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Éadbhard VI Shasana
Ēadweard VI Engla Cyning
Edoard VI d'Anglatèrra
Edoardo VI d'Inghilterra
Édouard (6; roi d'Angleterre)
Édouard VI d'Angleterre
Édouard (VI; roi d'Angleterre)
Edouarzh VI
Eduard al VI-lea al Angliei
Eduard VI
Eduard (VI.; anglický král)
Eduard VI d'Anglaterra
Eduard (VI.; England, König)
Eduard VI (englischer König (1547–1553))
Eduard VI, kralj Engleske
Eduard VI van Engeland
Eduardas VI
Eduardo la 6-a
Eduardo VI.a Ingalaterrakoa
Eduardo VI d'Anglaterra
Eduardo VI de Inglaterra
Eduards VI Tjudors
Eduardu VI d'Inglaterra
Eduardu VI di Inghilterra
Eduardus VI
Edvard 6. af England
Edvard VI
Edvard VI av England
Edvard (VI; kung av England)
Edward (6; roi d'Angleterre)
Edward 6ma
Edward Vi
Edward VI a Bow Sows
Edward (VI.; anglický král)
Edward VI, brenin Lloegr
Edward VI (British artist, 1537-1553)
Edward VI của Anh
Edward VI dari England (Raja Tudor king)
Edward VI dari Inggris
Edward (VI.; England, King)
Edward VI han Inglatera
Edward (VI; King of England)
Edward (VI; King of Great Britain)
Edward (VI; koning van Engeland)
Edward VI o Ingland
Edward VI od Engleske
Edward VI of England (King of England, Tudor dynasty)
Edward (VI; re d'Inghilterra)
Edward (VI; roi d'Angleterre)
Edward VI saking Inggris
Edward VI Tudor (król Anglii)
Edward (король английский; VI)
Eideard VI
Hadeng Eduardo VI
VI. Eduárd (angol király)
VI. Edward
Εδουάρδος ΣΤ΄ της Αγγλίας
Едвард VI
Едвард VI Тјудор
Едуард VI
Эдуард VI
ედუარდ VI
Էդուարդ VI
אדוארד (הרביעי; מלך אנגליה)
אדוארד השישי, מלך אנגליה
עדווארד דער זעקסטער (מלך פון ענגלאנד)
إدوارد الساتت
إدوارد السادس
ادوارد ششم انگلستان
एडवर्ड ६
एडवर्ड सहावा
พระเจ้าเอ็ดเวิร์ดที่ 6 แห่งอังกฤษ
에드워드 6세
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Church of England
England and Wales Sovereign (1547-1553 : Edward VI) (see also from)
Heinrich (VIII.; England, König; 1491-1547; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Johanna (England, Königin, circa 1509-1537; 1509-1537; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Jordan, W. K. (1902-)
Jordan, Wilbur Kitchener (1902-)
Masha Allah (754-813))
Pontano, Giovanni (1426-1503))
Prueckner, Nikolaus (14..-1557))
Ptolémée, Claude (0100?-0170?))
Roxburghe Club
Sahl ibn Bišr (... (0850?))
Tudor (other; maison de; see also from)
Yaḥyā ibn Abī Manṣūr (07..-0832))
ʿUmar ibn al-Farrukhān al-Ṭabarī (07..-0816?))
ACLS Humanities E-Book
amplitudine misericordiæ Dei absolutissima oratio, à Marsilio Andreasio Mantuano italico sermone primùm conscripta, nunc in latinum conversa, Cælio Horatio Curione C. S. F. interprete. Item, Sermones tres D. Bernardini Occhini, de officio christiani principis, eodem interprete. Item, Sacræ declamationes quinque. Ad sereniss. & clementiss. Angliæ regem Eduardum VI.., De
Anno III. & IIII. Edvvardi sexti. Actes made in the session of this present parlament, holden upon prorogation at Westminster : the .iiii daie of Novembre, in the thirde yere of the reigne of our most dread souvereine Lorde Edward the .vi by the grace of God, king of Englande, Fraunce, and Ireland, defendour of the faith, and of the Churche of Englande, and also of Irelande, in earth the supreme head: and there continued, and kept to the first daie of Februarie, in the .iiii. yere of the reigne of our saied Souvereine Lorde, as foloweth.
Bishop Poynet's short catechism; or plain instruction containing the sum of Christian learning, set forth by the King's Majesty's authority, for all schoolmasters to teach.
book of common prayer, The : printed by Whitchurch 1552. Commonly called The second book of Edward VI.
chronicle and political papers of King Edward VI, The
Claudii Sesellii, viri Patricii, de Republica Galliae et regum officijs, Libri duo. Ioanne Sleidano, Interprete. Adiecta est summa doctrinae Platonis, de Repub. et Legibus.
Copies of seven original letters from King Edward VI. to Barnaby Fitz-Patrick.
dynastie Tudor, La : Édouard et Tom, le prince et le pauvre : roman historique, 2011
Edward, Duke of Somerset, etc.. - [1547]
England's boy king : the diary of Edward VI, 1547-1553
Exemplar epistolę seu literarum missiuarum
first prayer-book of King Edward VI, 1549, The
grounde of artes, teaching the perfect vvorke and practise of arithmetike, both in whole nu[m]bers and fractions, after a more easie ane exact sort, than hitherto hath bene set forth. Made by M. Robert Recorde, D. in Physick, and afterwards augmented by M. Iohn Dee. And now lately diligently corrected, [and] beautified with some new rules and necessarie additions: and further endowed with a thirde part, of rules of practize, abridged into a briefer methode than hitherto hath bene published: with diverse such necessary rules, as are incident to the trade of merchandize. Whereunto are also added diuers tables [and] instructions ... By Iohn Mellis of Southwark, scholemaster.., The
Injunctions by King Edward VI.. -
Journal of King Edward's reign, written with his own hand. From the original in the Cotton library., The
Julii Firmici Materni junioris... Astronomicon libri VIII, per Nicolaum Prucknerum... nuper ab innumeris mendis vindicati. His accesserunt Claudii Ptolemaei... , quod Quadripartitum vocant, lib IIII, de Inerrantium stellarum significationibus lib. I [per Nicolaum Leoni cum... translatis], Centiloquim ejusdem [Jo. Joviano Pontano interprete]. Ex arabibus et chaldaeis Hermetis... Centum Aphoris. Lib. I ; Bethem Centiloquium ; Ejusdem de Horis planetarum liber alius ; Almansori... Propositiones ad Saracenorum regem ; Zahelis... de Electionibus lib. I ; Messahalah de ratione circuli et stellarum... lib. I ; Omar de Nativitatibus Lib. III ; Marci Manilii... Astronomicon lib. V ; Postremo, Othonis Brunfelsii de Diffinitionibus et terminis astrologiae libellus isagogicus.
K. Edward the VIth his own arguments. -
King Edward the Sixth On the supremacy. The French original and an English translation. With his discourse on the reformation of abuses and a few brief notices of his life, education, and death.
Literary remains of King Edward the Sixth. Edited from his autograph manuscripts, with historical notes and a biographical memoir
memoria reparanda, augenda, servandaque, De : tutiora omnimoda remedia, preceptionésque optimas breviter continens opusculum. Item de praedictione morum naturarumque hominum facili, ex inspectione partium corporis, selectum opusculum. Autore G. Gratarolo medico Bergomate.
O Lord, for thy mercyes sake, save the Kyng. -
Ordnung der Heiligen Communion bey des Herrn Nachtmal, wie solches noch zur zeit, in den Englendischen Kirchen gehalten wird, Die
prayer of K. Edward VI. whiche he made the 6. July 1553. -, The
proclamation aswel for restrainct of cariyng of graine. -, A
proclamation concerning the amendement of his highnes coyne. -, A
proclamation concernyng the inhibicion of all preachers, etc.. - [1548], A
proclamation ... for the valuacion of the shillinges and grotes to a lower value. -, A
Three inventories of the years 1542, 1547 and 1549-50 of pictures in the collections of Henry VIII & Edward VI
two books of Common Prayer, The : set forth by authority of Parliament in the reign of King Edward the Sixth
Writings of Edward the sixth, William Hugh, Queen Catherine Parr, Anne Askew, Lady Jane Grey, Hamilton and Balnaves