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Birmingham Sam and his Magic Guitar
Boogie Man, The
Booker, John Lee
Booker, John Lee (pseudonym)
Cooker, John Lee (pseudonym)
Delta John
Hooker, John
Hooker, John L. (pseudonym)
Hooker, John Lee,
John Lee
John Lee Booker
John Lee Hooker
Johnny Lee
Johnny Lee Hooker
Johnny Williams
Jonh Lee
Lee, John
Texas Slim
The Boogie Man
Williams, Johnny
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Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Birmingham Sam (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Delta, John (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Little Pork Chops (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Texas, Slim (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
The Boogie Man (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Williams, Johnny (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
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BMG France
BMG Music International (Europe)
Hopkins, Lightnin' (1912-1982)
King, B. B. (1925-...)
Muddy Waters, 1915 (1983)
Terry, Sonny (1911-1986)
Virgin France
Virgin records international
Vogue Maison de disques
Voor zang en gitaar, met akkoordsymbolen
Wagram music
16 Greatest Hits
16 Original Albums & Bonus Tracks
1976-11-09: Live in Chicago: The WXRT Broadcast: Wise Fools Pub, Chicago, Illinois, USA
20 Greatest Hits
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of John Lee Hooker
21 Boogie
33 Blues
609 Boogie
713 Blues
714 Blues
Ain’t Gonna Suffer No More, I
Ain’t Got Nobody, I
Ain’t No Big Thing Baby
Ain’t No Love in This House
Aint Gonna Worry My Life Anymore
Alberta - Part 2
Album, The
Alimonia Blues
All Night Long
Alone: The Second Concert
Alone, Vol 1
Alone: Volume 2
Alternative Boogie: Early Studio Recordings, 1948-1952
Annie Mae
Anybody's Blues (I Love You Baby)
Anybody Seen My Baby
At His Very Best
Baby, Be Strong
Baby Don’t Do Me Wrong
Baby Don't You Wana Go
Baby, How Can You Do It?
Baby, I Love You
Baby, I'm Gonna Miss You (Remastered)
Baby Lee (3 min 43 s)
Baby Lee (feat. James Bracken)
Baby Lee (live '90)
Baby, please don't go (4 min 49 s)
Baby Please Don't Go / I Was Beggin' My Baby
Baby what you want me to do (4 min 12 s)
Baby, You Ain’t No Good
Back Biter and Syndicaters
Back Biters and Syndicators
Back to Your Mother
Bad Boy
Ballad To Abraham Lincoln
Bang Bag Bang
Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang
Bar Room Drinking
BD Blues 1948-1951
Been Done So Wrong, I
Behind the Plow
Believe I'll Go Back Home (Remastered 2015), I
Believe I’ll Lose My Mind, I
Best of Friends, The
Best of John Lee Hooker: 1965 to 1974, The
Best of John Lee Hooker: The Hook, The
Best of John Lee Hooker, Volume 1, The
Big Boss Lady
Big Fine Woman
Big Legs, Tight Shirt
Big Legs, Tight Skirt
Big Legs, Tight Skirts
Big Road Blues
Big Soul of John Lee Hooker, The
Big Town Blues
Birmingham Blues
Black Cat Blues
Black Man Blues (December, 1948)
Black Night Is Falling
Black Snake (Remastered)
Blue Bird Blues
Blue Monday (I Ain't Got Nobody)
Bluebird, Bluebird, Take a Letter Down South
Bluebird Blues
Blues Before a Sunrise
Blues Before Sunrise (Remastered 2015)
Blues Biography, The
Blues Brother
Blues Collection 1: Boogie Man, The
Blues Collection: John Lee Hooker, Boogie Man, The
Blues for Abraham Lincoln
Blues for Big Town
Blues for Christmas
Blues for Life
Blues for My Baby
Blues From the Motor City
Blues Is My Favourite Colour
Blues Is the Color
Blues Is the Healer
Blues Kingpins
Blues Legend
Blues Legends: The Best of John Lee Hooker
Blues storyl'histoire du blues en version originale
Blues Will Never Die, The
Boggie Chillun
Bogie Chillun
Boob Boom
Boogie and Blues
Boogie at Russian Hill
Boogie Awhile
Boogie Children
Boogie Chillen Man, The
Boogie Chillen, No. 2
Boogie Chillen’ / Sally Mae
Boogie Chillen: The Essential Recordings of John Lee Hooker
Boogie Chillin'
Boogie Chillon
Boogie Chillum'
Boogie Chillun I (live '90)
Boogie Chillun II (live '90)
Boogie Chillun (Remastered)
Boogie Everywhere I Go (Live)
Boogie Man - Boogie Chillun
Boogie Now
Boogie On
Boogie Rambler
Boogie With the Hook
Boogie Woman
Boogie Woogie All Night Long
Boogle Chillen
Boom Boom (alternate)
boom boom and greatest hits
Boom Boom and other Classics
Boom Boom and Other Hits
Boom, boom, boom, boom (2 min 45 s)
Boom Boom (disc 2)
Boom Boom / Drug Store Woman
Boom Boom - Duo
Boom Boom (edit)
Boom Boom (Full Length version)
Boom Boom (live '90)
Boom Boom - Live on Air 1976
Boom Boom - Out Goes the Light
Boom Boom (Remastered 2015)
Boom Boom - Solo II
Boom Boom: The Very Best of John Lee Hooker
Born for Good Luck (Bad Luck Do Me No Harm)
Boss, The
Bottle of Wine
Bottle up and go
Bottle Up & Go (Live)
Bought You a Brand New Home, I
Brilliant Collection
Bs Station Blues
Build Myself a Cave (alternate take)
Bumble Bee Blues - Johnny Williams
Bumblebee, Bumblebee
Bumblee Bee Blues
Bundle up and go
Burn in Hell
Burnin' hell (3 min 16 s)
Burnin' Hell (feat. Ben Harper)
Burnin' Plus Plays And Sings The Blues
Burning Hell (feat. Canned Heat)
Bury My Body
Bus Station Blues
By Myself
C.C. Rider
Call in the Night
Call it the Night
Came to See You Baby, I
Can I Say Hello
Can See You When You're Weak, I
Can’t Believe, I
Can't Hold On, I
Can't Quit You Baby / Stop Now Baby, I
Can’t Quit You Now Blues (live, 1963: At Newport), I
Can’t Stand to Leave You, I
Can’t You See What You’re Doin’ to Me?
Can't You See What You're Doing to Me
Canal Street Blues
Canal Street Boogie
Cat Fish
Catfish Blues
CC Rider
Charly Blues Masterworks Volume 38: Blues for Big Town
Charly Blues Masterworks, Volume 45: Shake It Baby
Charly Blues Masterworks, Volume 7: This Is Hip
Chicken and Gravy
Chill Out (edit)
Chill Out (featuring Carlos Santana)
Chill Out (LP)
Chill Out (Things Gonna Change)
Chrawlin’ King Snake
Christmas Time Blues
Church Bell Tone
Classic Early Years 1948-1951, The
Classic John Lee Hooker
Closing Announcements
Coast To Coast Blues Band
Cold Chills (All Over Me)
Collection: 1948-52, The
Come Back Baby (Let's Talk It Over)
Come on and See About Me
Come On Baby
Come to You Baby, I
Complete 50's Chess Recordings, The
Complete Chess Folk Blues Sessions, The
Complete John Lee Hooker, Volume 1: Detroit 1948-1949, The
Complete John Lee Hooker, Volume 2: Detroit 1949, The
Complete John Lee Hooker, Volume 3: Detroit 1949-1950, The
Complete John Lee Hooker, Volume 4: Detroit 1950-1951, The
Complete John Lee Hooker, Volume 5: Detroit 1951–53, The
Complete John Lee Hooker, Volume 6: Detroit - Miami 1953–54, The
Concert at Newport
Cool Little Car
Cotton Pickin' Blues
Cotton Pickin' Boogie (Instr.)
country blues of John Lee Hooker, The
Country Boy
Cover the Waterfront, I
Crawkin' Kingsnake
Crawlin’ Black Spider
Crawlin’ King Snake / Driftin’ From Door to Door
Crawlin' King Snake (Live)
Crawlin' King Snake (Remastered)
Crawlin’ Kingsnake (live, 1977-10: Chicago, IL, USA)
Crawlin' Kingsnake (live '90)
Crawling Black Spider
Crawling King Snake Blues
Crawling King Snake (Hooker)
Crawling Kingsnake
Crawnlin' King Snake
Crazy About That Walk
Crazy About You, Baby
Crazy 'Bout That Woman
Crazy 'bout You Baby
Cream, The
Crowling King Snake
Cruel Little Baby
Crwalin' King Snake
Cry Baby Cry
Cry Before I Go
Crying All Night Long
Cuttin' out (4 min 35 s)
Dark Room
Dazie Mae
Dead Wagon Blues
Decoration Day Blues
Deep blue sea (4 min 05 s)
Deep Down In My Heart
Definitive Collection, The
Della Mae (alternate take)
Democrat Man
Detroit 1948-1949
Detroit Blues
Detroit Lion, The
Devil’s Jump
Did Everything, I
Didn’t Know, I
Dimples (2 min 12 s)
Dimples (alternate version)
Dimples / Baby Lee
Dimples (re-recording)
Dimples (Remastered)
Dimples - The Best of John Lee Hooker
Dirty ground dog
Dirty Ground Hog Blues
Dirty Groundhog
Do Like I Please, I
Do My Baby Think of Me?
Do the Boogie - 2
Do the Boogie (Alt)
Doin' the Shout
Don’t Be Welcome Here, I
Don’t Go Baby
Don't Know, I
Don't Look Back (edit version)
Don't Need No Steam Heat, I
Don't Trust Nobody
Don’t Turn Me Away From Your Door
Don't turn me from your door (I'm a Pilgrim)
Don't Turn Me From Your Door - John Lee Hooker Sings His Blues
Don’t Wanna Go to Vietnam, I
don't want no trouble (4 min 09 s), I
Don't Want No Woman If Her Hair Ain't No Longer Than Mine (short-Haired Woman), I
Don't Want to Go to Vietnam, I
Don’t Want Your Money, I
Don’t You Remember Me?
Down at the landing (2 min 54 s)
Down Child
Down So Long
Down So Low
Dreamin’ Blues
Dreaming the Blues
Driftin’ and Driftin’
Driftin' Blues
Driftin’ From Door to Door
Drifting Blues
Drifting From Door To Door (Aka When My First Wife Left Me)
Drive Me Away (Catfish Blues)
Drive Me Baby
Drug Store Woman
Drug Store Women
Dusty road
Early One Morning
Early Recordings: Detroit and Beyond, Vol. 1
Early Recordings: Detroit and Beyond, Vol. 2
Early Years: The Classic Savoy Sessions
Eat Heavy Metal, I
Eight Classic Albums
Endless Boogie, parts 27 and 28
EP Collection...Plus
Essential Collection, The
Essential John Lee Hooker, The
Every Night
Everybody's Blues
Everybody's Rockin'
Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
Face to Face
Father Was a Jockey
Feed Her All Night
Feel So Bad
Feel So Good, I
Feelin' Is Gone, The
Find Me A Woman (Aka I'm Gonna Git Me A Woman)
Fire At Natchez
Fire Down Below
First Version of Someone to Love
Five long years (5 min 59 s)
Flowers on the Hour
Fogive Me
Folk Lore Of John Lee Hooker Plus Folk Blues, The
For Sale
Forever Gold
Forgive Me
Four Women in my Life
Free Beer and Chicken
Freight Train Be My Friend
Freight Train to My Friend
Frisco Blues
Fundamentals: John Lee Hooker, Volume 1
Funky Mabel
Gangster Blues
Get Back Home in the U.S.A.
Get Back Home in the USA
Give Me Your Phone Number
Go Back to School
Goin' Down Highway 51
Goin' Fown Highway 51
Goin’ Home Blues
Goin’ Mad Blues
Goin' on Highway 51
Goin’ South
Goin’ to California
Goin’ to Louisiana
Going Home
Gold Collection, The
Golden Collection, The
Golden Legends Series: Boogie Chillun
Gonna Boggie
Gonna Boogie
Gonna use My Rod
Good Business
Good Mornin’ Lil’ School Girl
Good Morning Lil' School Girl (Remastered)
Good rockin' mama
Good Rocking Mama
Got) A Good ’un, (I
Got a Letter (This Morning), I
Got Drunk, I
Got Eyes for You (alternate take 2), I
Got My Eyes on You, I
Got the Key to the Highway, I
Gotta Be Comin' Back (aka: Boogie Chillen), I
Gotta Boggie
Gotta Boogie (Gonna Boogie)
Gotta Boogie, Gotta Sing
Gotta Go to Viet Nam, I
Gotta Go to Vietnam, I
Graveyard Blues
Great Disaster of 1936, The
Great Fire of Natchez
Great John Lee Hooker, The
Greatest Hits of John Lee Hooker, The
Green Onions
Grievin Blues (Pt.1)
Grieving Blues
Grinder Man
Ground Hog Blues / Louise
Groung Hog Blues
Guitar Blues Instrumental
Guitar Lovin' Man (Lovin' Guitar Man)
Had a Dream Last Night, I
Had a Good Girl, I
Half a Stranger
Hall of Fame
Hard Headed Woman (Remastered 2016)
Hard Hearted Woman
Hard Times Blues
Harry’s Philosophy / The Hot Spot (soundtrack version)
Hastings Street Boogie (Instrumental)
Hate the Day I Was Born, I
Have Mercy on My Soul!
Have Mercy On Poor Me
healer (5 min 36 s), The
Healer (live '90), The
Healing Game, The
Heart Trouble Blues
Heartaches and Misery
Hello Baby
Helpless Blues
Henry's Swing Club (Hooker+Besman)
Herd Hearted Woman
Hey Baby, You Look Good to Me
Hey Boogie (Boogie Now)
Hey, Hey
Hey, It’s the House Rent Boogie
Hi-Heel Sneakers (Live)
High Priced Woman (Remastered)
High Profile
Higher and Higher
Highway 13 (6 min 32 s)
Highway Blues
His Best Chess Sides
Hit the Floor
Hit the Road
Hittin’ the Bottle Again
Hitting the Bottle Again
Hobo Blues (a.k.a. the Hobo) (live)
Hobo Blues (alternate)
Hobo Blues (feat. J. Josea)
Hobo Blues / Hoogie Boogie
Hobo Blues (or Dusty Road)
Hobo Blues (Remastered)
Hobo Blues, Vol. 1
Hobo (Live), The
Hold It
Hold On Baby
Hoogie Boogie
Hook: 20 Years of Hits, The
Hook's Boogie (I Ain't Got Nobody)
Hooked on the Blues
Hooker Intro.
Hooker's Shuffle
Hookers (If You Miss 'im... I Got 'im), The
Hot Spring Water, Part 1
Hot Spring Water, Part 2
House of the blues
House Rent Blues
House Rent Boogie (alternate take)
House Rent Boogie II
House Rent Boogie, The
How Can I Do It
How Can You Do It?
How long blues
How Long Can This Go On?
How long must I be your slave
How Many More Years?
Howlin’ Wolf
Huckle Up Baby
Huckle Up Boogie
Hug and Squeeze You, Part II
Hug & Squeaze You
Hummin’ the Blues
Humming the Blues
I'll Know tonight
I’ll Never Get Out of These Blues Alive
I’ll Never Trust Your Love Again
I’m a Boogie Man
I’m a Howling Wolf
I’m a Stranger
I’m Bad Like Jesse James (live)
I’m Goin’ Home
I’m Goin’ Upstairs
I’m Going Away
I'm Going Home
I’m Going Upstairs
I'm Gonna Get Me a Woman
I’m Gonna Git Me a Woman
I’m Gonna Keep on Walking
I’m Gonna Kill That Woman
I’m Gonna Whip ya Baby
I'm in the mood (2 min 41 s)
I'm in the mood (2 min 42 s)
I'm in the Mood (feat. J. Taub)
I'm in the Mood for Love
I’m in the Mood / How Can You Do It
I'm in the mood (live '90)
I'm in the Mood (Remastered)
I'm in the Mood (with harmonica overdub)
I'm John Lee Hooker Plus Travelin'
I’m Just a Drifter
I’m Leaving (Baby)
I'm Losin' You
I’m Mad Again
I'm Prison Bound (Remastered)
I’m Ready
I'm So Excited (Remastered)
I'm So Exited (feat. James Bracken)
I'm so lonely (live '90)
I’m So Worried Baby (alternate take)
I’m Standing in Line
I'm the Boogie Man
I’m Wanderin’
If You Got a Dollar
If You Need My Lovin’ Baby
If You Take Care of Me, I’ll Take Care of You
If you've never been in love
In Person
In The Evenin' When The Sun Goes Down
In the Evening When the Sun Goes Down
In the Mood
Incontournables, Les
Interview No. 1 (1973)
Interview No. 2 (1973)
Introduction by George Winston
Introduction By John Lee Hooker (2)
Is He the World’s Greatest Blues Singer?
It Ain’t No Big Thing Baby
It Hurts Me So
It’s a Crime and a Shame
It’s Been a Long Time Baby
It’s My Own Fault Darling
It's raining here
It’s Stormin’ and Rainin’
It's Storming and Rainin'
It's Time for Lovin' to Be Done
It’s You I Love, Baby
It Serve You Right to Suffer
It serves me right to suffer (live '90)
It Serves You Right to Suffer (The Avener rework)
It Surves Me Right to Suffer
Jack O’ Diamonds: 1949 Recordings
Jackson, Tennessee
Jazz & Blues Collection 2: John Lee Hooker
Jelly Jelly
Jesse James Blues
Johhny Lee's Original Boogie
John Henry
John L’s House Rent Boogie
John Lee Hooker - 20 Reflective Recordings
John Lee Hooker Anthology: 50 Years
John Lee Hooker at Newport
John Lee Hooker Boom Boom! & Other Hot Hits by the King of Boogie
John Lee Hooker Gold Collection, The
John Lee Hooker Golden Hits (All Tracks Remastered)
John Lee Hooker - Most Famous Hits
John Lee Hooker / Red House [studio, Hollywood, 20-3-89]
John Lee Hooker’s 40th Anniversary Album
John Lee Hooker’s Detroit
John Lee Hooker Sings Blues
John Lee Hooker: The Collection - 20 Blues Greats
John Lee Hooker (The Galaxy LP)
John Lee Hookerthe Vee-Jay years1955-1964
John Lee's House Rent Boogie
John Lee’s Original Boogie
Johnny Lee and the Thing
Johnny Lee’s Mood
Johnny Lee’s Original Boogie
Johnny Says Come Back
Journey, The
Juke Bug
Jump Me (One More Time)
Just Can’t Hold on Much Longer, I
Just Don’t Know, I
Just Like a Woman
Just Like a Women
Just Me and My Telephone
Just You and Me
Kabuki Wuki
Keep On Runnin'
Keep the Blues, I
Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Key to the Highway (alternate version with less overdub)
Kick Hit 4 Hit Kix U (Blues for Jimi and Janis)
King of the Boogie
King of the World (live)
King Snake
Krawlin’ King Snake
Landing Blues
Late Last Night
Lead Me (You Can Lead Me Baby)
Leave my wife alone (2 min 45 s)
Leavin’ Chicago
Left My Baby, I
Left My Wife And My Baby
Legendary John Lee Hooker, The
Legendary Modern Recordings 1948-1954, The
Let's Get It
Let's go out tonight (6 min 48 s)
Let's Make It Baby
Let's Make It (live)
Let’s Talk It Over (One More Time)
Let Your Daddy Ride
Letter to My Baby
Lights Out
Like a Woman
Like to See You Walk, I
Like to See You Walking, I
Litte Wheel
Littel Fine Woman
Little Bit Higher, A
Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blues
Little Fine Woman
Little Girl
Little Rain
Little Wheel (feat. James Bracken)
Live at Newport
Live at Sugar Hill, Volume 2
Live at Sugar Hill: Volumes 1 & 2
Live at Sugarhill
Live at the Café au Go-Go (and Soledad Prison)
Live in Concert
Locked Up In Jail aka Prison Blues
Lonely Boy Boogie
Lonely Man
Lonesome mood (5 min 10 s)
Long, Long Way from Home
Look at the Rain
Lookin’ for a Woman
Lookin’ for a Women
Looking Back Over My Day
Looking for a Woman
Looking for Romance
Lord Taketh My Baby Away
Lord What More Can I Do?
Lost a Good Girl, I
Lost a Good Girl (Remastered 2015)
Lost My Job, I
Lou Della
Louise (live, 1977-09: The Keystone, Palo Alto, CA, USA)
Louisiana Blues for You
Love Affair
Love Blues
Love Her, I
Love Is a Burning Thing
Love Me All the Time
Love Money Can’t Buy
Love No One But My Baby, I
Love To Boogie (Alt.), I
Love to See You Walking, I
Love Ya Baby, I
Love You Baby (Hug and Squeeze You, Part I), I
Love You Honey, I
Lovin' Guitar Man
Loving People
Low Down Boogie (Instr.)
Low Down Midnight Boogie
Low Down Midnite Boogie
Low Down Midnite Boogle
Lowdown Midnight Boogie
M. Lucky
Mable (live '90)
Mad Man Blues
Mad With You Baby
Maestros del jazz & blues
Mai Lee
Make It Funky
Making a Fool Out of Me
Mama Killed a Chicken
Mama, You’ve Got a Daughter
Mamba Chillun
Mambo Chillen'
Mambo Chillin
Mambo Chillum
Mambo Chillun
Mambon Chillun
Mamma You Got A Daughter
Masters, The
Maudie (1960)
Maudie (At Newport)
Maudie (Live)
Me and a Woman
Me and My Woman
Mean Mean Woman
Mean Mean World
Mean Mistreatin’
Mean Old Train
Meat Shakes On Her Bone
Medley: Serves Me Right to Suffer / Syndicator
Meet Me in the Bottom
Men World
Mercy Blues
Messin’ Round with the Blues
Messin' With the Hook
Met the Grindin’ Man, I
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Blues Before Sunrise
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Boogie Man
Might As Well Say We're Through
Mighty Fire (Live), The
Mill Valley '92
Millenium Edition
Mini Skirts
Misbelieving Baby (My Baby Put Me Down)
Miss Eloise, Miss Eloise
Miss Lorraine
Miss Pearl Boogie
Miss Rosie Mae (Alt.)
Miss Rosie May
(Miss Sadie Mae) Curl My Baby’s Hair
Miss You So, I
Moanin' and Stompin' Blues
Moaning Blues
Momma Killed a Chicken
Momma Poppa Blues
Momma Poppa Boogie
Money (That’s What I Want)
Monologue / Sally Mae
Montreux Album, The
Moon Is Rising
More Real Folk Blues
More Real Folks Blues: The Missing Album
Morning Blues - 1
Moses Smote the Water
Motor City In Burning, The
Motor City Is Burning, The
Mr. Lucky (2 min 52 s)
Mr. Lucky (4 min 38 s)
Must I Wait til Your Man is Gone
Must I Wait Till Your Man Has Gone
Mustang and GTO
Mustang Sally & GTO
My Babe
My Baby Don’t Love Me
My Baby Left Me
My Baby Put Me Down
My Baby’s Got Somethin’
My Baby's Got Something
My Baby She’s Long and Tall
My Best Friend
My Cryin’ Days Are Over
My Daddy Was a Jockey
My dream (4 min 02 s)
My First Wife Left Me (Remastered 2016)
My Grinding Mill
My Heart Stood Still
My Love Comes Down for You
My Mother-In-Law Moved In
My Own Blues
My Own Boogie
My Own Fault
My Story Is Blues, Volume 1
My Story Is Blues, Volume 2
My Story Is Blues, Volume 3
Natchez Fire (Burnin’)
Need Love So Bad, I
Need Lovin' (Aka Tease Me Over Baby, I
Need Some Money (Remastered 2015), I
Need Somebody
Need You, I
Need Your Love So Bad
Never Get of This Blues Alive (feat. Van Morrison)
Never get out of these blues alive (10 min 57 s)
Never Satisfied (Just Like A Woman)
New Leaf, A
New Sally Mae
Night Time Is the Right Time
Nightmare Blues
Ninety Days (reprise)
No Friend Around (aka: T.B.'s Killin' Me)
No More Doggin' (a.k.a. No More Foolin')
No More Doggin' aka No More Foolin'
No More Doggin' (Remastered 2015)
No Mortage on My Soul
No Mortgage on My Soul
No One Told Me
No Shoes (Remastered 2015)
No Shoes / Solid Sender
No substitute (4 min 07 s)
Nobody Knows
Nobody to Talk to Me (a.k.a. Mean Old Train)
Non Stop Music
Nothin' but Trouble (Don't take Your Wife's Family in)
Nothing But The Blues - John Lee Hooker
Notoriety Woman
Numbers Blues (alternate take)
Numbers, The
Odds Against Me (a.k.a. Backbiters and Syndicators)
Odds Against Me (aka Backbiters And Syndicators)
Old Blind Barnabas
Old Blind Barnabus
Old Time Shimmy
On Campus
On Stage 1992
One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer (2 min 58 s)
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (live)
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer / Stella Mae
One bourbon, one scotch, one bier
One Burbon, One Scotch, One Beer (live,1977-10: Chicago, IL, USA)
One More Time
One of These Days
One Room Country Shack
One Way Ticket
Original Blues Sessions CD9
Original Folk Blues
Original Texas Slim: The King Recordings, The
Out the Door I Went
Over the Top
Pea Vine Special
Peace Lovin’ Man
Peace Loving Man
Pease Lovin' Man
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 2
Playin' the Races
Playing the Races
Plays and Sings the Blues
Please Don’t Go
Please Take Me Back
Poor Joe
Poor Me
Poor Skin [Take 1]
Poor Slim (alt.)
Poor Slim [Take 2]
Pots On, Gas On High
Pouring Down Rain
Prison Bound Blues
Proper Introduction to John Lee Hooker: I'm in the Mood, A
Put My Trust in You, I
Put My Trust on You, I
Put Your Hand on Your Hip
Quadromania Jazz Edition: John Lee Hooker: Guitar Lovin' Man
Queen Bee
Questionnaire Blues
Rabbit on the Log
Rainy Day
Ramblin’ by Myself
Reach My Goal
Real Folk Blues / More Real Folk Blues, The
Real Gold
Real Gone Gal
Real Real Gone (Remastered 2016)
Reconsideration Blues
Red House
Remastered From The Archives (Limited Edition)
Revue Collection, The
Rid T'ill I Die
Ride Johnny Ride
Ride ’til I Die
Ride Till I Die
Right Time, The
Risin' Sun (Louisiana Voo-Doo)
Rising Sun Collection, The
Road Is So Rough, The
Road Trouble
Rock House Blues
Rock House Boogie
Rock Me Mama
Rock Me Mamma
Rock ’n’ Roll
Rock Steady
Rock These Blues Away
Rock With Me
Rockin' chair (4 min 09 s)
Rockstar Music 23
Roll and Rumble
Roll and Tumble
Roll Me Baby (Instr.)
Roll Me Over
Roll ’n’ Roll
Roll Your Daddy Right
Rolled and Turned and Cried the Whole Night Long, I
Rollin' Blues
Rosie Mae
Rough Guide to Blues Legends: John Lee Hooker: Birth of a Legend, The
Rowed a Little Boat, I
Rule My Den (aka: Crawling King Snake), I
Run on Babe
Sad and Lonesome
Sadie Mae
Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On
Sailin' Blues
Sailing Blues
Sallie Mae
Sally Mae (3 min 15 s)
Sally Mae (alt.)
Sally Mae (Remastered)
Sally May
Same Old Blues Again
San Francisco Blues
Second Version of Someone to Love
See Saw Baby
See, See Baby
See see rider
See You When You're Weak, I
Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On
Send Me Your Pillow
Serve Me Right to Suffer
Serves Me Right to Suffer
Settin’ On Top of the World
Seven Days
Shades of Blue
Shady Grove Blues
Shake, Holler and Run
Shake It Baby (Live)
Shake It Baby (Remastered)
Shake It Up and Go
Shake it up, baby (4 min 18 s)
Shake Your Boogie
She Ain't Good for Nothin'
She Ain't Good for Nothing
She Left Me by Myself
She Left Me on My Bended Knee
She Left Me On Wednesday
She Left Me One Wednesday
She Loves My Best Friend
She Moves Me
She Quit Me
She's Gone (Live)
She's long, she's tall, she weeps like a willow tree
She’s Mine (Keep Your Hands to Yourself)
She’s Mine (Mono)
She’s Real Gone
She Shot Me Down
She Was in Chicago
Sheep Out on the Foam, A
Short-Haired Woman
Should’ve Been Gone
Simply the Truth
Sings The Blues Plus Sings Blues
Sinner's Prayer
Sittin’ Here Thinkin’
Sittin' in My Dark Room
Six Little Puppies and Twelve Shaggy Hounds
Six Page Letter
Sixteen tons
Sleepy Blues (Misbelieving Baby)
Slim’s Stomp
Slow and easy (3 min 07 s)
Slow Down Your Chatter Baby (aka: Let Your Daddy Ride)
Smokestack lightnin' (3 min 21 s)
Snap Them Fingers Boogie
So many roads, so many trains (3 min 11 s)
Solid sender (2 min 33 s)
Some People
Someone to Love (take 1)
Someone to Love (take 2)
Sometime Baby You Make Me Feel So Bad
Sometimes Baby You Make Me Feel So Bad
Specialty Profiles
Spoken Interlude
Squeeze Me Baby
Stand Back
Stand By
Standin' at the Crossroads
Stella Mae (2 min 58 s)
Stella Mae (2 min 59 s)
Stomp Boogie (December, 1948)
Stop Baby Don’t Hold Me That Way (live, 1963: At Newport)
Stop Jivin Me
Stop Now Baby
Stop Talkin'
Stop Talking
Stormy monday (4 min 22 s)
Story of a Married Woman, The
Street Is Filled With Women
Streets Is Filled With Women
Strike Blues
Stripped me naked (4 min 18 s)
Stuttering Blues (Remastered 2016)
Sugar Mama (3 min 12 s)
Sugar mama (3 min 13 s)
Sugar Mama (live, 1977-09: The Keystone, Palo Alto, CA, USA)
Sugar Mama (Remastered)
Sunny Land
Susie (4 min 23 s)
Suttering Blues
Sweetest Girl I Know, The
Syndicate, The
Syndicator (The Syndicate), The
T.B. Blues
T. B. Is Killing Me
T.B.’s Killin’ Me
T. B. Sheets
Take A Lokk At Yourself
Take a Look at Yourself
Take Me as I Am
Talk About Your Baby
Talk That Talk Baby
Talk That Talk (Spoken Intro)
Talkin’ Boogie
Talkin' the blues
Tantalizing with the Blues
Tantilizing With the Blues
Taxi Driver
Teachin’ the Blues
Tease Me Baby
Tease My Baby
Tease You Daddy
Teasin’ Me
Tell Me Baby
Tennessee Blues
Terraplane Blues
That's All Right
That's alright (4 min 23 s)
That's My Story: John Lee Hooker Sings The Blues
That's My Story Plus House Of The Blues
That’s Where It’s At!
There's a Day Comin' Baby (aka: Sally Mae)
There’s a Day Coming Baby
Things That I Used to Do, The
Think twice before you go (2 min 58 s)
Thinking Blues
Third Degree
This is 19 and 52, Babe
This is hip (3 min 23 s)
This Is Hip (The Best of)
This Is My Song
This Is Nineteen and Fifty-Two Baby
This Land Is Nobody’s Land
This World (No Man’s Land)
Thought I heard (4 min 33 s)
Three Long Year’s Ago
Three Long Years Ago
Three Long Years Today
Three Voice Original Mood (aka: I'm In The Mood)
Throw My Money Around
Throw This Old Dog a Bone
Time Is Marchin’
Time is Marching On
Tired of Being Your Doggie
Too Much Boogie
Too young
Travelin' Day And Night
Travellin’ Blues
Trick Bag (Shoppin’ for My Tombstone)
Tried Hard, I
Trouble Blues: 20 Original Recordings
Trouble in mind
Troubles Blues
Trying to Find a Woman
Trying to Survive
Tuesday Evening Blues
Tupelo (3 min 54 s)
Tupelo (Black Water Blues) [Remastered]
Tupelo blues (3 min 22 s)
Tupelo (live,1960: At Newport)
Tupelo (Remastered 2016)
Tupolo (or Backwater Blues)
Turn Over a New Leaf
Turnin’ Gray Blues
(Twist Ain’t Nothin’) But the Old Time Shimmy
Twister Blues
Two Voice Original Mood
Two White Horses
Ultimate Collection: 1948–1990, The
Unfirnedly Woman
Unfriendly Woman (1958)
Unfriendly Woman (aka Stop Now)
Unfriendly Woman / You Can Lead Me Baby
Union State Blues
Union station blues (2 min 55 s)
Union Station Blues (Remastered)
Unknown John Lee Hooker 1949 Recordings, The
Untitled Slow Blues
Up and Down
Urban Blues
Vee-Jay Box: The Complete Singles and Other Rarities, The
Vee-Jay Singles Collection, The
Vee‐Jay Years, The
Very Best of John Lee Hooker, The
Vol. 2: Hobo Blues
Volume One
Walkin' the boogie (2 min 42 s)
Walkin' the Boogie (Alt.)
Walkin’ the Boogie (alternate take)
Walkin' the Boogie (Remastered)
Walkin’ This Highway
Walking the Blues
Walking the Boogie
Wand Ad Blues
Wanderin' Blues
Wandering Blues / House Rent Boogie
Wang dang doodle (2 min 59 s)
Wanna Be Your Puppy, Baby, I
Wanna Bugaloo, I
Wanna Ramble, I
Wanna Talk, I
Wanna Walk (Remastered), I
Want ad blues
Want Ed Blues
Want to Get Married, I
Want to Hug You, I
Want to Ramble, I
Want to Shout, I
Want to Talk About You, I
Want You to Roll Me, I
War Is Over (Goodbye California)
Was Beggin’ My Baby, I
Was Standing by the Wayside, I
Water Boy
Water Front, The
Waterfront, The
Wayne Country Ramblin’ Blues
Wayne County Ramblin’ Blues
We Are Cooking
We Gonna Make Everything Alright
We'll meet again
We Might As Well Call It Through
We're All God's Chillun
We’re Cooking
Wednesday Evenin’ Blues
Wednesday evening blues (3 min 56 s)
Wednesday evening blues (3 min 58 s)
Weeping Willow Blues
Weeping Willow Boogie
Welfare Blues
Well I Got to Leave
Well Well
Wellfare Blues
What'd I say
What did I say (2 min 24 s)
What Do You Say
What's the Matter Baby
Wheel and Deal
When I Lay My Burden Down
When My First Wife Left Me
When My First Wife Quit Me
When My First Wwife Left Me
Where Did You Stay Last Night
Whiskey and Wimmen' (Remastered 2015)
Whiskey and Women
Whiskey & Wimmen: John Lee Hooker’s Finest
Whiskey & Wimmin'
Whisky and Wimmen
Whisky and Woman
Whisky and Women
Whislting and Moaning the Blues
Whistle Don't Blown
Whistle Done Blown
Whistle Down Blues
Whistlin’ and Moanin’ Blues
Whistlin' and Moaning Blues
Whistling and Moaning
Who's Been Jivin' You
Who’s Been Jiving You?
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Winding Highway, The
Wish You Could Change Your Ways, I
Wish You Were Here, I
Wishin’ and Moanin’ Blues
Wobblin' baby
Wobbling Baby
Woman on my mind (5 min 26 s)
Women and money (2 min 54 s)
Women in My Life
Won't Be Back No More, I
Won't Be in Hard Luck No More, I
Wonder Little Darling, I
Wonder Why, I
Wonderful Music Of...., The
Wooly bully (3 min 03 s)
World Today, The
Worried Life Blues
Wrong Doin’ Woman
Yeah, Baby, Baby, Baby
Yes, Baby, Baby, Baby
You Ain't No Big Thing
You Ain't to Old to Shift Them Gears
You Been Dealin' With the Devil
You Can Lead Me, Baby
You Can Run Baby
You Don't Miss Your Water
You Don't Move Me Baby
You Gimme So Much Trouble
You Have Two Hearts
You Know, I Know
You Know I Love You
You Know It Ain't Right
You Know It Aint Right
You live your life and I'll live mine (3 min 20 s)
(You’ll Never Amount to Anything If You Don’t Go to) Collage
You Lost a Good Man (Remastered 2016)
You'r Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine
You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone
You’re Gonna Need Another Favor
You’re Leavin’ Me Baby
You're Livin' Me, Baby
You’re Looking Good Tonight
You’re Mellow
You're Nice and Kind to Me Lou Della
You're So Fine
You're wrong (4 min 16 s)
You Receive Me
You Shook Me
You Talk Too Much
You Torture My Soul
You’ve Got Another Man
You’ve Got To Walk Yourself (Live)
You’ve Taken My Woman
Young and wild1948-1949
Your Baby Ain’t Sweet Like Mine
Your funeral, my trial (2 min 31 s)
Your Love (Just a Little Bit)
Contributed to or performed: 
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Don't Look Back
Don't Make Me No Never Mind
Don't Want Nobody Else, I
Don’t Be Messin’ With My Bread
Don’t Care When You Go, I
Don’t Look Back
Done Still Got the Blues
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Down Home Blues Classics Volume 1 1943-1953
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Every Time I Feel the Spirit
Everyday I Get the Blues
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Fab Sixties, The
Father Was a Jockey
fbto Love Songs Collection, The
Feel Good
Feelin' the Blues Diggin' the Rhythm 3
Feelin' the Blues Diggin' the Rhythm 4
Feelin’ Is Gone, The
Fillmore 20th Night, The
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Forever Gold: Great Blues Masters
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Four Women in My Life - John Lee Hooker-Guitar
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Friends Will Arrive, Friends Will Disappear
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Further History of Progressive Blues, A
G.I. Jane
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Generations of Blues: Legendary Guitarists
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Genuine Rock
Geschichte der Pop Musik
Get on the Right Track: Mod R&B, Jazz & Ska
Get Up Off Your Knees
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Giants of Jazz, Volume One, The
God's Got His Eyes on You
Goin' Down
Goin' To California
Goin’ Down Highway 51
Goin’ to California
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Gold Collection: 40 Classic Performances - The Blues, The
Golden Age - Chicago Blues, The
Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll, Volume 12, The
Golden Blues
Golden Blues Box
Golden Evergreens, Volume 1 (disc 2)
Golden Sixties
Good Rockin’ Mama
Got a Feeling Called the Blues
Got My Eyes On You, I
gouden eeuw van de blues, De
gran enciclopedia del rock 60, La
Grande Blues di Repubblica, Il
Great Black Music Roots (1927-1962)
Great Black Music Roots 1927‐1962
Great Blues Album, The
Great Blues Men, The
Great Blues Singers, The
Great Bluesmen / Newport
Great Jukebox Favourites
Great Tomato Blues Package, The
Greatest Blues of All-Time
Greatest Blues Show on Earth!, The
Greatest Real Music CD Catalogue in the World, The
Greatest Years of Rock 'n' Roll 1956-1965, The
Greatest Years of Rock 'n' Roll, Volume 4, The
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Guitar Heroes, Volume 1
Guitar of the Millennium
Guitar Players, The
Hairy Bikers Road Trip, The
Hard Workin Man: The Jack Nitzsche Story, Vol. 2
Harley Davidson: Songs of Legend
Harley You Have to Earn, A
Harley-Davidson: Roadhouse Blues
Harley-Davidson: Southern Road Songs
Have Mercy on My Soul!
He Got Out His Big Ten Inch: Risque R&B and Rude Blues
He Never Left Me Alone
Healer, The
Healing Game (deluxe edition), The
Healing Game, The
Heard It on NPR: Shake These Blues, I
Heart. The Soul. The Spirit., The
Hed Kandi: Winter Chill 06.02
Hell Hound
Hell of a Night With the Blues
Hey Babe
High Fidelity Reference CD No. 22
High Fidelity Reference CD No. 8
Higher and Higher
Highway 13
Highway Blues
Highway of Blues
Hipocondria Mods: Black Rhythm & Blues
Hipocondría Mods: Blues 1945-1969
History of Rhythm and Blues, Volume 3: The Rock'n'roll Years 1952-1957, The
History Of The Blues And Soul, Volume One, The
History of the Blues Guitar
History of the Blues, Part 1
Hit Z Road, Volume 2
Hits of the 50s
Home of the Blues
Hoochie Coochie Man: The Chess Story
Hoochie Coochie Men
Hoodoo Man Blues
Hooker 'N' Heat
Hooker ’n Heat
Hooker & The Hogs
Hookers (If You Miss ’Im… I Got ’Im), The
Hot Style Music Collection: Blues
Hour of Blues and Soul Giants, An
House of Blue Lights
House of Blues: Essential Blues
House of Blues: Essential Guitar Blues
House Rent Boogie
House Rent Party
How Blues Can You Get?
How Can You Do It
Howlin' the Blues Alive & Well
Huckle Up Baby
I'll Go
I'll Go Crazy: The Federal Records Story 1955-1960
I'll Play the Blues for You
I'm in a Mood for Love
I'm In The Mood
I'm in the Mood (single version)
I'm in the Mood / The Thrill Is Gone
I'm Losing You
I’ll Play the Blues for You
I’m Going Away
I’m in the Mood
I’m Losing You
I’m Ready: The Modern Story
If You Miss ’Im… I Got ’Im
If You Take Care of Me, I’ll Take Care of You
In Crowd: The Ultimate Mod Collection, The
In the Air Tonight: Virgin’s Greatest Hits
In the Mood for the Blues
In the Tradition
Incontournables Jazz Blues
Incredible Chess CD, The
Indigo Blues Collection 2
Indigo Blues Collection 5
Introducing The Blues
Introduction to the Blues: 50 Nostalgic Tracks That Defined a Genre, An
Iron Man, The
It Fills You Up (live)
It Hurts Me Too
It Serve Me Right to Suffer
It Serves Me Right To Suffer
It Serves You Right to Suffer (The Avener remix)
It Serves Your Right to Suffer (The Avener Rework)
It's All About the Blues
It's All Right (unreleased)
It's Spelt Specialty: A Sampler of Specialty Specials
It's the Blues
It’s a Crazy Mixed Up World
It’s Rainin’ Here
Jack White's Jukebox
Jazz & Blues
Jazz & Blues Legends
Jazz & The City
Jazz Christmas, A
Jazz Classics
Jazz Club Collection
Jazz Collection: Blues Men
Jazz From America on Disques Vogue
Jazz Highlights
Jazz Selection 2, The
Jazz Selection, The
Jazz Selection, Volume 1, The
Jazz Session
Jesus, Jesus
Jewel Spotlights the Blues, Volume 2
Jewel-Paula Records Story
Jingle Blues: House of Blues Christmas Collection
Jingo: Best of Santana
Johnny Lee’s Mood
Juke Joint
Juke Joints
Jukebox Favourites: The Best of the Blues
Jukebox Hits, Vol. 1: Various Artists
Jump Chillun
Just Want to Make Love to You: The Definitive Blues Album, I
Just You And Me
King Snake
Kings of the Blues
Kings of the Blues Guitar
Kings of the Blues Guitar, Vol 2
Kiss the Girls
L’Histoire du jazz vocal - The Story of Vocal Jazz: 1941–1953
Lay Down, I
Leave My Wife Alone - John Lee Hooker-Guitar
Led Zeppelin's Jukebox
Lee Presents the Blues
Legendary 101Z, The
Legendary Artists of the Blues
Legendary Blues Classics, Volume 1
Legendary Blues Classics, Volume 2
Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 6, The
Legends of Blues
Legends of Blues: Got My Mojo Working
Legends of Blues: Hoochie Coochie Man
Legends of Gospel & Blues
Legends of Guitar: Electric Blues, Volume 2
Legends, Volume 1
Legends, Volume 9
Let Freedom Sing: The Music of the Civil Rights Movement
Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon: The Ultimate Rude Blues Collection
Let Me Tell You About the Blues: Detroit - The Evolution of Detroit Blues
Let's Make It
Let's Work Together
Let’s Make Every Day a Christmas Day
Let’s Make It
Levi’s Hits 3
Lights Out: San Francisco (Voco Presents the Soul of the Bay Area)
like the 50's, I
Little Blues in Your Soul, A
Little Dreamer
Little Girl Go Back to School
Live at the Fox Venice Theatre
Livin' in the House of Blues: Smokey Blues
Livin’ the Blues
Living the Blues - 1950-1952 Blues CLASSICS
Living the Blues - Blues Masters
Living the Blues: 1945-1949 Blues Classics
Living the Blues: 1955-1956 Blues Classics
Living the Blues: 1957-1959 Blues Classics
Living the Blues: Blues Christmas
Living the Blues: Blues Classics 1965-1969
Living The Blues: Blues Classics: The '80s
Living the Blues: Blues Greats
Living the Blues: Blues Legends
Living the Blues: Blues Masters
Lonesome Mood
Looking for Romance
Lord Jesus [Pt. 1 & 2]
Lost Blues Tapes / More American Folk Blues Festival 1963-65
Lost Everything
Love the Blues, I
Lucille & Friends
Maestros del blues
Mafia II
Mafia III Soundtrack
Mai 68 : La Bande originale
Mai Lee
Many Faces of B.B. King, The
Many Faces of The Doors, The
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: A Musical Journey
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Feel Like Going Home
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: The Best of the Blues
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Warming by the Devil's Fire
Mary Lee
Masters of Blues
Me and a Woman
Mean Old World: The Blues from 1940 to 1994
Medley; Let's Work Together-Going Up the Country
Medley: Serves Me Right to Suffer / Syndicator
Meet Me in the Bottom
Meets Bob Dylan / John Lee Hooker / The Chieftains / The Danish Radio Band
Messin’ With the Hook
Messing With The Blues
Midnight Blues
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Crossroads
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Every Day I Have the Blues
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Really Got the Blues
Millenium Collection: Blues Legends
Miss Eloise - John Lee Hooker - Harmonica
Moaning Blues
Mod: The Early Years Vol. 2, 100 Classic & Rare Tracks
Modern Blues: The Gold Collection
Mojo 2006.12: The Who Jukebox
Mojo Music Guide, Volume 4: Blues Power
Mojo Presents Let's Move: A Heavy Blues Collection
Mojo Presents: Cigarettes and Alcohol
Mojo Presents: Good Times, Bad Times
MOJO Presents: Murder Ballads
Moon Above, The
Mr. Bluesman
Mr. Lucky
Music Forever, Volume 3
Music from the Motion Picture Heaven's Prisoners: A Blues Compilation
My Baby’s Got Somethin’
My Dream
My Man, My Woman Blues
Nationale Voorjaars CD 1993, De
Natural Blues
Natural Blues Album, The
Need Lovin’, I
Nescafé Blues
Network Hits, Volume 12
Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive
New Millennium Blues Party
Newport Folk Festival, 1960 Vol. 1, The
Newport Folk Festival: Best of the Blues 1959-68
Nick Cave Heard Them Here First
Nick Cave's Jukebox: The Songs That Inspired the Man
NieA’s Blues
Night in San Francisco, A
Night Of The Hook, The
No Compromise Rock & Blues Selection
No One Pleases Me But You
No Religion
No. 1 Oldie Collection 2, The
No.1 Blues Album, The
Nobody Else but You
Noe For Enhver Smak
Not Fade Away: 15 Classics That Fired Up the Rolling Stones
Nothin' but the Blues
Nothin' But the Blues: 36 Blues Standards
Nothing But the Blues
Nothing but the Blues: 40 Blues Greats
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1992: The Millennium Series
Now That’s What I Call Music! 23
Number 1 Blues Album, The
O Blues, Where Art Thou?
Ocean of Sound 4: Guitars on Mars
Oh What A Year 1960-1964
On the Battlefield
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
One for the Road
One Thing on My Mind
One World
ONXRT: Live From the Archives, Volume 1
Opel - Route 66
Open Up Your Back Door
Original American Folk Blues Festival, The
Original Blues
Original Blues Album, The
Original Blues Classics Sampler
Original Blues Hits 1, The
Original Seeds: Songs That Inspired Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Volume 1
Originals 2
Originals Blues, Volume 2
Our Generation
Outta Sight - The R&B Singles Collection Volume 2
Oxford American: Southern Music Issue No. 18: Visions of the Blues
Pity the Fool, I
Play It To The Bone
Play Me the Blues
Play Me the Blues...
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 1
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 10
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 2
Play Me the Blues… The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 3
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 4
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 5
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 7
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 8
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 9
Play Me the Blues...: The Legendary Blues Singers
Playing the Blues
Please Have Mercy
Plug It In! Turn It Up! Electric Blues: The Definitive Collection! Part 1: 1939-1954
Plug It In! Turn It Up! Electric Blues: The Definitive Collection! Part 2: 1954-1967
Plug It In! Turn It Up! Electric Blues: The Definitive Collection! Part 3: 1960-1969
Plus Grands Artistes de Blues, Les
Pour ceux qui aiment le jazz
Power of Soul: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix
Pre Historie 1962, Volume 2, De
Presenting...the best of The Blues
Presidential Picks: The Millennium's Best Of The Blues
Prison Bound
Private Collection
Pure Blues
Put Your Hand on Me
Putumayo Presents: Mali to Memphis: An African-American Odyssey
Putumayo Presents: Mississippi Blues
Q the Blues
Qualis: Blues Forever
R 'N' B Classics
R&B Hits of 1954, The
Raw Blues
Raw Blues, Volume 1
Reach My Goal
Real Blues
Real Blues Ballads, Volume 1, The
Real Blues Brothers, The
Really Got the Blues
Red Blooded Blues
Red Hot Blues
Red House
Reklam Klassiker
Reklame Favoritter
Reklame Klassiker
Relix's Best of the Blues, Volume 1
Revenge: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix
Rhythm & Blues Legends
Ride Johnny Ride
Road Trippin' Blues
Road Trippin' Blues, Volume 1
Road Trippin' Blues, Volume 2
Roadhouse Blues
Robert Plant's Jukebox
Rock 'n' Roll Era: Rock Classics: The Originals, The
Rock 'n' Roll Heroes
Rock 'n' Roll, Volume 2
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Volume 1: 1986-1991
Rock Guitar (Purple Haze)
Rock Line 4
Rock of Ages: Gibson Guitar Greats
Rock the Earth Sampler
Rockin’ in the Graveyard
Roll ’n’ Roll
Rollin’ Blues
Rolling Stone Presents: Blues
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 36: Going Down the River: Songs vom Mississippi Delta
Root of Blues: 72 Blues Standards That Inspired Generations
Roots of AC/DC, The
Roots of Blues
Roots of Drone, The
Roots of It All: Acoustic Blues - The Definitive Collection, Vol. 2, The
Roots of It All: Acoustic Blues - The Definitive Collection, Vol. 3, The
Roots of Led Zeppelin, The
Roots of Rhythm: After Hours
Roots of Rhythm: Turn on Your Love Light
Roots of Rhythm: Who's That Lady?
Roots of Rock n' Roll, Volume 4: 1948
Roots of Rock n' Roll, Volume 8: 1952
Roots of the Blues
Rough Guide to Blues Legends: Charley Patton, The
Rough Guide to Chicago Blues, The
Rough Guide to the Blues, The
Route 66
Route 66, Volume II
Route 66: The USA Music Story (disc 3)
Route du Blues, La
Royal Blues
Royal Gallery: Romantic Paradise
Rytm I Blues
Sail on Little Girl
Sally Mae
San Francisco Jazz Festival CD Sampler 96, Volume 1
San Francisco Serenades: The Classic 1997 West Coast Broadcast
Santa’s Christmas Collection
Say It Loud! A Celebration of Black Music in America
Schule Für E-Gitarre
Screaming and Crying
Send Me Your Pillow
Serves Me Right
Serves Me Right to Suffer
Serves Me Right to Suffer/Syndicator
Serves You Right to Suffer
Seven Days
Seven Days and Seven Nights
Shake 'n' Boogie
Shakin’ All Over / Gloria
Shut Up and Play Yer Blues
Siggi Loch: A Life in the Spirit of Jazz
Sign of the Judgment
Signature Collection of Communication Classics
Silvertone Records - Sampler
Simply Blues
Simply Rock n Roll
Singing The American Roots (The Riverside Folklore Series Volume Two)
Sittin’ Here Thinkin’
Six String Boogie
Sixties Decade 1960-1969, The
Slavery in America - Redemption Songs 1914-1972
Smell a Rat : Early Black Rock’n Roll #2 1949 –1959, I
Somebody Loan Me a Dime
Sometimes Lonely
Songs for the Aussie Bloke
Songs of Yesterday, Volume 1
Songs We Shouldn’t Forget Collected
Soul & Blues, Volume 1
Soul Time
Sounding Out the Blues
Sounds of a Generation
Sounds of the Big Screen
Southern Songs
Special Blues
Specialty Story, The
Spirit of Blues
Spirit of Blues, The
Stack of Blues, A
Stand by Me: The Ultimate Nostalgic Anthems
Standing in the Shadows of Motown
Star of the County Down (live)
Stealing Beauty
Stealing Beauty: Music From the Motion Picture
Steel Blues
Still Got the Blues
Still Got the Blues 2
Still Got the Blues, Volume 1
Stomp Boogie
Stoned Immaculate: The Music of The Doors
Stooges Jukebox
Storming on the Deep Blue Sea
Story of Black & Blue 1963-1976, Volume 1, The
Story of the Blues, The
Story of the Blues: 125 Blues Classics, The
Straight to Blues
Strange Brew
Streets Is Filled With Women
Strike Blues
Stripped Me Naked
Strut My Stuff
Studio - Special Edition 2005
Studiobreakers, The
Süddeutsche Zeitung | Diskothek: 1969: Ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs
Summer Superstars
Summer Superstars, Volume 2
Sunday Times Music Collection: Guitar Men, The
Sunday Times Music Collection: Swinging the Blues, The
Super Blues Legends, Volume 1
Super Oldies
Super Soul Blues, Vol. 1
Super Soul Blues, Volume III
Superstar Blues
Swampbilly Shindig: Rockabilly, Country & Soul From Deep South
Sweet Soul & Blues Ballads
Sweet Soul Music: 28 Scorching Classics From 1962
Talent Blues Condensed
Talkin' all that blues : du Mali au Mississippi
Tarantino Experience Take II
Tease Me Baby
Télérama: 60 ans de musiques
Terraplane Blues
That's Alright
That’s Alright
Theme Time Radio Hour - Drinking
Think Twice Before You Go
This Is Charly R&B
This Is Hip
THIS is the 60s
This Is the Blues, Volume 2
Three Decades of Blues
Three Long Years Today
Tideland (Original Picture Soundtrack)
Time Will Tell: Songs We Shouldn’t Forget
Time-Life Treasury of the Blues, The
Tomato Delta Blues Package, The
Tomato Sampler, The
Too Long in Exile
Top Hits '90, Volume 2: 16 Chart Breakers
Totally Blues
Totally Blues Guitar
Travelin’ Blues
Tresors Blues: Les plus beaux Blues
TSF Jazz 100% Jazz
Turn Back the Clock
Turn Over a New Leaf
Turnin’ Gray Blues
Two Voice Original Mood
Twogether Rock’n’Roll
UK Sue Label Story, Volume 2: Sue’s Rock’n’Blues, The
Ultimate 8 Blues Collection, The
Ultimate Blues
Ultimate Blues Box, The
Ultimate Blues Collection, The
Ultimate Duets Collection, The
Ultimate Encyclopedia of American Blues Classics, The
Ultimate Jazz & Blues
Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 15: Blues, The
Ultimate Jazz Archive, The
Uncut 2003.10: Music That Inspired the Joshua Tree
Uncut 2003.11: Strange Currencies: 20 Tracks Chosen by R.E.M.
Uncut 2004.05: Strange Brew 15 Tracks compiled by Eric Clapton
Uncut, 2002.12: The Devil's Music: Keith Richards' Selection of Blues, Soul and R&B Classics
Uncut: Straight to You: The Gothic Country & Blues That Inspired Nick Cave
Uncut: The Devil's Jukebox
Uncut: Woke Up This Morning - 15 Blues Classics
USA Music Tour
Van Morrison's Jukebox - The Songs That Inspired The Man
Vanguard Roots of Folk
Variations On A Theme - Red House
Vee-Jay: Celebrating 40 Years of Classic Hits 1953-1993
Very Best Of - Red Line Selection, The
Very Best of Blues
Very Best of Blues Brother Soul Sister, The
Very Best of Blues Guitar, The
Very Best of Blues, The
Very Best of Blues: 50 Unforgettable Tracks, The
Very Best of Canned Heat, The
Very Best of Rock 'n' Roll, The
Very Best of Santana, The
Very Best of the Blues, The
Very Best of Vee Jay Blues, Volume 1, The
Very Best of Vee Jay Blues, Volume 2, The
Very Best of Vee Jay Blues, Volume 3, The
Very Best of Vee Jay Blues, Volume 4, The
Very Best of Vee Jay Blues, Volume 5, The
Very Thought of You, The
Vintage Blues
Virgin Megamusic [Blues]
Voxy Music
Walking in Memphis
Wall Street Blues
Wanderings of The Avener, The
Wang Dang Doodle Blues
Wanna Be Your Puppy, Baby, I
Wasted Years
We'll Play The Blues For You
We're Gonna Rock, We're Gonna Roll
Wednesday Evening Blues
What a Wonderful World
What’s Life
When the Levee Breaks: 15 Classic Tracks That Inspired Led Zeppelin
When the Sun Goes Down
When You’re Down
When Your Lover Has Gone
Whenever God Shines His Light (live)
Where the Blues Was Born
Whiskey And Wimmen
Whiskey and Wimmen' (single version)
Whiskey and Wimmen’
Whistle Done Blown
White Boy’s Blues Guitars
Wimbledon Hits 90
Winning Combinations
Wiskey and Wimmen'
Woke Up This Mornin', Volume 2
Woke Up This Morning
Work for Her Everyday, I
Worked Hard, I
World of Blues, The
World of the Blues
World of the Sensational Sixties, The
World Prayer, The
World Today, The
Wrapped Up
Yop'n'Roll Fever
You Can Make It If You Try (Hits aus der Werbung)
You Gimme So Much Trouble
You Shook Me
You Sure Look Good to Me
You Talk Too Much
You're So Fine
You’re So Fine
Zeppelin Classics
Zoo Magazine CD Sampler 17
Zu & Co
Zu & Co.
Zucchero & Co.
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