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CMI (Consejo Mundial de Iglesias)
COE (Conseil oecuménique des Eglises)
Concilio Ecuménico de las Iglesias
Concilio Mundial de Iglesias
Conseil Mondial des Eglises
Conseil Oecuménique des Églises
Consejo Ecuménico de las Iglesias
Consejo Mundial de Iglesias
Conselho Mundial de Igrejas
Consiglio Ecumenico Delle Chiese
Dewan Gereja Sedunia
Ekumenski svet Cerkva
Kharacʻyānʻ Guiṇʻʺ poṅʻʺ cuṃ Dhamma Sippaṃ
Kirkenes Verdensråd
Kirkkojen Maailmanneuvosto
Kyrkornas världsråd
Majlis al-Kanāʼis al-ʻĀlamī
Oekumenischer Rat der Kirchen
Ökumenischer Rat der Kirchen
Ökumenischer Weltrat der Kirchen
ÖRK (Ökumenischer Rat der Kirchen)
Pankosmio Symvoulion tōn Ekklēsiōn
Rada Ekumeniczna Kościołów
Světová rada církví
Światowa Rada Kościołów
Vsemīrnoe sovi︠e︡shchanīe t︠s︡erkveĭ
Vsemirnoje sovješčanije cerkvej
Vsemirnyĭ sovet t︠s︡erkveĭ
WCC (World Council of Churches)
Weltkonferenz der Kirchen
Weltrat der Kirchen
Wereldraad van Kerken
World Council of Churches
Всемирный совет церквей
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Bent, Ans Joachim van der
Best, Thomas F.
Booth, Rodney M.
Commission de la participation des Eglises au développement (see also from)
Conseil oecuménique des églises Commission des Eglises pour les affaires internationales (see also from)
Conseil oecuménique des Eglises Commission Foi et constitution (see also from)
Conseil oecuménique des églises Commission médicale chrétienne (see also from)
Conseil oecuménique des Eglises Commission Mission et évangélisation (see also from)
Conseil oecuménique des Eglises Dialogue avec les religions et idéologies de notre temps (see also from)
Conseil oecuménique des Eglises Eglise et société (see also from)
Conseil oecuménique des Eglises Femmes dans l'Église et la société (see also from)
Conseil oecuménique des Eglises Programme de lutte contre le racisme (see also from)
Consulta Latino-Americana sobre empresas transnacionais (1 ; Itaici, Sao Paulo)
Kongress (1983 : Vancouver, B.C.)
Krüger, Hanfried (1914-1998)
Lutheran World Federation
Thorsson, Inga
Tschuy, Theo
Universitaet Bern Seminar fuer Ethnologie
Van der Bent, Ans J.
Weber, Hans-Ruedi
World Council of Christian Education and Sunday School Association
World Council of Churches. Commission of the Churches on International Affairs
World Council of Churches. Commission on Faith and Order
World Council of Churches. Language Service
Young Women's Christian Associations
10 formative years, 1938-1948, The : Report on the activities of the World council of Churches during its period of formation.
Appell an die Kirchen der Welt : Dokumente der Weltkonferenz für Kirche und Gesellschaft
assembly of the World Council of Churches, ...
Bulletin ENI
Cantate Domino an ecumenical hymn book
Christian faith and the world economy today : a study document from the World Council of Churches
christliche Glaube und die heutige Weltwirtschaft ein Studiendokument des Ökumenischen Rates der Kirchen, Der
Confessions in dialogue : a survey of bilateral conversations among World confessional families 1959-1974
Congregemur : "Let us come together" : a worship booklet for modern young people.
Conseil oecuménique des Eglises, Le
Consejo Mundial de Iglesias, El
Directory of Christian councils.
Ecumenical news international
Ecumenical press service (Geneva, Switzerland)
Ecumenical press service (New York, N.Y.)
ecumenical review a quarterly, The
ENI bulletin.
EPS, ecumenical press service
Evangelization of modern man in mass society an ecumenical inquiry published by the Study departement of the World council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland.
Face au sida : l'action des Eglises
Facing AIDS : the challenge, the Churches' response
genesis and formation of the World Council of Churches, The
Genetics and the quality of life
guide to HIV/AIDS pastoral counselling, A
Handbook Member Churches
Introducing the World Council of Churches
introduction to the World Council of Churches, An
liturgy after the liturgy, The : mission and witness from an Orthodox perspective
Migration newsletter.
Migration today (Geneva, Switzerland)
Mission und Evangelisation e. ökumen. Erklärung
My neighbour's faith, and mine : theological discoveries through interfaith dialogue : a study guide
nature and mission of the church, The : a stage on the way to a common statement.
Nature of the Church and the role of theology, The : papers from a consultation between the World Council of Churches and the Reformed Ecumenical Synod, Geneva, 1975.
Noticias ecuménicas internacionales
Nouvelles œeuméniques internationales
Ökumenische Nachrichten international
Ökumenische Rat der Kirchen, Der
Ökumenischer Pressedienst ÖPD
Orthodox Church in the ecumenical movement, The : documents and statements 1902-1975
Orthodoxy : A faith and order dialogue
Palestinians and the churches, The
People of God, peoples of God : a Jewish-Christian conversation in Asia
Protokoll der ... Tagung
Rasse, Entwicklung und Revolution : der Notting-Hill-Report und zugehörige Dokumente
Resource sharing book programmes/projects and services
Risk book
Role of the 'Diakonia' of the church in contemporary society. Report to the World Conference on Church and Society 1966: Christians in the technical and social revolutions of our time., The
Sahel information
Scottish Highlands, The : the churches and Gaelic culture
situation of the Indian in South America, The : contributions to the study of inter-ethnic conflict in the non-Andean regions of South America : Symposium on Inter-Ethnic Conflict in South America, organized by the Ethnology department of the University of Berne (Switzerland) ... Bridgetown, Barbados, 25-30 January, 1971
Survey of church union negotiations
Theology of the churches and the Jewish people, The : statements by the World Council of Churches and its member churches
To live among the stars : Christian origins in Oceania
Towards a common understanding and vision of the World Council of Churches : study guide.
Towards viable theological education : ecumenical imperative, catalyst of renewal
Trinität und Kirche : die Entwicklung trinitarischer Kirchenbegründung in den Dokumenten der Kommission für Glauben und Kirchenverfassung des ÖRK
true church and morality, The : reflections on ecclesiology and ethics
Turn to God, rejoice in hope : Bible studies, meditations, liturgical aids.
Vers le partage de la foi commune : guide d'étude à l'usage des groupes de discussion
Vers un christianisme virtuel.
Violence, nonviolence and the struggle for social justice : a statement
Virtual Christianity : potential and challenge for the churches
Von Canberra nach Harare : ein illustrierter Bericht über das Leben des Ökumenischen Rates der Kirchen, 1991-1998
Walking in the same direction : a new way of being church
WCC annual review
WCC exchange.
WCC mission series
WCC news : a newsletter of the World Council of Churches.
WCC resource sharing book
Weep not for me : meditations on the cross and the resurrection
Welcome to Zimbabwe : World Council of Churches, 8th Assembly, December 3-14, 1998, Harare, Zimbabwe
Weltkirchenrat 1987
West Africa : Christ would be an African too
What in the world is the World Council of Churches? : an interview with Philip Potter
What unity requires : papers and report on the unity of the Church.
Why it matters : a popular introduction to the baptism, eucharist and ministry text
Why, O Lord? : psalms and sermons from Namibia
winds of God, The : the Canadian Church faces the 1980's
With all God's people. the new ecumenical prayer cycle
Women chang. world
Women in a changing world : a publication of the World Council of Churches ...
Women, religion and sexuality studies on the impact of religious teachings on women
Women's visions theological reflection, celebration, action
Women : witnesses of hope : WCC Ecumenical Women's Solidarity Fund in former Yugoslavia 1993-2003
Work book for the Assembly committees.
Working together : making a difference : programmes 2003-2005, proposal
World Council of Churches annual review
World Council of Churches' campaign to end the illegal occupation of Palestine
World Council of Churches : constitution, rules, regulations and by-laws.
World Council of Churches exchange
World Council of Churches' statements and actions on racism, 1948-1979
World Council of Churches: what it is and what it does., The
World Council of Churches yearbook.
World Council picture book.
Worshipping ecumenically orders of service from global meetings with suggestions for local use
"You are the light of the world" : statements on mission by the World Council of Churches 1980-2005.
Žalmy : Ekumenický překlad