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International Union of Crystallography
Internationale Union für Kristallographie
IUCr (International Union of Crystallography)
Mezhdunarodnyĭ soi︠u︡z kristallografov
Mezhdunarodnyĭ soi︠u︡z po kristallografii
Mezinárodní krystalografická unie
Unión Internacional de Cristalografía
Union Internationale de Cristallographie
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Crystallographic Data Centre
ebrary (firma)
Hahn, Theo
Malaysian Nuclear Society
Shmueli, U.
Shmueli, Uri
Trotter, J.
Trotter, James
Turkenburg, Johan
Welberry, T. R.
Welberry, Thomas Richard
Wilson, A. J. C.
Wilson, Arthur James Cochran
Accuracy in powder diffraction : proceedings of a Symposium on Accuracy in Powder Diffraction held at the National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, Maryland, June, 11-15, 1979
Acta Cryst. A
Acta Cryst C
Acta cryst. F
Acta crystallogr., B (Online)
Acta crystallogr., C (Online)
Acta crystallogr., Sect. A. Cryst. phys. diffr. theor. gen. crystallogr.
Acta Crystallogr., Sect. A: Found. Crystallogr. (Online)
Acta Crystallogr. Sect. B (Denmark)
Acta Crystallogr., Sect. B: Struct. Crystallogr. Cryst. Chem.
Acta Crystallogr., Sect. B: Struct. Sci.
Acta crystallographica.
basics of crystallography and diffraction, The
Biological crystallography
Biological crystalography online
Collect. abstr.- Int. Congr. Crystallogr.
Collected abstracts - International Congress of Crystallography.
Collected abstracts; International Union of Crystallography, ninth general assembly and international congress.
Compton scattering : the investigation of electron momentum distributions
Crystal growth : a tutorial approach : proceedings of the third International Summer School on Crystal Growth, 1977
Crystal growth and characterization : proceedings of the ISSCG2 springschool, Japan, 1974
Crystal physics, diffraction, theoretical and general crystallography
Crystal structure communications
Crystallographic computing 4 : techniques and new technologies : papers presented at the International School of Crystallographic Computing held at the Flinders University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia, August 22-29, 1987
Diffuse x-ray scattering and models of disorder
Early papers on diffraction of X-rays by crystals.
Electron diffraction. The nature of defects in crystals.
Eleventh International Congress of Crystallography : collected abstracts, August 3-12, 1978, Warszawa, Poland.
Fifty years of electron diffraction : in recognition of fifty years of achievement by the crystallographers and gas diffractionists in the field of electron diffraction
Fifty years of neutron diffraction : the advent of neutron scattering
Foundations of crystallography
Fundamentals of crystallography
gedenktagung funfzig jahre rontgeninterferenze
Index for volumes ...
Indexes and title pages
Int. Union Crystallogr. newsl. (Online)
International tables for crystallography. Brief teaching edition of volume A, space-group symmetry
International tables for X-ray crystallography.
International Union of Crystallography monographs on crystallography.
International Union of Crystallography news letter
International Union of Crystallography newsletter
IUCr monographs on crystallography
IUCr news letter
IUCr newsletter
(IUCr) structural biology and crystallization communications online
J. appl. crystallogr.
J. Synchrotron Rad.
J. synchrotron radiat. (Online)
Journal of applied crystallography : indexes for vol. 1-20, 1968-1987
Journal of applied crystallography (Online)
Journal of synchrotron radiation (Online)
Low resolution structure determination and validation proceedings of the CCP4 Study Weekend
Matière à l'état solide.
Methods and applications in crystallographic computing : papers presented at the International Summer School on Crystallographic Computing, held at Kyoto, Japan, 18-27 August, 1983
Molecular structure and dimensions : guide to the literature 1935-1976, organic and organometallic crystal structures
Molecular structure : chemical reactivity and biological activity
Molecular structures and dimensions. organic and organometallic crystal structures
Monographs on crystallography
Neutron and x-ray scattering in advancing materials research proceedings of the
Organic and organometallic crystal structures;
Organic compounds
Physical properties of crystals
Rietveld method, The
solid state, The : from superconductors to superalloys
Structural biology and crystallization communications online
Structural crystallography and crystal chemistry
Structural science
Structure reports for 1984
Structure reports online
Symmetry aspects of M.C. Escher's periodic drawings
Symmetry of structure : abstracts
Symmetry relations between space groups
Theories and techniques of crystal structure determination
World directory of crystallographers and other scientists employing crystallographic methods