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Mac Mahon, Tony ((Accordionist))
MacMahon, Tony
MacMahon, Tony ((Accordionist))
McMahon, Tony ((Accordionist))
Tony Mac Mahon
Tony MacMahon
Vessantara, Dharmachari
born 1939
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bulten, Susanne
Culp, Jennifer
Hill, Noel
Kronos Quartet
Aisling Gheal
Aislingi ceoil - music of dreams
Amhran: A stor mo Chroi
Amhran: Aisling Gheal
Amhran: Bean Dubh an Ghleanna
Ansacht Sonny Brogan; Brian ua fhloinn
Banc na heireann; Cor ui chaolaigh
Bank of Ireland / Cawley's Reel, The
Black haired lady of the glenn
Boeddha's dichterbij het visualiseren van boeddha's, bodhisattva's en tantrische boeddha's
buachaillin ban, An
College Groves, The
Cornphiopa chill mhantain
Dear Irish Boy, The
Doiri an cholaiste
Drucht na maidne; Rogha Joe Cooley
Fonn Mali: Gol na mBan san Ar
gCnoc na Graí [SR] p1985:, I
Irish traditional music, 1978?:
John O'Dwyer of the Glen
Kid on the Mountain, The
Long Note, The
maids of Castlebar, The
Merrily kiss the quaker's wife; Sleamhnan ghleanntain
Merrily Kiss the Quaker's Wife / The Gleanntan Slide
mionnan ar an sliabh, An
Morning Dew / Joe Cooley's Fancy, The
nóta fada, An
O Store of My Heart
Old Grey Goose, The
Poirt: An Fhuiseog Ar Maidin
Poirt: Na Ceannabhain Bhana
Poor Scholar / The Heather Breeze, The
Port Na bPúcaí
Retrospective [SR] p2000:
Ril: Boic Chroiula Oran Mor
Ril: Gearrchaili Inis Pic
Ril: Ril Tom Keane
Rileanna: An Buachail Fionn, An Ril Ard
Rileanna: An Mala Pratai
Rileanna: Cailini Chaislean an Bharraigh
Rileanna: La na Baisti, An Gabha Meidhreach
Rileanna: Na Lili sa Phairc, Gearrchali
scolaire bocht; Leoithne an fhraoigh, An
Sean O Duibhir an Ghleanna
Sonny Brogan's Fancy / Brian O'Lynn
Tony McMahon [SR] p1972:
Traditional Irish Accordion
tsean ghe liath, An
Wicklow Hornpipe, The
wounded Hussar, The
Contributed to or performed: 
Ace and Deuce of Piping (set dance), The
Aisling Ghael (slow air)
Aisling Gheal
Aislingi Ceoil (Music of Dreams)
Ash-Plant / The Black-Haired Lass / Jenny Picking Cockles (reels), The
Bag of Potatoes / The Bird on the Tree, The
Bean Dubh an Ghleanna (Dark Woman of the Glen)
Café Ireland
Celtic Tapestry, A
Cooley's Jig / The Connachtman's Rambles (double jig)
Fair Haired Boy / The High Reel, The
gCnoc na Graí, I
Gol Na Mban San Ar / Cnocan an Teampaill
Gold Ring (double jig), The
Hearty Bucks of Oranmore, The
Humours of Castlefin / The Templehouse (reels), The
Humours of Drinagh / The Trip to Athlone (double jig), The
In Knocknagree
Lark in the Morning / Cooley's Jig, The
Lilies in the Field / The Limerick Lassies
Limerick Lassies / The New-Mown Meadow (reels), The
Maids of Castlebar / The Collier's Reel, The
Moving Bog / The Green Groves of Erin (reels), The
Music of Dreams
New Custom House Reel (reel), The
Old Concertina Reel / Come West Along the Road (reels), The
Paul Halfpenny (hornpipe)
Planet Squeezebox
Port na bPucai (slow air)
Pure Drop / Chattering Magpie / Crowley's Reel (reels), The
Rainy Day / The Merry Blacksmith / The Silver Spear, The
Spike Island Lassies, The
Stor Mo Chroi, A
Tom Keane's Reel
Whelan's Jig / Port Whelan
Young Tom Ennis / Cooley's Jig (double jig)