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Commission internationale de télégraphie sans fil scientifique
International Scientific Radio Union
International Union of Scientific Radio Telegraphy
Internationaler Radio-Wissenschaftlicher Verein
Internationaler Radiowissenschaftlicher Verein International Scientific Radio Union
Union internationale de radiotélégraphie scientifique
Union radio-scientifique internationale
Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale International Scientific Radio Union
Unión Radiocientifica Internacional
Unión Radiocientífica Internacional International Scientific Radio Union
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International Union of Radio Science (see also from)
International Union of Scientific Radio Telegraphy (see also from)
2004 Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference : proceedings : August 24-27, 2004, Qingdao, China
AP-RASC 2004
Dellinger Memorial Lecture, Munich, Sept. 7, 1966.
Electromagnetic wave theory; proceedings of a symposium held at Delft, The Netherlands, September 1965.
Golden jubilee memorial.
Monograph of radioelectric measurements and standards: XIIIth General Assembly of URSI, London, 1960.
Paris Symposium on Radio Astronomy, IAU symposium no. 9 and URSI symposium no. 1 held from 30 July to 6 August 1958.
Proceedings of the general assembly.
Progress in radio science.
Radio astronomy and the galactic system;
Radio engineering
Recueil des travaux de l'assemblée générale tenue à Zurich du 11 au 22 septembre 1950
Solar-terrestrial physics;
Space radio communication, a symposium held under the auspices of the International Scientific Radio Union in Paris in September, 1961.
Special report 1 on solar and galactic radio noise.
Special report No 4 on the distribution of radio brightness on the solar disk ; Special report No 5 on interstellar hydrogen...