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A. M."
A. M, Anthony Munday
Anglo-phile, Eutheo
Eutheo, Anglo-phile
L. P, Lazarus Piot
M, A.
M, Anthony Munday
Monday, Anthony
Munday, Anth
Munday, Anthonie
Munday, Anthony
Munday, Antony
Mundy, A.
Mundy, Anthony
P, L.
P, Lazarus Piot
Piot, Lazarus
Piot, Lazarus (Pseudonym)
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Computer file
Language material
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Chettle, Henry (d. 1607?)
Drayton, Michael (1563-1631)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Harrison, George Bagshawe (1894-1991)
Hathway, Richard (fl. 1598-1602)
Heinrich, Hans Peter
Meagher, John C.
Melchiori, Giorgio
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Simpson, Percy
Teixeira, José (1543-1620, O.P.)
Wilson, Robert (1579-1610)
Amadis de Gaule
Ballad in praise of the navy, 1584?
briefe chronicle of the successe of times from the creation of the world to the present, 1611:, A
Camp bell.
Chruso-thriambos the triumphes of golde : at the inauguration of Sir Iames Pemberton, Knight, in the dignity of Lord Maior of London, on Tuesday, the 29. of October, 1611 : performed in the harty loue, and at the charges of the Right Worshipfull, Worthy, and Ancient Company of Golde-Smithes
Death of Robert, Earl of Huntingdon
death of Robert Earle of Huntington
defence of contraries., The
Diall of princes
DNB, 1937-1938:
Downfall of Robert, Earl of Huntingdon
downfall of Robert Earle of Huntington
Downfall of Robin Hood [by] Chettle & Munday
English Romayne lyfe
famous, pleasant and delightful history of Palladine of England., The
Fedele and Fortunio
first part of the no lesse rare then excellent and stately history of the famous and fortunate Prince Palmerin of England, The : declaring the birth of him and Prince Florian du Desart his brother in the forrest of Great Britaine, the course of their lives afterward in pursuing knightly adventures and performing incomparable deeds of chivalry : wherein gentlemen may find choise and sweet inventions and gentlewomen be satisfied in courtly expectations
fishmongers' pageant, on Lord Mayor's Day, 1616 Chrysanaleia, the golden fishing, The
gubernatione Dei., De
Ironmongers' fair field.
John-a-Kent and John-a-Cumber
mirrour of mutabilitie
orator, 1596:, The
Pageants and entertainments of Anthony Munday : a critical edition
Palmerin D'Oliva : the first part, shewing the mirrovr of nobilitie, the map of honour, anatomie of rare fortunes, heroicall presidents of love, wonder of chivalrie, and the most accomplished knight in all perfection ... written in Spanish, Italian, and French
Palmerin of England (Romance)
Relox de príncipes.
Robin Hood (Legend).
second and third blast of retrait from plaies and theaters, A
Sir John Oldcastle.
Sir Thomas More : a play
strangest adventure that ever happened... containing a discourse concerning the successe of the King of Portugall Dom Sebastian, from the time of his voyage into Affricke... unto the sixt of Ianuary this present 1601, The
successe God gave unto ... souldiours
suruay of London, The : containing, the originall, antiquitie, encrease, and more moderne estate of the sayd famous citie : as also, the rule and gouernment thereof (both ecclesiasticall and temporall) from time to time : with a briefe relation of all the memorable monuments, and other especiall obseruations, both in and about the same citie, written in the yeere 1598
survey of London, The : contayning the orignall, increase, moderne estate, and government of that city, methodically set downe : with a memoriall of those famouser acts of charity, which for publike and pious uses have beene bestowed by many worshipfull citizens and benefactors, as also all the ancient and moderne monuments erected in the churches, not onely of those two famous cites, London and Westminster, but (now newly added) foure miled compasse
Svrvay of London
Trimphs of gold.
vvatch vvoord to Englande, A : to beware of traytours and treacherous practises, which haue beene the ouerthrowe of many famous kingdomes and common weales
Watch word to England
Weakest goeth to the wall
Zelauto: The fountaine of fame, 1580.