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Ira Newborn
Ira Newborn (American musician and composer)
Ira Newborn (Amerikaans componist)
Ira Newborn (amerikansk komponist)
Ira Newborn (amerikansk kompositör)
Ira Newborn (compositeur de musique de film et chef d'orchestre)
Ira Newborn (US-amerikanischer Filmkomponist)
Newborn, Ira
Newborn, James Ira
Ньюборн, Айра
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
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16 bougies pour Sam
Ace in the Hole
Ace of Hearts
Ace Ventura : pet detective
All Ace’s
All night long
Amazon women on the moon
Apartment Antics
Bad Boys & Meinheimers
Ballpark Baloney
Baseball Game Music
Baseball Medley (organ)
Beirut Vacation
Besame Mucho
Best Picture Award / It’s the Bomb / The Final Straw / Give Up Rocco / Happy Ending to Awards
Best Picture Presenters
Blooper Vision
Blues brothers, The
Brain donors
Breaking in Lugwig's Suite
Bueller, Ferris Bueller
Caddyshack 2
Caddyshack II
Cameron in Bed/Ferris Goes Hawaiian
Cameron Takes the Heat (alternate)
Celebrated Minuet
Chapanecas (organ), Las
Circle (3 min 46 s)
Cocktails for Five
Code Red Alert / Frank Fights Raquel / Police Squad Arrival
Coughlin Bros. Mortuary
créature de rêve, Une
Dairy apologies (1 min 14 s)
Date / Ba Ba Ba Again, The
Deciding to Go Undercover (alternate)
Deciding to Go Undercover / Denver Jock Strap / The Bighouse Yard / Entering the Bighouse / Letter to Jane
Delivery Room / End Credits, The
Delivery Room§ (alternate), The
Dig, I
Dinner Party
Dock of the Nordberg / Murder by Cake
Docks, The
Dog Food Rooney/Ferris Goes to Bed
Dragnet End Credits
Dragnet, p1987:
Drebin Acrobat / Meat Miss Spencer
Drebin - Hero! / Main Title
Drebin’s Haze / I’m a Lucky Woman / Sting (alternate)
Drebin Takes a Snoop / To Ludwig’s
Drebin the Hero / The Touchable Untouchables
End Credits
End of Ludwig
Endzone Layer
Exciting Chase, The
Ferris Bueller's day off
Ferris in Bed
Ferris on Line 2 (alternate)
Finkle & Einhorn
Firelight Conversation
Food Song (no vocals), The
Foreign Taxi Drivers / Tanya Bubble Wrap / Stupid Copper Punk
Forever (3 min 53 s)
Frank Goes Bump-Bump / Somebody Killed My Scene
Frank Meets Mom
Frank Moves In/Frank’s Bust Is Busted
Frank’s Escape / Trucker Jane / Frank’s Escape Part 2
Frank Tank / Trumpet Fanfare
From the files of police squad!
Geriatric Park
God Save the Queen (organ)
Going to Take a Stand (unused)
He’s Gonna Marry Me (unused)
Helplessly in love (3 min 05 s)
Her Majesty the Queen Organ Music
Hey Look at These / We Don’t Have Any Kids / Transition to Blue Note Bar
High School High Zagniewani młodociani
His Water Broke
Hole in One, A
Hooray for L.A. / Ext. Awards Show / Lifetime Achievement Award / Heart Attack Awards Music / Margaret Standswithafistupherbazooky / Mariel and Elliot
Hot Cooking
Hotel Sting / Hapsburg Moves on Jane
I’ll Go (unused)
Innocent blood
Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble I Dig.
Into the night
Intro to Ozone Layer / I Want a World / End Credits
Introducing Dr. Meinheimer / He Can Walk / I’m Tired of Being the Sting King / We’ll See About This
Jane Cries / Trucker Tries / Jane in Phone Booth
Jane Stalker
Jeannie Turns Ugly
Joe gets fired (1 min 20 s)
Kill me instead (5 min 22 s)
King of Soul
Lonely Drebin, A
Looking for Muzz
Lotto Music
Ma in Sunroof (alternate)
Maffia Salad...
Main Title From "The Naked Gun"
Main Title (w/second alternate ending)
Meat Miss Spencer
Meet Miss Spencer
Method to my madness (3 min 17 s)
Midnight Romance / Main Title
Miss Spencer
Mom Checks on Ferris
Mom, Dad and Ferris
Mom Visits Rocco / Visit From Dr. Papshmir
Must Kill Frank (alternate) / Main Title (w/alternate ending), I
Must Kill the Queen, I
Naga broń
Naked Gun 2½, The
Naked Gun Trilogy, The
National lampoon's animal house
Nordberg Shot
Oh Shauna Jeannie
On the Ledge
On the Move
Our Miss Spencer / Air Bag Drebin
Out on the Ledge (album version)
Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder / The Slaughterhouse
Pagan Fight
Pagan Tension
Planes, trains and automobiles
Police Squad (Main Theme)
Police Squad!/Naked Gun Theme
Polka Medley
Prison Fight
Private joy (4 min 17 s)
Prof et rebelle
Psychoville / Ace Race
Purse Snatcher / Tearful Goodbyes / Transition to Shrink’s Office / Make Tonight Something Special
Raisin Nutbread / Hexagon Oil Sting / Frank Swims in Sewage, A
Raspa (organ), La
Rocco & Tanya Backstage / Tanya’s Sexy Leg / Ma in Sunroof / Tanya’s Tassels
Roof, Roof!!
Rooney on Patrol
Rooney Sneaks Around/Star Wars (main title)
Safe Sex (Love Theme)
Save It, Ferris (unused)
Seduction (album version), The
Semi Truck / Pigeon / Your Bishop Is Exposed
Série noire pour une nuit blanche
Should Have Been an Accountant (Dance Band version), I
Should Have Been an Accountant (piano version), I
Shower Intro / The Shower Song / Shower Scene
Sixteen candles, anglais
Sixteen candles music from the original motion picture soundtrack.
Sneaking In
Soap Opera Source
Sportskanonen, Die
Star-Spangled Banner (studio pre-record), The
Staying Here With You / A Real Bomb
Sting / Beeper Mom / Anyone Can Be an Assassin
Szczury z supermarketu
Szesnaście świeczek
Tank, The
Tanya / Do I Know You?
Tanya, Tanya, Tanya
testimone più pazzo del mondo, Il
Thelma & Louise Jane
Theme From Star Trek (unused)
There's Been a Bombing
Thinking About Nordberg
Thinking of… Him! / There’s Been a Bombing
Third Out Beep / Frank, Frank, Frank, The
This Is The City / Danger Ahead / Dragnet March Medley
Ticket für Zwei, Ein
ticket pour deux, Un
Timpani Roll / Fatal Affair / Raquel Intro Theme Music
Tizenhat szál gyertya
Tommy Two Tails
Torchy's Boogie
Transition to Wharf / Bad Boys & Meinheimers
Traveling Cues
Trucker Jane (alternate)
Turn it on (4 min 40 s)
Twist and Shout (marching band overlay)
Uncle Buck
Undercover Sperm Bank
Very Impressive / Copter Schmear / Gang to the Shrine
vie en mauve, La
Want a World, I
We Got Work to Do / Nordberg Plants the Bug
Weird science
Who’s the Skirt? / Let’s Bump Her Off / Rocco’s Crowning Achievement
Why don't pretty girls (3 min 30 s)
Wise guys
Y-a-t-il un flic pour sauver la reine ?
Ye Olde Sex Shoppe
You’ll Be Called / Searching Through File / Back to Work / Rosenblatt Sting / Transition to Frank’s House
Блус Брадърс
Гол пиштол
Дядечко Бак
Літаком, потягом та автомобілем
Мои голубые небеса
Нечиста наука
Самолётом, поездом и автомобилем
Сети зла
Шестнадесет свещи
ძმები ბლუზები
עכברי הקניון
Contributed to or performed: 
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