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Massachusetts institute of technology, Union of concerned scientists
Union of Concerned Scientists
Union of concerned scientists Cambridge, Mass.
Vereinigung Besorgter Wissenschaftler
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United States Massachusetts Cambridge
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Clemmer, Steven L.
Kendall, Henry W.
Kendall, Henry Way
Tirman, John
Verband schweizerischer Konsumvereine
Anti-satellite weapons : arms control or arms race?.
Atmosphere of pressure : political interference in federal climate science
Automaker rankings 2007 : the environmental performance of car companies
Beyond the freeze : the road to nuclear sanity
Bio-fuels : an important part of a low-carbon diet
Biofuels : an important part of a low-carbon diet.
Braking point.
Building a better SUV : a blueprint for saving lives, money, and gasoline
Catalyst (Cambridge, Mass. : 2002)
Choices : a unit on conflict and nuclear war : a project of Union of Concerned Scientists in cooperation with Massachusetts Teachers Association and National Education Association.
Clean energy blueprint : a smarter national energy policy for today and the future
Clean power surge : ranking the states
Climate 2030 : a national blueprint for a clean energy economy
Climate change in the U.S. northeast : a report of the Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment.
Climate control : global warming solutions for California cars
communauté des vendeurs de l'Union laitière S.A. à Genève, La : Un régime de travail associé
Confronting climate change in California : ecological impacts on the Golden State
Confronting climate change in the Great Lakes region : impacts on our communities and ecosystems
Confronting climate change in the U.S. Northeast : science, impacts, and solutions
Confronting climate change in the US Northeast
consumer's guide to effective environmental choices, The : practical advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists
Dangerous addiction : ending America's oil dependence
Decontamination of krypton-85 from Three Mile Island nuclear plant : a report of the Union of Concerned Scientists to the Governor of Pennsylvania
Digging up trouble : the health risks of construction pollution in California
Empty promise : the growing case against Star Wars
Ending Europe's wars : the continuing search for peace and security
Energy strategies : toward a solar future : a report of the Union of Concerned Scientists
energy switch, The : alternatives to nuclear power : a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists
Fallacy of Star Wars, The
False frontier, The
Foodweb a public voice on food, farming, and the environment
gene exchange, The
Global warming solutions for California cars
good, the bad, and the ugly, The : a report on safety in America's nuclear power industry
history of Federal nuclear safety assessments, A : from WASH-740 through the reactor safety study
Invasive species in Ohio : pathways, policies, and costs
Logging off : mechanisms to stop or prevent industrial logging in forests of high conservation value
Meeting the challenges of population, environment, and resources : the costs of inaction
Netw. news (Wash. D.C. 1982)
Network news (Union of Concerned Scientists)
nuclear fuel cycle, The : a survey of the public health, environmental, and national security effects of nuclear power
Nucleus (Camb. Mass.)
Nucleus (Cambridge, Mass.)
Nugget file, The : excerpts from the Government's special file on nuclear power plant accidents and safety defects, obtained by the Union of Concerned Scientists under the Freedom of information act
Perils amidst the promise : ecological risks of transgenic crops in a global market
Plugging in renewable energy : grading the states
Pollution lineup : an environmental ranking of automakers
powerful opportunity, A : making renewable electricity the standard
practical advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists
Preventing nuclear war no first use
Radioactive waste : politics, technology, and risk
renewables are ready people creating renewable energy solutions
Risiken der Atomkraftwerke d. Anti-Rasmussen-Report d. Union of Concerned Scientists, Die
risks of nuclear power reactors, The : a review of the NRC Reactor safety study, WASH-1400 (NUREG-75/014)
Safety second : the NRC and America's nuclear power plants
SDI, der Krieg im Weltraum Grundlagenstudie prominenter Wissenschaftler d. Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) zur Bewaffnung d. Weltraums
small price to pay, A : US action to curb global warming is feasible and affordable
Smoke, mirrors and hot air
Smoke, mirrors & hot air : how ExxonMobil uses big tobacco's tactics to manufacture uncertainty on climate science
Space-based missile defense : a report
Steering a new course : transportation, energy, and the environment
Toward true security : a US nuclear posture for the next decade
United States nuclear posture for the next decade
US action to curb global warming is feasible and affordable
US nuclear posture for the next decade
Walking a nuclear tightrope : unlearned lessons of year-plus reactor outages
Zeroing out pollution : the promise of fuel cell vehicles