Meshless Finite Volume Method, Through the MLPG ``Mixed'' Approach, A
Non-linear vibrations of a flat plate with initial stresses
Nonlinear and dynamic fracture mechanics, c1979 (a.e.)
Nonlinear hybrid stress finite element analysis of laminated shells
Nonlinear vibrations of a hinged beam including nonlinear inertia effects
Nonlinearities in the dynamics and control of space structures - Some issues for computational mechanics
Nonsingular toughening and R-curve behavior in nominally pure alumina
Novel Algorithms Based on the Conjugate Gradient Method for Inverting Ill-Conditioned Matrices, and a New Regularization Method to Solve Ill-Posed Linear Systems
novel displacement gradient boundary element method for elastic stress analysis with high accuracy, A
Numerical analysis of dynamic crack propagation - Generation and prediction studies
Numerical modeling of dynamic and nonlinear crack propagation in finite bodies, by moving singular-elements
Numerical studies in dynamic fracture mechanics
numerical study of the interactions between multiple longitudinal cracks in a fuselage (multiple discrete-source damages), A
Numerical study of the use of path independent integrals in elasto-dynamic crack propagation.
On a 3-D singularity element for computation of combined mode stress intensities
On constitutive relations at finite strain - Hypo-elasticity and elasto-plasticity with isotropic or kinematic hardening
On hybrid finite element models in nonlinear solid mechanics
On hybrid finite element technique for crack analysis
On newly developed assumed stress finite element formulations for geometrically and materially nonlinear problems
On simple formulations of weakly-singular traction and displacement BIE, and their solutions through Petrov-Galerkin approaches
On some new general and complementary energy theorems for the rate problems in finite strain, classical elastoplasticity
On the Accuracy of Finite Element Solutions of Navier-Stokes Equations Using a Velocity-Pressure Formulation
On the Accuracy of Finite Element Solutions of Problems With Traction Boundary Conditions
On the feasibility of using thermal gradients for active control of interlaminar stresses in laminated composites
On the hybrid stress finite element model for incremental analysis of large deflection problems
On the Path Independent T* Integral in Nonlinear and Dynamic Fracture Mechanics
Optimal Radius of the Support of Radial Weights Used in Moving Least Squares Approximation, The
Optimal, stable, and invariant hybrid elements - Large rotation plate and shell analysis
Optimal through-thickness temperature gradients for control of interlaminar stresses in composites
Path-independent integral and moving isoparametric elements for dynamic crack propagation
Path-independent integrals, energy release rates, and general solutions of near-tip fields in mixed-mode dynamic fracture mechanics
Path-independent integrals in finite elasticity and inelasticity, with body forces, inertia, and arbitrary crack-face conditions
Post-buckling analysis of shallow shells by the field-boundary-element method
Post-yield analysis of a three-point bend fracture test specimen - An embedded singularity finite element incremental method
Predictions of widespread fatigue damage threshold
Predictions of widespread fatigue damage thresholds in aging aircraft
proceedings of international workshop on development and advancement of computational mechanics, The : in celebrating professor Satya N. Atluri's 60th birthday.
pure contour formulation for the meshless local boundary integral equation method in thermoelasticity, A
R-curve behavior in partially stabilized zirconia using moire interferometry
Recent advances in the alternating method for elastic and inelastic fracture analyses
Recent studies in menshless and other novel computational methods
Recent studies of energy integrals and their applications
Residual life and strength estimates of aircraft structural components with MSD/MED
Residual strength of aging aircraft with multiple site damage /multiple element damage
Rotationally symmetric bending of orthotropic conical shells Transverse shear and couple stress-stress couple effects
Scalar Homotopy Method for Solving an Over/Under-Determined System of Non-Linear Algebraic Equations, A
Sensing and actuating behaviours of piezoelectric layers with debonding in smart beams.
Servo-elastic oscillations - Control of transient dynamic motion of a plate
SGBEM-FEM alternating method for analyzing 3D non-planar cracks and their growth in structural components
SGBEM (for cracked local subdomain) - FEM (for uncracked global structure) alternating method for analyzing 3D surface cracks and their fatigue-growth
Shell theories with drilling degrees of freedom and geometrical and material assumptions
simple estimation method of stress intensity factors for through-cracks in angle-ply laminates, A
Simplified Computational Methods for Elastic and Elastic--Plastic Fracture Problems
Simulation of a $4{th}$ Order ODE: Illustration of Various Primal {\&} Mixed MLPG Methods
Simulation of shear band formation in plane strain tension and compression using FEM
singular-solution approach for controlling the nonlinear response of a continuum model of a large space structure, A
Some recent developments in finite-strain elastoplasticity using the field- boundary element method
Stability analysis of structures via a new complementary energy method
Static and dynamic analysis of space frames with non-linear flexible connections
Static/dynamic crack growth: moving singular elements
Strain localization in an orthotropic material with plastic spin
Stress Analysis of Cracks in Elasto-Plastic Range
Stress analysis of holes in angle-ply laminates - An efficient assumed stress 'special-hole-element' approach and a simple estimation method
Stress and fracture analyses under elastic-plastic creep conditions: Some basic developments and computational approaches
stress-hybrid finite element method for Stokes' flow, A
Stress Intensity Factor Solutions for Arbitrarily Shaped Surface Flaws in Reactor Pressure Vessel Nozzle Corners
Stress intensity factors as the fracture parameters for delamination crack growth in composite laminates
Stress intensity factors for surface and corner-cracked fastener holes by the weight function method
Structural integrity and durability
Structural integrity of fuselage panels with multisite damage
Structural integrity of panels with multisite fatigue damage
Studies on Creep Crack Growth Using the T*-Integral
study of circumferential cracks in the presence of multiple-site damage in an aircraft fuselage, A
Study of Two Alternate Tangent Modulus Formulations and Attendant Implicit Algorithms for Creep as Well as High-Strain-Rate Plasticity, A
Temperature field due to a moving heat source - A moving mesh finite element analysis
Theoretical formulation of finite-element methods in linear-elastic analysis of general shells
Three Dimensional Numerical Investigation of the T integral along a Curved Crack Front, A
Time finite element methods for large rotational dynamics of multibody systems.
Traction boundary conditions in hybrid-stress finite-element model
Visco-plasticity and creep - A finite deformation analysis using stress-based finite elements
Vyčislitel'nye metody v mehanike razrušeniâ
Weakly-Singular Traction and Displacement Boundary Integral Equations and Their Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Approaches
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