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De Palma, A.
De Palma, André
DePalma, A.
DePalma, André
Palma, A. de
Palma, André de
Palma, André de (Auteur.)
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Computer file
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Anas, A.
Anas, Alex
Anderson, S. P.
Anderson, Simon P
Anderson, Simon Peter
Anderston, Simon P.
Andrieu, Laetitia
Arnott, R.
Arnott, Richard
Banque de France Affiliation (see also from)
Ben-Akiva, Moshe
Bensaïd, Bernard
Bester, H.
Bester, Helmut
Brownstone, David
Centre d'Economie (Paris) Affiliation (see also from)
Chancelier, Jean-Philippe
Combes, F.
Cyna, Michèle
De Lara, Michel
De Palma, A
de Palma, A et al
de PALMA, A.
de PALMA, André
Deneckere, R.J.
Deneckere, Raymond J.
Deneubourg, J L
Deneubourg, J. L.
Deneubourg, Jean Louis
dePalma, Andre
Dunkerley, Fay
Ecole Normale Supérieure (Cachan) Affiliation (see also from)
École Normale Supérieure (ENS Cachan) / Département d'Économie et de Gestion
École Polytechnique / Département d'Économie
Engelson, Leonid
Estache, Antonio
Fay, Dunkerley
Fontan, C.
Fontan, Cédric
Fosgerau, Mogens
Ginsburgh, Victor
Gupta, D.
Hansen, P.
Hansen, Pierre
HONG, Gap-Seon
Inoa, Ignacio
Inoa, Ignacio A.
Jehiel, P.
Kahn, D
Kahn, D.
Kahn, David
Kanaroglou, Pavlos
Karlstrom, Anders
Khattak, A. J.
Khattak, Asad J.
Kilani, K.
Kreider, B.
Kreider, Brent
Kreider, K.
Kristoffersson, Ida
Labbe, Martine
Lara, Michel
Lara, Michel De
Lefevre, Claude
Leininger, W.
Leininger, Wolfgang
Leruth, Luc
Leruth, Luc E.
Lesourne, J.
Leurent, Fabien
Lindsey, R.
Lindsey, Robin
Lindseyt, R.
Liu, Q.
Loo, Saskia
Loo, Saskia Van Der
Malek Monsour, M.
Marchal, F.
Marcucci, Edoardo
Mazarei, Adnan
McFadden, Daniel
Mekkaoui, O.
Motamedi, Kiarash
Munshi, Soumyanetra
Myers, Gordon M
Myles, Gareth D.
Nesterov, Y.
Nesterov, Yurii
Nesterova, Y.
Niskanen, E.
Niskanen, Esko
Pahaut, S.
Palma, A de
Palma, A. de
Palma, André De
Palma, André
Palma, André de
Palma, M. De
Papageorgiou, Yorgo
Papageorgiou, Yorgos Y
Papageorgiou, Yorgos Y.
Pedro Pontes, Jose
Picard, Nathalie
Prigent, Jean-Luc
Prigent, M.
Proost, S.
Proost, Stef
PROOST, Stefan
Prunier, Guillaume
Queen's University (Kingston, Ont.). Institute for Economic Research
Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario) Economics Department Affiliation (see also from)
Quinet, E.
Quinet, Emile
Quinet, Emile (1935-...)
Regibeau, Pierre
Robin, Lindsey
Rochat, D.
Rochat, Denis
Rouwendal, J.
Rouwendal, Jan
Saifuzzaman, Mohammad
Sanchez, O.
Saskia, Van der Loo
Stef, Proost
Thisse, J.F.
Thisse, Jacques-Franco
Thisse, Jacques-François
Université de Bourgogne Organisme de soutenance
Van der Loo, S.
van der Loo, Saskia
Vickrey, S.
von Hohenbalken, Balder
Waddell, Paul
Waddell, Paul A. (1957- ))
Wu, Fang
Zaouali, Néjia
Ziegelmeyer, Anthony
Accessibilité dans un système de transport en environnement concurrentiel
Accessibility and environmental quality: inequality in the Paris housing market
Analysis of travel cost components using large-scale dynamic traffic models
Analytical and Numeral Solutions for a Simple Dynamic Network Equilibirum Model
Analytical and numerical solutions for a simple dynamic network equilibrium model
Analyzing work departure time variability in Brussels
Assessing transport investments - Towards a multi-purpose tool
Asymmetric duopoly in space - what policies work?.
Availability Constraints in the House Market.
Availability constraints in the housing market
Bottleneck congestion with elastic demand
CES and the logit, The : Two related models of heterogeneity
CES is a discrete choice model?, The
Chapter 1 Investment and the use of tax and toll revenues in the transport sector: The research agenda
Chapter 12 Synthesis of case study results and future prospects
Chapter 2 Transport user charges and cost recovery
Chapter 5 Comparing alternative pricing and revenue use strategies with the MOLINO model
Choix de l'heure de départ et coûts des délais Enquête et estimations en Ile-de-France
Choix modal et valeur du temps en Ile-de-France
Commuters' departure time decisions in Brussels
Commuters' Paths With Penalties for Early or Late Arrival Time
Commuting Time and Accessibility in a Joint Residential Location, Workplace, and Job Type Choice Model
Comparing alternative pricing and revenue use strategies with the Molino Model.
Comparison of two dynamic transportation models: The case of Stockholm congestion charging
Compensating Variation for Discrete Choice Models
Competition between congestible facilities and strategic choice of usage pricing technology
Competition for attention in the information (overload) age
Competitive location under the logit
Computers’ paths with penalties for early or late arrival time
Concurrence imparfaite et transmission de la politique monétaire sur les taux débiteurs
Congestion and Game in Capacity: a Duopoly Analysis in the Presence of Network Externalities
Congestion in a city with a central bottleneck
Congestion on risky routes with risk adverse drivers
Congestion pricing and long term urban form: Application to Ile-de-France
Congestion pricing and long term urban form: Application to Paris region
Congestion pricing on a road network: A study using the dynamic equilibrium simulator METROPOLIS
Congestion, risk aversion and the value of information
Contribution à la modélisation intégrée de la dynamique régionale et des transports application à la région parisienne
Contribution informatique aux modèles de planification en économie des transport
Cordon pricing in the Monocentric city model: Theory and application to Ile-de- France
Cordon pricing in the monocentric city: theory and application to Paris region
cost-benefit analysis of tunnel investment and tolling alternatives in Antwerp, A
Cost Recovery from Congestion Tolls with Long-run Uncertainty
Credit Crunch a Model of Banking Industry.
Demand for differentiated products, discrete choice models, and the address appoach.
Demand for Differentiated Products, Discrete Choice Models, and the Characteristics Approach.
Departure time and route choice for routes in parallel
Departure time and route choice for the morning commute
Diffusion of Consumer Durables in a vertically Differentiated Oligopoly, The
Discomfort in mass transit and its implication for scheduling and pricing.
Discrete Choice Decision-Making with Multiple Decision Makers within the Household
Discrete choice models with availability constraints
Discrete choice models with capacity constraints: an empirical analysis of the housing market of the greater Paris region
Discrete choice models with income effects
Discrete choice theory of product differentiation : Simon P. Anderson, Andre de Palma and Jacques-Francois Thisse (The MIT press, Cambridge, 1992) pp. 423
Diversification des activités et des privatisations des entreprises de chemin de fer enseignements des exemples japonais
Diversification of activities and privatization of railway companies : the Japanese case.
Dynamic and Static congestion models: A review
Dynamic model of peak period traffic congestion with elastic arrival rates, 1984?
Dynamic models of competition between transportation modes
Dynamic network equilibrium: Some comments
Dynamic traffic analysis with static data: some guidelines with an application to Paris
dynamics of urban traffic congestion and the price of parking, The
Economics of a bottleneck
economics of pricing parking, The
economics of truck toll lanes, The
Effects of Capacity Constraints on Peak Period Traffic Congestion
Effet de la tarification des coûts externes dans les services sujet à congestion
efficiency of indirect taxes under imperfect competition, The
Eliciting Utility for (Non)Expected Utility Preferences Using Invariance Transformations
Equilibria in multi-party competition under uncertainty
Equilibrium in Competing Networks with Differentiated Products
Essays in Economics : Regulation in the automobile industry and cooperation in the prisoner's dilemma.
Etude empirique des comportements de choix : applications à l'économie des transports et à l'enseignement supérieur
Etude Empirique du Choix de l'Heure de Depart au Travail.
Evaluation of new transport demand management measures on the city of Geneva with the use of innovative dynamic traffic models
Firm Mobility and Location Equilibrium.
Four Essays on the Economics of Road Risks in India
From local to global competition
Game-Theoretic Approach to the Analysis of Simple Congested Networks., A
‘Grand Paris' Project: Tools and Challenges, The
handbook of transport economics, A
Hedging global environment risks: An option based portfolio insurance
Heterogeneity in states and urban structure
impact of adverse weather conditions on the propensity to change travel decisions: A survey of Brussels commuters, The
Impact of adverse weather conditions on travel decisions : experience from a behavioral survey in geneva
impact of interregional and intraregional transportation costs on industrial location and efficient transport policies, The
Imperfect Competition and Congestion in a City with asymmetric subcenters
Imperfect competition and congestion in the city
Implementation of a Dynamic Traffic Simulator to the Paris Area
Implications of the lerning curve for the diffusion of consumer durable innovations
In Memoriam William
Incomplete information, expectation, and subsequent decisionmaking
Individual and couple decision behavior under risk: evidence on the dynamics of power balance
Individual and couple decision behavior under risk the power of ultimate control
influence of information availability on the choice of destination, The
Information and time-of-usage decisions in the bottleneck model with stochastic capacity and demand
Information and Usage of Congestible Facilities Under Different Pricing Regimes
Information and Usage of Free-Access Congestible Facilities with Stochastic Capacity and Demand.
Information Congestion: open access in a two-sided market
integrated Land use – Transportation model for Paris area, An
Integrated transport and land use modeling for sustainable cities
Introduction to the special issue on funding transportation infrastructure.
Introduction to the Special Issue on Pricing, Financing, Regulating Transport Infrastructures and Services
Invariance of conditional maximum utility
Invest locally or globally? A normative analysis of transport policies in a footloose capital model with interregional and intraregional transportation costs.
Investment and the use of tax and toll revenues in the transport sector: the research agenda.
Logit as a Model of Product Differentiation: Further Results and Extensions, The
Logit as a Theoretical Model of Product Differentiation: Market Equilibrium and Social Optimum, The
Lower-order logsums
Maintenance, service quality and congestion pricing with competing roads
Market equilibrium and optimal product diversity : a logit specification
Measurement of uncertainty costs with dynamic traffic simulations
merits of separating cars and trucks, The
METROPOLIS - A dynamic simulation model designed for ATIS applications
METROPOLIS : A modular architecture for dynamic traffic simulation
Metropolis: un outil de simulation de trafic urbain.
METROPOLIS : Un outil de simulation du trafic urbain
Missing Equilibria in Hotelling's Location Game., The
model of residential location choice with endogenous housing prices and traffic for the Paris region, A
modéles de choix discret, Les
modeles de decision et la politique comme processus collectif. Application aux systemes de tranport urbains., Les
modèles de décision et la politique comme processus collectif. Application aux systèmes de transports urbains, Les
Modèles de diffusion en marketing
Modélisation de la demande temporelle pour le téléphone
Modélisation des conduites d'alcoolisation..., La
Modélisation des nuisances environnementales dues à la circulation urbaine et analyse de politiques économiques possibles
Modelling and evaluation of road pricing in Paris
Modular Architecture for Dynamic Traffic Simulation., A
Molino II: model for assessing pricing and investment strategies for transport infrastructure.
Monétarisation des externalités de transport : un état de l'art
Monocentric City With Discrete Transit Stations, A
Multi-player, Multi-prize, Imperfectly Discriminating Contests
Multiproduct Firms: A Nested Logit Approach.
Network development under a strict self-financing constraint.
Network externalities and the Polya-Logit model
New Evaluation and Decision Making Framework Investigating the Elimination by Aspects Model in the Context of Transportation Projects’ Investment Choices., A
Noisy demand and mode choice
Noncooperative Analysis of Hotelling's Location Game, A
Nouveau cadre d'évaluation et de prise de décision permettant l'investigation du modèle « élimination par attributs » dans le contexte de choix de projets d'investissement dans le transport
Oligopole et différenciation des produits ; une contribution à l'étude de la concurrence imparfaite
Oligopolistic Competition and the Optimal Provision of Products.
Oligopoly and Luce's Choice Axiom
On existence of location equilibria in the 3-firm hotelling problem
On the stochastic modelling of systems with non-local interactions
Optimal Bus Timetables and Trip Timing Preference
Optimal Localisations on A Line with Random Utilities.
Optimal of Provision of Products with Income Effects, The
Optimal portfolio positioning
Optimal portfolio : towards an operational decision support system
Optimal Product Diversity With Income Effects
Optimal timetables for public transportation
Optimization formulations and static equilibrium in congested transportation networks
Optimum departure times for commuters in congested networks
Park and Ride for the Morning and Evening Commute
Parking in the city
Partial compatibility with network externalities and double purchase
Policy insights from the urban road pricing case studies
Politique monétaire et concurrence bancaire
Price dispersion and consumer reservation prices
Pricing externalities in services subject to congestion.
principle of minimum differentiation holds under sufficient heterogeneity, The
Prise en compte de l'attitude face au risque dans le cadre de la directive MiFID
Private operators and time-of-day tolling on a congested road network
Private roads, competition, and incentives to adopt time-based congestion tolling
Private toll roads : a dynamic equilibrium analysis
Private toll roads: Competition under various ownership regimes
Privatization and efficiency in a differentiated industry
Process and context in choice models
Product Diversity in Asymmetric Oligopoly: Is the Quality of Consumer Goods too Low?
Properties of Dynamic Traffic Equilibrium Involving Bottlenecks, Including A Paradox and Metering.
Public-Private Partnerships in Transport
Quatre essais sur l’économie du risque routier en Inde.
Queuing May Be First-Best Efficient
Random queues and risk averse users
Rational behaviour, Risk aversion, High stakes for society
Rational Choice under an Imperfect Ability to Choose.
Rationalité, aversion au risque et enjeu sociétal majeur
Real Cases Applications of the Fully Dynamic METROPOLIS Tool-Box: an Advocacy for Large-scale Mesoscopic Transportation Systems
Recent Developments in the Bottleneck Model.
Regulating sovereign wealth funds operating overseas through an external fund manager
Regulation in the automobile industry
representative consumer theory of the logit model, A
Research challenges in modelling urban road pricing: an overview
Residential change and economic choice behavior
Reverse discrete choice models
Risk aversion in expected intertemporal discounted utilities bandit problems
Risk aversion, the value of information and traffic equilibrium
Risk in Transport investments
Risk, uncertainty and discrete choice models
Route Choice behavior with risk averse users
Route choice decision under travel time uncertainty
Route choice with heterogeneous drivers and group-specific congestion costs
Shouting to be Heard in Advertising
Some circumstances in which vehicles will reach their destinations earlier by starting later : revisited
Spatial asymmetric duopoly with an application to Brussels’ airports
Spatial competition under uniform delivered pricing
Spatial competition with differentiated products
Spatial price and variety competition in an urban retail market : A nested logit analysis
Spatial Price Discrimination with Heterogeneous Products.
Spatial price policies and duopoly
Spatial Price Policies Reconsidered.
Stable dynamics in transportation systems.
Stationary Dynamic Solutions in Congested Transportation Networks: Summary and Perspectives
Structural Model of Peak-Period Congestion: A Traffic Bottleneck with Elastic Demand., A
Switching in the logit
Synthesis of case study results and future prospects.
tarification des transports enjeux et défis
Tax incidece in Differentiated product Oligopoly.
Tax incidence in differentiated product oligopoly
temporal and spatial equilibrium analysis of commuter parking, A
temporal use of a telephone line, The
Toward an Endogenous Central Place Theory
Towards a principal-agent based typology of risks in public-private partnerships
Traffic Congestion Pricing Methods and Technologies
Transition choice probabilities and welfare analysis in additive random utility models
Transition choice probabilities and welfare in ARUM's
Transportation mode choice and city-suburban public transportation service
Trip chaining - who wins, who loses?.
Trip timing and scheduling preferences
Trip Timing for Public Transportation : An Empirical Application
Trois essais sur l'économie de la congestion dans les transports publics.
(Un)conditional distribution of compensating variation in discrete choice models
Understanding individual travel decisions : results from a behavioral survey in Geneva with special emphasis on mode choice
Understanding individual travel decisions: results from a commuters survey in Geneva
Usage-dependent peak-load pricing
Utilitarianism and fairness in portfolio positioning
Variable willingness to pay for network externalities with strategic standardization decisions
Variety and size regulation in dicrete choice oligopoly.
Variety and size regulation in discrete choice oligopoly
Veriety and Size Regulation in Discrete Choice Oligopoly.
Welfare Effects Of Congestion Tolls With Heterogeneous Commuters, The
Thèse de doctorat : Sciences économiques : Dijon : 1988