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Benson, Ragnar
Ragnar Benson
Ragnar Benson (American writer)
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Language material
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Christensen, Devon
Acquiring new ID : how to easily use the latest computer technology to drop out, start over, and get on with your life
Action careers : employment in the high-risk job market
Bull's eye : crossbows
David's tool kit : a citizen's guide to taking out Big Brother's heavy weapons
Do-it yourself medicine
Eating cheap
Fire, flash, and fury : the greatest explosions of history
Guerrilla gunsmithing : quick and dirty methods for fixing firearms in desperate times
Gunrunning for fun & profit
Hard-core poaching
Home-built claymore mines : a blueprint for survival
Homemade C-4 : a recipe for survival
Homemade grenade launchers : constructing the ultimate hobby weapon
Live off the land in the city and country
modern survival retreat, The : a new and vital approach to retreat theory and practice
Modern weapons caching : a down-to-earth approach to beating the government gun grab
most dangerous game, The : advanced mantrapping techniques
New and improved C-4 : better-than-ever recipes for half the money and double the fun
Ragnar's action encyclopedia of practical knowledge and proven techniques : a do-it-yourself guide to ...
Ragnar's guide to home and recreational use of high explosives
Ragnar's guide to interviews, investigations and interrogations : how to conduct them, how to survive them
Ragnar's guide to the underground economy
Ragnar's homemade detonators : how to make 'em, how to salvage 'em, how to detonate 'em
Ragnar's tall tales
Starting a new life in rural America : 21 things you need to know before you make your move
Survival end game : the 21st century solution.
survival nurse, The : running an emergency nursing station under adverse conditions
Survival poaching, 1980:
survival retreat, The : a total plan for retreat defense
Survivalist's medicine chest
Switchblade : the ace of blades
Ten best traps
Urban survival