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Rev Co
Revolting Cocks
Revolting Cocks (Musical group or band)
The Revolting Cocks
began 1985
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
23, Richard (hasMember)
Banch, Stevie (hasMember)
Barker, Paul (hasMember)
Bradford, Josh (hasMember)
Connelly, Chris (hasMember)
Denison, Duane (hasMember)
Jourgensen, Al (hasMember)
Joyce, Sean (hasMember)
Owen, Phil (hasMember)
Quirin, Sin (hasMember)
Rieflin, William (hasMember)
Scaccia, Mike (hasMember)
Tucker, William (hasMember)
Van Acker, Luc (hasMember)
Ward, Jeff (hasMember)
Worbeck, Clayton (hasMember)
1990-08-09: The Ritz, NY, NY, US
1991-01-17: Modernes, Bremen, Germany
38 (live)
Abundant Redundancy (Clockworks and Cold Steel mix)
Air Traffic Control (Where's My Hand Out Mixxx)
Am Not Gay, I
Animal Nation
At the Top
Attack Ship on Fire (album version)
Attack Ships ... (12" Version)
Attack Ships on Fire (live)
Beers, steers + [and] queers
Beers, Steers + Queers - The Compact Disc
Beers, Steers & Queers (12" version)
Beers, Steers & Queers (Drop Yer Britches mix)
Beers, Steers & Queers (Drop Your Britches mix) + (Take em Right Off mix)
Beers, Steers & Queers (Drop Your Britches mix) / Beers, Steers & Queers (Take 'em Right Off mix)
Beers, Steers & Queers (Remixes)
Big sexy land
Bitch Addictive (Mistress Pinky Mixxx)
Butcher Flower’s Woman
Calienté (Dark Entries)
Calienté (Searing Social Problem mix)
Can’t Sit Still
Cattle Grind (live)
Cattle Grind (studio mix)
Cocked and loaded
Cocktail Mixxx
Cousins (Dirty Little Secret Revamp)
Cousins (Sexy Problems = Sexy Solutions mix)
Crackin’ Up (Amyl Nitrate mix)
Da ya think I'm sexy?
Dead End Streets (86 Mixxx)
Dead End Streets (edit)
Devil Cock (Sum Yunguy mix)
Do U Think I'm Sexy
Drums Along the Carbide
Dykes (Get a Real Job Mixxx)
Filthy Senoritas (Pay Me Now Mixxx)
Fire Engine (Gumby mixxx)
Fire Engine (Stayte of the Nation mix)
Fish in Cold Water
Fuck Money (My Latest Envelope Mixxx)
Get Down (extended mix)
Gila Copter (version 2)
¿Got Cock?
Got Mixxx?
Hookerbot 3000 (Tweaker mix)
Hookerbot3000 (Disco A Go Go mix)
I'm Not Gay (I'm So Gay club mix)
In the Neck (live)
Jack in the Crack (Crackrock mix)
Juice (Feed Me Support Me Mixxx)
Keys to the City (Invincible mix)
Keys to the City (Vegas mix)
(Let's Get) Physical (Banned original mix)
(Let's Talk) Physical (12" version)
Lewd Ferrigno (club on mix)
Linger ficken' good ... and other barnyard oddities
Live! You Goddamned Son of a Bitch
Me So Horny (remix)
Me So Horny (Remixxx)
Me So Horny (Sin Rehab Mixxx)
Mr. Lucky
No Devotion (12″ version)
No Devotion (live)
On Fire (12" Version)
Physical (Animal in Me)
Piss Army (Piss Piss Bye Bye Mixxx)
Poke-A-Hot-Ass (Assholes Are Everywhere Mixxx)
Pole Grinder (It Hurts When I Piss mix)
Prune Tang (Prune Juice Cocktail Mixxx)
Public Image (live in Glasgow)
Razor’s Edge
Razors Edge
Red Parrot (Juarez Tunnel mix)
RevColution Medley
Revolting Cock Au Lait (Le Coq Au Lait mix)
Robo Bandidos (A Chilling Effect mix)
Robo Banditos
Rockabye, The
Sergio Guitar
Sex-O Mixxx-O
Sex-O Olympic-O (bonus disc)
Something Wonderful
Stainless Steel Providers (live in Glasgow)
T.V. Mind (It’s in My Brain version)
T.V. Mind (live)
T.V. Mind Remix (alternative mix)
Ten Million Ways to Die (Jammin the Radar mix)
Touch Screen (Shower Strangulation mix)
Trojan Horse (Sell Your Cars Mixxx)
TV Mind
Union Carbide (Bhopal version)
Union Carbide (live)
Union Carbide (West Virginia version)
Viagra Culture (Fat Juicy Hog mix)
We Shall Cleanse the World (live)
We Shall Cleanse the World (Razormaid mix)
Wizard of Sextown (Bisected Banshee mix)
Wrong Sexy Mix
You Goddamned Son of a Bitch: Live at the Metro Chicago
You Often Forget (Benign)
You Often Forget (live)
You Often Forget (Malignant)
Contributed to or performed: 
Alternative Summer
AP Presents: Industrial Strength Machine Music
Bel 80: Het beste uit de Belpop van 1986
Best of Funky Alternatives, The
Black Box: WaxTrax! Records: The First 13 Years
Black Box: Waxtrax! Records: The First 13 Years (A Limited Edition Sampler)
C.U. LaTour: 08
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 17: January 1995
Compil Rock Hard 53
Extreme Degeneration 1
Funky Alternatives Eight
Funky Alternatives: Best of Volume One to Eight
Gothic Compilation Part XXXII
Hardest Hits: Modern Rock of the 80's
Head Wound: A Post Industrial Compendium
Heck on Wheels, Volume 3: Songs Suitable for In-Store Play
How to Kill the DJ, Part 2
Industrial Accident: The Story Of Wax Trax! Records
Industrial Family Platter
Industrial Hazard
Industrial Machine Musick
Industrial Revolution: First Edition
Industrial Virus
Initials C.C.: Out-Takes, Rarities & Personal Favourites 1982-2002, Volume 1
Machines and Noise, Volume 3
Machines and Noise, Volume I
MasterBaTOUR 2006
Metal CD, Volume 12
Metal Hammer: February 2006 (Razor, Music From the Cutting Edge)
More Exclusive Alternatives
Moshpit Madness
Music From and Inspired by Saw V
New Wave Club Class•X: Sinner’s Day 11
Occult Box
Occult Box (Deluxe Edition)
Open Your Mind
Pure Devotion
Razormaid! "a-2"
RockHard Presents: Industrial Revolution
Saw II: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Saw V
Singing in Tongues, Volume 1
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 57
Strength in Numbers - Metal World News - Sampler, Volume 2
This Is Electronic Body Music
Trax! Box
Triple J: Eleven
Wicked Soundtrack by Al Jourgensen, The
X Factor, The
You Ready for This? Music From the Extreme Games
ZilloScope: New Signs & Sounds 03/06