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Steinar Strøm
Steinar Strøm (Noors econoom)
Steinar Strøm (Norwegian economist)
Strøm, Steinar
Strøm, Steinar Ø
Strøm, Steinar Øivind
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Aaberge, R.
Aaberge, Rolf
Alessandro, Corsi
Andreassen, Leif
Andreassen, Leif (1959-)
Borri, Ilaria
Borsotto, Patrizia
Brinch, Christian
Colombino, U.
Corsi, Alessandro
Dag, Morten Dalen
Dagsvik, John K
Dalen, Dag
Dalen, Dag Morten
Della Giusta, Marina
Di Tomasso, Maria Laura
Di Tommaso, M. L.
Di Tommaso, M.L.
Di Tommaso, Maria Laura
Duerr, Peter A.
Eide, Erling
Enrico, Sorisio
Faini, Riccardo
Forsund, Finn R.
Førsund, Finn R. (1943-)
Foundation for Research in Economics and Business Administration, Oslo Affiliation (see also from)
Furu, Kari
Giusta, Marina
Giusta, Marina Della
Haabeth, Tonje
Habeth, Tonje
Hærnes, Erik
Hernæs, Erik
Hernaes, E.
Hernaes, Erik
Howarth, Richard B.
Ingeborg, Rasmussen
Isachsen, Arne Jon
Isilda, Shima
Iskhakov, Fedor
Jia, Zhiyang
Jørgensen, Øystein
K, Dagsvik John
Kai, Furu
Laboratorio di Economia Politica S. Cognetti de Martiis (Turin) Affiliation (see also from)
LAISNEY, François
Lars, Werin
Laura, Di Tommaso Maria
LECHNER, Michael
Leif, Andreassen
Locatelli Biey, Marilena
Longva, P.
Longva, Svein
Magnus, Saether Erik
Marilena, Locatelli
Morten, Dalen Dag
Morten, Dalen Gag
Norwegen Statistisk Sentralbyrå Affiliation (see also from)
Ognedal, Tone
Økonomisk Institutt (Oslo) Affiliation (see also from)
Olsen, Oystein
Piggott, John
Ragnar Frisch centennial symposium 1995
Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research, University of Oslo Affiliation (see also from)
Roed, K.
Roed, Knut
Sæther, E. M.
Sæther, E.M.
Sæther, Erik Magnus
Schipper, Lee
Shima, I.
Shima, Isilda
Simson, Kristine von
Sollie, Marte
Sorisio, Enrico
Steinar, Strom
STOCK, James H.
Strøm, S.
STRØM, Steinar
Strøm, Steinars
Thalberg, Bjørn
Tommaso, Maria
Tommaso, Maria Laura Di
Universitetet i Oslo / Stiftelsen Frischsenteret for samfunnsøkonomisk forskning
Venturini, Alessandra
Vislie, Jon
Werin, Lars (1928-)
Wiig, Elin
WISE, David A.
Zhang, Tao
Age, Education and Labor Supply with Uncertain Rewards.
Analyzing labor supply behavior with latent job opportunity sets and institutional choice constraints.
Another Theory of Prostitution
Are Foreign Migrants More Assimilated Than Native Ones?
As bad as it gets: well being deprivation of sexually exploited trafficked women
Attacks on the Welfare State
Choosing among competing blockbusters does the identity of the third-party payer matter for prescribing doctors?
Comment on B. Holmlund, "Unemployment Insurance in Theory and Practice."
Compensated discrete choice with particular reference to labor supply
Computation of the compensating variation within a random utility model using GAUSS software
Determinants of Occupational Pensions, The
Discrete-Choice Model Approach to Optimal Congestion Change, A
Diversification of the marketing chains among organic producers
Do medical doctors respond to economic incentives?
Do more equal slices shrink the cake? An empirical investigation of tax-transfer reform proposals in Italy
Does the Identity of the Third-Party Payer Matters for Prescribing Doctors?
Dynamics of pollution and waste treatment activities. Paper presented at the 1972 winter symposium of the Econometric Society, Le Bréau, January 11.-13.
Early Retirement and Company Characteristics
Early Retirement and Economic Incentives.
Econometrics and economic theory in the 20th century the Ragnar Frisch centennial symposium
economics of screening programs, The
Energiforbruk til oppvarmingsformål i husholdningene
Energy markets and environmental issues : a European perspective : proceedings of a German-Norwegin Energy Conference, Bergen, 5-7 June 1991
Environmental economics and management pollution and natural resources
Et effektivt kraftmarked : konsekvenser for kraftkrevende næringer og regioner
Evaluating alternative tax reforms in Italy with a model of joint labor supply of married couples
Evaluation of tax reforms when workers have preferences over job attributes and face latent choice restrictions
Family labour supply when the husband is eligible for early retirement.
Female Labour Supply and the Tax Benefit System in France
Fenêtres et retraites
Gender Wage Gap: An Inter-Industry Approach., The
generation of residual flows in Norway: an input-output approach, The
Generic substitution: micro evidence from register data in Norway
Heterogeneity and Unemployment Duration.
Hidden Economy: The Labor Market and Tax Evasion., The
hidden economy, The : the labor market and tax evasion
Innovation and market dynamics in the EPO market
Innovation and the Nordic Erythropoietin Market
Inntektsulikhet i Norge 1973-1990
Joint Labor Supply Decisions of Married Females and Males: An Empirical Analysis Based on Italian Household Data
Joint Labour Supply of Married Couples: Efficiency and Distribution Effects of Tax and Labour Market Reforms
Kapitalavkastning i industrisektorer ... 1967.
Labor supply responses and welfare effects from replacing current tax rules by a flat tax: Empirical evidence from Italy, Norway and Sweden
Labor Supply Responses and Welfare Effects of Tax Reforms.
Labor supply when tax evasion is an option
Labour supply effects of an early retirement programme
Labour Supply in Italy: An Empirical Analysis of Joint Household Decisions, with Taxes and Quantity Constraints.
Lessons from specification tests for a labour supply model
Longitudinal analysis of generic substitution
Macroeconomic Effects of Sectoral Shocks in Germany, the U.K. and, the U.S.
Manufacturing energy use in eight OECD countries : Decomposing the impacts of changes in output, industry structure and energy intensity
Measurement in public choice. -
Nurses Wanted: Is the Job Too Hars or is the Wage Too Low
Nurses wanted: Is the job too harsh or is the wage too low?
Occupational pensions, tenure, and taxes
Olje- og gassøkonomi
Pension reforms, liquidity constraints and labour supply responses
Premium for Organic Wines: Estimating a Hedonic Price Equation from the Producer Side, The
Price regulation and generic competition in the pharmaceutical market
Probability Approach to Pharmaceutical Demand and Price Setting: Does the Identity of the Third-Party Payer Matters for Prescribing Doctors?, A
Probability Approach to Pharmaceutical Demand and Price Setting: Does the Identity of the Third-Party Payer Mattersfor Prescribing Doctors?, A
Progressive taxes and the labour market : is the trade-off between equality and efficiency inevitable?
Purchases of cars and CO2 emissions
Rank dependent utility, tax evasion and labor supply
Retirement in Italy and Norway.
Retirement in non-cooperative and cooperative families
Scandinavian journal of economics, The
Sectoral labor supply, choice restrictions and functional form
Sex markets : a denied industry
Simulating labor supply behavior when workers have preferences for job opportunities and face nonlinear budget constraints
Simulating labor supply behaviour when workers have preferences over job opportunities and face non-linear budget constraints
Skattefrittsvart sekor i vekst. -
Spillprodukter i den norske økonomien : en makroøkonomisk analyse
Stochastic Model for the Utility of Income, A
Substitusjonsmuligheter mellom energivarer
Tax Reform, Sector-specific Labor Supply and Welfare Effects
Theoretical contributions of Knut Wicksell, The
Topics in disequilibrium economics. -
Total elasticities of energy demand analysed within a general equilibrium model
Towards an actuarially fair pension system in Norway
Unemployment : macro and micro-economic explanations
Utility of income as a random function: Behavioral characterization and empirical evidence
Wages anatomy : labor supply of nurses and a comparison with physicians
Welfare Effects of Proportional Taxation: Empirical Evidence from Italy, Norway and Sweden
What money buys: clients of street sex workers in the US
Who is watching? The market for prostitution services
Who’s watching? The market for prostitution services
Why Does Unemployment Persist? Comment.