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Marcowitz, R.
Markowitz, Richard
Markowitz, Richard Allen
R. Marcowitz
Richard Allen Markowitz
Richard Markowitz
Richard Markowitz (American composer)
Richard Markowitz (Amerikaans componist (1926-1994))
Richard Markowitz (compositeur de musique de films)
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Eastman, Carole (1934-2004)
Graves, Peter (1926-2010)
Hellman, Monte (1932-)
Moore, Irving J.
Nicholson, Jack (1937-)
Nimoy, Leonard (1931-2015)
Perkins, Millie (1938-)
Sandor, Gregory
Schifrin, Lalo (1932-)
Schoenfeld, Bernard
Smith, Keith C. (1921-1996)
Sony music France
Wendkos, Paul (1922-...))
Ah Mr. West / Party Pooper (from "The Night of the Infernal Machine")
Artemus Recaptured (from "The Night of Sudden Death")
Artie's Bit (from "The Night That Terror Stalked the Town")
Artie's Incantation / Anyone for Polo (from "The Night of the Golden Cobra")
Aye Gringos / One Man Army (from "The Night of Jack O'Diamonds")
Bathing in Lye (from "The Night of the Glowing Corpse")
Beachhead, anglais
Blurred Images / Ambulance to Vanatta Street / My Kind of Medicine / Tony's Big Decision (The Search)
Bunker: It’s Not / Continued Next Week, The
Bunker: Missile Delivered, The
Čarobni meč
Cat's Paw / Raven's Flight (from "The Night of the Raven")
Celebration / Poor Friend Sam (from "The Night of the Inferno")
Circle of Power
Cry of Battle
Dark out post, anglais
Death car on the freeway
Death Valley Crossing
...der werfe den ersten Stein
Double Kiss / Whom Fights Whom (from "The Night That Terror Stalked the Town")
Dressing for Action (from "The Night of the Infernal Machine")
Dressing for Action (from "The Night of the Inferno")
End Title, Pilot, unused (from "The Night of the Inferno")
End Title, Season Four
End Title, Season One (extended)
End Title, Season Three
End Title, Season Two
Enter Robin Hood / Indian Wrestle (from "The Night of the Green Terror")
envahisseurs, Les
Épée enchantée, L'
Even Wilder West / Light the Fuse (from "The Night of the Inferno")
Exotic Torture / Skin-clad Payoff (from "The Night of Sudden Death")
Face in the Rain
Fait les jeux / Rien va plus (from "The Night of a Thousand Eyes")
Falcon: Buses and Trucks / Who’s Zastro?, The
Falcon: Francesca Shot / Quick Burial / Off to Prison, The
Falcon: Madame Vinsky, The
Falcon: Prince Nicolai / Prison Kiss, The
Falcon: Zastro Arrives / Lucifer Gets a Buzz, The
Forest Lord (from "The Night of the Green Terror")
Gas Attack (from "The Night of Sudden Death")
Ghostly Street / Littlest Cowboy (from "The Night of the Raven")
Glow Corpse Glow (from "The Night of the Glowing Corpse")
Greenhouse Lab / Crazy Castle (from "The Night of the Glowing Corpse")
hanged man, The
Harihar Sitar (from "The Night of the Golden Cobra")
Hoodlum Priest
Horse Breakin'
Indian Princess / A Game with West (from "The Night of the Raven")
Infernal Machine Talks / Suspicious Clock / Search for Zino (from "The Night of the Infernal Machine")
Introducing Mr. Singh / Sideline Nut / Cell Mate Bait (from "The Night of the Golden Cobra")
Jack O'Diamonds / To Catch a Horsethief / Sordo Catches Up (from "The Night of Jack O'Diamonds")
Judge's Speech / Clock Shop / Little Toy Bomb / The Judge's Streudel (from "The Night of the Infernal Machine"), The
Knight in Armor (from "The Night of the Green Terror")
(L')Ennemi n ° 1 du FBI
life seekers, anglais, The
Little Green Terror / Leg of Mutton Stew (from "The Night of the Green Terror")
Live Bait: Downtown Europe / Sick Love Affair / Chained to Bomb
Lock-Pick Sick / Coffin's Capers Crumble (from "The Night of a Thousand Eyes")
Magic Sword, The
Maharajah's Palace / Cobra Bite (from "The Night of the Golden Cobra")
Maiden Dreams / Little Man's Busy Day (from "The Night of the Raven"), A
Main Title, Pilot (from "The Night of the Inferno")
Main Title, Season Four
Main Title, Season One
Main Title, Season Three
Main Title, Season Two
Main Title, unused
Marqué au fer rouge
Mayday : 40000 feet !
Meanwhile Back at the Train / Signal Light / Loaded Pool Game / Wing Fat's Demise (from "The Night of the Inferno")
Meany Mace / Robin's Balloon (from "The Night of the Green Terror")
Mind of Stefan Miklos: Cinnamon’s Purse / Supermind, The
Misión: imposible : la serie de televisión completa : the complete original television series
Mission: impossible (Bruce Geller)
morte non ha sesso, La
mystères de l'Ouest (Wild Wild West), Les
night of the golden cobra
night of the watery death
nuit de la sirène
nuit des ténébres
nuit du cobra d'or
Numbers Game: 20 Million Down / The General’s Condition / Radioactive, The
Operation dames
Palais de Chance / Lydia's No Slouch (from "The Night of the Inferno")
Panique en plein ciel 40000 feet !
Phony Clock Tower / Fate of the Delta Belle (from "The Night of a Thousand Eyes")
Phony West / Execution: Sundown (from "The Night That Terror Stalked the Town"), A
Polo Mismatch / Oily Demise (from "The Night of the Golden Cobra")
Prairie Romance, A
Prussic Acid / Water Ballet (from "The Night of Sudden Death")
Quantity unknown, anglais
Rebel, The
Ride beyond vengeance
Robot: The Old Anthem
Rodeo Day
Schießen, Das
Se ha escrito un crimen. Murder, she wrote. The complete seventh season
Senorita's Smile / Real Hospitality / Stolen Horse (from "The Night of Jack O'Diamonds")
shooting, The
Sly Old Fox (from "The Night of Jack O'Diamonds")
Snake Creek
spada magica, La
sparatoria, La
Special Prisoner / Guerillas Beware (from "The Night of the Inferno")
Stakeout on Dope Street
Statue of Liberty (from "The Night of the Infernal Machine")
Terror en el tren de las 5'22
Theme From Hondo, The
Thing of Beauty / Imperialistas / What a Man Amigo (from "The Night of Jack O'Diamonds"), A
tiroteig, El
To the Cemetery / Very Dead Colonel (from "The Night of the Inferno")
trial, anglais, The
Valley of shadow, anglais
velo negro para Lisa A black veil for Lisa, Un
Vild Vild Vest / Job for Jennifer (from "The Night of a Thousand Eyes")
visage de la haine
Way with a Woman / Hemostat Scalpel (from "The Night That Terror Stalked the Town"), A
West Gets a Charge (from "The Night That Terror Stalked the Town")
West Rides In / Quemada / Versatile Race (from "The Night of the Inferno")
Wild Seed
Wild Wild West theme, marching band arrangement, The
Wild Wild West (TV) - Theme from the TV Series, The
Young Captives, The
Перестрелка (фильм)
Contributed to or performed: 
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