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Austin Sarat (American academic)
Austin Sarat (Amerikaans politicoloog)
Sarat, Austin
Sarat, Austin D.
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Douglas, Lawrence
Ewick, Patricia
Feeley, Malcolm M. (1942-)
Garth, Bryant G.
Hussain, Nasser (1965-...)
Kagan, Robert A.
Kearns, Thomas R.
Ogletree, Charles J.
Scheingold, Stuart A.
Umphrey, Martha Merrill
Wolf, Robert V.
American court systems readings in judicial process and behavior
beautiful prison
Blackwell companion to law and society
Cause lawyering and the state in a global era
Cause lawyering political commitments and professional responsibilities
Crossing boundaries : traditions and transformations in law and society research
Cultural analysis, cultural studies, and the law : moving beyond legal realism
cultural lives of cause lawyers
Dissent in dangerous times
Dissenting voices in American society : the role of judges, lawyers, and citizens
Divorce lawyers and their clients : power and meaning in the legal process
Everyday practices and trouble cases
Fate of law, c1991:, The
FBI's most wanted, The
Forgiveness, mercy, and clemency
grand jury, The
Gruesome spectacles : botched executions and America's death penalty
High crimes & misdemeanors
History, memory and the law
How does law matter
How law knows
Human rights : concepts, contests, contingencies
Identities, politics, and rights
Imagining legality : where law meets popular culture
Imagining new legalities : privacy and its possibilities in the 21st century
insanity defense, The
international library of essays in law and society, The
Is the death penalty dying? European and American perspectives
jury system, The
Justice and injustice in law and legal theory
Justice and power in sociolegal studies
killing state capital punishment in law, politics, and culture
Knowing the suffering of others : legal perspectives on pain and its meanings
Law and the humanities : an introduction
Law and the utopian imagination
Law and war
Law as punishment/law as regulation
Law in everyday life
Law in the domains of culture
Law in the liberal arts
Law on the screen
Law's madness
Law's violence
Law without nations
Legal responses to religious practices in the United States : accomodation and its limits
Legal rights : historical and philosophical perspectives
Liberal modernism and democratic individuality : George Kateb and the practices of politics
Life without parole : America's new death penalty?
limits of law, The
Looking back at law's century
Merciful judgments and contemporary society : legal problems, legal possibilities
Pain, death, and the law
policy dilemma, 1980 (a.e.), The
policy dilemma, The : Federal crime policy and the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration
punitive imagination, The : law, justice, and responsibility
Race, law, and culture : reflections on Brown v. Board of Education
Reimagining To Kill a Mockingbird : family, community, and the possibility of equal justice under law
Revenge and retribution
rhetoric of law
Serial murder
Sitting in judgement the sentencing of white-collar criminals
Social organization of law : introductory readings
Social science, social policy, and the law
Sovereignty, emergency, legality
Speaking of Death : Narratives of Violence in Capital Trials
Special issue: who belongs? : immigration, citizenship and the constitution of legality
Speech and silence in American law
States of violence : war, capital punishment, and letting die
Studies in law, politics, and society, 2012
Subjects of responsibility : framing personhood in modern bureaucracies
Toward a New Perspective on Clemency in the Killing State
Transitions : legal change, legal meanings
When governments break the law : the rule of law and the prosecution of the Bush administration
When law fails : making sense of miscarriages of justice
When the state kills : capital punishment and the American condition
Who deserves to die : constructing the executable subject
world without privacy what law can and should do?