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Barry Gray
Barry Gray (britischer Musiker und Komponist)
Barry Gray (British musical composer, arranger and conductor)
Barry Gray (Brits componist (1908-1984))
Barry Gray (compositeur de musique de film)
Barry Gray (compositore inglese)
Barry Grey
Eccles, John Livesey
Gray, Barry
Бэрри Грэй
بری گری
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Anderson, Gerry (1929-...)
Anderson, Gerry (1929-2012)
Anderson, Sylvia (193.-.... scénariste)
AP films
Barry Gray & The Spacemakers (isMemberOf)
Bishop, Ed (1932-2005)
ITC entertainment Ltd
Katzin, Lee H. (1935-2002)
Landau, Martin (1928-)
Lane, David (19..-.... cinéaste)
Morse, Barry (1918-2008)
Mygale films
Rhee, Phillip (1960-...)
Saunders, Desmond
Sewell, George (1924-2007)
Sony music France
Stafford, Brendan J. (ca. 1915-1991)
Taylor, Grant (1917-1971)
Warner music France
WOR Collection (Library of Congress)
1 minute cinema film (4th September 1958
1 minute colour commercial (28th June 1961)
2 minute colour commercial (February 8th 1964)
30 second cinema commercial (3rd June 1961)
Accident (A Question of Priorities), The
Advert for Joan Gray's Shop, Guernsey
African Commercial Bank (Vocals: Mike Sammes Singers, 4th June 1963)
Alan's Dream
Alien Assassin (Survival)
Alien Attack: Eagle Crash
Alien Attack End Titles (Full version)
Alien Attack Main Titles (Full version)
Alien Attack: The Universe Link
Alien Examination 1 (Identified)
Alien Examination 2 (Identified)
Alien (Identified), The
Alien Organs (Identified)
Alpha Child: Jarak's Will
Alpha Child: The Cuckoo
amateurs, Les
Another Time, Another Place: Earthbound
Another Time, Another Place: Flowers for Helena
Another Time, Another Place. Main Titles (extended version)
Another Time, Another Place: Moon Odyssey
Another Time, Another Place: Regina's World
Another Time, Another Place: Santa Maria
Another Time, Another Place: Up There Again
Aphros' Theme
Aqua Marina (From 'Stingray')
Arctic Adventure
Aspro, "Footballer" (9th August 1961)
Astronauts in Trouble
At the Hospital (A Question of Priorities)
Attack on Cloudbase: Desert Symphony
Attack on Cloudbase: The Mysterons Attack!
attaque des alligators, L'
Au feu !
Au fond de l'océan
Avalanche: Deadly Mist and Mountain Chase
Avalanche: Mountain Pass
Avaruusasema Alfa
Back at S.H.A.D.O. (Identified)
Back To The Past
Balloon Flight
Ballroom Jazz, The
barrage, Le
Barry Gray on Broadway.
Best of the best 3 : no turning back
Big Ben Strikes Again: Until Midnight (radio music)
Big Top Steve
Black Sun: Asteroid
Black Sun: Black Sun
Black Sun: Event Horizon
Black Sun: Force Field
Black Sun: Force Shield
Black Sun: Home
Black Sun: Main Titles (alternate version)
Black Sun: Survival Ship
Bloodsucking cinema
Blue Cars, music cue samples
Booth's Dry Gin
bout de la route, Le
bracelet, Le
Break Sting (version 1)
Break Sting (version 2)
Breakaway: Area 2
Breakaway: Breakaway
Breakaway: Human Decision Required
Breakaway: Main Titles
Breakaway: Maybe There
Breakaway: People Are Dying Up Here
Breakaway: The Dark Side of the Moon
Breakaway: The Meta Signal
Breaking the News (Identified)
Cafe Music (The Dalotek Affair)
Capitán Marte y el XL5, El
Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: Opening Titles
Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: Theme/The Mysterons
Captain Scarlet: Captain Scarlet End Titles
Captain Scarlet: Century 21 sting
Captain Scarlet: Crossroads to Crime
Captain Scarlet: Renagade Rocket
Captain Scarlet: The Mysteron Theme
Captain Scarlet: The Mysterons Rap
Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons / The Mysterons: Spectrum Is Green!
Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons / The Mysterons: The Mysteron Complex
Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons / White as Snow: White as Snow
Captain Scarlet Theme (commercial version) (stereo)
Captain Scarlet: Until Midnight
Captain Scarlet vs the Mysterons
Cat (The Cat With Ten Lives), The
Cat With Ten Lives: Cat Call, The
Cat With Ten Lives: Jim Regan's Homecoming, The
Cat With Ten Lives: The Cat, The
Century 21 Cinema Sting (unused)
Century 21 March
children's animation short (28th February 1961), a
Cholorphon Attack, The
Christmas On Tracy Island
cinema commercial (March 1959)
Circus Dreams
Clearing Space Junk (Conflict)
Close Up: Spacewalk
Collision Course: Arra
Colonel's March, The
Commercial Break Sting #1
Commercial Break Sting #2
Commercial Stings and Commercial Break
Confetti Check A-O.K.: Beginning to Take Shape
Confetti Check A-O.K.: Flashback
Confetti Check A-O.K.: New Suit, New Wife, New Husband, New Life
Confetti Check A-O.K.: Newborn
Confetti Check A-O.K.: Straker's Theme (alternative cue)
Confetti Check A-O.K.: The Choice
Conflict: Ambush
Conflict: Clearing Space Junk
Conflict: Complete Shutdown
Conflict: Hidden Satellite
Conflict: Limpet Attach
Conflict: Shallow Re-Entry
Conflict: Washington Square
Consumption 1 (Full version)
Coopers No.2
Coralville Surprise / The Bank Job
Cosmic Princess
Cosmos 1999
Cosmos mil neuf cent quatre-vingt-dix-neuf
Court Martial: Micro Jazz
Crash Landing and Conclusion
Crossing the Crevasse (Survival)
Crossroads to Crime
Dalek City Effects
Daleks envahissent la Terre, Les
Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.
Dalotek Affair: Amnesia Cafe, The
Dalotek Affair: Cafe Music, The
Danger At Ocean Deep
Danger, planète inconnue
Dangerous Game from 'The Cham Cham' (vocal by Lady Penelope)
Dangerous Game - Latin Rhythm Instrumental from 'The Cham Cham'
Dark Side of the Moon, The
Deadly Plot - The Hood and the Fireflash
Death, Love and Betrayal
Death's Other Dominion: Ultima Thule
Dinner Aboard Skyship 1
Dinner Aboard Skyship One
DIY (Guitar/vocal: Terry Walsh, 4th April 1959)
Dome (Reflections in the Water), The
Doppia immagine nello spazio
Double Agent Entertainment
Dr Darota's Alpine Clinic
Dr. Who y los Daleks
Dragon's Domain: The Monster, Level 7 and the Eye
Dragon's Domain: The Ultra Probe
Drama On The South East Asia Pass
drôle de nom, Un
Duchess, The
duchesse, La
Dying Alien 1 (Identified)
Dying Alien 2 (Identified)
E.S.P.: Extra-Sensory Perception
E.S.P.: It Isn't Exactly Normal
E.S.P.: We Must Come to the Earth to Survive
Earthbound: The Kaldorian Ship
Easy Listening Radio Music
éboulement, L'
EKCO Radio and Television (6th July 1964)
Elastoplast (28th January 1960)
Elegance, Charm & Deadly Danger
End of Eternity: Balor - The One Room World / Airlock / Malice Aforethought
End of Eternity: Playthings - Toy Soldiers / Whole New Ball Game
End Titles (Fireball)
End Titles - Instrumental
End Titles (Mono)
End Titles (semi-vocal version)
End Titles (song version)
End Titles (Stereo)
End Titles Theme
Espacio 1999 de la serie de televisión
Essais en vol
Evasive Maneuvers (Identified)
Event Horizon
Expo 2068: The Reactor
Exposed: Foster Meets Straker
Exposed: Positive Track
Exposed: Rupert Square
Exposed: The Co-Pilot's Sister
Exposed: The Test Pilot
Exposed: Unexposed (unused cues)
Exposed: Welcome to S.H.A.D.O.
Exposed: Welcome to SHADO
FAB 1 Pursuit
Face of the Enemy (Survival)
Fall to Earth / Martian Exploration
Fanderson Fanfare
Fanfare and Opening Titles (Soundtrack version With Effects)
Farm Brand Milk (Vocals: Mike Sammes Singers, 4th June 1963)
Fate of the Sidewinder, The
Feuervögel startbereit
Filmed in Supermarionation
Finding Foster (Survival)
Fire at Rig 15: Rig 15
Fireball (Theme From Fireball XL5)
Fireball XL-5: Fireball
Fireball XL-5: Hypnotic Sphere
Fireball XL-5: Zero G
Fireball XL5: Fireball XL5
Fireball XL5: I Wish I Was a Spaceman
Fireball Xl5 / Space Monster: This Is the Twist!
Fireball XL5 / The Doomed Planet: Formula 5
Fireball XL5: Theme
Fireball XL5: Zero G
Fireflash Landing
Firing Missiles (Identified)
First Assault (Survival)
Flash, version A (Voice Artist: David de Keyser, 7th September 1961)
Flash, version B (Voice Artist: David de Keyser, 7th September 1961)
Flat Jazz
Flight of the Tiger Moth
Flowers for Helena
Flying High - Original Unused End Titles Theme
Force of Life: Assimilation
Force of Life: Consumption
Force of Life: Regeneration
Force of Life: The Solarium
Forced March (Survival)
Foster Meets Straker (Exposed)
Foster's Furlough (Survival)
Four Feather Falls: Four Feather Falls
Four Feather Falls: Kalla Ma Kooya Kalla
Full Circle: The Tribe, The
Further excerpt from "Hoover Keymatic" score (i)
Further excerpt from "Hoover Keymatic" score (ii)
Further excerpt from "Hoover Keymatic" score (iii)
Further excerpt from "Hoover Keymatic" score (iv)
Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds Are Go
Gerry Anderson's UFO
geste et vous êtes mort, Un
Gillette (7th September 1959)
Grand Canyon to Melbourne / Brains Destroys Prototype #2
Ground floor night club.
Grounded at Last / Finale
Guardian of Piri: Welcome to Piri
Hi-Jacked (from Joe 90)
Hidden Satellite (Conflict)
Horlicks "Circus" (29th April 1961)
Horlicks "Farmyard" (29th April 1961)
Horlicks "School Master" (29th April 1961)
Hostages Of The Subterrains
Human Decision Required
Ice Skating Waltz
Identified: Alien Examination 1
Identified: Alien Examination 2
Identified: Alien Organs
Identified: Back at Shado
Identified: Breaking the News
Identified: Dying Alien 1
Identified: Dying Alien 2
Identified: Evasive Maneuvers
Identified: Firing Missiles
Identified: In the Clouds
Identified: In the Operating Room
Identified: Inbound UFO 1
Identified: Inbound UFO 2
Identified: Interceptor Launch
Identified: Leila's Funeral
Identified: Main Theme
Identified: Opening Credits
Identified: Operation in Progress
Identified: Red Alert
Identified: Seagull X-ray
Identified: Sky 1 Launch
Identified: Sky One
Identified: Straker's Office
Identified: The Alien
Identified: The Long Finger of Tragic Coincidence
Identified: Tracking the UFO
Identified: Unidentified (alternative score)
Identified: Unused Outtake 1
Identified: Unused Outtake 2
Identified: Waiting for a Sighting
Identified: Why They're Here
Identified: Yellow Alert
imposteurs, Les
In the Clouds (Identified)
In the Operating Room (Identified)
Inbound UFO 1 (Identified)
Inbound UFO 2 (Identified)
Inbound UFO (A Question of Priorities)
Indian Street Music
Infernal Machine: Arrival - The Late Shift / The Visitor, The
Infernal Machine: Departure - Gwent's Farewell / Final Fight, The
Infernal Machine: Gwent - Greetings / The Control Room / New Orders / The Attack, The
Inquisition: Piano Track, The
Inside the Dome (Reflections in the Water)
Interceptor Launch (Identified)
International Concerto and Other Classic Themes
invasion des martiens, L'
Invasion, UFO
Investigating the Ufo (Survival)
Inwazja Daleków na Ziemię
Jazz Track written for Shell 1
Jazz Track written for Shell 2
Jazz Track written for Shell 3
Jeremiah (1 min 44 s)
Jeremiah and Lady Penelope from 'The Imposters'
Joe 90: Ballon Flight
Joe 90: High Jacket/Theme (reprise)
Joe 90: Hijacked
Joe 90: International Concerto Suite
Joe 90: Joe 90 End Titles
Joe 90: Joe 90 theme
Joe 90: Main Titles
Joe 90 Remix
Joe 90 (title theme)
Johnny's Condition (A Question of Priorities)
Joie de Vivre
Journey 1 (Survival), The
Journey 2 (Survival), The
Journey Of The Martian Space Probe
Journey Through the Black Sun: Main Titles
Journey to Mars and The Swinging Star
Joyeux Noël
Jungle Fortress
Kiddies' delight : 12 original musical novelties for children
Kill Straker: First Argument
Kill Straker: Kill Straker
King for a Day
Klenitex Waterproof Coating
Lady Penelope and The Mouse
Lady Penelope on the Move
Lanry Household Bleach (Vocal: Eula Parker, 11th February 1963)
Last Enemy: Betha, The
Last Sunset: A Gift From Ariel - Planet Ariel / The Lunar Atmosphere / Moon Mushrooms, The
Last Sunset: Morrow's Crusade, The
Last Sunset: The Gift of Ariel, The
Lazoon Intervention, The
Lela's Funeral (Identified)
Let's Play Ad Lib from 'The Cham Cham'
ley del odio, La
Life On Membrono
Limpet Attack (Conflict)
little Swiss waltz, The
live action local cinema commercial (28th June 1961)
local cinema commercial (24th November 1958)
local cinema commercial, backing track (29th February 1960)
local cinema commercial (Vocal: Mike Sammes & male quartet, 14th October 1961)
local cinema commercial (Vocal: The Mike Sammes Singers, 10th August 1961)
local cinema commercial (Vocals: John & Sylvia, 23rd March 1960)
London 2150 A.D. (Music and Sound Effects)
Lone Handed 90
Long Sleep: Recalling Tim, The
Long Sleep: The Long Sleep, The
Long Sleep: The Trip, The
Long Sleep: Tripping, The
Lunarville 7: Suite
Lyons Maid Commercial
Lyons Maid, FAB Neapolitan Ice Cream
Macrocosm (Full version)
Main Theme (Identified)
Main Titles and Zero X
Main Titles - Music Only
Main Titles (with series opening narration)
Malted Milk Drink (Vocals: The Mike Sammes Singers, 2nd February 1962)
Man From MI.5, The
Man Who Came Back: Opening Credits, The
Månebase Alpha
Manhunt: Suite
March of the Oysters
Martian Mystery
más allà del sol
Matter of Life and Death, A
Matter of Life and Death: End Titles
Matter of Life and Death: Matter of Life and Death
Matter of Life and Death: Paradise Lost
Matter of Life and Death: Phase 2
Matter of Life and Death: Phase Two
Matter of Life and Death: Terra Nova
Matter of Life and Death: The Prodigal Husband
Matter of Life and Death: Too Good to Be True
Mazda Lamps (Vocal: Mike Sammes Quartet, 8th August 1961)
Message en musique
Message to Grandfather and the Dalek Saucer Takes Off (Music and Sound Effects)
Meteor XL5
Mindbender: Mexicans!
Missing Link: A City of Light
Missing Link: The City of Lights
Mission of the Darians: The Daria- 100 Square Miles / Macrocosm
Mission Tango 120
Model Spy: Cocktail Music
Model Spy: Models on a Train
Mondbasis Alpha 1
monorail, Le
Monorail to Disaster from 'The Perils of Penelope'
Moon Mobiles (Survival)
Moonbase Alpha
Moreno. Promotional song for George Moreno Film Productions (Vocal: Barry Gray)
Most Special Agent, The
Moving The Empire State Building
Murdered Diver (Reflections in the Water)
Mysterions (from Captain Scarlet), The
Mysteron Theme (From Captain Scarlet), The
Mysterons Theme, The
Mystery Of Planet 46, The
Never Want to See You Again!" (A Question of Priorities), "I
New York City
Nombres de la banda sonora, de José María Benítez y Luis Miguel Carmona, 1996
Noon Day Sun, The
Ogden's St Julien Tobacco (Voice Artist: Stanley Morgan, 9th December 1960)
On Moonbase (A Question of Priorities)
Opening Credits (Survival)
Opening Credits (The Man Who Came Back)
Opening Theme (Identified)
Opening Titles (pilot narration)
Operation Escort
Operation McClaine
Ordeal: A Rose for Sylvia
Ordeal: After the Party
Ordeal: Crash Landing
Ordeal: Depart and Return
Ordeal: Fit for Duty
Ordeal: Skydiver
Ordeal: Taken
Ordeal: The Dreambox
Ordeal: The Party's Over
Ordeal: Travelling Home
Out of Air (Survival)
Ovaltine, version A
Paradise Lost
Parker Inspects Skyship 1 / Thunderbirds Are Go! / TB2 Unloads Tiger Moth
Parker, Well Done (from Thunderbirds)
passager clandestin, Le
Paul and Tina (Wild Cue) (Survival)
Penelope In France
Pequeño vals suizo : vals
Perdus dans le désert
perils of Penelope, The
pétrole, Le
Phase Two
Piano Recital by Igor Sladek, A
pilot for a local cinema commercial (Vocal: Barry Gray)
Pit of Peril
plan audacieux, Un
Plans to Build a Skyship and THUNDERBIRD 6 Main Titles
Platonia Treachery, The
Point 783: The SHEF March
pont, Le
Poppet Washing Up Liquid (Vocals: The Mike Sammes Singers, 13th July 1960)
Porto Guavan
Preparing the Bomb Capsule (Music and Sound Effects)
Pressues Of Command, The
Pris au piège
Psychobombs: Girl in a Sports Car, The
Psychobombs: The Psychobombs, The
Puissance de vie
Punjana Tea (14th September 1959)
Quaker Banana Mellows with voiceover (Vocals: The Mike Sammes Singers)
Question of Priorities: A Day at the Film Studios, A
Question of Priorities: A Question of Priorities, A
Question of Priorities: At the Hospital, A
Question of Priorities: I Never Want to See You Again, A
Question of Priorities: Inbound UFO, A
Question of Priorities: Johnny's Condition, A
Question of Priorities: On Moonbase, A
Question of Priorities: Someone's at the Door, A
Question of Priorities: Straker & Johnny, A
Question of Priorities: Taking Johnny Home, A
Question of Priorities: The Accident, A
Question of Priorities: There's Been a Delay, A
Question of Priorities: Tracking the Signal, A
Question of Priorities: Uninvited Guest 1, A
Question of Priorities: Uninvited Guest 2, A
Question of Priorities: What Home, A
Question of Priorities: Who Are You?, A
Question of Priorities: You Always Had to Leave, A
Race, The
Rare jingles, jazz, and advertising electronics
Reflections in the Water: Inside the Dome
Reflections in the Water: Murdered Diver
Reflections in the Water: Skydiver Evasive Action
Reflections in the Water: Straker & Foster Investigate
Reflections in the Water: The Volcano
Relative Danger
Renegade rockett
Rescue Of Ned Cook, The
Respic (29th November 1959)
Responsibility Seat: The Moon Mobile, The
retour du voyageur, Le
rêve, Le
Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars
Ridgeways Country House Tea No.1, voice and effects, version A (Voice Artist: Eric Sykes)
Ridgeways Country House Tea No.1, voice track (Voice Artist: Eric Sykes)
Ridgeways Country House Tea No.2, voice track (Voice Artist: Eric Sykes)
Ridgeways Country House Tea, wildtrack noises (Voice Artist: Eric Sykes)
Ring Around the Moon: Captives of Triton
Ring Around the Moon: End Titles
Ring Around the Moon: Instrument of Triton
Ring Around the Moon: The Eye Appears
Rock Snakes / Escape From Mars
Royal (4th November 1962)
Running Low on Oxygen (Survival)
Ruses de guerre
Sabotage à l'usine atomique
San Marino
San Martino
satellite pirate, Le
Sea of oil
Seagull X-Ray (Identified)
Secret Service: Operation Intercept, The
Secret Service: The Secret Service, The
Security hazard
Seek and destroy
Sentinelles de l'air Joyeux Noël, Les
Sentinelles de l'air L' Invasion des martiens, Les
Sentinelles de l'air Lady Penelope est en danger, Les
Sentinelles de l'air Le Bracelet, Les
sentinelles de l'espace, Les
sentnelles de l'air, Les
Shadow of fear
Shaky Departure / Skyship 1 Crashes
Ship Sinking (Reflections in the Water)
Shooting star
Short Excerpt from "Hoover Keymatic Washing Machine" documentary score (24th-25th November 1960)
Showdown at Coletti's Hideout
Sky 1 Launch (Identified)
Skydiver Evasive Action (Reflections in the Water)
Skyship Journey – Egypt to Switzerland and The Whistle Stop Inn
Skyship Journey – Grand Canyon to Melbourne
Sleepy Time
Solar Plan, The
Someone's at the Door (A Question of Priorities)
Sound of Silence: Recovery, The
Sound of Silence: Riders, Hippies and Aliens, The
Sound of Silence: Riding Horses, The
Sound of Silence: Searching for Russ, The
Sound of Silence: The Alien in the Woods, The
Space 1999: Alpha Child
Space: 1999: Breakaway
Space: 1999 End Titles (Mono version)
Space: 1999 Main Titles (Mono version)
Space: 1999/Mondbasis Alpha 1
Space: 1999: Ring Around the Moon / Another Time Another Place / Black Sun / Matter of Life and Death
Space: 1999 Year 1: Main Theme
Space: 1999 Year 1: The Last Sunset
Space: 1999 - Year One 40th Anniversary Edition
Space Brain: Anti-Bodies
Space City Television Ident
Space Observatory 3
Spectre of Electon
Spectrum riposte, Le
Spectrum Strikes Back: Suite
Spoke City Jazz
Square Triangle: Back to the Triangle, The
Square Triangle: Squaring the Triangle, The
Square Triangle: The Cottage, The
Square Triangle: The Game Warden, The
Square Triangle: The Lovers, The
Staccato Beat
"Stand By for Action!" : The Music of Barry Gray
Stand by for adverts
Stingray (Aqua Marina)
Stingray (feat. Gary Miller)
Stingray: March of the Oysters
Stingray Megamix, The
Stingray: "Stingray" (vocal version)
Stingray: Theme (orchestral version)
Straaltje, de Speelgoedman
Straker and Son (A Question of Priorities)
Straker & Foster Investigate (Reflections in the Water)
Straker's Office (Identified)
Strange Attractions
Stringray: Aqua Marina
Stringray: I've Got Something to Shout About
Stringray: Stand By for Action!
Stringray: Stringray
Stringray: The Loch Ness Monster
Subterranean sea
Suite from 'Desperate Intruder'
Suite from 'Vault of Death'
Sun probe
Sunsilk Shampoo (29th May 1962)
Sunsilk Shampoo with voice over (5th May 1962)
Super Shell and ICA (Vocals: The Mike Sammes Singers, 2nd March 1959)
Supercar: Mike's Theme
Supercar: Overseas Suite
Supercar [SR] 196-?:
Supercar: The Supercar Twist
Survival: Alien Assassin
Survival: Alien Sniper
Survival: Crossing the Crevasse
Survival: Face of the Enemy
Survival: Finding Foster
Survival: First Assault
Survival: Forced March
Survival: Foster's Furlough
Survival: Investigating the UFO
Survival: Journey 2
Survival: Moon Mobiles
Survival: Opening Credits
Survival: Out of Air
Survival: Paul & Tina (outtake)
Survival: Running Low on Oxygen
Survival: Stranded
Survival: Strange Bedfellows
Survival: The Answer
Survival: The Journey 1
Survival: The Leisure Sphere
Survival: UFO Approach
Suventa Zone, The
Swinging star (2 min 38 s)
Swinging star (3 min 57 s)
Take Aspro (9th August 1961)
Taking A Desperate Chance
Taking Johnny Home (A Question of Priorities)
talent de Parker, Le
talent de Parkertin, Le
Tango Drink (Vocal: Dave Carey and Unknown)
TARDIS Departs (Sound Effects)
Terra Nova
Terrahawks / Play It Again, Sram: “S.O.S. ”
Terreur à New York city
Terror in New York city
test track (Vocal: Barry Gray)
testament de l'Arcadie, Le
Testament of Arkadia: Arkadia, The
Testament of Arkadia: End Titles, The
Testament of Arkadia: Painful Memory - Introduction / Kendo Fight, The
Testament of Arkadia: The Miracle, The
Testament of Arkadia: The New Seeds, The
That dangerous game (3 min 10 s)
That dangerous game (3 min 15 s)
Theme From Captain Scarlet
Theme From "Space: 1999" (reprise)
Theme From U.F.O.
Theme From UFO
"There's Been a Delay" (A Question of Priorities)
This Is The Twist - Electrorchestra Version
Thunderbird 6
Thunderbirds are go Barry Gray's motion picture score and themes from "Thunderbirds" television series
Thunderbirds are go original motion picture score
Thunderbirds Are Go / Penelope on the Move
Thunderbirds Are Go / The Trap / Tower Collision
Thunderbirds Are GO / Thunderbird 6
Thunderbirds: Christmas on Tracey Island
Thunderbirds: Danger at Ocean Deep
Thunderbirds: Desperate Intruder
Thunderbirds et lady Pénélope
Thunderbirds l'intégrale de la série
Thunderbirds - Main Title March
Thunderbirds March, The
Thunderbirds / Path of Destruction: San Martino
Thunderbirds: Perils of Penelope
Thunderbirds Suite
Thunderbirds: The Man From Mi.5
Thunderbirds theme (2 min 40 s et 2 min 46 s)
Thunderbirds Theme Reprise
Thunderbirds: Thunderbirds Are Go!
Thunderbirds: Thunderbirds End Titles
Thunderbirds To The Rescue
Thunderbirds (TV Theme)
Tide Washing Powder (16th November 1960)
Tiger Moth Escape
Tiger Moth / Operation Escort
Time Passes
Torchy the Battery Boy
Tracey island (3 min 01 s)
Tracking Cue 1 (Identified)
Tracking Cue 2 (Identified)
Tracking Signal (A Question of Priorities)
Tracking the Ufo (Identified)
Tracy Island (3 min 1 s)
Tracy Island and International Rescue
Tracy Lounge Piano, The
Tragedy Aboard the U85
Trap: Castle Glen Garry, The
Trap: The Fate of the XQR, The
Trapped in the sky
Travelling Light
Treasure down below
trésor du lac, Le
trésor engloutit, Le
Tripping (The long Sleep)
Troubled Spirit: Atonement, The
Troubled Spirit: Awakening, The
U.F.O. U.F.O.-- annientare S.H.A.D.O. stop. Uccidete Straker--
UFO: A Rose for Sylvia
UFO, alerte dans l'espace
UFO: Alienation
UFO Allarme rosso... attacco alla Terra!
UFO Approaches (Survival)
UFO / Close-Up: Sleeping Astronauts
UFO, distruggete base Luna!
UFO End Titles (mono)
UFO End Titles (stereo)
UFO Fly-By
UFO: Leisure Sphere
UFO : ¡los aliens han llegado a la Tierra!
UFO Main Theme (mono)
UFO Main Theme (stereo)
UFO: New Suit, New Wife, New Husband, New Life
UFO: SHADO (variations on a theme)
UFO / The Long Sleep: The Trip
UFO: UFO End Titles
Unfall im Weltraum
Uninvited Guest 1 (A Question of Priorities)
Uninvited Guest 2 (A Question of Priorities)
uninvited, The
Unorthodox Shepherd, The
Unreferenced Comedic music track
Unreferenced Music Track (i)
Unreferenced Music Track (ii)
Unreferenced Music Track (iii)
Unreferenced Music Track (iv)
Unreferenced Short Music Track
Unused track (Vocals: Mike Sammes Quartet, 4th July 1961
Uzay 1999
vacances de Parker, Les
vaisseau fantôme, Le
Vault of death
vengeance de Titan, La
Vers le soleil
Visit to Egypt / Calling Switzerland / Whistle Stop Inn, A
Visitor, The
Volcano (Reflections in the Water), The
Voyager's Return: The Judgement of Sidon
Waiting for a Sighting (Identified)
War Games: Alien Chamber
War Games: Armageddon
War Games: Commercial Break
Welcome Aboard / Breakfast Over N.Y. / Brains Destroys Prototype #1
Welcome Aboard / Dumping Bodies
"What Home?" (A Question of Priorities)
What Is It to Be? / Main Title
White as Snow (commercial version) (stereo)
"Why Are They Here?" (Identified)
Winged Assassin: Suite
World Exclusive Foiled
Zero G variation
Zero X Theme / Spy on Board
Διάστημα 1999
Вторжение Далеков на Землю
Космос 1999
כנפי הרעם
سریال تلویزیونی فضا ۱۹۹۹
طائر الرعد 6
우주대모험 1999
海底大戦争 スティングレイ
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