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Eli Lilly and Company
Eli Lilly and Company Indianapolis, Ind
Eli Lilly & Co
Lilly and Company
Lilly and Company Indianapolis, Ind
Lilly (Eli) and Company
Location / Nationality: 
United States District of Columbia Washington
Acute abdominal pain in an adolescent
Annual report to the shareholders
Botany in pharmacy.
Cardiac complications in a woman with transient ischemic attacks
Chest pain, after the ride was over
Clinical dentistry.
Closed head trauma
Coma, cause unknown
comparative analysis of public and recipient attitudes toward the Medicaid program (title XIX) in Texas and California, A
Comparative growth analysis of Medicaid drug programs : Texas vs. California, the "top 200" drugs, FY 1973-FY 1976
Complex multi-system injured patient, The
Diabetes mellitus; methods of dietetic management and the use of preparations of insulin ...
Diagnostic dilemmas in the emergency department
Elements of biologicals ; recurrent questions and answers.
Eli Lilly and Company annual report.
Eli Lilly and Company report to the shareholders.
Emergency treatment of acute drug overdose., The
Failing heart, The : the role of inotropic agents in its management.
Four patients with major extremity trauma what is the best surgical strategy?
Killing of bacteria by antibiotics, The
Lilly digest of retail drug-store income and expense statements for ...
Lilly digest of the ... statements of ... retail drug stores.
Lilly laboratories., The
Lilly Research Laboratories : dedication
Lilly's bulletin.
Lilly's handbook of pharmacy and theraputics.
Liver transplantation--the recipient operation
Managing interprofessional communications in hospital pharmacy practice
Monograph on ephedrine, the history, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and pathology, and present clinical status.
Multiple injuries following blunt trauma problems triage
My friend Edi.
NACDS : [Lilly statistical digest].
NARD-Lilly digest.
National Association of Chain Drug Stores Lilly digest
Nutritional anemia. Part 2: Megaloblastic anemia.
Peri-umbilical pain in a diabetic
Pharmacy practice for the geriatric patient : student's text
Physician's book of menus for diabetics. Copyright ...
Pseudomonas susceptibility testing a closer look
re medicina., De
Remarkable phagocyte, The
Report to the shareholders
Secretion of insulin., The
story of the Lilly laboratories., The
Sudden onset back pain
Syncope, systolic murmur, and congestive heart failure in a 68-year old man
Therapy with the sulphonamides from the Lilly research laboratories.
Two-weeks post-splenectomy--shock, confusion, and diarrhea
Ways of nature., The