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Robert Willis (Scottish physician, librarian, and medical historian)
Robert Willis (taalkundige uit Schotland (-1878))
Willis, R.
Willis, Robert
Роберт Уиллис
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Bourgery, Jean-Marc (co-author)
Crew, Henry (1859-1953)
Galilei, Galileo (1564-1642)
Gilbert, William (1544-1603)
Harvey, William (1578-1657)
Harvey, William (co-author)
Heusinger, Karl Friedrich von (1792-1883))
Marx, Karl Friedrich Heinrich (co-author)
Mottelay, P. Fleury (1841-)
Mottelay, Paul Fleury (1841-)
Salvio, Alfonso de (1873-)
Spinoza, Benedictus de (1632-1677)
Spurzheim, Johann Caspar (co-author)
Sydenham Society
Anatomy of the brain, with a general view of the nervous system, by G. Spurzheim,... Translated from the unpublished French ms., by R. Willis..., The
Benedict de Spinoza, his life, "Correspondence" and "Ethics", by R. Willis,...
Concerning the two new sciences
Elements of physiology : for the use of students, and with particular reference to the wants of practitioners
Great books
Illustrations of cutaneous disease, a series of delineations of the affections of the skin... with a practical summary of their symptoms, diagnosis and treatment... by Robert Willis,... The drawings after nature and lithographied by Arch. Henning
Krankheiten des Harnsystems und ihre Behandlung, Die
magnete., De
motu cordis., De
On divine and human law : from the writings of Benedict de Spinoza.
On the decrease of disease effected by the progress of civilization, by C. F. H. Marx,... and R. Willis,...
On the loadstone and magnetic bodies
On the motion of the heart and blood in animals
On the treatment of stone in the bladder, by medical and mechanical means.
Philosophical catechism of the natural laws of man, by G. Spurzheim,... 4th edition, improved
Servetus and Calvin, a study of an important epoch in the early history of the Reformation, by R. Willis,...
Tractatus theologico-politicus: a critical inquiry into the history, purpose, and authenticity of the Hebrew scriptures; with the right to free thought and free discussion asserted, and shown to be not only consistent but necessarily bound up with true piety and good government.
Tractatus theologico-politicus : a theological and political treatise, showing under a series of heads that freedom of thought and of discussion may not only be granted with safety to religion and the peace of the state, but cannot be denied without danger to both the public peace and true piety.
Urinary diseases and their treatment, by Robert Willis,...
whole Anatomy of the human body, with its various practical applications, including a system of operative surgery, by J. M. Bourgery,... illustrated by lithographic plates drawn fror nature by N.-H. Jacob... divided into four parts : descriptive anatomy, surgical anatomy, general anatomy, philosophic anatomy ; translated from the original french, by R. Willis,..., The
William Harvey, 1878
William Harvey, a history of the discovery of the circulation of the blood, by R. Willis,... With a portrait of Harvey, after Faithorne
Works, 1965
Works of William Harvey,..., The