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Antoni Kazimierz Oppenheim (American physicist)
Antoni Kazimierz Oppenheim (Amerikaans natuurkundige (1915-1992))
Antoni Kazimierz Oppenheim (US-amerikanischer Luftfahrtingenieur)
Oppenheim, A. K.
Oppenheim, Antoni K.
Oppenheim, Antoni Kazimierz
Oppenheim, Tony
Оппенгейм, Энтони
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Arquès, Philippe
Bowen, J. Raymond
Centre international des sciences mécaniques
Kamel, M. M.
Kamel, Mostafa M.
Manson, N.
Neumark, Stefan
Pujol, Y.
Springer-Verlag (Berlin)
Thomas, H. H. B. M.
University of California Berkeley Department of Mechanical Engineering Affiliation (see also from)
Williams, Forman Arthur (1934-....))
Aerothermodynamic properties of stretched flames in enclosures
beauty of combustion fields and their aerothermodynamic significance, The
Boundary-layer theory for blast waves
Can the Maximization of Fuel Economy Be Compatible With the Minimization of Pollutant Emissions?
collected works of Stefan Neumark (1897-1967), The
Combustion in piston engines technology, evolution, diagnosis and control
Combustion of TNT products in a confined explosion.
computational technique for the evaluation of dynamic effects of exothermic reactions, A
Conférences sur l'aérothermique des ondes dans les milieux réactifs
Design study of a gas turbine combustor with heat recirculation
(Development and structure of plane detonation waves)
Development of detonation in liquid fuel spray with gaseous oxidizer preliminary experiments (Detonation in liquid fuel spray with gaseous oxidizer)
Dynamic response of a plane-symmetrical exothermic reaction center
Dynamics of Combustion in a Diesel Engine Under the Influence of Air/Fuel Ratio
Dynamics of combustion systems
Effects of internal heat transfer on the structure of self-similar blast waves
Effects of internal heat transfer on the structure on self-similar blast waves.
Effects of transient combustion phenomena on molecular-beam sampling
Energy loss from closed combustion systems.
Evaluation of the effects of detonation in a spherical bomb
Evaluation of wind effects on model buildings by the random vortex method.
Explosion hazards in transporting fuels through inland waterways and their approaches : progress report
Factors controlling pollutant emissions from gas turbine engines
(Flame ionization during the development of detonation)
Fuel injection system for shock tube studies of the ignition of preheated fuels.
Gas turbine combustor stabilization by heat recirculation
Gasdynamic model of turbulent combustion in an explosion
Gasdynamic model of turbulent exothermic fields in explosions
High-speed stroboscopic photography using a Kerr-cell modulated laser source (High speed stroboscopic photography using Kerr cell modulated laser source)
Ignition and combustion of fuel droplets and the ignition of premixed fuels by hot cylindrical surfaces
Ignition mechanism of lean mixture by pulsed jet
Impact of aerospace technology on studies of the Earth's atmosphere
Influence of Charge Dilution on the Dynamic Stage of Combustion in a Diesel Engine
Influence of exothermicity on the shape of a diffusion flame
(Interferometric observation of flame acceleration in an explosive gas)
Introduction to gasdynamics of explosions. -
Jet Ignition of An Ultra-Lean Mixture
Jet plume injection and combustion system for internal combustion engines
Knock Syndrome-Its Cures and Its Victims, The
Kurzer Abriß der soziologischen Denkweise Probleme und Methoden
Laser Cinematography of explosions Lectures delivered during the Cours on Experimental Methods in Mechanics, Oct. 1971
Life of fuel in engine cylinder
Mechanics of turbulent flow in combustors for premixed gases
Mechanism of instabilities in turbulent combustion leading to flashback
methodology for inhibiting the formation of pollutants in diesel engines, A
mixing and deformation mechanism for a supercritical fuel droplet., A
Model and Control of Heat Release in Engines
Modern Developments in Energy, Combustion and Spectroscopy : in honor of S. S. Penner
Molecular beam mass spectrometer sampling of flash ignited combustion
Molecular-beam system for the study of transient combustion processes
Near- and super-critical droplet combustion
Numerical modeling of turbulent combustion in premixed gases
Numerical modeling of turbulent flow in a channel.
Numerical modelling of turbulent flow in a combustion tunnel
Numerical simulation of a turbulent flame stabilized behind a rearward- facing step
Numerical solution for the problem of flame propagation by the random element method
On self-similar blast waves headed by the Chapman-Jouguet detonation
On the future of combustion in piston engines
Paving the Way to Controlled Combustion Engines (Cce)
Performance of multiple stream pulsed jet combustion systems
Performance of pulsed combustion jet ignition at high pressures and temperatures
Prospects for Combustion in Piston Engines
Pulsed jet combustion generator for non-premixed charge engines
Pulsed jet plume combustion: An exothermic process under fluid mechanical control
Pulsed plasma jet igniters: Species measurements in methane combustion
Raison d'Etre of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Fuel for Automotive Powerplants
Random element method for numerical modeling of diffusional processes
rationale for advances in the technology of I. C. engines, A
Recent advances in methods for numerical solution of O.D.E. initial value problems.
Refinement of Heat Release Analysis
Secondary effects in combustion instabilities leading to flashback
Self-similar blast waves incorporating deflagrations of variable speed
Self-similar blast waves supported by variable energy deposition in the flowfield
Self-similar explosion waves of variable energy at the front
Shock tube studies of exothermic processes in combustion
Strong ignition limits for methane-hydrogen mixtures
Study of exothermic processes in shock ignited gases by the use of laser shear interferometry
Théorie générale des machines machines à réaction, motrices et réceptrices, à vapeur ou à gaz
Visualization of Flow and Combustion Processes in a Square Piston Engine Simulator
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