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Lee King Perry
Lee Perry
Lee Perry & The Upsetter
Lee “Scratch” Perry
Perry, Lee
Perry, Lee "King" (pseudonym)
Perry, Lee S.
Perry, Lee “Scratch”
Perry, Rainford Hugh
Scratch Perry
Upsetter, The
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Lee Scratch Perry (other identity, same person)
Mighty Upsetter, The (pseud)
Perry, Rainford Hugh Lee "Scratch" (other identity, same person)
Perry, Rainford Hugh (real name)
Perry, Scratch Lee (other identity, same person)
Perry, Scratch (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Scratch Perry Lee (other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Adams, Glen (co-performer)
Barker, Dave (co-performer)
Barrett, Aston “Family Man” (co-performer)
Barrett, Carlton “Carly” (co-performer)
Costa, da Glen (co-performer)
Dunbar, Lowell “Sly” (co-performer)
Gardiner, Boris (co-performer)
Gordon, Vin (co-performer)
Island Europe
Island Records Ltd
Johnson, Robert (co-performer)
Lee Scratch Perry and Dub Syndicate (see also from)
Lion, Jah (co-performer)
Marley, Bob
On-U sound
Pablo, Augustus (co-performer)
Polygram Distribution
Romeo, Max (1947-)
Romeo, Max (co-performer)
Shakespeare, Robert “Robbie” (co-performer)
Sibbles, Leroy
The Upsetters (isMemberOf)
The Upsetters (see also from)
Upsetters (Reggae group)
Upsetters Affiliation (see also from)
Wagram music
10 Commandments
20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection: The Best of Lee Scratch Perry
4 & 20 Dread Locks
A.B.C. Dubbing
Abbey Road Version
Africa Place
Africa's Blood
African Headcharge in the Hackney Empire
African Hitchiker
African Revolution
African Skank
African Starship
African style
After Beat Dub
Air Manifestation
Alien in Out a Space
Alien Starman
Alive, more than ever
All And All, Iron Claw
All in One
All Things Are Possible (A.K.A. Don't Mess With Old Bill)
am a Madman, I
Am Craft, I
Am Happiness, I
Am I Said, I
Am New Yorker, I
Am the Emperor, I
Am the God of Fire, I
Am The Upsetter: The Rare Sevens Box Set, I
Anasawa Dub
Angel Gabriel and the Space Boots
Anthology: 1968 - 1978
Apeman Skank
Are You Ready?
Ariel Dub
Ark of the Rising Sun
Arkology Sampler
Armageddeans Take Heed
Armagedeon War
Army Dub
Ashes and Dust
At the Jazz Cafe
Atlas Road Map
Autobiography of the Upsetter
Babush (4 min 18 s)
Baby Baby
Baby Sucker
Baby Talk
Babylon a Fall: The Best of Lee Perry
Babylon Cookie Jar a Crumble
Babylon falling
Babylon Thief Dub
Back on the Controls
Bad Times Disappear
Bad Weed
Bafflin' Smoke Signal
Baffling Smoke Signal (The Upsetter Shop Volume 3)
Bank To Bank
Bat Bat
Bathroom Skank
Battle of Armagideon (millionaire liquidator)
Bed Jammin'
Bed Jamming
Believe in Miracles, I
Believe This Dub
Best of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, The
Better future
Better Reach
Big Apple Coconut
Big Boss
Big Neck Dub
Big Neck Police Man
Bionic Rat Dub
Bionic Rats (album version)
Bionic Rats (Bubonic dub mix)
Bird in Hand
Bit a Bit Dub
Black Album, The
Black Ark Classic Songs
Black Ark Come Again
Black Ark in Dub
Black Ark International
Black Art Singles Selector
Black Belt Jones
Black Board Jungle Dub
Black Buster
Black Man Time
Black Panta
Black Smoke Signal
Black Spell
Black Street
Blackboard Jungle Dub (version 1)
Blackboard Jungle Dub (version 2)
Blackboard Re-Vision
Blackman Redemption
Blackman Time
Bless the Weed
Blood Of The Dragon
Blood Vapour
Bob Marley & Lee Perry Shocks Almighty Mix
Bob Marley More Axe
Bone of Witch
Books of Moses (Reggae mix)
Born in the Sky: Upsetter at the Controls 1969-1975
Brain Washing
Brake Out Dub
Brotherly Dub
Bucky Shank
Bucky Skank
Bumpy Dub
Bumpy Road of Life
Burn Funky
Bury the Razor
Bush Weed Corn Trash
Bushweed (Mono)
Bushweed (original Stereo)
Camp of the Righteous
Can't Control the African (Angry mix)
Cannot Wrong (And Get Right) (single mix)
Captain Dub
Captain Perry
Carol Cole & Sister P Ethiopia
Cats Bats Rats
Chalice A Fire
Chapter 2 Of "Words"
Chase Than Devil
Chase the Devil, I
Chicken scratch
Children of the Light
Chooga Cane
City Too Hot, The
Clear the Way
Clint Eastwood Rides Again
Cloak a Dagger (version 3)
Closer Together
Cocaine Allergy
Cock Roach Hotel
Cold Weather
Collect the Money
Collectorama - 1966-1979
Collie Ruler
Colt the Game (extended version)
Com'on and dance (7 min 06 s)
Come Along
Come by Me
Come go with Lee
Come, I
Come In
Come Up Scratch
Come Up Version
Coming in From the Cold
Concious Man Dub
Cool Rockers
Coolie Rule
Copy My Dub
Copy This and Copy That
Corn Fish Dub
Corn Picker Dub
Corner stone
Covenant Dub
Covetious Girl
Cow Thief Skank
Crab Years
Crazy Baldhead
Crazy House
Crazy Negril
Crazy Pimp
Creation Dub King Tubby Dub
Cricket on the Moon
Crooks in the Business
Culter Dub
Curley Dub
Curley Locks
Curly Locks
Cuss Cuss
Cut Throat
Cutting razor rare cuts from the Black Ark
Daddy Puff
Dancehall Kung Fu
Dancing Boots
Dancing Shoes
Dangerous Dub, A
Day Should Turn To Night
Dayler Gate
Dead Meat Dub
Death to Anyone Who Fight (Perry in Space)
Deathly Hands
Deepest Dub
Defend Yourself
Dem No Know Dub
Denise The Bitch
Devil Dead Out (Adrian Sherwood remix)
Did Not Die, I
Disco Cats
Disco Devil: The Jamaican Disco Mixes
Divine Madness... Definitely
Django Shoots First
Do The Dub Version
Do the Dubstep
Do You Like It
Doctor Dick
Doctor on the Go (Mono)
Doctor on the Go (original Stereo)
Doctor Shit!
Don’t Blame the Baldhead
Don't Jester Dub
Don’t Rock the Boat
Don't Rush I
Don't Touch My Shadow
Don't Try to Capsize I (Angry mix)
Dont Be Afraid
Double Six
Double Wine
Dr. Lee, PhD
Dragon Slayer
Dread Allergy
Dread at the Mantrols
Dread Lion
Dread Perry
Dreader Dub
Dreader Locks
Dreadlock in Moonlight
Dreadlock Talking (Mono)
Dreadlock Talking (original Stereo)
Dreadlocks in the Moonlight
Dreamland Dub
Dreamland Skank
Drum Rock
Drum Song
Dub a Come
Dub at Abbey Road
Dub Crisis
Dub de Music
Dub Fire
Dub From Africa
Dub From Yard
Dub in Time
Dub It Wide Open
Dub Messenger, The
Dub Metal
Dub-Net Philosophy
Dub Organizer
Dub Plate Pressure
Dub 'Pon De Street
Dub Revolution (Mono)
Dub Revolution (original Stereo)
Dub Revolution, Part 1
Dub the Rhythm (Mono)
Dub the Rhythm (original Stereo)
Dub Them Natty
Dub to Love
Dub Treasures From the Black Ark: Rare Dubs 1976–1978
Dub Wise Experryments
Dub with Feeling
Dubber, The
Dubbing With the Super Ape
Duppy Conquerer
Duppy Conqueror
Earthman Skanking
Earthquake Rock Dub
East Of The River Nile
Easy Dub
Easy Knocking
Economics Crisis
Egypt for My Ransom
Eight for Eight
Elephant Rock
Emperor Haile Selassie Light
En Evilous Dub
End of an American Dream, The
Enter The Ark
Enter the Dragon
Essential collection of classic dub
Essential Lee Perry: the Ultimate Upsetter
essential Lee "Scratch" Perry, The
Ethiopian Dream
Ethiopian Scroll
Everything Start From Scratch
Evil Brain Rejecter
Evil Brain Rejector
Evil Tongues
Evilous Dub, A
Exercises (Horsepower Productions remix)
Exercising (Horsepower remix)
Exit the Dragon
Experryments at the Grass Roots of Dub
Eye for an Eye, An
Favorite Dish
Favourite Dish
Feel Like Jumping (single mix)
Fever Grass Dub
Final Weapon
Find the Love
Fire in Dub
Fire 'Pon De Witch
Fire Power
Fisher Man Dub
Fist of Fury
Fists of Vengeance
Flames of the Dragon
Flut in the Ark
Fly Away
Flying Sensation Shoulder To The Wheel
For a Few Dollars More
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Forgiveness (Road of Life Riddim)
Forward With Love
Foundation dub
Foundation Solid (alternate mix)
Four Hundred Years
Four of a Kind
Freaky Michael
Free Up the Prisoners
Free Up the Rastaman
Free Up the Weed
Free Us
Freedom Dub
French Connection
From the secret laboratory
Fulness Dub
Fun and Games
Funky Dubs
Funky Joe
Funny Baby
Fussing and Fighting
Future dub
Game Black, The
Ganja Man, The
Get Up and Jam
Ghetto Sidewalk
Girls Love Them, The
Girls Them Love Dub, The
Give Me Justice
Give Me Power: Lee Perry and Friends
Give Praises
Give Thanx to Jah
Glory Dub
Go And Come Back
God Bless Pickney
God Save His King
God Smiled (Moody Boyz remix)
Gold Collection
Golden Locks
Good Luck Perry
Good Will Dub
Got the) Groove, (I
Grim Reaper, The
Groovy Dub
Groovy Situation (vocal)
Grumblin' Dub
GT 4000 Dub
Guiding Dub
Guitar Boogie Dub
Hail Stone
Hallo Jamaica
Handy Cap
Happy Birthday Jamaica
Happy Birthday Marcus
Happy Roots
Hard Drive
Have some mercy (4 min 50 s)
Have You Seen Jesus Christ?
Having a Party
Having Fun Dub
Head of Government
Heads of Government
Heart Doctor
Heart of the Ark
Heart of the Dragon
Heartbeat reggae 2000
Heartbeat reggae two thousand
Heaven & Hell
Help the Weak (single mix)
Hey Mama
High Rankin Sammy
Higher Level
Hip Hop Reggae
History, Mystery & Prophesy
Hit Me With The Drum
Hold Fast Dub
Hold of Death
Hold Them Kung Fu
Holla and Bawl
Holy Angels
Holy Moses
Holyness, Righteousness, Light
Hot a Hot Dub
Hot Pipes
Hot Shit
Hotter Than Hell
Hotter Than Hot
House of Angels
House Of God (Remix)
House of Sin (Remix)
How Deep Is Your Love
I'll Take You There
I'm Not a Human Being
I've Never Had It So Good
If the Cap Fits
In the Room
In the Valley
In These Times
In This Iwa
Inakaya (Japanese Food)
Inspector Gadget
International Broadcaster (Moody Boyz remix)
Introducing Myself
Invisible Dub
Iration Dub
Irie Irie
Iron Claw
Iron Fist
Iron Gate
Ironman (Pempi remix)
It's Alright
Jah Jah Natty Dread
Jah Live
Jah Power
Jah Rastafari, Jungle Safari
Jamaican e.t.
Jamaïquedub & dancehall
Jane Ann & the Pumpkin
John Crow Skank
John Public
joker, The
Judgement Day
Judgement in a Babylon
Judgement inna Babylon
Jungle Fever
Jungle Jim
Jungle Lion
Jungle Roots Dub
Jungle Safari
Jungle Skank
Jungle Soldier
Jungle Tongue
Jungle (Urban Breakdown)
Jungle Youth (Congo Natty remix)
Just Keep It Up (single mix)
Justice to the People (Verse 2)
Kasha Macka Dub
Kaya Skank
Keep On Learning Dub
Keep On Moving
Keep on Skanking
Keithis Cost Of Living
Kentucky Skank
Ketch a Dub
Khasha Macka
Kill Them All
Kill Them Dreams Money Worshippers
Killing Dancehall Softly
Killing Version
Kimble the Nimble
King Tubby meets Lee Perry Megawatt dub.
Kingston Breakdown
Kiss Me Neck
Kojak (Mono)
Kojak (original Stereo)
Kotch Up Dub
Kung Fu Man
Kung Fu Warrior
L. S. D. - L. S. P. (Flute mix)
L. S. D. - L. S. P. (Hard Trance mix)
Land of Dub (Raw mix)
Land Of Dub Version
Land of Sex
Larks From The Ark
Last Blood
Lee in the Heartbeat
Lee Perry & Friends: Shocks of Mighty (1969-74)
Lee Perry Guiding Star Dub
Lee Perry Special Dub
Lee Perry the Dark Destroyer
Lee Perry Upsetting Dub
Lee’s Garden
Lee's Special (Dubplate cut)
Lee Scratch Perry - Arkology
Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry on the Wire
Lee "Scratch" Perry: Wizdom 1971-1975
Lee the Upsetter
Legalise Ganja
Leopard Dub
Let it Rain
Let There Be Light
Lick Shot
Licky Licky
Life is not easy
Lightning and Thunder Flash
Like the Way You Should (Digital Mystikz remix)
Lion of Abbysinia
Little Flute Chant
Live at Maritime Hall
Live Injection: Anthology 1968 to 1979, A
Living in Dub
Lord God Muzick
Lord's Prayer, The
Lorna Skank
Lost Treasures of the Ark
Love Doctor
Love Power
Love Sunshine, Blue Sky
Love You, I
Lovers Skank
Lucy Charm
Mad Alien Dub
Mad House
Mad Man Dubwise
Madhead (single mix)
Magic Dreams
Magic Music
Magic touch
Make Up Dub
Making Love in Dub
Makumba Rock (Extended Discoplate Version)
Maldonado Dub
Man From Zion, The
Mandela Dub
Master Piece
Maxi Merlin (radio version)
Me Sir
Medusa Dub
Megaton Bomb
Megaton Dub 1
Megaton Dub 2
Mengieb (7 min 02 s)
Merlin White Magic Air
Message From the Black Ark Studios
Message From Yard
Message to You, Rudy, A
Messy Apartment
Mighty Upsetter, The
Militant Rock
Miracle Dreams
Miss Understood
[Mistry Babylon]
Mokey Party
Money Come and Money Go
Money Me a Deal With
Mooving Skank
Mother in Law (single mix)
Mother Land Dub
Moving Forward
Moving On
Mr. Arkwell Spell
Mr. Brown Dub
Mr. Brown in Town
Mr Dino Koosh Rock
Mr Dobberman (5 min 12 s)
Mr Herbsman
Mr. Music
Mr Perry I Presume
Mr President
Mr. Upsetter (Dancehall Fusion Mix)
Mr. Upsetter (Funky Mix)
Mr. Upsetter (Pop Mix)
Much smarter dub
Music Breeze
Music & Science Madness
Musical Doctor
Musical Transplant
Musicsoldianouvel album
Must Be Free
Muto ya motema (8 min 01 s)
My Dream Come True
My Girl
My Name Is!!!
My Secret Laboratory
Mystic Miracle Star
Na Go With Ravenkiller
Nasty Spell
Ne Run Down
News Flash
Nice Time
Night Doctor
No Dreads
No Evil
No Food a Run Dub
No Ice Age
No More Roast Fish!
No Sorrow
No Stick For Denise
Noah's Ark
Noah Sugar Pan
Nu Sound & Version
Nucleus Dub
Nuh Fe Run Down
Obeah Room (Digital Mystikz remix)
Ohh La La
On Nigeria
On The Street Again
On the Streets Again
On the Wire
Once I Had A Dream
One Armed Boxer
One Drop Rockers
One God in Space
One God One Brain
One God, Open Brain
One God Rain
One Horse Race
One Step Forward
Ooh La La Dub
Open Door
Open the Gate Dub
Open Up (Cook Book) (A.K.A. Puss in Bag) (single mix)
Open Up Your Arms
Original Jungle Dub
Other Side Of Midnight, The
Out of Many the Upsetter
Own Man (Mono)
Own Man (original Stereo)
Ox Man Dubwise
Panic in Babylon (TV on the Radio)
Papa Rapa
Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Party Dub
Party Time
Pay it all back
People Funny Boy: The Early Upsetter Singles
People Funny Fi True
People Sokup Boy
People Weird (Dub)
Perfidia Dub
Perry in the Ghetto Dub
Perry's Jump Up
Perry's Mood
Perry's Rub a Dub
Police and thieves
Political Confusion
Pooping Dub Song
Pop Goes the Dread Dub
Pow Dub
Pow Satan
Power Dub
Power to the Children
Presenting Dub
Problem with Dub
Produced and Directed by The Upsetter
Proverbs of dub
Psalms 20
Psycho Dread
Public Jestering: Lee "Scratch" Perry and Friends
Pum-Pum (extended remix)
Punky Reggae Party
Purity Rock (instrumental)
Purity Rock (vocal version)
Push, Push
Pussy I Cocky I Water
Queen Dub
Queen Elizabeths Pum Pum
Radication Squad
Radio Scratch, Part 01
Radio Scratch, Part 02
Radio Scratch, Part 03
Radio Scratch, Part 04
Radio Scratch, Part 05
Radio Scratch, Part 06
Radio Scratch, Part 07
Radio Scratch, Part 08
Radio Scratch, Part 09
Radio Scratch, Part 10
Radio Scratch, Part 11
Radio Scratch, Part 12
Radio Scratch, Part 13
Radio Scratch, Part 14
Radio Scratch, Part 15
Radio Scratch, Part 16
Radio Scratch, Part 17
Radio Scratch, Part 18
Radio Scratch, Part 19
Radio Scratch, Part 20
Radio Scratch, Part 21
Radio Scratch, Part 22
Radio Scratch, Part 23
Radio Scratch, Part 24
Radio Scratch, Part 25
Radio Scratch, Part 26
Raggareggae, ska, dub
Rainbow Country Dub
Rainbow Throne
Raindrops (Mono)
Raindrops (original Stereo)
Rainy Night Dub
Rainy night in Portland
Rally Dub
Rape Bait (A.K.A. Jane Ann and the Pumpkin) (single mix)
Rare cuts from the Black Ark
Rasta Dub
Rasta Emotions
Rasta Man
Rasta Train
Rastafari Live
Rastafari on Wall Street
Rastaman Live Up!
Rastaman Shuffle
Rat Race
Ready Lee
Rebel's Hop
Rebuild Jamaica
Reggae 2000
Reggae Duppy
Reggae Emperor
Reggae greats
Reggae hits
Reggae legend
Reggae Legends 2
Reggae Man
Reggae night
Reggae Opera
Reincarnation Dub
Rejoice in Skank
Repent and Dub
Return of Django
Return of Pipecock Jackxon, The
Return of Sound System Scratch: More Lee Perry Dub Plate Mixes & Rarities 1973 to 1979, The
Return to Chase Satan
Return to Django
Revelation dub
Revelation Revolution and Evolution
Revolution Dub
Rides Again
Riding High
Right Yo Dub
Righteous Oily
Rise Again
Rise Falling Fighters
Rise & Shine Dub
Rise Up Kinky
Riverside Rock
Roast Fish and Corn Bread (extended mix)
Roast Fish and Cornbread (extended mix)
Roast Fish Collie Weed & Corn Bread
Roast Fish & Cornbread (JA single mix)
Rock My Soul
Rock This Boat
Rock Well
Rocking the Dub
Rolling Thunder
Rootically Dub
Roots Rock Dub
Roots train
Rough Dub
Rub & Squeeze
Rubba Dub
Rubba, Rubba Words
Rude Boy
Rude Walking
Ruff Ruf Step
Ruffer dub
Ruffer ruff
Run Evil Spirit
Run for Cover
Run Obeah Run
Running Dub
Sacrifice, The
Saint Selassie
Samurai Swordsman
Santa Claus
Satan Dub
Satan Kicked The Bucket
Scary Politicians
School Girl Dub
Scientist Dub
Scorching Man
Scratch Attack!
Scratch Came Scratch Saw Scratch Conquered
Scratch Is Alive
Scratch It
Scratch Message
Scratch on the wire
Scratch the Dub Organizer
Scratch Walking
Seaside (Mystic Mirror)
Secret Laboratory (Rootah version)
Secret Laboratory (Scientific Dance Hall)
Secret Laboratory (Scientific Dancehall)
Secret Loboratory
Sensemilla Dub
Serenade Dub
Serious Dub (Digitally Remastered), A
Serious Joke, A
Set 'Dem Free
Set Me Free
Set the Free
Set Them Free
Setta Iration Dub
Seven Devils Dead
Seven Wishes of Lee "Scratch" Perry, The
Sex vibrations (4 min 10 s)
Sexy boss (7 min 42 s)
Sexy Lady
Sheba Dance
Shepherd rod
Shocks of Mighty
Show Me That River
Shuamark & Robinson Weak Heart Feel It
Sick and Tired
Silum Dubbing Mood
Silver Locks
Simon the Sorcerer
Sin Semilla Kaya Dub
Sinful Fuckers
Sipple Dub
Sitting and Skankin
Sitting and Skanking Dub
Skanking with Lee Perry
Skanking with the Upsetter - Rare Dubs 1971-1974
Sky High Dub
Small Morsel
So Be It
So You Come, So You Go
Soldier and police war
Solid as a Rock
Solid State Communication
Solid State Dub
Some Have fe Halla
Some of the best
Something You Got
Son of the Black Ark (alternate mix)
Son of thunder
Songs produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry
Songs To Bring Back The Ark
Soul Fire: An Introduction to Lee "Scratch" Perry
Soul Man (Reprise)
Soul Rebel
Soulettes Bring It Up, The
Sound Doctor: Lee Perry and the Sufferers' Black Ark Singles and Dub Plates 1972-1978, The
Sound of Jamaica
Sound of My Dub
Sound of the Underground, The
Sound System Scratch: Lee Perry's Dub Plate Mixes 1973 to 1979
Soundzs from the hot line
Space Dub
Speak the Truth
Special Dub
Special Request
Spirit of reggae
Spirit of reggaeGet up... Stand up
Spirits Speak
Spiritual healing (4 min 44 s)
Spongy Rubber Dub Dubmaster (Dialect & Kosine remix)
Stand Alone
Stand by Me
Standing on the Hill
Star Dub
Station Underground News
Stay Dead
Stay Dread
Stay Red
Stick Together
Stone Cold Dub
Stop Following Me
Straight Jacketed (Bullion remix)
Strip Off
Such Is Dub
Sufferer's heights
Sufferer's time
Sugar Bag
Sun Is Shining: Live At the Jazz Café, Friday 22nd January 2010
Sun of Thunder
Sunshine Showdown
Super Ape Inna Jungle
Supersonic Man
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Guava Jelly
Tackro, The
Talk about it
Techno Party!
Teddy Bear
Tedious Dub
Telepathic Jah a Rize
Ten Commandments
Thanks We Get
Theme From Hong Kong
There Is a Place for Us
This Is Iwa
This Old Man
Three Blind Dub
Throw Some Water In
Thunder and Lightning
Tiger Lion
Tight Interlude
Tighten Up
Time boom x de devil dead
Time Conquer
Time Marches On (In/Out mix)
Time to Party
To Be a Lover / Have Some Mercy
Too Much Is Too Much
Too Much Money
Torch of Freedom
Track 13
Trendsetting Dub
Treveling in Dub
Trinity of Life
Truth and rights Observer style
Truth and Wizdom 1971-1975
Tug O' War
Twiddle With Me
Two‐Mad Mad Dub
Two Mad Man in Dub
Two Mad Men in Dub
Ufo Attack (Ambient version)
Ufo Attack (instrumental)
Ultimate Collection
Uncle Desmond
Untitled Rhythm
Upful Dub Fashion
Upsetter and the Beat, The
upsetter box set sr p, the
Upsetter collection, The
Upsetter: Essential Madness From the Scratch Files, The
Upsetter in Dub
Upsetter Live! 1995-2002 (Part One: The Truth As It Happens), The
Upsetter Word Wind (instrumental)
Upsetters Earth Ago Wheel, The
Upsetters Poor Man Dub, The
Upsetting Dub, A
Upsetting Rhythm #1
Upsetting Rhythm #2
Upsetting Rhythm #3
Upsetting Version
Used to Drive a Tractor in Negrille
V/S Panta Rock
Valley of Dub, The
Vamp a dub
Vampire, The
Various reggae greats - Lee "Scratch" Perry
Version Train
Vibrate On
Victoria Fight
Vindetta (6 min 57 s)
Vooba Skooba
Voodoo Man
Wackie's Plan
Wake the Dead
Wall Street Version
Want a Meekie Girl, I
War Dance (The Knocks remix)
War Dub
War in a Babylon
War ina Babylon
Water Pump
Way to Unification, The
Welcome Aboard
What a Botheration
What a Good Wood Man
What a Good Woodman (a.k.a. the Woodman)
What a Sin
What a Situation
What's The Use
When Jah Come
When You Walk
White Belly Rat
Who Killed the Chicken
Who Put the Voodoo 'pon Reggae?
Who Shot King Tubby
Who You Gonna Run To
Why Complaining?
Why People Funny
Will Be There, I
Wind Up Doll
Wise Dub
Wish It Would Rain Peace, I
Witches Are Funny
Wolf out deh
Woman's Dub
Womans Dub (Mono)
Womans Dub (original Stereo)
Won't Dub You, I
Wonderman Years, The
Woodman, The
Word Sound
Words (edit)
Words Re-Vision (Dubplate cut)
Working Girl (Angry mix)
Working Girl Dub
Working in the Jungle
Working Man
World Peace
Writing on the Wall
X-Perry-Ment (radio version)
Yakety Yak
Yakey Yak
Yee Ha Ha Ha
Yellow Tongue (Kode 9 remix)
Yes My Friends
You Crummy (Too Gravelicious)
You Funny
You Thought I Was Dead
You Were Meant for Me
Your Shadow Is Black
Your Shadow Is Dub
Yu Squeeze My Panhandle
Yush Dub
Zion Blood
Zion Daughter Dub
Zion in Dub
Zions Blood
Zoic, The
Contributed to or performed: 
#throwbackthursday: Reggae
100 Hits: Reggae
100 Reggae & Ska Hits
15 and X Years of On-U Sound
15 Years in an Open "Boat"
23rd Dub
25 ans avant Nova
25 ans de Radio Nova
25 Years Ago
3/60: Reggae Greats
30 Years of Jamaican Music on the Go
3step 4ever
400 Years
4th Dimension
5 Cardiff Crescent
7x7: Lee 'Scratch' Perry vs. King Tubby in Dub
96° in the Shade
Absolutely the Best of Reggae, Volume 1
Adrian Sherwood Presents the Master Recordings, Volume 2
Adults Only, Volume 1
Adventures in Dub: Essential Bassline Business
Africa (instrumental)
African Herbsman
African Roots
African Skank
Ain't No Love
Alan McGee and Danny Watson Present...: Death Disco: The Club Soundtrack
Alive, More Than Ever
All Eye See
All the Hits
All Will Be Well in the Garden
Allergic to Lies
Always look on the Bright Side of Life (Song)
Am a Madman, I
Am a Psychiatrist, I
Am the Dubsetter!, I
Andy, Agent to the Stars
Another World Is Possible
Apeman Cave Dub
Apeman Skank
Are You Coming Home?
Are You Ready
Arise Rootsman: Jamaican Roots 1965-1983
Arkwell Dub
Arnie Arrives
Arnie Imposter, The
Arnie's Movie Trailer
Arnie's opening Monologue
Arnie's Sheds a Tear
Ashes (instrumental)
At Black Ark Full Experience
At Midnite
Bab Theef
Baby Krishna
Babylon War Dub
Babylon's Burning
Babylon’s Burning
Back Biter
Back Biter Version
Back to Mine: Orbital
Bad Tooth
Baffling Smoke Signal: The Upsetter Shop, Volume 3
Bag of Collie (Dillinger)
Ball of Fire
Ball Of Fire (Dabrye Remix)
Ball Of Fire (Deadbeat Nyah Dub)
Ball Of Fire (Deadbeat Nyah Version)
Ball of Fire (instrumental)
Ball of Fire (Mad Professor 'I Need Balls' version)
Ball Of Fire (Mad Professor Dub Mix)
Ball Of Fire (Mad Professor I Need Balls Version)
Bamb Bamb Dub
Bank of the Rivers, The
Bass Culture: A Zenzile Mix
Bathroom Skank
BBC Radio 1's Chris Coco & Rob Da Bank Present: Blue Balearic
Be Concious & Wise: Dub Showcase
Bedwood in August Town
Beggers Dub
Beginner's Guide to World Music: 2006 World Cup Limited Edition
Best Is Lose, The
Best Miscasting in a Motion Picture
Best of Both Worlds, The
Best Of Lee Perry And "The Upsetters", The
Best of the Upsetter Years: 1970-1971, The
Bestival: The Album
Big Gundown: Reggae Inspired by Spaghetti Westerns, The
Big Joke, A
Big Neck Cut
Bionic Rats
Bird In Hand
Black Ark Classics in Dub
Black Ark Experryments
Black Art
Black Belt
Black Belt Jones
Black Bett Jones
Black Environment
Black Hand
Black IPA
Black Madonna Dub
Black Panta
Black Princess
Black Vest (Dubstrumental)
Blackboard Jungle
Blackboard Jungle (Jahdan Blakkamoore & Subatomic remix)
Blackboard Jungle Dub
Blitzed Chart
Blood of the Dragon
Blood Out of Stone
Blow Down Babylon
Blunted in the Bomb Shelter
Bog Walk Skanking
Bonanza Ska
Bone of Witch
Boo Pope
Born in Jamaica
Bounce Back Dub
Brazilian Jungle
Break the Chains
Bredda's Dub
British Music: Los Angeles
Broken Antennae
Bucky Skank
Buddha Sunset
Bull Bay Skank
Bush Tea
Bush Weed
Bush Weed Dub
Buster Dub
By Saint Peter
By Saint Peter (single mix)
By the Rivers of Babylon: Timeless Hymns of Rastafari
C. N. Express
Call Me Dub
Calypso Control
Can't Believe they made this Documentary, I
Can't See You
Cane River Rock
Catch the Ride
Caught Yo, I
Caveman Skank
Chapter 3 - Live As One
Chase Dem Down With Garlic
Chase the Devil
Chase the Devil (G.Corp remix)
Chase the Devil (Sin City mix)
Chase the Devil Dub
Chase the Devil, I
Cheerful Dub
Chow Thief Skank
Chrome Optimism
Chrome Optimism (Deep Jungle mix)
Chrome Optimism (Dubblestandart dub)
Chrome Optimism (Subatomic Sound System remix)
City Too Hot
Clancy Eccles’ Rock Steady & Reggae Revue at the Sombrero Club 1967-1969
Classic Reggae - The Producers
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood Rides Again
Cloak & Dagger
Cloak & Dagger (Original 1972 Mix)
Cloak & Dagger Horns Dub Plate Pressure
Clock Wise Dub
Club Dread
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 81: May 2000
Cocksman Get Wicked (Coxs) Dub
Come Along
Come Back
Come Down
Come Home Dub
Coming of Jah: Anthology 1967-76, The
Complete UK Upsetter Singles Collection, Volume 1, The
Complete UK Upsetter Singles Collection, Volume 2, The
Complete UK Upsetter Singles Collection, Volume 4, The
Complete Upsetter Collection, The
Confrontation Songs
Congo (instrumental)
Cornbread Dub
Council of the Wicked
Cow Thief Skank
Crab Yars
Creation Dub
Croaking Lizard (Dubstrumental)
Crooked Dub
Curley Dub
Curly Dub
Cutting Razor: Rare Cuts From the Black Ark
Da Da (Version)
DAMN! The Mixtape, Vol. 1
Dark Destroyer Dub
Deadly Funny - Oxygen, Part 4
Deadly Funny (Subatomic Sound System dub)
Death in the Arena
Deathly Hands
Defending Rights & Justice / Island Girl Dub
Deliver Us From Criminals
Dentis', The
Dentist (version 2), The
Devil Dead Live
Devil Dead, De
Diplomat, Aristocrat
Director's Commentary
Disco Devil
Disco Devil (Extended Mix)
Disco Devil [Version]
Disco Devil / Earth Is The Lord / Norman / Sexy Natty
Divide and Rule
Divide and Rule (dub)
DJ Spooky Presents in Fine Style
Django Shoots First
Do the Lion Dub
Do Vodoo (Dub), I
Do Voodoo (RSD remix), I
Do Voodoo (Umberto Echo remix), I
Do Voodoo Dub, I
Do Voodoo, I
Doctor Dick
Doctor Dub
Doctor on the Go
Don't Blame the Children
Don't Cut Off Your Dread Dub
Don’t Rush I
Don’t Rush I (instrumental)
Double Six
Down Go The Walls Of Germany
Down Goes The Walls Of Germany
Down Here in Babylon Brent Dowe
Down Ina Babylon
Dragon Enters, The
Dragon Slayer
Dread Lion
Dread Lion (Dubstrumental)
Dread Locks
Dreader Locks
Dreadlock Talking
Dreadlocks in the Moonlight / Cut Throat (extended version)
Dreamland Skank
Drum Rock
Drummer Boy Dub
Dry Acid
Dub & Praise
Dub Along
Dub Anthology
Dub Chill Out
Dub Chill Out: 23 Massive Cuts From the Original Masters of Dub
Dub Clot inna Bath
Dub Connection
Dub Dread
Dub Fire
Dub Hold I
Dub It Scratchy Dub It
Dub Massive, Volume One
Dub Master
Dub Me Right
Dub Money
Dub Next Door
Dub of the Massai
Dub on Till You Sweat
Dub or Die
Dub Organizer
Dub Party
Dub Pirate
Dub Reggae Soca
Dub Reggae Socca
Dub Revelutions
Dub Revolution
Dub Science
Dub Setter
Dub Skeem
Dub Take the Voodoo Out of Reggae
Dub the Old Fashioned Way
Dub the Past
Dub the Rhythm
Dub the World
Dub Them Crazy
Dub This Sound
Dub Those Crazy Baldheads
Dub to Skaville
Dub Voodooo
Dub Warrior, The
Dub With Everybody
Dub You!, I
Dub Your Pum Pum
Dub: A Journey in Bass Culture
Dub: Original Bass Culture
Dub/More Bass Culture
Dubbing in the Back Seat
Dubblestandart Meets David Lynch & Lee Scratch Perry
Dubblestandart Respect the Poor Dub
Duppy Conqueror
Dyon - Anaswa
Dyon Anaswa
Earth a Go Wheel (Flying Sensation)
Earthquake Dub
East of the River Nile
Eggred Dub
Eight for Eight
Elephant Rock
Elixir of Life
Enter The Dragon
Enter the Dragon (alternate take)
Enter the Dragon (Original Mix)
Enter the Upsetter
Episode 3
Essential Ska
Every Knee Shall Bow
Exit the Dragon
Exorcism of Envy
Explosive Rock Steady: Joe Gibbs' Amalgamated Label 1967-1973
FabricLive 42: FreQ Nasty
FACT Mix 341: The Orb & Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
Fall in Love With Dub
Feel Alright
Feel the Reggae
Feel the Reggae, Volume 2
Feel the Spirit
Feeling so Dub
Feeling So Good
Fight to the Finish
Finest in Reggae Music is on Island, The
First Class Rock Steady
Fish Tea
Flames of Fire
Flames Of The Dragon
Flaming Torch
Flush It
Fly Away
FM4 Soundselection: 20
Foo China (7" edit), I
Foo China Dub, I
Foo China, I
For A Few Dollars More
For a Few Dollars More: 28 Shots of Western Inspired Reggae
Forgiveness (Road of Life Riddim Mix)
Foundation Dub
Four of a Kind
Freak & Skank
Freedom (Anthology 1967-73)
French Connection
French Connection (Chapter Two)
Friends and Family
From Heaven Above
Full Experience
Fungus Dub
Fungus Rock
Funky Kingston: Reggae Dance Floor Grooves 1968-1974
Funky Punk Rock
Furry Selection: Luxury Cuts of Trojan chosen by a Super Furry Animal
Fussball (instrumental)
Fussing & Fighting
Fussing and Fighting
Gang War
Get Ready to Dub
Get Up and Jam
GetDarker Presents: This Is Dubstep 2012
Ghetto Dub
Girls Them Love Dub, The
Give Me Dub
Give Me Power
Give Thanks & Praises
Give Thanks Dub
Give Thanks Version
Give Thanx & Praises (Megaton 3)
Glory Glory Dub
Go Down Evil
Go Down Evil (instrumental)
Go Russ Go (Song)
Godfather, The
Golden Clouds
Golden Clouds (Blue Space White Cloud 81neutronz remix)
Golden Clouds (Blue Space White Cloud 81neutronz Rmx)
Golden Clouds (instrumental)
Golden Clouds (OICHO remix)
Golden Clouds (Youth Gigantic Dreadnaught Dub Mix)
Golden Clouds (Youth Nous Sommes Tous En Situation Irreguliere Ambient Mix)
Golden Legends: Legends of Reggae
Golden Locks Dub
Golden Rocks
Good Lucky Perry
Grand Theft Auto V Radio
Great Dub Vibes
Greatest Hits From Outer Space
Green Bay Killing
Green Bay Version (A.K.A. Green Bay Incident dub)
Greenwich Farm Dub
Groove Yard
Groovy Dub
Guiding Angel Dub
Gumma (single mix)
H.O.O. (instrumental)
Hail Natty Congo Dub
Hail Stone
Hand to Hand (single mix)
Harambee Avenue
Heads of Government
Headz Gonna Roll
Heart Of The Dragon
Heartbeat Reggae
Heartbeat Reggae Now!
Heartbeat Reggae Roundup
Heatwave Dub
Heaven Gate
Heavy Voodoo
Herb Dub
High Grade
High Plains Drifter: Jamaican 45's 1968-73
High Ranking Sammy
His Master's Voice
History of Dub: The Golden Age, A
History of Lassie
History of Trojan Records 1972-1995, Volume 2
Hoah's Ark
Hold Me Upsetter
Hold Me Upsetter (instrumental)
Hold on Death
Hold Them Kung Fu
Hold Yu Corner
Hollywood Motel
Horror Zone
Horror Zone in Dub
Hôtel Costes 1999–2007: The Anniversary Boxset
Hôtel Costes, Volume 8
Hôtel Costes: A Decade 1999-2009
Hotter Than Hot
How Come
How Come (aka I Come)
How Come You Come
Huzza a Hana
Huzza Hana
I'll Be Black: Compiled by The Orb
I'll Never Let Go Dub
I'm a Psychiatrist
I've Got the Pill
In Dub Confrontation
In Dub, Volume 2 (disc 2)
In London Town
In Satan's Dub
In the Bathroom
In the Iaah
In The Laah
In the Red Zone: The Essential Collection of Classic Dub
In the studio listening to the Upsetter Radio Show on J.B
Injection Dub
Inrockuptibles présentent : Musiques : Printemps 2000, Les
Inspector Gadget
Inspector Gadget 2004
International Broadcaster
International Brodcaster (Jungle Remix)
Introducing Myself
Introducing The Upsetter
Iron Claw
Iron Dub
Iron Fist
Iron Fist Upsetter's Dub
Iron Gate Dub
Iron Teeth Killer Dub
Island 40, Volume 5: 1972-1995: Reggae Roots
Island Girl (Defending Rights & Justice version)
Island presents Reggae Discomixes: 22 Essential Extended Mixes
Island Records presents: Roots - 37 Essential Roots Anthems
It's A Sin
It's a Woman's World
It's Reggae Time
It’s Alright
Jack of My Trade
Jah I
Jah Jah Ah Natthy Dread
Jah Jah Ah Natty Dread
Jah Live Dub
Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 3
Jahtarian Dubbers, Volume 3
Jam Into Sweet Dub
Jamaica Ska Core: Best of Ska, Volume 4
Jamaica: Anthology of Jamaican Music
Jamaica: Island In the Sun
Jazzy Dub
Jazzy Lady
Jesus Christ
Jesus Perry
Jingle Lion
Joe Gibbs: Love of the Common People: Anthology 1967-79
John Tom (single mix)
Johnny Reggae
Jonny Greenwood Is the Controller
Judgement Day
Jungle (Big Hot Plate)
Jungle (Disco Plate)
Jungle (Drums)
Jungle (original 7" version)
Jungle (Radio Plate)
Jungle (Rhythm)
Jungle (Urban Breakdown)
Jungle (Wall of China)
Jungle Dub
Jungle Fever
Jungle Jim
Jungle Lion
Jungle Lion (instrumental)
Jungle Revolution in Dub
Jungle Safari
Just Keep It Up
Just Reggae
Justice to the People
Justice to the People, Verse 2
Kaya Skank
Keanu's Words of Wisdom
Keep on Dubbing
Keep on Moving
Kentucky Skank
Khasha Macka
Kill Them All
King of the Forest
King of the Trombone
King Size Dub Special
King Size Dub, Chapter 69
Kingdom of Dub
Kingston Jamaica Dub
Kingston Tower
Kinky Fly
Kiss the Champion
Knock Out Dub
Know Something, I
Koma Rock in Dub
Kon the Louis Vuitton Don
Kuchy Skank
Kung Fu Fighting
Kung Fu Man
Kung Fu Meets the Dragon
Kung Fu Warrior
Kunk Fu Fighting
Kunk Fu Part 2
Last Blood
LateNightTales: Franz Ferdinand
Law and Order
Lead Line
Leave the Dread
Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters
Lee "Scratch" Perry and the Upsetters: The Upsetter Shop, Volume 2 1969 to 1973
Lee Meets ERM
Lee Perry & Friends: The Singles Collection: Anthology 1968-1979
Lee Perry & The Upsetter meet Scientist at Black Ark Studio
Lee Perry in Action Dub
Lee Perry Meets Mad professor In Dub
Lee Perry Meets Scientist at the Blackheart Studio
Lee Perry Meets The Mad Professor
Lee Perry Meets the Mad Professor in Dub Chapter 1 & 2
Lee Perry Special Dub
Lee Perry the Upsetter & The Student
Lee Perry vs. The Observer
Lee Perry's Dream
Lee Perry's Forgiving Dub
Legend Remixed
Let 'em Take It
Let 'em Take It Dub
Let’s Do Rocksteady: The Story of Rocksteady, 1966–68
Life on Mars
Like the Way You Should (Digital Mystikz remix)
Like the Way You Should (Mala remix)
Like the Way You Should / Obeah Room (Mala remixes)
Lion Train
Lion, The
Lion's Share
Liquid Serenade
Little Flute Chant
Live Up Jah Man
Livelihood Dub
Lively Up Yourself
Load the Chalice Dub
Loch Ness Monster
Locks in the Dublight
Long And (short dub)
Long Hard Road, The
Long Long Dreadlock
Long Sentence
Long Sentence Dub
Longer Way
Longer Way (dub)
Love Is Queen Omega
Love, Maize & Beans
Lovers Skank
Lucky Tarzan
M.F.A. Dub
Mad Man Dubwise
Madman Dub
Magnetic Mirror Master Mix - Scratch And The Upsetters
Making Love in Dub
Making Love in Dub (instrumental)
Man From Afar Dub
Man From M.I.5.
Man in the Moon
Man in the Moon (instrumental)
Man to Man
Man Zion, The
Many Faces of Bob Marley & The Wailers, The
Many Faces of the Police, The
Marijuana Dreams
Mark of the Beast
Mastercuts 70's Reggae
Masterpiece: Created by David Rodigan
Masters of Reggae
Masters of Reggae, Volume 2
Matches Lane Affair
Mean Dub
Méga Reggae Dance
Megawatt Dub
Mek It Soon
Mental War
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
Message, The
Messy Dub Appartment
Method to the Madness: Mad Professor
Miles Jump Ahead
Militant Man
Militant Rastaman Dub
Mirror Wars
Mojo Presents: Sun Is Shining
Money Love Dub
Monkey Business: The Definitive Skinhead Reggae Collection
Monkey Ska
Mooving Skank
More Tales From the Orbservatory
Morning with Russ
Morvern Callar
Mouth Murderer Dub
Move On
Moving In Dub
Mr. Brown
Mr. Dubfire
Mule Train
Music & Science (Lovers Rock)
Music & Science Lovers
Music & Silence Lover
Music Box Reggae
Music Forever
Music of Grand Theft Auto V, The
Music of Grand Theft Auto V, Volume 3: The Soundtrack, The
Musical Bones
Musical Transplant
Muzik City: The Story of Trojan
My Cup
My Snob
Mystic Morning
Mystic Powers of Dub
Mystic Warrior
Mystic Warrior & Mystic Warrior Dub
Mystic Warrior + Mystic Warrior Dub
Mystic Warrior Dub
Nah Go Run
Nar Soh, So It Stay
Narrative of Thee Blast Illusion
Nasty Spell
Natty and Nice: A Reggae Christmas
Natty Dread Girl
Natural, The
Navarone Guns
Never Get Away
New Ark Subatomic Energy
Nic Arrives
Night Doctor, The
Night Train
Nightfall Ruler
No Bad Boy
No Gwow
No Ice Age
No Ice Age (instrumental)
No Tennants Dub
Noah's Ark
Nu School of Planet Dub
Obeah Room (Mala remix)
Old Man Dub
Old Skool Ska: An Anthology
On U Sound 30 Years Anniversary - King Size Dub Special
Once There's a Will There's a Way
One Love: The Very Best of Reggae
One Punch
One Ton of Megaton Dub
Only Alternative, The
Ooh La La Dub
Open Door
Open Door Version
Open Dub
Open the Gate
Optimism Dub
Orbserver in the Star House, The
Orbserving the Star House in Dub
Original Reggae & Ska Album, The
Original Soundtrack From Countryman
Original Super Ape, The
Orthodox Reggae
Other Side of Midnight, The
Outer Space
Outside the Echo Chamber
Own Man
Panic in Babylon
Party Time Dub
Pass Me the Rizla, Volume 1 - April Showers Bring Dub Flowers
Pay It All Back
Pay It All Back, Volume 2
Pay It All Back, Volume 3
Penguin (feat. Lee 'Scratch' Perry)
Penguin Rock
Perry's Ballad
Phrase Of Mystic Powers
Pick 'n' Mix
Pick Up a Dub
Pirates (Black Plastic)
Planète Reggae
Planète Reggae, Volume 1
Planète Reggae, Volume 2
Please Don't Go
Please Don't Go (single mix)
plus grands tubes Reggae, Les
Police & Thieves
Police and Thieves (instrumental)
Politics of Envy, The
Poop & Shit Dub
Poop Song
Power Dub
Power To Mr. Perry
President Dub
Prisoner Of Love
Prophet Live
Psyche & Trim
Public Enemy
Puffy Dub
Pum Pum (Super remix)
Pump It (Song)
Pumping Version
Punky Monkey
Punky Reggae Party
Punky Reggae Party (Z-Trip remix)
Punky Reggae Selecta
Purity Rock
Puss in Bag
Pussy Galore
Pussy Man
Put It On
Quest for the Sonic Bounty
Quest, The
Ra Ta Ta Ta
Rain Drops
Rapa Dub
Rare Grooves Reggae by Nova
Rasta Bandwagon
Rasta Muzungu Dub
Rasta Reggae
Rebels Dub
Red, Gold and Green
Reggae All Stars
Reggae Anthology
Reggae Anthology Box Set
Reggae Archives, Volume 1
Reggae Box
Reggae Box, The
Reggae Chartbusters, Volume 1
Reggae Christmas Collection, The
Reggae Classics – Ska and Reggae Greats
Reggae Collection, Volume I, The
Reggae Collection, Volume II, The
Reggae Crossover
Reggae Fever
Reggae Gold
Reggae Greats Volume 2
Reggae Greats Volume 4
Reggae Massive: 38 Classic & New Reggae Hits
Reggae Masters, Vol. 2
Reggae Night
Reggae Night - 20 Top Reggae Hits
Reggae Nuggets
Reggae Refreshers
Reggae Revolution
Reggae Roots
Reggae Songs of Freedom - TRILOGY
Reggae Sunshine Explosion
Reggae Vibes (disc 2)
Reggae: The Definitive Collection - Songs of Freedom
Reggae's Greatest Hits Volume 9
Reminah Dub
Result, The
Retail Love
Return From Planet Dub
Return of Django
Return of Django (Studio Version)
Return of the Super Age
Return Of The Super Ape
Return of the Ugly
Return Of The Ugly, The
Return Of Wax
Revolution Dub
Revolutionary Sounds: The Essential Collection of Classic Roots Reggae, 1973-1981
Rhythm of Reggae, The
Riddim CD #02
Riddim CD #16
Riddim Come Forward
Rightful Organiser, The
Riot Radio Broadcast
Rip Curl - 'Ride On'
Roaring Lion
Roast Duck
Roast Fish & Corn Bread (JA single mix)
Roast Fish & Cornbread
Roast Fish and Corn Bread (extended version)
Roast Fish and Cornbread
Robin Saves the Day
Rockstone Dub
Roots Natty Dub
Roots of a Legend
Roots Of Creation
Roots Of Dub
Roots of Reggae
Roots of Reggae III, The
Roots of Reggae, The
Roots With Quality
Rough & Smooth
Rough Already
Rough and Smooth
Royal Variety Show: The Best of Dub Syndicate, The
Rub & Squeeze
Rub and Squeeze
Rude Boy
Rude Walking
Run Around Dub
Run For
Run for Cover
Run Rudie Run
Russ and the Shrink
Russ Rocks
Salt & Pepper
Same Game Version, The
Satan Dub
Satisfy My Soul Dub
School Girl
Scorching Iron
Scrap Iron Dub
Scratch and Company: The Upsetters, Chapter One
Scratch On The Wire
Scratch The Dub Organiser
Scratch the Upsetter Again
Scratch Walking
Scratch' Pride and Joy Dub
Scratchy Sounds: Ska, Dub, Roots & Reggae Nuggets
Secret Laboratory
Secret Laboratoy (Rootah version)
Seeing Is Knowing / Kimble
Selekta: Best of Dancehall, Reggae, Dub & Ska
Sensimilla Showdown
Set Me Free
Set My People Free
Set Them Free
Shadow of Dub
Sharp Razor V/S
She Is Gone Again
Sherwood at the Controls Volume 2: 1985–1990
Shine Eye Girl
Shit Easy Dub
Shocks of Mighty
Shocks of Mighty, Part 1
Shocks of Mighty, Part 2
Shocks of the Mighty
Shoulder to the Wheel
Side Gate
Silver Locks
Sipple Out Deh: The Black Ark Years
Sitting & Skanking Dub
Ska Anthems
Ska Authentic
Ska Bonanza: The Studio One Ska Years
Ska Box Anthology
Skataneous Combustion
Small Axe
So It Conquer
Social Classics Volume 2: Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown
Solid as a Rock
Some Of The Best
Some Will Be Dread
Something on My Mind
Something You Got
Son of Thunder
Songlines: Top of the World 57
Soon Be Done
Soul Fire
Soul Fire (original)
Soul Fire Dub
Soul Food
Soul Power - Funky Kingston 2
Soul Rebel
Soul Walk
Soul Walk Version
Soulman (Gaudi Rmx)
Soulman (instrumental)
Soulman (Reshaped By Pole)
Soulman (Villod Rmx)
Sound Decisions, Hot Music Mix
Sounds & Pressure, Volume 7
Soundsystem: The Story of Jamaican Music
Space Dub
Space Flight
Space Is King: From Dub to Dubstep
Special King Size Dub (Crucial Recordings in the Name of Bud)
Spex CD #80
Spirit of Dub
Spirit of Reggae
Spirits in the Material World: Reggae Tribute to Police
Stand Alone
Stand and Look Version
Station Underground News
Station Underground Report
Stay Dread
Steel Plated Bullet Proof Vest Dub
Stick Together
Stop Stop Dub
Story of Trojan Records, The
Straight To Enzo Head
Strange Dub
Studio One Ska Fever!: More Ska Sounds From Sir Coxsone's Downbeat
Subatomic Sound Respect My Shit Rmx
Subatomic Sound Respect the Foundation Rmx
Subatomic Sound System Respect My Dub
Summer Reggea
Sun Is Shining
Sunny Place Dub
Sunshine Dub
Sunshine Reggae
Sunshine Rock
Sunshine Showdown (version)
Sunsplash Reggae 14 Sunny Reggae Hits
Super Ape
Super Ape (Dubstrumental)
Super Ape / Return of the Super Ape
Super Ape in a Good Shape
Super Ape Inna Jungle
Super Ape Returns To Conquer
Super Ape Strikes Again
Super Ape Strikes Again, The
Surrender Dub
Sweet Harmony: 43 Classic Reggae Vocal Gems
T'ank You
Table Turning
Tackro, The
Take One
Taste Of Killing
Techno Dub
Tell Me Something Good
Ten To Twelve
Thank You
Theme From Hong Kong
Thief in the Night Dub
Thirsty (instrumental)
This Is Dub: The Original Dub Masters
This Is Reggae Music: The Golden Era 1960 to 1975
This Is Ska and Reggae Roots
This Is the Scorcher
This Is Trojan Rock Steady: The Sweet Soulful Sounds of Jamaica
This Is Trojan Ska: The Original Jamaican Rude Boy Anthems
Three Blind Mice
Three in One
Three in One (Go Deya)
Throw Some Water In
Tibetan Freedom Concert
Tight Interlude
Tighten Up
Time Boom X De Devil Dead
Time Conquer
Time Lonque
Time To Party
To Lee & Mirri Dub
Tom & Penelope
Tom's Life
Tone Dub
Torch of Freedom
Total Reggae Roots
Touch of Fire
Towering Dub Inferno
Train to Doomsville
Trample the Eagle and the Dragon and the Bear
Travolta and the Shrink
Travolta Arrives
Treat Me Right
Tree of Life Dub
Trench Town Rock
Trojan 12" Box Set
Trojan A Jamaican Story Box Set
Trojan Bob Marley & Friends Box Set
Trojan Christmas Reggae Box Set
Trojan Jungle, Volume 2
Trojan Mod Reggae Box Set
Trojan Mod Reggae Collection
Trojan Presents Rock Steady: 40 Ground-Breaking Hits
Trojan presents Roots: 40 Roots & Culture Classics
Trojan Presents Ska
Trojan Producer Series Box Set
Trojan Records '08 Sampler
Trojan Reggae: Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae Classics 1967 - 1974
Trojan Rockers Box Set
Trojan Roots & Culture Box Set
Trojan Roots Box Set
Trojan Sampler 2002
Trojan Selecta, Volume 1
Trojan Selecta, Volume 3
Trojan Selecta, Volume 4
Trojan Selecta, Volume 7
Trojan Story, The
Trojan Suedehead Box Set
Trojan Sunshine Reggae Box Set
Trojan Upsetter Box Set
Trojan X-Rated Box Set
True Meaning Of Dub (Version 1)
True Meaning Of Dub (Version 2)
Try Again
Try Me
Turn And Fire: Upsetter Disco Dub
Turn the Dub Up
Two Edged Sword
Two Edged Sword EP
Two Mad Man in Dub
Uncut: The Playlist June 2006
Undercover Dub
Underground Root
Underground Roots
Upful Dub Fashion
Upsetter / Upsetter Version, The
Upsetter Compact Set, The
Upsetter Selection – A Lee Perry Jukebox, The
Upsetter's Murderer Dub
Upsetting Dub
Upsetting The Nation
V/S Bad Walking
V/S Iron Side
V/S Panta Rock
Vampire, The
Voodoo Man
Voodooism Dub
Waap You Waap
Wake Up Call
Want a Grine
Want to Thank You, I
War Ina Babylon
War Ina Babylon: An Island Reggae Anthology
Watchful Dub
Water Pump
Way To Unification, The
We Be Jammin - The A to Zion of Reggae Music
We Special
Weak Heart a Go Feel It
What Can I Do
What If Version
What Is This
When Knotty Came
White Dwarf
Why Must I
Will You Still Love Me
Wind Up Doll
Winner, The
Wise Dub
Wise Dub, A
Woman's Dub
Womans Dub
Words (12" disco Word)
Words (intro)
Words Of My Mouth
Working Man Dub
Working Overtime
World Peace
X Manifest: Selected Ragga Dancehall Mix
X-ray Music
Yellow Fever
Yellow Tongue
Yellow Tongue (version)
Yoda, A Life
You Funny
You Thought I Was Dead
Young Gifted And Broke
Zion Blood Dub (Version 1)
Zion Blood Dub (Version 2)
Zion Daughter of Dub
Zion's Blood
Ziriguiboom: The Now Sound of Brazil 2
Zoom Sur Le Reggae