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Victor Popular Young
Victor Young
Victor Young (American composer)
Victor Young (Amerikaans componist (1900-1956))
Victor Young (compositeur américain)
Victor Young (compositore statunitense)
Victor Young (kompozytor amerykański)
Victor Young (US-amerikanischer Violinist, Komponist und Bandleader)
Young, A.
Young, V.
Young, Victor
Young, Victor J.
Young, Victor James
Young, Victor Popular
Янг, В
Янг, Виктор
ויקטור יאנג
ינג, ויקטור
فيكتور يونغ
ویکتور یانگ
빅터 영
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Manuscript language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
CIC vidéo
Crosby, Bing (1903-1977)
DeMille, Cecil Blount (1881-1959)
Éditions Montparnasse
Farnon, Robert (1917-2005)
Ford, John (1894-1973)
Kinel, Mario
O'Hara, Maureen
O'Hara, Maureen (1920-)
Polskie Radio (Warszawa). Orkiestra Taneczna
Quinto, Marty (co-performer)
The Castillians
The Castillians (see also from)
Trotter, John Scott
Van Heusen, Jimmy (1913-1990)
Victor Young & His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Victor Young and His Singing Strings (isMemberOf)
Voor big band
Warner home video France
Washington, Ned
Washington, Ned (1901-1976)
Wayne, John
Wayne, John (1907-1979)
Young, Augustus Blayney Russell (1845-)
Young, Victor (1900-1956)
Young, Victor James (1900-1956)
ג'ולסון, אל (1886-1950)
紀, 三平
Aha, San Antone (Dale Evans)
Air Force Luxury
Air Force March
Alice in Wonderland
Aloft Above France (Sky Symphony)
Alone at Last
Andre's Departure / André and Scaramouche
Apotheosis and End Title (film version, music and effects)
Apple honey
Arizona [MP] 1940
Arizona sketches
Around the World (From 'Around the World in 80 Days')
Around the World in 80 Days (aus "In 80 Tagen um die Welt") Luis Cobos 1994
Around the World in 80 Days: Overture
Around the World in Eighty Days
Around the World, Part 1
Around the World, Part 2
Around the World, Part I
Around the World, Part II
Arrival in Figueroas
Arrival in Suez
Assault on Iwo Jima, The
At the Dancing Club
At the Tienta
Autumn Leaves
Avenue of Obscurity
Babies and B-47s
Barbe noire le pirate
Barn, The
Battle of Tarawa Island, The
Beautiful Dreamer / Marching Through Georgia (source music)
Beautiful Love
Because of rain
Ben And Indians
Best 20
Big Apple (alternate)
Big Apple No. 2
Big Fight, The
Big Show / Magic Box
Blackbeard, the pirate
Blanket, The
Blood and sand
Blue and Gray / Building Fort Lincoln / Crazy Wolf Revenge, The
Blue Dahlia, The
Blue Star ("The Medic Theme")
Bombay Harbor
Bright leaf
By All I Hold Sacred / André Escapes / Tomb
By the River
C'Est La Vie
Cabin, The
Cafe #2
Calico’s Hacienda
call of the faraway hills, The
Call Your Volunteers
Camille, Collette, Fifi
Can't We Talk It Over
Candlelight (alternate)
Canyon, The
Capri Tour
Caravan, The
Cattle Call (Tex Owens)
Cemetery Hill
Change of heart
Chico's Reverie (White and Gold Ballet)
Chief Red Cloud / The Trek / The Expedition Moves On
China Gate (reprise)
Christmas Morning
Church (Mono), The
Clever Defense / The Boner, The
Closing Music
Cocktail Lounge – Radio Music
Cocktail Party, The
Coming Home (From "Rio Grande")
Confederate Dollars and Yankee Gold
conquérants d'un nouveau monde
Convalescent, The
Coolie Workers (Mono)
Cops and Robbers
Cottage Fireside (Forlorn)
Countryside (Mono)
Countryside, The
Courting / Bicycle Made for Two (Village Street), The
Cries in the Night
Cyclothymiac Cutie / Hall of Justice
Danaher’s House
Dead Soldiers Tribute
Departure for Fort Bliss (From "Rio Grande")
Departure for Fort Bliss (The Girl I Left Behind)
Descent, The
Destination Japan/In Flight Refueling
Dina and Maria
Dispossessed (From “Rio Grande”)
Dixie (End Title) [From "Rio Grande"]
Doctor / Forgive Me, The
Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You, I
Down by the Glen Side (Traditional)
Duel Montage
Dutch’s Decision/Marital Rift
Earth Moved (Love Theme), The
East of Eden: East of Eden
Eerie Canal (Traditional)
End Credits
End of Fight / Victory and Trouble
End of the Story, The
End Title (without vocal)
Entrance of Bull March
Escape and Lament - Gypsy soloist Elissa Garde
Exit Music
Father and Son
Father O’Shea
Ferrar Chase / Bridge to Hotel, The
Ferrar Enters the Act
Fight, The
fille de province
Finale Act One
Finale (Alternate)
Finale and End Cast
Finale (C'Est La Vie)
Finale / End Title
First Flight (part 4), The
First Flight (parts 1 and 3), The
First Mission on the Front
Flying tigers
Footsore Cavalry (Stan Jones)
For whom the bell tolls. Extraits
For Whom the Bell Tolls / Golden Earrings / Omar Khayyam
Forever Female: A Siamese Kitten
Forever Female: Bea Confesses
Forever Female: Bea's Apartment
Forever Female: Finale
Forever Female: First Fox Trot
Forever Female: Opening Night
Forever Female: Prelude
Forever Female: Sardi's 1
Forever Female: Sardi's 3 (Just for Today)
Forever Female: Sardi's 4 (Poochie)
Forever Female: Stella by Starlight - Victor Young/Ned Washington
Forever Female: The Pep Talk
Forlorn (Mary Kate’s Lament)
Formal Gardens, The
Fourth of July / A Tough Torrey, The
Funeral Procession
Galway Bay (vocal)
Gavrillac / André and Aline
Général est mort à l'aube. Film Paramount "The General died at dawn". (Musique de fond)
Gift of Hapani, The
Gitano and Elissa
Gitano and Leonardo at the Brook
Gitano and the Children
Gitano's Birthday
Gitano's Ride to Mexico City
Goddard Plays Guinea Pig
Golden earrings. Extraits
Golden earrings. Selections
Gone With the Wind: Tara's Theme
Good Morning
Got the South in My Soul
Greatest show on earth. Prelude
Gulliver's travels
Gun Crazy
Gypsy Camp
Gypsy Violins
Halki maailman
Happy End: Surabaya-Jonny
Happy Little Crook
Heart to Heart Talk
Hebrew Chant
Hi Lili, hi lo
High and the Mighty: The High and the Mighty, The
Hindu Dance
His First Love
hombre tranquilo, El
homme des vallées perdues
homme tranquille, L'
Honeymoon Eve
Housewarming Piano
Hundred Years From Today, A
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (Traditional)
idée folle
If It's a Dream
Ill Fated Flight (parts 1 and 2)/An Arctic Rescue
Implacables, Los
In a November garden
India Country Side
India Countryside
Indian Raid / Escape
Indulto Is Granted, The
Intermission Music
Invitation to a Bull Fight / Entrance of the Bull March
Invitation to a Bullfight / Entrance of the Bull March
Isle of Innisfree (vocal), The
It’s Christmas Time
Jim Proposes
Jim Takes the Job
Johnny Guitar
Land Ho
Landing in Figueroas, A
Laundresses' Row
Lawd, you made the night too long
Leave These Reminders for You
Left hand of God. Love theme
Left Hand of God, The
Lénore and Scaramouche
Lénore's Farewell / Roses and Napoleon / Cast
Leonardo and the Baby Bull - Gitano Is Branded
Leonardo and the Presidente
Leonardo's Quest to Mexico City
Leonardo Steals Gitano
Let's call it a day
Letter, The
Lili: Hi Lili Hi Lo
Limelight: Terry's Theme
Little Boy Lost: Another Disappointment
Little Boy Lost: Another Lead Part 2/Following the Lead/The Orphanage
Little Boy Lost: Cela m'est égal (Intro)
Little Boy Lost: Dunkirk Montage
Little Boy Lost: Farewell Montfort
Little Boy Lost: Nellie's Idea/Another Puppy Love
Little Boy Lost: Piece of Evidence
Little Boy Lost: Prelude
Little Boy Lost: Return of Binkie/End Title
Little Boy Lost: The Laundress Revisited/The Little Boy Lied
Little Boy Lost: The Magic Window - Johnny Burke/James Van Heusen
Little Boy Lost: The Silent Radio/Lisa's Death/Another Lead Part 1
Little Boy Lost: Trip to Paris/If It's All the Same to You/Bridge to Paris/Paris Wonderland
Lonely Am I (Lilley) / Slow Bus to Memphis
Lord, You Made the Night Too Long
Love Is the Thing
Love Is the Things
Love letters
Love, Love, Love
Love Me Tonight
Love Scene (The Stream / The Graveyard)
Love Sneaks Up on You
Love Theme and Gypsy Dance
Magic Box (alternate)
Mail Robbery, The
main gauche du Seigneur
Main Title / Castletown Opening
Main Title (From “Rio Grande”)
Main Title (Prelude)
Main Title / Roberto And Kashkin Blow Up A Train / Kashkin Falls
Man From the Lost Valley, The
Man Praying
Man With a Dream, A
Manhattan concerto
Maria And Roberto - Their Night Alone: “All The Things You Have Told Me Tonight. It’s As If You’ve Already Taken Me To America.”
Maria Confesses
Maria: “In The Evenings, We’ll Make Love.”
Maria / Return Home and Finale
Maria’s Confession / Roberto’s Kiss / Maria: “I Don’t Know How To Kiss, Or I’d Kiss You. Always I Wonder … Where Do The Noses Go?”
Maria's Tale Of Horror
Marines’ March Reprise
Marriage Ceremony
Mary and her Baby
Massacre and Love Theme, The
Mayor espectáculo del mundo, El
Meeting at the Rio Grande
Mexican Priest
Michael Todd’s Around the World in 80 Days: Music From the Sound Track
Michael Todd’s Around the World in 80 Days: Original Film Soundtrack
milky way, The
Mineral City
Mis manos : bolero beguin
'Miss You' Kiss, A
Mon faible cœur
Monster’s Image / The Letter
Mother's Portrait, The
Motion picture music. Selections
Moulin Rouge
Mount Suribachi Victory
Musique de film. Extraits
My Favorite Spy: Intro to Comedy Camel/The Comical Camel
My Favorite Spy: Lily Dalbray
My Favorite Spy: Music Jewel/Finale
My Favorite Spy: Prelude
My Favorite Spy: The Fire Part 2
My foolish heart
My Gal Is Purple (Stan Jones)
My Mother
Naples Tour, The
Nella And Ben
Nella Swings Hips
Next Day
Night Camp
Nighttime Approach / Rescuing the Children
Noël and André / Noël, Aline and André
North West Mounted Police
Off to Town / Grafton's Store
Old Man of the Mountain, The
Omar Accepts Yaffa
Omar Khayyam. Extraits
One minute to zero. When I fall in love
Opera House Restaurant
Original Motion Picture Scores: Samson & Delilah / The Quiet Man
Overture (film version)
Pablo's Gypsy Cave
Pagoda of Pillagi, The
Paralyzed Pilot (part 1), A
Paralyzed Pilot (part 2), A
Paris Arrival
Passepartout Dances
Passerpartout Dances
Passerpartout on the Ship
Pavane #1
Pavane #2 (alternate)
Pavane #2 / André Arrives on Horseback
Pay Me Tomorrow
Peace Party
Perigore and André
Perigore of Paris / Big Apple
Peter Pan Theme
Piccolo Serenade
Pierrot & Pierrette / Lénore and Scaramouche
Pilar's Warning - guitar solo by José Barroso
Pilar: “She Has A Tongue … It Bites Like A Bullwhip!” / Pilar Sees Death In Roberto’s Palm
Pinned to the Wall / Why
Place in the Sun: A Place in the Sun, A
Plains, The
Playful Little Bull, The
plus grand cirque du monde
Policía montada del Canadá
Politics In The Cave / Roberto Explains His Cause / Maria Warns Roberto About Pablo: “If He Pretends To Be Friendly, It Means He Has Made A Decision.”
Pompeii Tour
Por quién doblan las campanas
Prairie Sail Car
Prelude and Main Title / The Rebel / Walking Coyote / Purple Hills
Prelude (Mono)
Prelude / Royal Signpost
Prelude to Omar Khayyam
Prelude to the Big Fight
Prelude (without vocal)
Princess in Distress (Pagoda of Pillagi), A
Private First Class Peter in Love
Proud and the Profane: a Friend at Sea, The
Proud and the Profane: Attempted Murder, The
Proud and the Profane: Casualty Montage, The
Proud and the Profane: End Title, The
Proud and the Profane: Little Sam/Christmas Party, The
Proud and the Profane: Lovable Sort of Person - Victor Young/Frank Loesser, The
Proud and the Profane: Perseverance, The
Proud and the Profane: Prelude, The
Proud and the Profane: Service Club Juke Box 1, The
Proud and the Profane: The Nearness of You - Hoagy Carmichael/Ned Washington, The
Purple Hills, The
Quiet Man (1952): Sean and Kate (Our Mother), The
Quiet Man (1952): St. Patrick's Day / Prelude to the Big Fight, The
Quiet Man: Danaher’s House, The
Quiet Man: Forlorn Mary Kate’s Lament, The
Quiet Man: I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen, The
Quiet Man: My Mother, The
Race, The
Radar Bombing Run (parts 1 and 2)
Raíces profundas
Rainy day
Ranger’s Revenge, A
Rannie and New Trouble (partial)
Rannie Joins Up
Red Cloud
Red Cross Juke Box #3
Regas Follows Nun (Bridge)
Remarkable Fellow
Renegade War Party / Run of the Arrow / Yellow Moccasin / Delirium / The Warrior's Return
Restaurant Montage
Return From Patrol
Ride to Town (film version, music and effects), The
Rio Grande. Extraits
Rio Grande (Pel·lícula cinematogràfica : 1950).
Rio Grande / The Sun Shines Bright / The Quiet Man
Roadshow Overture
Roberto And Anselmo Climb To The Cave / Pablo: “In These Mountains, I Command!” / Rafael, The Gypsy / Pablo’s Jealousy / Roberto And Maria: “This Is A Very Strange Woman, Roberto. She Is Of No One!”
Roberto Returns To Maria / Roberto, Alone, Awaits Death / Roberto Sends Maria Away With Pilar: “We’ll Go To America Another Time.” / End Title
Roberto's Farewell
Roll Wid Us
Rome 1948
Roses and Diamonds
Royal Barge of Siam-Suez
Royal Fanfare
RUBY (Thème mélodie du film "Ruby centry")
Run of the Arrow / The Brave One
S.A.C. Security
Sable de l'amour
Sad Is the Parting
Sally’s Surprise
Saloon Piano / Law & Order
Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long
Samson and Delilah / The Quiet Man
Sands of Iwo Jima. Extraits
Sansón y Dalila
Saucepan Love
Scaramouche: André Escapes
Scaramouche: End Cast
Scaramouche: Main Title
Scaramouche: Pavane
Scaramouche. Selections
Scaramouche: The Big Apple
Scaramouche: The Magic Box / Roses and Napoleon
Scaramouche: The Tomb, André and Aline
Scaramouche: Vanished Merchant
Scaramouche: Why?
Sean Sees Mary Kate for the First Time (Sheep Grazing / Arrival in Innisfree)
Secret Meeting
Seven Hills of Rome
Seven Secret Maxims
Seventh Heaven (1955 Original Broadway Cast)
Seventh Heaven: Camille, Collette, Fifi
Seventh heaven. Selections
Seventh Heaven: Sun at My Window, Love at My Door
Shadwell's Home
Shalimar (Mono)
Shane: The Call of the Faraway Hills
Shimmer / Bill’s Guardian
Short Straw, The
Show boat.
Signs of Trouble
Sioux Attack
Skull, The
Sky Symphony
Slow Bus to Memphis
Soderquist’s Swan Song / Ferrar’s Bad Manners
Soldiers Fight
Song From Moulin Rouge, The
Song of Delilah, The
Sordo Retreats / Pilar: “What Use Is Courage If You Have No Head? El Sordo Has Both. He’ll Understand.”, El
St. Patrick’s Day
Stagecoach, The
Star, The
Starrett's Plans
Stella by starlight
Strategic Air Command
Street of dreams
Streets of Laredo Prelude
Student prince
Suite I
Suite II
Suite III
Suite IV
Suite: Samson & Delilah: Samson’s Call / Miriam and the Dance to Dagon / The Valley of Zorah / The Feather Dance / Delilah’s Theme / Blind Samson / The Philistine March / Delilah’s Remorse / The Feast Dance / Bacchanale / Delilah’s Harp / Samson and Delilah
Sun at My Window, Love at My Door
Sun Rises / Maria Alone / The Bridge Is Blown, The
Sweet Memories
Sweet Sue (Just you)
Symphony No. 1 (excerpt) (Brahms)
Take Me to Paris
Tall Men (demo), The
Tall Men (vocal by Jane Russell), The
Tantum Ergo (Traditional) / Organ
Telegram / The New Love and the Old, The
Tempest Grove
Temple of Dawn
Tender Moments / Wilson / Ride and Memories
Tenement District, The
Tense Situation / The Last Chapter (partial) / The Cast, A
This Way! / Journey to Innisfree & Humble Cottage
Three Coins in the Fountain: Prelude / Rome
Three Victor Young original soundtracks
tigres volants
To the Bull Ring - March of the Bullfighters
Tour du monde en 80 jours
Towering Rock, The
Training Camp Music
Transcontinental Railway
Trap Door
Travelin' light
Tree Stump, The
Trenches, The
Trestle (Weak Bridge)
Trooper Thorn (The Fight Bell)
Trouble Ahead / Torrey's Death / Taking Torrey Home
tuniques écarlates
Tyree Meets the Wagon Train / Indian Attack (From "Rio Grande")
Under Paris Skies
Untamed (1940)
Vacant Chair, The
Valmorin, De
Vals del aniversario, El
Vanished Merchant
Venetian Plaza
Victor Young and his concert orchestra.
Victor Young at Paramount, Volume 2
Vie En Rose, La
voyages de Gulliver
Vuelta al mundo en 80 días, La
Walk Alone: Double Cross/Dave’s Double Cross/End of Fight and Intro, I
Walk Alone: Dutch Uncle/Frankie Comes Through, I
Walk Alone: Easy to Remember, I
Walk Alone: End of Ride/Together and Cast, I
Walk Alone: Five Shots Left, I
Walk Alone: Prelude, I
Walk Alone: The Revelation/Hi-Jackers/We’re Partners, I
Walk Alone: The Ride, I
Walk Alone: Two Real Friends, I
Walk Alone: Wanted for Murder/Get the Truth, I
Waltzing in a dream
War Goes On, The
(Was I to Blame for) Falling in Love With You
Wat moet ik doen zonder jou
Weak Bridge, A
Weaver of Dreams, A
What Is Love?
When I Fall in Love [for a cappella SATB voices]
Where Can I Go Without You?
Where Is That Someone for Me?
Who’s on Third
wild blue yonder, The
Wild Colonial Boy / River Cottage, The
Woman’s Intuition, A
Works. Selections;
Wounded Chabrillaine
Wuthering Heights: Cathy
Wyoming Sketches
Yang In The March
Yellow House (Mono)
Yellow Stripes (Stan Jones)
Yokohama (Temple of Dawn)
You’ve Changed
Young and willing
Yuma Run of the arrow
Zwei Gitarren
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Golden Hits of the 50's, vol. 4
20th Century Fox: 75 Years Of Great Film Music
20th Century Fox: Music From the Golden Age
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Music to Be Murdered By
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Music to Be Murdered By / Circus of Horrors
All of My Love (Bolero)
American Songbook Series: Jule Styne
Anniversary Waltz, The
Art of the Duo
Back To Life / Captain Collins Dies
Bailes clásicos de salón
Best of Astrud Gilberto, The
Bing Sings 96 of His Greatest Hits
Bride of Vengeance / Captain Carey, U.S.A.
Brown Soft Shoe
Casablanca - Classic Film Scores for Humphrey Bogart
Casablanca- Classic Film Scores for Humphrey Bogart
choclo, El
Christmas Megamix
Christmas Nostalgia (The Classic Hits - Remastered 2016)
Cinema Century: A Musical Celebration of 100 Years of Cinema
Come le foglie al vento: Main Title Theme - Written on the Wind
Come le foglie al vento: Temptation
Don't Want To Walk Without You, I
Double Indemnity: Film Noir At Paramount
Empty Saddles
Fight With Monsters
Film Music and Instrumentals: A Kutmusic Sampler, Vol. 1
Film Music and Instrumentals: A Kutmusic Sampler, Vol.1
First Victim / Watched, The
Front Row Center: The Broadway Gold Box 1935-1988
Galway Bay
Good, The Bad and The Ugly And All Other Greatest Movie Themes, The
Got Plenty O' Nuttin', I
Great Motion Pictures Themes of Victor Young, The
Great Romantic Memories of the War Years
He’s Dead / Marge’s Misgivings / Marge’s Frustrations
Human Men
I'll Be Seeing You: It Had to Be You
Instrumental Legends
It's Christmas Time Again
Johnny Guitar
Knickerbocker Holiday: Septembersong
Kultaiset korvarenkaat - Golden Earrings
Last Roundup
Lullaby (from Jocelyn)
Man of a Thousand Faces / Written on the Wind
Married a Monster from Outer Space / The Atomic City, I
Mister Meadowlark
Moonlight and Shadows
Movie Hits
Movie Memories: A Golden Age Revisited
Nevada Smith: The Paramount Westerns Collection
Nightingale and the Rose, The
On Behalf of the Visiting Firemen
On the Good Ship Lollipop
On Treasure Island
Paramount Seal / Firmament Music / Prelude
Pure Guitar: Flamenco, Classical & Jazz
Quattro ragazze in gamba: Rhapsody for Four Girls in Town
Red Sails in the Sunset
Rózsa: The King's Thief / Young: Scaramouche / Korngold: Captain Blood / Steiner: The Three Musketeers
Sands of Iwo Jima / Island in the Sky
Sax and Violence: Music From the Dark Side of the Screen
Shalom: Music of the Jewish People
Shepherd Serenade / The Anniversary Waltz
Slow Dancing Original Super‐Hits Collection
Small Fry
Some Love Songs
Somebody Loves Me
Songs of the West
Songs of the West, Volume 1
Sound of the Movies, The
Stella by Starlight
Suuri Tango konsertti
Teddy Bears' Picnic: Vintage Children's Songs, The
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 4: Black and White Classics
Tell Her / The Intruder
To Know Love / Finale
Transformation Of Schultz / Marge Trails Bill / Marge Watches Transformation
True Grit: Music From the Classic Films of John Wayne
TV Movie Adventure Classics Vol. 3
Ulysses Africanus: Lost in the Stars
Visit to a Small Planet / The Delicate Delinquent
westerns de John Ford (Bandes originales des films), Les
When I Fall in Love
When I Fall in Love [Schlaflos in Seattle]
When the Lights Go on Again (All Over the World): On the Isle of May
Where My Caravan Has Rested
Written on the Wind / Four Girls in Town
Written on the Wind: Suite I
Written on the Wind: Suite II
Written on the Wind: Temptation
Written on the Wind: Written on the Wind
You’re All I Want for Christmas
Your Hit Parade: 1957
Voor big band