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Estados Unidos Army Materiel Command
Etats-Unis Army Materiel Command
Materiel Command United States
U.S. Army Materiel Command
United States Army Army Materiel Command
United States. Army. Materiel Command
United States Materiel Command
US Army Materiel Command
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United States Virginia Fort Belvoir
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Language material
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United States Army (see also from)
United States Army Materiel Development and Readiness Command (see also from)
Zeitweiser Name United States Army Materiel Development and Readiness Command (see also from)
Administration: directory of U.S. Army Materiel Command installations and activities.
Affirmative employment program plan for minorities and women annual accomplishment report fiscal year ... and update report fiscal year ...
AMC pamphlet.
AMC publications on CD-ROM
Annual affirmative employment program accomplishment report
Annual command history
Army logist.
Army logistician.
Army Materiel Command publications on CD-ROM
Army programs; value engineering program management guidelines.
Army R D and A bulletin
Army RD A bull.
Army RD & A bulletin.
Army RD A mag.
Army RD & A magazine.
Army research, development & acquisition bulletin, 1987-
Army research, development, and acquisition bulletin
Army research, development, and acquisition magazine
Automatic weapons.
Characteristics of U.S. rice fields and their effects on ground mobility
Command post (Alexandria, Va. : Online)
command post the U.S. Army Materiel Command's newsletter., The
Contribution to the mechanics of rigid wheels on sand
Coordinated recruitment program annual progress report
Design for air transport and airdrop of materiel.
dimensional analysis of the performance of pneumatic tires on soft soils, A
Electrical wire and cable.
Elements of aircraft and missile propulsion.
Employment bulletin
Engineering design handbook: environmental series.
Final report of the Joint Logistics Commanders Electronic Systems Reliability Workshop.
How to do business with AMC
HQ AMC annual command history
Hurricane Andrew relief operations
Infrared military systems.
integrated logistic support symposium 1st 1969 washington d c proceedings of first annual integrated support symp washington d c july 1969
Intratheater transportation requirement study; a procedure for constructing synthalogous environments.
Logistics: complete round charts, artillery ammunition.
Logistics: guide for preparation and review of machine tool replacement analysis work sheets.
Maintainability guide for design.
Marking and packing of supplies and equipment: foamed-in-place.
Mobility environmental research study: A quantitative method for describing terrain for ground mobility.
Mobility exercise A (MEXA) field test program.
Nonappropriated funds and related activities; open mess management handbook.
P/M in government products : 1971 conference proceedings : proceedings of the Tutorial Seminar II "Potentials for P/M in military and other government products"
Proceedings, 14th Annual Technical Symposum : photo-optical instrumentation applications and theory
Proceedings of First Annual Integrated Logistic Support Symposium, Washington, D.C., July 1969
Procurement and production; manufacturing methods and technology, five-year program, FY 1968-1972 [i.e. 1969-1973]
Procurement: contract administration.
Procurement; preproduction evaluation (PPE) contracts.
Procurement: proposal evaluation and source selection.
Procurement: totaled packaged procurement.
Quality assurance: guidance to nondestructive testing techniques.
Quality assurance: guide to specifying NDT in materiel life cycle applications.
Reference manual on tentage
Requisition and issue of supplies and equipment: installation supply accounting.
role of the U.S. Army Materiel Command, Logistics Support Group in the Hurricane Andrew relief operations, The
Role of the US Army Materiel Command, Logistics Support Group in the Hurricane Andrew relief operations
Safety digest
Sensor handbook for automatic test, monitoring, diagnostic, and control systems applications to military vehicles and machinery ; sponsored by U.S. Army Material Command, CORADCOM/DRDCO-TCS.
Solid propellants
Special Symposium on Advanced Hybrid Computing, San Francisco, California, 23-24 July 1975
Strength-moisture-density relations of fine-grained soils in vehicle mobility research. Conducted for U.S. Army Materiel Command by U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station, Corps of Engineers.
Tables of the cumulative binomial probabilities.
Technical accomplishments for ...
Technical accomplishments in FY ...
terrain analysis by electromagnetic means
United States Army Materiel Command ... CD-ROM publications
USAMC CD-ROM publications
Wheeled amphibians.