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Jones, Lois (African-American painter, designer, and teacher, 1905-1998)
Jones, Lois Mailou
Lois Jones
Lois Mailou Jones
Lois Mailou Jones (Amerikaans kunstschilderes (1905-1998))
Lois Mailou Jones (Artist)
Lois Mailou Jones (peintre américaine)
Mrs. V. Pierre-Noel
Noel, Lois Mailou Jones Pierre
Noël, Lois Mailou Pierre-
Pierre-Noël, Lois Mailou
Pierre-Noel, Lois Mailou Jones
born 1905-11-03 deceased 1998-06-09
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National Center of Afro-American Artists. Museum
Newsome, Effie Lee (1885-1979)
Reed, John O.
Roy, Jessie Hailstalk (1896-)
Senghor, Léopold Sédar (1906-2001)
Studio Heinrici
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1220 Quincy Street
African heroes and heroines
Ascent of Ethiopia, The
Baker, La
Brother Brown
Cauliflower and Pumpkin
Clochards, Montmartre, Paris, Les
Eglise Saint Joseph
Fétiches, Les
Great American Negroes in verse, 1723-1965.
Initiation, Liberia
Interview with Lois Mailou Jones, c1978:
Jardin du Luxembourg
Jeanne, Martiniquaise
Jeune Fille Française
life and art of Loïs Mailou Jones, The
Main Entrance
Moon Masque
My Mother's Hats
Peintures, 1937-1951.
Pioneers of long ago
Reflective moments; retrospective 1930-1972.
Seated Man in Yellow Overalls
Self Portrait
Shapes and Colors
Textile Design for Cretonne
Two Faiths, Paris
Ubi Girl from Tai Region
Veve Voudou II
We Shall Overcome
Woman with Necklace
Wonders : the best children's poems of Effie Lee Newsome
Word pictures of the great
world of Lois Mailou Jones, The : Meridian House International, Washington, D.C., January 28-March 18, 1990.
Yellow Cup
Young Man in Red Sweater