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Griliches, Z.
Griliches, Zvi,
Grilliches, Zvi
Warburg, Paul M.
Zvi Griliches (Amerikaans econoom (1930-1999))
Zvi Griliches (amerikansk ekonom)
Zvi Griliches (amerikansk økonom)
Zvi Griliches (économètre)
Zvi Griliches (Jewish-American econometrician)
Zvi Griliches (US-amerikanischer Ökonom)
Грилихес, Цви
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Computer file
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Adams, J.
Adams, James
Adams, James D.
Adams, James D. (1945-)
Adams, James Dutton (1945-)
Berman, Eli
Berndt, E.R.
Berndt, Ernst R
Berndt, Ernst R.
Bound, John
Chamberlain, Gary
Clark, Kim B.
Cockborn, I.
Cockburn, I
Cockburn, Iain
Cockburn, Iain M.
Cocks, Douglas L.
Cummins, Clint
Cutler, D.M.
Cutler, David M.
D.ADAMS, James
Eden, B.
Eden, Benjamin
Ellison, S
Fisher, Franklin M
Fisher, Franklin M.
Fisher, Sara Ellison
Frank, R.G.
Frank, Richard
Frank, Richard G.
Gordon, Robert J
Griliches, A
Griliches, Z
Griliches, Z.
Hall, Bronwyn H
Hall, Bronwyn H.
Hausman, Jerry
Hausman, Jerry A
Hausman, Jerry A.
Intriligator, Michael D. (1938- ))
Intriligator, Michael David
Jorgenson, Dale W
Kaysen, Carl
Klette, T-J
Klette, T.J.
Klette, Tor Jakob
Lichtenberg, Frank
Lichtenberg, Frank R
Lichtenberg, Frank R.
Mairesse, J.
Mairesse, Jacques
Mairesse, Jacques (19..-.... économiste)
Mason, William M
Moen, J.
Møen, Jarle
National Bureau of Economic Research
Ohta, Makoto
Pakes, Ariel
Rappaport, Neal
Regev, Haim
Ringstad, Vidar
Rosett, Joshua G
Rosett, Joshua G.
Schmookler, Jacob
Siegel, Donald
United States. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Price Statistics Committee
University of Chicago, Department of Economics
Yatchew, Adonis
Z, Griliches
Aggregate Price Indices, New Goods, and Generics.
Are Farmers Irrational?: Rejoinder
Auditing the Producer Price Index: Micro Evidence from Prescription Pharamceutical Preparations.
Auditing the Producer Price Index: Micro Evidence From Prescription Pharmaceutical Preparations
Automobile Prices and Quality: Did the Gasoline Price Increases Change Consumer Tastes in the U.S.?
Automobile Prices Revisited: Extensions of the Hedonic Hypothesis
Birth Order, Schooling, and Earnings: Comment.
Brothers and Sisters in the Family and the Labor Market
Capital-Skill Complementarity.
Changes in the Demand for Skilled Labor within U.S. Manufacturing: Evidence from the Annual Survey of Manufactures.
Changes in the demand for skilled labor within U.S. manufacturing industries: evidence from the annual survey of manufacturing
Characteristics of Demand for Pharmaceutical Products : an Examination of four Cephalosporins.
Comment On Sichel
Commission Report on the Consumer Price Index (panel discussion), The
Comparing productivity growth: An exploration of french and U.S. industrial and firm data
Costs of Automobile Model Changes since 1949, The
Data and Econometricians-The Uneasy Alliance.
Data Problems in Econometrics
demand for durable goods, The
determinants of investment revisited, The
Discovery of the Residual: A Historical Note., The
Discovery of the Residual: An Historical Note, The
discovery of the residual, The : an historical note
Divisia Index Numbers and Productivity Measurement.
Do Subsidies to Commercial R&D Reduce Market Failures? Microeconometric Evaluation Studies.
Do subsidies to commercial R&D reduce market failures? Microeconometric evaluation studies1
Do subsidies to commercial R&D reduce market failures? : microeconomic evaluation studies
Earnings of very young men
Econometric estimates of prices indexes for personal computers in the 1990s
Econometric Models for Count Data with an Application to the Patents-R&D Relationship.
Economic data issues
Economies of scale and the form of the production function an econometric study of Norwegian manufacturing establishment data
Education, human capital, and growth : a personal perspective
Education, Income, and Ability: Rejoinder to Cardell and Hopkins.
Empirical patterns of firm growth and R&D investment : a quality ladder model interpretation
Empirical Patterns of Firm Growth and R&D Investment: A QuUality LadderModel Interpretation
Error-in-the-Variables Bias in Nonlinear Contexts.
Errors in Variables and Other Unobservables.
Errors in variables in panel data
Errors of Measurement in Output Deflators.
Estimating Distributed Lags in Short Panels with an Application to the Specification of Depreciation Patterns and Capital Stock Constructs.
Estimating the Returns to Schooling: Some Econometric Problems.
Estimation of Distributed Lags in Short Panels, The
Firm productivity in Israeli industry 1979-1988
Generics and New Goods in Pharmaceutical Price Indexes: Reply.
Handbook of econometrics
Harvard University gazette, Nov. 11, 1999:
Hedonic Price Indexes and the Measurement of Capital and Productivity: Some Historical Reflections
Heterogeneity in Panel Data: Are There Stable Production Functions?
Household and Economy: Toward a New Theory of Population and Economic Growth: Comment.
Hybrid corn ; an exploration in the economics of technological change
Hybrid Corn Revisited: A Reply.
Income distribution and economic inequality
inconsistency of common scale estimators when output prices are unobserved and endogenous, The
Inconsistency of Common Scale Estimators When Output Prices Are Unobserved and Engogenous, The
Inconsistency of Common Scales Estimators when Output Prices are Unobserved and Endogenous, The
Industry Effects and Appropriability Measures in the Stock Market's Valuation of R&D and Patents.
Industry Effects and Appropriability Measures in the Stock Markets Valuation of R&D and Patents
Interindustry Technology Flows and Productivity Growth: A Re-examination.
Interindustry Technology Flows and Productivity Growth: A Reexamination
Introduction to "Output Measurement in the Service Sectors"
Introduction to "R&D and Productivity: The Econometric Evidence"
Introduction to "R & D, Patents, and Productivity"
Is Price Inflation Different for the Elderly? An Empirical Analysis of Prescription Drugs
Issues in Assessing the Contribution of Research and Development to Productivity Growth
Market value, R&D, and patents
Measuring Science: An Exploration.
Medical care prices and output
Missing data and self-selection in large panels
National Science Foundation Grants for Economics: Response.
Note from the President-Elect, A
Notes on the Measurement of Price and Quality Changes
Notes on the Role of Education in Production Functions and Growth Accounting
On the accuracy of producer price indexes for pharmaceutical preparations : an audit based on detailed firm-specific data
Output measurement in the service sectors
Patent statistics as economic indicators : a survey
Patents and R and D at the Firm Level: A First Look
Patents and R and D: Is There a Lag?
Patents and R&D at the firm level: A first report
Patents and R&D: Searching for a Lag Structure
Patents, invention, and economic change data and selected essays
Patents: recent trends and puzzles
Perspective on What We Know About the Sources of Productivity Growth, A
Practicing econometrics : essays in method and application
Price indexes and quality change; studies in new methods of measurement.
Price Indexes for Medical Care Goods and Services -- An Overview of Measurement Issues
Price indexes for microcomputers : an exploratory study
Prodoctivity, Market Power and Capacity Utilization when Spot Market Are Complete.
Production Functions in Manufacturing: Some Preliminary Results
Production functions : the search for identification
Productivity and firm turnover in Israeli industry: 1979-1988
Productivity and R and D at the Firm Level
Productivity Functions: The Search for Identification.
Productivity Growth and R&D at the Business Level: Results from the PIMS Data Base
Productivity issues in services at the micro level a special issue of the Journal of productivity analysis
Productivity, market power and capacity utilization when spot markets are complete
Productivity Puzzles and R&D: Another Nonexplanation.
Productivity, R&d, and Basic Research at the Firm Level in the 1970s
Productivity, R&D, and the Basic Research at the Firm Level in the 1970's.
Productivity, R&D, and the Data Constraint.
Purchased services, outsourcing, computers and productivity in manufacturing
Quality Change and New Products.
R and D and Productivity at the Industry Level: Is There Still a Relationship?
R&D and Productivity Growth at the Industry Level: Is There Still a Relationship?
R&D and Productivity Growth: Comparing Japanese and U.S. Manufacturing Firms
R&D and productivity : the econometric evidence
R&D and productivity: the unfinished business
R & D and the Productivity Slowdown.
R&D, education, and productivity : a retrospective
R&D, Patents, and Market Value Revisited: Is There Evidence of A SecondTechnological Opportunity Related Factor?
R & D, patents, and productivity
Readings in microeconomics
Research Costs and Social Returns: Hybrid Corn and Related Innovations
Research productivity in a system of universities
Returns to Research and Development Expenditures in the Private Sector
Schooling interruption, work while in school, and the returns from schooling
search for R&D spillovers, The
Sibling Models and Data in Economics: Beginnings of a Survey.
Sources of Measured Productivity Growth: United States Agriculture, 1940-60, The
Specification Error in Probit Models.
Staff Papers 3. Hedonic Price Indexes for Automobiles: An Econometric of Quality Change
Technology, education, and productivity early papers with notes to subsequent literature
Unobservables with a Variance-Components Structure: Ability, Schooling, and the Economic Success of Brothers.
Value of Patents as Indicators of Inventive Activity, The
Wages of Very Young Men.
Wages, Schooling and IQ of Brothers and Sisters: Do the Family Factors Differ?
Who Does R&D and Who Patents?
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Chicago, Department of Economics