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Alexander (Barclay)
Alexander Barclay (British poet)
Alexander Barclay (englischer Dichter)
Barclay, Alexander
Александр Барклай (британский поэт)
ca. 1475-1552
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Language material
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Related names: 
Baptista Mantuanus, b (1448-1516)
Baptista, Mantuanus (1448-1516)
Brant, Sebastian (ca. 1458-1521.)
Brant, Sebastian (ca. 1458-1521)
Cawood, John (1514-1572))
Fairholt, F. W. (1814-1866)
Fairholt, F.W. (1814-1866)
Fairholt, Frederick William (1814-1866)
Jamieson, Thomas Hill (1843-1876))
Locher, Jacobus (1471-1528)
Nelson, William
Nelson, William (1908-)
Pie II (pape ; (1405-1464))
Pius PP. II, 1405 (1464)
White, Beatrice
Worde, Wynkyn de (d. 1534?)
castell of labour, The
Certayne egloges of Alexander Barclay, priest ...
curialium miseriis epistola, De
cytezen and uplondyshman: an eclogue, The
eclogues of Alexander Barclay from the original edition by John Cawood, The
famous cronycle of the warre which the Romayns had agaynst Iugurth, Usurper of the kyngdome of Numidy, The : Alexander Barclay's translation of Sallust's Bellum Iugurthinum
Gardyners passetaunce, The
Libellus de quattuor virtutibus.
life of St. George, The
mirrour of good maners., The
On early English pronunciation, with especial reference to Shakspere and Chaucer, containing an investigation of the correspondence of writing with speech in England from the Anglosaxon period to the present day, preceded by a systematic notation of all spoken sounds by means of the ordinary printing types. Including a rearrangement of Prof. F.J. Child's memoirs on the language of Chaucer and Gower, and reprints of the rare tracts by Salesbury on English, 1547, and Welch, 1567, and by Barcley on French, 1521.
protestant doctrine of the Lord's Supper, The : a study in the Eucharistic teaching of Luther, Zwingli and Calvin
Ship of fools, The
Stultifera nauis qua omnium mortalium narratur stultitia, admodum vtilis & necessaria ab omnibus ad suam salutem perlegenda, è Latino sermone in nostrum vulgarem versa, & iam diligenter impressa. An. Do. 1570. The ship of fooles, wherin is shewed the folly of all states, with diuers other workes adioyned vnto the same, very profitable and fruitfull for all men. Translated out of Latin into Englishe by Alexander Barclay priest.
Stultifera navis
This present boke named the Shyp of folys of the worlde. -