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B, T.
B, Thomas Bray
Bray ((Dr.))
Bray, Thomas
Bray, Thomas (Dr)
Divine of the Church of England
Sincere lover of our Protestant establishment both in church and state
T. B
T. B, Thomas Bray
Thomas Bray
Thomas Bray (English clergyman with Maryland connection)
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Allen, William -1686
Brewer, John Sherren (1810-1879)
Brotherton, John (Londen)
Bullen, William
Erasmus, Desiderius Roterodamus, 1466/69-1536
Lambeth Palace Library. Carew manuscripts
Oliver Wendell Holmes Collection (Library of Congress)
Rawlet, John (1642-1686))
Stark, Lewis Morgrage (1908- ))
Steiner, Bernard C. (1867-1926)
Steiner, Bernard Christian (1867-1926)
Tooley, Jeremy (d. 1732))
account of the methods whereby the charity-schools have been erected and managed and of the encouragement given to them, together with a proposal of enlarging their number and adding some work to the childrens learning, thereby to render their education more useful to the publick., An
acts of Dr. Bray's visitation., The
Apostolick charity. -
Bibliotheca catechetica; or, The country curates library.
Bibliotheca parochialis; or, A scheme of such theological heads both general and particular
brief account of the life of the Reverend Mr. John Rawlet author of The Christian Monitor. Together, with a valuable remain of his, never before printed, viz. his consolatory letter to his mother., A
Carew manuscripts
church catechism: to which are subjoin'd some of the most apposite texts of scripture shewing the duty to parents and magistrates, pastors and masters. ... The whole divided into thirteen short lessons., The
Circular letter to the clergy of Mary-land
Ecclesiastes, sive concionator evangelicus
essay towards promoting all necessary and useful knowledge, both divine and human, An
For God, or for Satan: being a sermon preach'd at St. Mary le Bow, before the societies for reformation of manners, December 27. 1708. ...
general view of the English colonies in America with respect to religion., A
good fight of faith in the cause of God against the Kingdom of Satan, exemplified, in a sermon preach'd at the Parish-Church of St. Clements Danes, Westminster, on the 24th of March, 1708/9. At the funeral of Mr. John Dent, ... By Thomas Bray., The
Grenzüberschreitung im Zeichen des Bundes : Covenant-Theologie und Kirche zwischen England und Neu-England bei Thomas Bray (1658-1730)
letter from Dr. Bray to such as have contributed towards the propagating Christian knowledge in the plantations., A
Memorial concerning the erecting in the city of London or the suburbs thereof an orphanotrophy or hospital for the reception of poor cast-off children or foundlings in order to the saving the lives of many poor innocents yearly and to the rendring all useful to the publick, instead of hurtful members thereof, as those who survive by being brought to begging generally prove.
memorial representing the present state of religion on the continent of North America., A
Papal usurpation and persecution as it has been exercis'd in ancient and modern times with respect both to princes & people; ... The whole divided into two tomes, ... and design'd as supplemental to the Book of martyrs, ... By a sincere lover of our Protestant establishment both in church and state.
preliminary essay. Towards rendring the various expositions on the church catechism more useful to the second class of catechumens, A
Proposals for the encouragement and promoting of religion and learning in the foreign plantations
Propositum de martyrologio generali quod ad Protestantium tandem perpessiones spectat, conscribendo : cui additus sylloge epistolarum quarundam ad viros doctissimos transmarinos scriptarum una cum eorundem responsis hoc opus spectantium ; quae quidem epistolae, quo melius constat, qua fide & quibus fundamentis nititur ejurmodi martyrologium, appendicis loco ad calcem historiae subjuciuntur
Rev. Thomas Bray, his life and selected works relating to Maryland
short discourse upon the doctrine of our baptismal covenant, A
Thomas Bray papers
tryals of Jeremy Tooley, William Arch, and John Clauson, three private soldiers. For the murder of Mr. John Dent, constable ... To which is added, a sermon preach'd at the funeral of Mr. John Dent. By Thomas Bray., The
Two treatises upon the covenant of grace, viz : The first, a discourse of the nature, ends, and difference of the two covenants. By William Allen. The second cathechetical lectures upon the preliminary questions and answers of the church-catechism. By Thomas Bray. D.D.
whole course of catechetical institution through three classes of catechumens, consisting of I. An introductory discourse, ... V. A pastoral discourse to young persons, ... By Thomas Bray, D.D., The