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Andrew Millar
Andrew Millar (British publisher)
Millar, A.
Millar, Andreas
Millar, Andrew
Էնդրյու Միլլար
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Cadell, Thomas (1742-1802; Beziehung beruflich; see also from)
Dodsley, Robert
Fielding, Henry (1707-1754))
Hitch, Charles (170.?-1764)
Hollis, Thomas (co-author)
Kincaid, Alexander (1710 or 1711-1777)
Kitchin, Thomas (1718-1784)
Longman, Thomas (1731-1797))
Mitchell, John (1711-1768)
Nourse, John (fl. 1730?-1780)
Rivington, John (1720-1792))
Woodfall, Henry (1713-1769)
account of the diseases which were most frequent in the british military hospitals in Germany, from january 1761 to the return of the troops to England in march 1763 To which is added an Essay on the means of preserving the health of soldiers, and conducting military hospitals, An
alliance between Church and State, The : or : the necessity and equity of an established religion and a test law demonstrated : The fourth edition corrected and enlarged
Andrew Millar, Daniel Midwinter, John Knapton, and others, booksellers of London; and John Paterson, surviving executor of the last will and testament of John Pemberton; and Anne Ward, widow, administratrix of Aaron Ward; which said John Pemberton and Aaron Ward were likewise booksellers of London; and William Elliot, their factor of attorney; appellants. Alexander Kincaid, Gavin Hamilton, and others, booksellers of Edinburgh and Glasgow; and Alexander Symers, and Andrew Symers, the sons and representatives of Alexander Symers, deceased, and their tutors and curators; and Lilias Dunning otherwise Drummond, relict and representative of Gavin Drummond; which Alexander Symers, deceased, and Gavin Drummond, were booksellers of Edinburgh; - - - - - - respondents. The case of the appellants
Art of preserving beauty
Atlántico (Océano)
Books printed for and sold by A. Millar, at Buchanan's Head, over-against St. Clement's Church, in the Strand, London.
catalogue of books in quires. To be sold at the Queen's Arms, in St. Paul's Church-Yard, on Thursday, January 13, 1763. Dinner to be on the Table at Two O'Clock precisely. Three Months Credit for Ten Pounds; Two Three Months for Twenty Pounds; Three Three Months for Fifty Pounds; Four Three Months for One Hundred Pounds; Five Three Months for One Hundred and Fifty Pounds; and Six Three Months for Two Hundred Pounds; Notes to be dated from the Day of Delivery, A
chart of the Atlantic Ocean, Its Islands and the adjacent Continents, A : In which the British Dominions in Europe and America, the West Indies and on the African Coast are seen at one view: The Distances and Superficial Dimensions retaining every where very nearly, their just Proportions and the Rumbs exactly delineated, shew the Nautical Courses from any Port to the Entrance of the British Channel or between any two Ports proposed
Collections relating to the history of Mary Queen of Scotland. In four volumes. Containing a great number of original papers never before printed. Also a few scarce pieces reprinted, ... Revised and published by James Anderson... vol. I [-4]. The second edition.
Complaint # or, Night-thoughts on life, death, and immortality. To which is added, a paraphrase on part of the book of Job. A new edition, corrected by the author
complete juryman, or, A compendium of the laws relating to jurors, The : viz., of grand juries, of petit juries, who are qualified to serve on juries ... misdemeanors punishable in jurors.
Correspondance secrette du chevalier Robert Cecil avec Jacques VI, roi d'Écosse
dictionary of the English language, A
Dictionary, spanish and english, and english and spanish containing the signification of words, with their different uses, the terms of arts, sciences and trades, the constructions, forms of speech ..., A
distance of the Sun from the Earth determined, by the theory of gravity. Together with several other things relative to the same subject. By Dr Matthew Stewart... Being a supplement to Tracts physical and mathematical, lately published by the same author.., The
Ecclesiastical law
Edwin, and Emma.
Eight chirurgical treatises, on these following heads : viz. I. Of tumours ; II. Of ulcers ; III. Of diseases of the anus ; IV. Of the king's evil ; V. Of wounds ; VI. Of gun-shot wounds ; VII. Of fractures and luxations ; VIII. Of the lues venerae. By Richard Wiseman, serjeant-chirurgeon to King Charles II. In two volumes. The sixth edition..
Eurydice. A tragedy. Acted at the Theatre-Royal, by His Majesty's servants. Written by Mr. Mallet. A new edition corrected.
Four dissertations. I. On Providence. II. On prayer. III. On the reasons for expecting that virtuous men shall meet after death in a state of happiness. IV. On the importance of christianity, the nature of historical evidence and miracles.
gardeners dictionary: containing the best and newest methods of cultivating and improving the kitchen, fruit, flower garden, and nursery... including the management of vineyards, The : The eighth edition, revised and altered according to the latest system of botany
Histoire militaire de Charles XII
historical view of the negotiations between the courts of England, France and Brussels, from the year 1592 to 1617. Extracted chiefly from the Ms. State-papers of Sir Thomas Edmondes,... and of Anthony Bacon,... by Thomas Birch, to which is added a relation of the state of France with the characters of Henri IV and the principal persons of that court drawn up by George Carew., An
history of Catiline's conspiracy, and the Jugurthine War, The : the life of Sallust
history of England, from the invasion of Julius Cæsar to the Revolution in 1688. In six volumes, by David Hume, esq. Vol. I [-Vol. VI]. A new edition, corrected
history of Scotland during the reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI. till his accession to the crown of England, The : The fourth edition
history of the poor laws, The : with observations
history of the rebellion, rais'd against his majesty king George I. By the friends of the popish pretender. Containing an account of the settlement of the succession to the crown of Great-Britain, in the illustrious family of Hanover... and by the open rebellion ; which is here exposed in all its parts, from its first rise to its final extinction. By the reverend Mr. Peter Rae. The second edition. To which is now added a collection of original letters, and authentic papers, relating to that rebellion
History Of Tom Jones, A Foundling., The
Joa. Wallisii Grammatica linguae anglicanae, cui praefigitur de loquela, sive de sonorum omnium loquelarium formatione tractatus grammatico-physicus, editio sexta [cura et impensis Th. Hollis atque And. Millar, cum praefatione Guil. Bowyer]
Larger confutation of bishop Hare's System of Hebrew metre, A : in a letter to the Rev. Dr. Edwards, in answer to his Latin epistle. By Robert Lowth....
Laws, ordinances, and institutions of the Admiralty of Great Britain, civil and military, The : comprehending ... interspers'd with dissertations, notes and comments, for the use of the officers of the navy, masters of ships, mariners, merchants, insurers, and the trading part of the nation in general. With a preface, giving a more particular account of the nature, use and design of this work : in two volumes.
Letters, on the spirit of patriotism : on the idea of a patriot king : and on the state of parties, at the accession of king George the first.
map of the British and French dominions in North America, with the roads, distances, limits, and extent of the settlements, humbly inscribed to the Right Honourable the Earl of Halifax, and the other Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners for Trade & Plantations, A
Matho : or, The cosmotheoria puerilis : in ten dialogues. Wherein, from the phænomena of the material world briefly explaines, the principles of natural religion are deduced and demonstrated. The whole accommodated to the capacities, and intended for the information of young students. By the late learned and ingenious author of the Essay on the human soul. Vol. I [-II]. The third edition ; corrected and enlarged..
medical works of Richard Mead, m. d. physician to his late Majesty king George II. fellow of the royal colleges of physicians at London and Edinburgh, and of the royal society.., The
Memoirs of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, from the year 1581 till her death. In which the secret intrigues of her court, and the conduct of her favourite, Robert Earl of Essex... are particularly illustrated. From the original papers of ... Anthony Bacon By Thomas Birch.
Military History Of Charles XII King of Sweden. To which is added, An exact Account of the Battle of Pultowa, with a Journal of the King's Retreat to Bender., The
Musical farces.
new and accurate map of the British dominions in America, according to the treaty of 1763; divided into the several provinces and jurisdiction, Projected upon the best authorities and astronomical observations., A
new and accurate map of the provinces of Pensilvania, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey., A
New publications printed for, and sold by George Cawthorn, bookseller and printer, to her royal highness the princess of Wales. N° 132, Strand.
Oceana and other works of James Harrington Esq; collected, methodiz'd, and review'd, The : an appendix, containing all the political tracts wrote by the autor, omitted in Mr. Toland's edition : The third edition
Oeuvres complètes.
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004, viewed online, Oct. 27, 2014
Plato redivivus or A dialogue concerning government wherein, by observations drawn from other kingdoms and states, both ancient and modern, an endeavour is used to discover the present politic distemper of our own ; with the causes and remedies. By Henry Neville..
poetical translation of the works of Horace: with the original text, and critical notes collected from his best Latin and French commentators, A : The fourth edition revised and corrected
principles of agriculture and vegetation, The : The second edition
proceedings of a general court-martial held at the Horse-Guards on Friday the 7th, and continued by several adjournments to Monday the 24th of March 1760; and of a general court-martial held at the Horse-Guards on Tuesday the 25th of March, and continued by several adjournments to Saturday the 5th of April 1760, upon the trial of Lord George Sackville. Published by authority., The
Publii Terentii Afri comoediae sex: ex editione Westerhoviana recensita ad fidem duodecim amplius mss.torum codicum & pluscularum optimae notae editionum.
question concerning literary property determined by the Court of King's Bench on 20th April 1769 in the cause between Andrew Millar and Robert Taylor ...., The
Robinson Crusoe
ruines de Palmyre, autrement dite Tedmor, au desert, Les
secret correspondence of Sir Robert Cecil with James VI, King of Scotland, The
sermon preached before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1749:, A
solis ac lunae defectibus libri V. P. Rogerii Iosephi Boscovich, ... Cum ejusdem auctoris adnotationibus., De
System Of Moral Philosophy, A : In Three Books.
Travels, or Observations relating to several parts of Barbary and the Levant. Illustraded with cuts. The second edition, with great improvements. By Thomas Shaw.
treatise of the nature and powers of the baths and waters of Bareges, A : in which their superior virtues for the cure of gun-shot and other wounds, with all their Complications of inveterate Ulcers, Fistulas, Callosities, and Caries; likewise of muscular and nervous Contractions, Schirrous Tumours, Anchyloses, and many other Diseases, as well Internal as External; are demonstrated, and confirmed by Practical Observations. With A Descriptive Relation of Bareges. To which is added an enquiry into the cause of heat in bituminous waters, And Of Their Specific Variations. By Sir Christopher Meighan, Knight of the Noble Order of Christ, M. D. Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Roüen ... A new edition, greatly enlarged.
works of Alexander Pope, Esq. in six volumes complete with his last corrections, additions, and improvements, The : printed verbatim from the octavo edition of Mr. Warburton.
works of John Locke, in four volumes. The seventh edition. Volume the first [-Volume the fourth]., The
works of John Sheffield... Duke of Buckingham, The : the third edition.