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American Institute of Pacific Relations
American IPR.
Conference on problems of the Pacific people
Conference on Problems of the Pacific Peoples
Conference on the Problems of the Pacific Peoples
I. P. R
Institut International du Pacifique
Institute of Pacific Relations
Institute of Pacific Relations International Secretariat
Institute of Pacific Relations Secretariat
T'ai-p'ing yang hsüeh hui
T'ai-p'ing yang kuo chi hsüeh hui
Taiheiyō Mondai Chōsakai
Tchaj-pching jang kuo t'i süe chuej
Tchaj-pching jang kuo t'iao tchao lun chuej
Tchaj-pching jang süe chuej
Tʻai-pʻing yang hsüeh hui
Tʻai-pʻing yang kuo chi hsüeh hui
Tʻai-pʻing yang kuo chiao tʻao lun hui
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Language material
Agrarian China : selected source materials from Chinese authors
atlas of Far Eastern politics, An
Australia and the Pacific
Australia in world affairs.
Basis for peace in the Far East
beginnings of political democracy in Japan., The
brief political and economic handbook of Eastern and Southern Asia, A
Chinese in Thailand., The
Chūgoku nōson mondai
development of upland areas in the far East., The
economic development of French Indo-China, The
Economic handbook of the Pacific area
economic position of the Chinese in the Netherlands Indies, The
economic survey of the Pacific area., An
Economic trends and problems in the early republican period
Economics Trends and Problems in the Early Republican Period
Evolution économique de l'Indochine française.
Experimental bibliographical service covering representative periodicals in the Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Dutch languages, with special reference to problems of the Pacific area.
Extraterritoriality in China
Far East digest.
financial crisis in Japan, The
French view of the Netherlands Indies, A
Frontier land systems in southernmost China; a comparative study of agrarian problems and social organization among the Pai Yi people of Yunnan and the Kamba people of Sikang.
Hainan Islands
Honolulu session, June 30-July 14, 1925 : history, organization, proceedings, discussions and addresses
Immigration laws : Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan.
Indonesian Society in transition : a study of social change
Industrial Japan : aspects of recent economic changes as viewed by Japanese writers
Institute of Pacific Relations. Notes from a Pacific circuit; report letters of J. Merle Davis, M.A., general secretary, to President Ray Lyman Wilbur, chairman, Pacific Council, Institute of Pacific Relations.
Institute of Pacific Relations 関係 書翰
International regulation of fisheries
International research series
IPR notes
IPR publications on the Pacific, 1925-1952; a catalog of the publications of the IPR national councils, and the International Secretariat.
Japan's industrial strength
Japan's new order in east Asia : its rise and fall, 1937-45
Japan's textile industry : with an appendix on the textile industry in Burma, Ceylon, China, Hong Kong, India, Indo-China, Indonesia, Pakistan , and the Philippines
Japanese in South America; an introductory survey with special reference to Peru, The
Japanese studies in the universities and colleges of the United States; survey for 1934
Korea today
Labor and labor relations in the new industries of southwest China
Labor problems in the Pacific mandates
Land and society in Malabar
Land utilization in China, a study of 16,786 farms in 168 localities, and 38,256 farm families in twenty-two provinces in China, 1929-1933
Let's try Chinese
Magic and science in western Yunnan, the problem of introducing scientific medicine in a rustic community
[Map of the coast of China].
News bull. - Inst. Pac. Relat.
News bulletin (Institute of Pacific Relations)
Origins of the modern Indian business class; an interim report
Pac. aff.
Pacific affairs
Politique musulmane et coloniale des Pays-Bas.
Publications on the Pacific, 1936; catalogue of the Institute of Pacific relations and its national councils.
Recent articles in Japanese periodicals.
Recent letters commenting on the value of the I.P.R.
Report of the international Secretariat to the Pacific Council, 1933-1936, Yosemite National Park, California, August 1936.
resources of Australia, The
rice economy of monsoon Asia, The
Soldier and peasant in Japan: the origins of conscription
Soviet source materials on USSR relations with East Asia, 1945-1950
Statistics of Japanese agriculture, with introductory notes.
Steps toward colonial freedom : some long-range planning principles for a peaceful world order
study of international affairs in the Pacific area. A review of nine years' work in the international research program of the Institute of Pacific relations., The
Taiping yang ge guo jing ji gai kuang
Three reports on the Malayan problem
Three types of rural economy in Yunnan
Winning the peace in the Pacific; a Chinese view of Far Eastern postwar plans and requirements for a stable security system in the Pacific area