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Allen, F.
Allen, Frank
Allen, Franklin
Allen, Franklin (jurist)
Franklin Allen
Franklin Allen (American economist and academic)
Franklin Allen (britischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler)
Franklin Allen (Brits econoom)
アレン, フランクリン
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Computer file
Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Allen, F
Allen, Franklin
Babus, Ana
Bernardo, A.
Bernardo, Antonio
Bernardo, Antonio E.
Bolton, Patrick
Brealey, Richard A.
Brealey, Richard Arthur
Carletti, Elena
Chakrabarti, Rajesh
Cull, Robert
Cummins, J. David
De, Sankar
Faulhaber, Gerald R
Faulhaber, Gerald R.
Federal Reserve Bank Philadelphia, Pa. Affiliation (see also from)
Franklin Allen, Douglas Gale
Gale, D
Gale, D.
Gale, Douglas
Gale, Douglas M.
Gorton, G.
Gorton, Gary
Gorton, Gary B.
Héricourt, Jérôme
Herring, Richard
Imperial College London Business School Affiliation (see also from)
Jaffe, Jeffrey
Jaffe, Jeffrey A.
Karjalainen, R.
Karjalainen, Risto
Laura, Bartiloro
Marquez, Robert
Marquez, Robert (1968-)
McAndrews, James
Michaely, Roni
Morris, S.
Morris, Stephen
Myers, Stewart C.
Oskar, Kowalewski
Parikh, Ashok
Phillips, Richard D.
Postlewaite, A.
Postlewaite, Andrew
Qian, Jun
Qian, Jun "QJ"
Qian, Jun “QJ”
Qian, Meijun
Santomero, Anthony M.
Shin, Hyun Song
Song, Wei-ling
Stiebitzová, Liběna
Strahan, Philip
Thibierge, Christophe
University of Pennsylvania / Wharton School / Finance Department
University of Pennsylvania / Wharton School / Financial Institutions Center
University of Pennsylvania Affiliation (see also from)
Welch, I.
Welch, Ivo
Wharton School Finance Department Affiliation (see also from)
Winton, Andrew
Yago, Glenn
Zhang, Chenying
藤井, 眞理子 (1955-)
Achieving the first best in small economies
Admissible mean standard deviation indifference curves
African financial development and financial inclusion gaps, The
American economic review, Dec. 1989:
Arbitrage, Short Sales, and Financial Innovation.
Arbitrage, Short Sales, and Financial Motivation
Asian crisis and the process of financial contagion, The
Asian Financial Crisis: Causes, Contagion and Consequences, The
Asset Price Bubbles and Monetary Policy
Asset Price Bubbles and Stock Market Interlinkages
Bank competition and the role of regulation
Banking Regulation versus Securities Market Regulation
Banks, Markets and Liquidity
Beauty Contests, Bubbles and Iterated Expectations in Asset Markets Capital Adequacy Regulation: In Search of a Rationale
Bubbles and Crises The Economic Journal
Bubbles, crises, and policy
Capital Structure and Imperfect Competition in Product Markets (Revised: 20-85 and 11-87)
Capital Structure and Imperfect Competition in Product Markets (Revision of 20-85, 24-84)
Capital Structure and Imperfect Competition in Product Markets (Revision of 24-84; Revised: 11-87)
changing nature of debt and equity; a financial perspective, The
China’s Financial System: Opportunities and Challenges
Churning Bubbles.
Comment on Thakor and Wilson
Comment on "The Leverage Cycle"
Commentary on Monetary policy and financial market evolution
Comparative Financial Systems: A Survey
Comparing financial systems
Comparing Legal and Alternative Institutions in Finance and Commerce
Competition among banks : good or bad ? : selected papers from a conference held in Frankfurt am Main, April 7-8, 2000
Competition Among Banks: Introduction and Conference Overview
Competition and financial stability
Contracts to Sell Information (Revised: 6-87)
Contracts to Sell Information (Revision of 12-85)
Corporate Financial Structure, Incentives and Optimal Contracting (Reprint 049)
Corporate Governance and Competition
Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies
Credit market competition and capital regulation
Credit rationing and payment incentives
Credit risk transfer and contagion
Discovering Personal Probabilities When Utility Functions Are Unknown
Diversity of Opinion and Financing of New Technologies
Dividend Policy (Reprint 050)
Do financial institutions matter?
E-Finance: An introduction
Efficiency and Stability of Banks and Markets, The
Estimating Divisional Cost of Capital for Insurance Companies (Reprint 037)
Finance Applications of Game Theory
Financial cnnections and systemic risk
Financial Connections and Systemic Risk
Financial Contagion Journal of Political Economy
Financial Crises, Liquidity, and the International Monetary System: Jean Tirole, Princeton University Press, 2002
Financial Fragility, Liquidity and Asset Prices
Financial innovation and risk sharing
Financial Integration and EMU
Financial Intermediaries and Markets
Financial Markets, Intermediairies, and Intertemporal Smoothing.
Financial Markets, Intermediaries, and Intertemporal Smoothing (Revised 14-96)
Financial pricing of insurance in the multiple-line insurance company
Financial Structure and Financial Crisis
Financial System of the EU 25, The
Financial system: shock absorber or amplifier?
Financial systems in Europe, the USA, and Asia
Financing firms in India
Financing the future : market-based innovations for growth
Finite bubbles with short sale constraints and asymmetric information
Fragile Countries and the 2008-2009 Crisis
From Cash-in-the-Market Pricing to Financial Fragility
Future of the Japanese Financial System, The
Global macro economy and finance, The
Governance for the eurozone : integration or disintegration?
GUEST EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION: The Design of Financial Systems and Markets
Improving Access to Banking : Evidence from Kenya
Incomplete Markets and Incentives to Set Up an Options Exchange*
Indo kin'yu shihon shijo no genjo to kadai.
Innovations in financial services, relationships, and risk sharing
Interbank market liquidity and central bank intervention
Koporeto fainansu.
Law, finance, and economic growth in China
Limited Market Participation and Volatility of Asset Prices (Revision of 14-91) (Reprint 043)
Liquidity and crises
Liquidity and Financial Instability: An Introduction
Mark-to-market accounting and liquidity pricing
market for information and the origin of financial intermediation, The
Measurement Distortion and Missing Contingencies in Optimal Contracts.
Mixed wage and rent contracts as reinterpretations of share contracts
Money, financial stability and efficiency
Note on Clienteles and the Miller Model (Revised: 5-88), A
On the Fixed Nature of Sharecropping Contracts.
Optimal currency crises
Optimal financial crises
Optimal linear income taxation with general equilibrium effects on wages
Optimal Security Design
Optimism Invites Deception.
Papers and proceedings, Sixtieth Annual Meeting, American Finance Association, Boston, MA, January 7-9, 2000
Payout policy
Political Economy of Japanese Financial Markets: Myths versus Reality, The
Presidential Address: Do Financial Institutions Matter?
Prevention of Default., The
Principes de gestion financière
Princípios de finanças empresariais
Principles of corporate finance
Private sector involvement and international financial crises : an analytical perspective
Rational Expectations and Stock Market Bubbles.
Rational Expectations and the Measurement of a Stock's Elasticity of Demand.
Rational finite bubbles
Rational Rationing.
Relationship between unemployment and vacancies in the United Kingdom: a mimic approach
Repeated principal-agent relationships with lending and borrowing
Reputation and Product Quality
Resolving the African Financial Development Gap: Cross-Country Comparisons and a Within-Country Study of Kenya
Selection editor's introduction
Signaling by Underpricing in the IPO Market
Signalling by underpricing in the IPO market
Social Value of Asymmetric Information, The
Stakeholder governance, competition and firm value
Stock markets and resource allocation, 1992:
Stock Price Manipulation, Market Microstructure and Asymetric Information.
Stock price manipulation, market microstructure and asymmetric information
Stock Price Manipulation (Reprint 025)
Strategic management and financial markets
Systemic Risk and Regulation
Tax Clienteles and the Miller Model with Incomplete Markets (Revision of 4-87)
Teorie a praxe firemních financí
theory of dividends based on tax clienteles, A
theory of financial intermediation, The
Theory of Price Rigidities when Quality is Unobservable., A
Towards a better global economy : policy implications for citizens worldwide in the twenty-first century
Understanding financial crises
Universal banking, intertemporal risk smoothing, and European financial integration
Using Genetic Algorithms to Find Technical Trading Rules (Revision of 20-93)
Value of Bank Capital and the Structure of the Banking Industry, The
Venture Capital and Corporate Governance
welfare comparison of intermediaries and financial markets in Germany and the U.S, A
welfare comparison of intermediaries and financial markets in Germany and the US, A
Welfare Comparison of the German and U.S. Financial Systems (Reprint 047), A
What do financial intermediaries do?
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