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Underwood and Underwood
Underwood, Bert and Elmer
Underwood & Underwood
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Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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copyright claimant
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Keystone view company (see also from)
Underwood (Bert; 1862-1943; see also from)
Underwood (Elmer; 1859-1947; see also from)
American cruiser arriving in New York, probably at the time of the Portsmouth Peace Conference], [An
Beautiful villas and roadways - from highest point above Hong Kong
Beginning the great hunt - President Roosevelt and party entering bear country - Colorado
Brilliant Luna Park at night Coney Island, New York's great pleasure resort
[Carriages carrying Admiral Togo, naval officers and government officials during Togo's official visit to Tokyo in Oct. 1905]
Citizens hearing the inaugural address of their chosen chief, President Roosevelt - Washington
Col. Roosevelt on his tour thru New Jersey before the convention
Enthusiastic welcome to the Nation's Chief - all of Denison, Texas greets President Roosevelt
Fortifications, Peak Hotel and palatial residences--from mountain top, above Hong Kong
[Francisco León de la Barra] [presidente interino de la República de Méjico]
great crowd intently listening to President Roosevelt's now famous "Trust" speech, Providence, R.I., The
Happy and hardy after his bear hunt - President Theodore Roosevelt returning to Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Holy Land in 3D, The : [exhibition catalogue]
Holy Land in three dimensions
"In battle the only shots that count are those that hit"--President Roosevelt's speech on the navy--Haverhill, Mass.
In the Island of Corregidor, Manila Bay, Philippine Islands - from which the Spanish first fired upon Dewey's passing fleet
In the library, home of President Roosevelt, Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, N.Y.
Japan in America - pretty maids in garden before a Japanese tea-house, World's Fair, St. Louis, U.S.A.
"Let us deal generously with Cuba, as befits a great republic" - President Roosevelt, Lowell, Mass.
Lieut. Col. Theo. Roosevelt of the "Rough Riders"
Little Negro tea pickers singing pickaninny songs for President Roosevelt, Pinehurst Tea Farm, Summerville, S.C.
Looking northeast over the Bay, from the New Market, Hong Kong, China
Maj.-Gen. Chaffee, the gallant Legation rescuer, of whom his country is proud - headquarters, Agricultural Temple, Peking, China
Manual of instruction from Underwood & Underwood ... [to be studied and followed by our agents]
Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, at home in the White House, Washington, D.C.
News pictures for use in window displays
On the great bear hunt - President Roosevelt after leaving Newcastle for the mountains - Colorado
One of the busiest streets in the world--State St., Chicago, Ill. (18 miles long), N. from Madison St.
"Our history contains no name worth remembering of any man who led a life of ease" - President Roosevelt, Concord, N.H.
Pennsylvania Avenue, from Treasury to Capitol - President Roosevelt's inaugural parade, Washington
Pittsburgh, Pa., nursery of vast fortunes, Smithfield St., looking N.E., with P.O. at right
"Pot luck" with the "boys" - President Roosevelt's cowboy breakfast at Hugo, Colorado
prerequisites of success - hard work, keen intelligence, unflinching will" - President Roosevelt, Providence, R.I., "The
President, Mrs. Roosevelt and other guests of Captain Wagener, Pine Forest Inn, Summerville, S.C., The
President Roosevelt amid "Nature's Wonders" - driving through Wawona, Big Trees of California
President Roosevelt and Governor McMillin reviewing troops, on the site of a desperate charge, Chickamauga battlefield, Tenn.
President Roosevelt and Major Pitcher before Liberty Cap - a long extinct geyser at Yellowstone Park
President Roosevelt and party on the ruins of the old spanish fort at Dorchester, near Charleston, S.C.
President Roosevelt at Fort Yellowstone, ready for his trip through Yellowstone Park
President Roosevelt, Dr. Lambert and P.B. Stewart starting into the bear country - Colorado
President Roosevelt entering America's wonderland - at Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone Park
President Roosevelt, Judge Simonson [i.e., Simonton] and Judge Brawley, chatting on the "Algonquin," Charleston Harbor, S.C.
President Roosevelt, members of Notification Committee and guests, Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, N.Y.
President Roosevelt on the "Mayflower," reviewing the Naval parade off Long Island
President Roosevelt running an American steam-shovel at Culebra Cut, Panama Canal
President Roosevelt's choicest recreation - amid nature's rugged grandeur on Glacier Point, Yosemite
President Roosevelt's summer home at Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, N.Y.
President Roosevelt signing bills, White House, Washington, D.C.
President Roosevelt, Speaker Cannon and members of the Republication Notification Committee, at Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, N.Y.
[President Theodore Roosevelt, with the Mayor of Canton and the Gov. of Ohio, reviewing parade on McKinley Memorial Day, Canton, Ohio, Sept. 30, 1907]
[Priest and soldiers praying over bodies of Russian soldiers awaiting burial on a hill, Port Arthur]
Queen's Road, from Ice-house Road, - looking west - Hong Kong, China
"Sagamore," the cosy (sic) and hospitable summer home of President Roosevelt, Oyster Bay, N.Y.
Samaritan high priest and his sons, with the most ancient copy of the Pentateuch, A
shattered remains of Russian heroes who were killed near 203 Metre Hill, Port Arthur], [The
Speaker Cannon formally notifying President Roosevelt of his nomination at Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, N.Y.
square deal for every man, big or small, rich or poor" - President Roosevelt, Lynn, Mass., "A
Stereograph views of Egypt
Theodore Roosevelt and his distinguished party, before the "Grizley Giant," big trees of California
Theodore Roosevelt, President - at his desk in the White House, Washington, U.S.A.
Veterans stage bonus demonstration as Congress struggles with deficit
[Walter W. Liggett, half-length portrait, facing front holding issue of "Plain Talk"]
[Warren Delano Robbins, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left]
Washington, D.C. houses. McLean Estate, called "Friendship". Exterior showing gardens
Washington, D.C., structures and views
Washington Monument, tallest stone structure in the world (555 ft.) east Washington, D.C.
Washington station to broadcast movies
Washington through the stereoscope; a visit to our national capitol
Way down on Babahoyo river, hacienda of a rich planter, seen from a passing steamer, Ecuador
"We wish peace because it is right" - President Roosevelt delivering his inaugural address, Washington
West from Ha-ta-men Gate along huge ancient wall between Tartar and Chinese Peking, scene of a desperate charge during siege - China
West shore of Galilee - Plain of Gennesaret and Mt. of Beatitudes - Palestine
Western community uses wooden money as banks fail
Wheelbarrow transportation - China's best and cheapest freighters - at the boat landing, Tientsin
Where 100 bananas are sold for 8 cents, Cordoba, hot lands of Mexico
Where the steamers land in the Chukiang River, Canton, China
"Whether we will or not, we as a nation front a great destiny"--President Roosevelt, South Lawrence, Mass.
Wilcox residence, where Roosevelt became president and promised to continue the policy of the martyred McKinley, Buffalo, N.Y.
Wild buffalo, one of America's "first families," at home on a sunny slope, Yellowstone Park, U.S.A.
[William Butterworth, half-length portrait, facing front]
[William C. Procter, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right]
Winsome Washington woman has rare parrot for pet
[Within a damaged Russian battery (Fort No. 3) just after a fierce assault -- Port Arthur]
Woman lawyer uses profession to aid rights of women
[Woman operating machinery at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing]
Women and children of a Japanese family in Uyeno park, during the Cherry-blossom festival, Tokyo, Japan
Women from all states indorse [sic] LaFollette
[Women making doll hair]
[Women molding doll heads]
[Women painting doll heads]
Women sorting large piles of silk cocoons, Antioch, Syria [i.e., Turkey]
Working for peace - President Roosevelt and envoys of Mikado and Czar on the Mayflower
Worthy his country's pride--America's Commander in China, in his headquarters court, Temple of Agriculture, Peking
[Wounded soldiers of the Czar -- convalescents at Marinsky Hospital during the siege, Port Arthur]
Wrestling, the popular Japanese sport - showing one of the effective "holds" - Tokyo, Japan
Wright airplane (Signal Corps No. 1), at Fort Myer, Virginia, during U.S. Army acceptance trials
Wright-Selfridge test flight, Fort Myer, Virginia, Sept. 17, 1908
Y.M.C.A. rooms for soldiers of the allied armies--formerly a notorious dive--on the busiest street of Peking, China
Yanûn, the probable Janohah of the Bible (Josh. xvi : 6, 7), Palestine
"Yeomen of the guard" - warders at the Tower of London (Henry VIII uniforms), England