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Cholms, Dėvid
David Holmes
David Holmes (British DJ)
David Holmes (componist)
David Holmes (compositeur et musicien de trip hop)
David Holmes (disc jockey, musicista e compositore nordirlandese)
David Holmes (musikaria)
David Holmes (muzyk brytyjski)
David Holmes (nordirischer Musiker und Filmmusikkomponist)
David Peter Holmes
Holmes, David
Holmes, David Peter
Kholms, Dėvid
Холмс, Дэвид
Դեյվիդ Հոլմս (Բրիտանացի Դիջեյ)
دیوید هولمز
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Disco, Death Before (pseud)
Related names: 
Beedle, Ashley (co-performer)
Burns, Gary (co-performer)
Ciancia, Keefus (co-performer)
Clooney, George (1961-...)
Damon, Matt (1970-...)
Disco Evangelists (isMemberOf)
Disco Evangelists (see also from)
Ellison, Andy (co-performer)
Four Boy One Girl Action (isMemberOf)
Free association (see also from)
Go beat
Hilton, Stephen (co-performer)
Kooner, Jagz (co-performer)
Latham, Pete (co-performer)
Lopez, Jennifer (1970-...)
Needs, Kris (co-performer)
Pitt, Brad (1963-...)
Rhames, Ving (1959-...)
Scubadevils (isMemberOf)
Scubadevils (see also from)
Soderbergh, Steven (1963-...)
The Free Association (isMemberOf)
Universal pictures vidéo France SA
Unloved (isMemberOf)
Vincent, Jade (co-performer)
Warner bros
Weatherall, Andrew
Weintraub, Jerry
Wobble, Jah (1958-)
Yang, Pati (co-performer)
Yellow Hammer (Musical group)
Żbikowski, Zbigniew
$160 Million Chinese Man
$165 Million + Interest (into) The Round Up
$165 Million Plus Interest (Into) the Round Up
10:35 I Turn Off Camera 3
11, 12 & 13
15 minutes original motion picture soundtrack.
69 police Kieran's remix
69 Police (Skylab's remix)
69 Police (The New Alumnists)
7/29/04 the Day Of
Against All Odds Pt. 2
All Sewn Up
Amsterdam : A David Holmes Heist
Analyze that
Ask Clarence
At The Airport
Atom and You, The
Bad Thing (feat. Jon Spencer)
Ballad of Jack and Sarah, The
Ballad of Sarah and Jack, The
Ballad of Sarah & Jack (Geese remix), The
Benedict Knows The Truth
Benedict Returns
Benedict & The "NGC"
Bitch Out
Body Removal
Bogeyman David Holmes mix
Bogeyman Two lone swordsen 5 day wonder mix
Bow down to the exit sign
Buffalo soldiers [Film]
Caddell returns (5 min 42 s)
Call For Mr. Benedict, A
Car Showroom
Case, The
Casino Implosion
Catch Me if You Can
Champion Steps
Chicago, IL
Code 46
Come Get It I Got It: Introducing The Free Association
Coming home to the sun
Commercial Break
Compared to What
Connecting Flight Syndrome, The
Danny & The Big Guy
David Holmes: Essential Mix 98-01
Deep Down You're Lonely
Deep End, The
Delakota mix... [etc.]
Delivering Jiang
Diamond Location
Dice Men
Die Hard Rationalist, The
Does It Matter Which Side of Her Jaw Was Hit?
Dogs Are Parading, The
Dolly, The
Don't die just yet (6 min 43 s)
Don't Die Just Yet (album version)
Don't Die Just Yet (Delakota mix)
Don't Die Just Yet (Delakota remix)
Don't Die Just Yet (Don't Chant Just Yet. Holmes & Goldsworthy remix)
Don't Die Just Yet (Holiday Girl) (Arab Strap mix)
Don't Die Just Yet (La Funk Mob mix)
Don't Die Just Yet (Max 404 Optimystic disco dub)
Don't Die Just Yet (Max 404 remix edit)
Don't Die Just Yet (Mogwai mix)
Don't Die Just Yet (radio edit)
Don't Die Just Yet (The Holiday Girl. Arab Strap remix)
Don't Trust Her, I
Door, The
Drexler's Apt - Aftermath, Afternoon
Drive Rossbourgh, The
Drive to Ripley's, The
Drive to the Heist
Driving Away in the Bus
Driving to Ripley's
Dublin Chase
Electronic Break-In
Eric Neill Is Left Handed
Evil Needle, The
fall l'intégrale de la saison 2, The
Fender Roads
First Place
Five minutes of heaven
Foley Part 2
For you (59 s)
Four Years Later
Francis, I Need You to Focus
Freaknik (6 min 45 s)
Future Horizons
Getting the Gold
girlfriend experience (5 min 38 s)
Girlfriend Experience, The
Going Up in the Van
Gone (Alter Ego Decoding Gone, Part 1)
Gone (Alter Ego Decoding Gone, Part 2)
Gone (Alter Ego Decoding Gone Part Two)
Gone (edit)
Gone (feat. Sarah Cracknell) (Kruder & Dorfmeister mix)
Gone (First Night Without Charge)
Gone (K&D Session™)
Gone (PFM mix)
Gone (PFM remix)
Gone (Second Night Without Charge)
Gone (Suburban Base remix)
Gone (The Kruder & Dorfmeister session)
Got fucked up along the way
Got the Time Sister
Grand Opening
Gritty shaker (6 min 40 s)
Gritty Shaker (Main mix)
Gritty Shaker (mix 1)
Gritty Shaker (Our Latin Thing remix)
Gritty Shaker (Our Latin Ting mix)
Gritty Shaker (Out Latin Thing remix)
Gritty Shaker (Red Snapper mix)
Gritty Shaker (Red Snapper remix)
Gritty Shaker (Resonated remix)
Gritty Shaker (Richard Fearless mix)
Gritty Shaker (Richard Fearless remix)
Grumpy Flutter, Part 1
Guard Shoots Vitti
Half In A Van
Have a Nice Day
Haywire Original Motion Picture Sountrack
Head rush on Lafayette (1 min 20 s)
Head Rush on Lafayette (Fridge remix)
Head Rush On Lafeyette (Fridge remix)
Healing Touch
Heard Wonders (Andrew Weatherall vocal mix), I
Heist, The
Here Comes The Girl
Hey Lisa
Hey Maggy
Holiday Girl (Don't Die Just Yet), The
Hollywood, CA
Holy Pictures, The
Hors d'atteinte
I've Instructed Them to Check the Dumpsters
Incite a Riot
Inspired by Leyburn
Jackson Johnson
Jiang's Dead
Johnny Favourite (Exploding Plastic Ambience mix)
Johnny Favourite (Exploding Plastic Inevitable mix)
Keep The Motor Run
Kensington Chump
Kill Her With Kindness
Know What I Have to Do, I
Kraĭ, c2010:
Laser Beam / The Pinch Blows
LateNightTales (God’s Waiting Room continuous mix)
Let It Rip
Let's Do This
Let's Get Jiang
Let's get killed
Liar & A Happy Thief, A
Life as we know it
Lifting the Building
Linus Escapes
Linus Is Ready
Listen (49 s)
Little Short One, Part 1
Live From the Peppermint Store
Living Room (Kevin Shields remix)
London Xpress
Looking For Clues
Love Art...Really!, I
Love Reign Over Me
Lower Orders, The
Lyman Zerga
Mafia blues 2 la rechute !
Main Title
McCready Rides Again
Minus 61 in Detroit
Mosaic - Music From The HBO Limited Series
Mosh It
Mr. Benedict
Museum Camera
Music from the motion picture ocean's twelve
My mate Paul (5 min 29 s)
My Mate Paul (Heck mix)
My Mate Paul (Holmes & Goldsworthy mix)
My Mate Paul (Holmes & Goldsworthy remix)
My Mate Paul (Major Force remix)
My Mate Paul (My Mainman Paul mix)
My Mate Paul (original mix)
My Mate Paul (radio edit)
My Mate Paul (Skylab remix)
My Mate Paul (Stereo MC's remix)
My Mate Paul (Stereo MCs remix)
Nawrót depresji gangstera
New Day
Niro, De
No Eye Dear
No Man’s Land (radio edit)
No mans land
No More Time Outs
Nose, The
Not Their Fight
Ocean's 13
Ocean's Eleven (KMN score remix)
Ocean’s Eleven: Music From the Motion Picture
Ocean’s Thirteen: Music From the Motion Picture
Ocean’s Twelve: Music From the Motion Picture
Oceanovih trinaest
Oceans Twelve (KMN score remix)
Olivia Lake
Opening Credits
Original Score Medley
Out of sight
Out Run
Parcus and Madder Show, The
Parcus & Madder show (51 s)
Peace in the Fire
Petra Enters the Red Room
Pinch, The
Plans, The
Planting the Seed
Power of Your Love
Prefer Your Suspicion to Your Pity, I
Psybadek: Gritty Shaker
Pull over Joel, Just Pull over!!
Pushin’ a Broom
Radio 7 (5 min 49 s)
Real Story, The
Restaurant Background
Resurrection man
Return of the Nightfarmers
Reuben's In
Rigazzi Arrives on Set
Rip Rip
Rodney Yates (6 min 24 s)
Rodney Yates (Two Lone Swordsmen remix 2)
Ruben’s In
Rusty Is In
Rusty The Doc
Ryzykowna gra
S***! S***! S***!
Shake ya brain
Ship Comes In, The
Shot In The Face
Sick City
Slash the Seats (Slash the Beats)
Slashers revenge (4 min 46 s)
Slip Your Skin
Smoked Oak
Snake Eyes
Sniffing Around
Song 1
Soporific Guards
Sorry I Have No Comment
Spell Rigazzi
Stand Your Ground
Stealing the Pinch
Stealing the Stock (into) Le Renard de Nuit
Stop Arresting Artists
Story of the Ink, The
Strange Shirt Found with Body
Streets of Gold
Strip Club
Sugar Man
Suicidal Weed
Sushi Bar
Team, The
That Is Most Definitely Him
Theme from Mosaic
Theme IMC
Think You Flooded It, I
This Film's Crap, Let's Slash the Seats
This films crap lets slash the seats
Three 8 Bar Drum Loops
Timing Explanation
To the Top
Too Tough to Die
Total Toxic Overload
Total Toxic Tranquility
Trapdoor Man
Trunk Scene, The
Tub Scene
Upstate NYC
Van Explosion
Vault, The
Voices, Siren, Rain
Watchers, The
What I Want Is the Red Room
What R We Stealing
Where's Kenneth
Winners Anthem
Wish I Had a) Wooden Heart, (I
Yen Is Trapped
Yen on a Carousel
You're Going to Belfast / The Hunt / '71 / Posh Cunts Telling Thick Cunts to Kill Poor Cunts / Riot on the Lower Falls / Thommo's Dead / Where's the Soldier? / The Hunt (Part 2) / Doing Your Dirty Work / Need a Way Out! / Escape From Divis '71 / Is He Dead? / The Theme From '71 / Aftermath / We'll Be Fine, I Promise You
You're on Fire (Too Fat)
Zakázané ovoce
Zero Tolerance
Η Συμμορία των Έντεκα
Аналізуй те
Бандата на Оушън 3
Тринадцать друзей Оушена
Тринаесетмината на Оушн
Օուշենի տասներեք ընկերները
أوشن 13
أوشن إثنى عشر
سیزده یار اوشن
کد ۴۶
گرسنگی (فیلم)
오션스 트웰브
Contributed to or performed: 
100% Chillout 2
15 Minutes
15 Minutes: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Annie and Frank Walk
AnotherLateNight: Fila Brazillia
Atomic Audio
Bad Thing
Balance 011: Luke Fair
Big Beat, the New Techno Generation
Block Bustin' Beats
Bravo Screenfun Hits
Café de Bangkok
Café Mambo Ibiza: 10th Anniversary Album
Cherrybomb Soundtrack
Chill Factor
Chill Out! Chapter 1
Chilled Jazz*
Chilled Out Euphoria
Chillout Album 2: The Essential Late Night Mix, The
Chillout Album, Volume 1: The Essential Late Night Mix, The
Chillout Annual 2002, The
Chillout Room, The
Cloud 9
Club 2 Def
Club Hits 98/99
Clubbed to Death
Cocktail Party
Compared to What
Cool & Deadly
Cool: Chillout
Crashing In
Cream of Ambient Visions One, The
Cream: Chilled Electronic
Cross the Section
Demonic Arousal
Denny's House
Destination, Volume 1: The Look of Love
Dodgy Style
Dope on Plastic! Volume 4
Electronic cinema 2
Elsewhere Anchises
Essential Chill Tonic
Essential Selection Winter 1997
Evil Needle (Blue), The
Evil Needle (Cockpit), The
Evil Needle, The
Fighter Pilots
Frank Meets Annie
Frank Packs Drawings
Frank Reads Postcards
Frank Rejects Annie
Frank Runs to Hospital
Free CD
Freestyle Candies
Gone (Alter Ego Decoding Gone, Part 2)
Gone (First Night Without Charge)
Gone (Second Night Without Charge)
Gone (The Kruder & Dorfmeister Sessions™)
Gone (The Kruder & Dorfmeister Session™)
Greatest Ever! Chillout: The Definitive Collection
Groove: The Compilation Volume 2
Henry McCullough
Henry McCullough (Andrew Weatherall dub)
Henry McCullough (Andrew Weatherall remix)
Henry McCullough (The Andrew Weatherall Remixes)
Hollywood Cool
Homelands Ireland
Hotel Lounge: Music Inspired by the VT4 TV-Series Het Hotel Westende
In Bed With Nova, première nuit
Jerry Dies
Jerry Shoots Himself
Jockey Slut JUKEBOX
Journey Into Drum 'n' Bass, A
K&D Sessions, The
K&D Sessions™, The
Keinijg 4
Late Lounge 2, The
Late Lounge Presents: Boudoir Beats
Late Night Mix, The
LateNightTales: Jon Hopkins
Lazy Days
Leaving the Motel
Leaving Town
Lifestyle2: Chill Lounge 1
Lifestyle2: Chill Lounge 2
Living Room
Living Some Dreams, Volume 2
Logan Lucky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
London Xpress
Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble, Volume 2: Pagan Love Vibrations, A
Motel Life, The
Mother's Message
MTV Weekender
Muzik: The Best of Dance: Speed Garage and Muzik SAS Award Winners
Neon Magazine: 15 Great Movie Tracks
NME: Relaunch
NU Jazz Cool
Oh Yeah Sessions '08, The
Patrick Kraut
Piccadilly Records 2016 Sampler
Pirate Story
Q the Music 4
Reiki Healer From County Down, The
Remixed by Stereo MCs
Reprise to Childhood
Rip Curl - 'Ride On'
Rush Hour 3
Science Behind the Circle, The
Score It!, Volume 3
Score It!, Volume 9
Select: Revolutions 02
Sick City
Slip Your Skin
Smokin Beats
Snowboard Generation
Snowboard Generation: The 2nd Level
Solid Steel presents Hexstatic: Listen & Learn
Solution to Benefit Heal the Bay, The
Soma Coma, Volume III
Soma Quality Recordings
Sounds of the Irish Underground
Stinky Grooves Sessions
Supperclub 6 Presents Rome
Switched On
Techno Nights: Ambient Dawn
Tell Me a Story
This Is... Big Beat
Top Gear: The Ultimate Driving Experience
Top of the Spot: Nuova serie, Volume 3
Torch: A Six Degrees Collection of Modern Torch Songs
Total Toxic Overload
Total Toxic Tranquility
Total Toxic Tranquillity
Trax: Sampler 031
Ultimate Moods Album, The
Unconditionally Guaranteed, 2000.6
Unwind: 34 Soothing Laidback Tracks
URB Subscriber Premium: Sampler 2009
Urbal Beats 2
Urban Theory Presents: Sex, Sluts + Heaven
Weekend, The
Weekend, Volume 2, The
Wicked Good Sampler, Volume One, A
Wish I Had) A Wooden Heart, (I
Wonderful Spot
Zero Tolerance
π: Music for the Motion Picture