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Ārthika Vikāsa tathā Praśāsana Anusandhāna Kendra
Arthika Vikasa tatha Prasasana Anusandhana Kendra (Nepal)
Centre for Economic Development & Administration
Centre for Economic Development and Administration
Centre for Economic Development and Administration Kāṭhamāṇḍū
Centre for economic development and administration Katmandou
Centre for Economic Development and Administration (Nepal)
Tribhuvan university Katmandou, Centre for economic development and administration
Tribhuvana Viśvavidyālaya Centre for Economic Development and Administration
Tribhuvana Viśvavidyālaya Kāṭhamāṇḍū Centre for Economic Development and Administration
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Acharya, Rajeshwar
Agrawal, Govind Ram
Bista, Nirmal K.
Dhungana, Bhawani
Gurung, Sant B.
Kansakar, Vidya Bir Singh
Nepal. Rāshṭriya Yojanā Āyoga
Singh, Ramesh
Tribhuvana Viśvavidyālaya Kāṭhamāṇḍū (see also from)
Ad hoc conference report on implications of the new foreign trade policy measures on Nepalese economy
analysis of total factor productivity in nepalese agriculture, an
ati avasyaka vastu sevako apurti samasya ra tyasko samadhana goshthi kathmandu nepal ati avasyaka 2037
Atlas of Nepal : on sample basis
Australian economy, The : recent performance and future challenges
Basic needs delivery system in Birendranagar, Surkhet
Causes and impacts of migration : preliminary survey in Surkhet region
Centre for Economic Development and Administration :
Comparative evaluation of road construction techniques in Nepal
contributions of trained TBAs in Nepal., The
Cooperative development and basic needs
Cottage industry in Nepal : a study of Dhankuta District
Development of the Himalayan resources for regional co-operation and national development : preliminary study
Emigration, remittances, and rural development
Feasibility study of housing industry in Kathmandu Valley.
Garment industry in Nepal : a socio-economic study
Housing conditions of the urban poor in Kathmandu and Pokhara a study of squatter settlements
Impact of Pokhara growth centre and its hinterlands : Gandaki growth axis (northern part)
Ind[u]strial estate administration; a report on a seminar at Kathmandu, Nepal on August 20-21, 1970.
Indirect taxation in Nepal
Innovative human resource management : case studies of Nepal
Journal of development and administrative studies., The
Kham Magar women of Thabang, The
Maithili women of Sirsia, The
Manual for local and district level planning
Marketing management and control in public enterprises of Nepal : occasional paper
Migration and employment in the tea estates of Nepal
Migration in Nepal : a study of far western development region, jointly sponsored by NPC and CEDA.
Nepal and non-alignment
Networking of trade-related research institutions in Nepal
Newar women of Bulu, The
Organization manual, CEDA as an institution
Papers and proceedings of a National Seminar on Planning for Basic Needs and Mobilization of Resources, Kathmandu, Nepal, 12-14 November 1979
Parbatiya women of Bakundol, The
Population and development in Nepal : a collection of papers presented in the Population and Development Seminar, August 1-2, 1974
pre-feasibility study on trolley transport as an alternative to oil based land transport, A
Price analysis.
Progress report, July 1969-July 1973: four years of autonomy.
Regional analysis of Kosi Zone, Eastern Nepal : working method for regional planning in Nepal
Regional development study, Nepal : [Far Western Development Region and Kosi Zone : a background study in regional development and recommendations for rural development package programme].
Report of Seminar-cum-Workshop on Role of Private Sector in Transport Industry, Jestha 27-29, 2044
Resource mobilization in Nepal
Review of copyright in Nepal
Ropeway feasibility study (Chatra-Bhojpur and Pokhara-Baglung).
Seminar-cum-Workshop on Development Administration, November 17, 1971-December 17, 1971
Seminar-cum-Workshop on Development Planning; selected papers.
Seminar-cum-workshop on Management of Industries, Jan. 15, 1973-Jan. 24, 1973 : seminar report
Seminar-cum-Workshop on Project Analysis & Management; selected papers.
Some issues on regional planning in Nepal : approaches to regional development : proceedings of the Seminar on Regional Planning
Status of women in Nepal., The
Strategic elements of rural development in Nepal.
Study of Rastriya Banijya Bank, Kathmandu, an undertaking of HMG/N, May-Sept. 1974
study of the rashtriya banijya bank
Tharu women of Sukhrwar, The
Top Management Seminar, June 20, 1972-June 24, 1972; [papers and discussions.
Trade and transit: Nepal's problem with her Southern neighbour.
Trade expansion in South Asia : liberalisation and mechanism : country study, Nepal
Transport and communication linkages in Nepal
Women and development
women of Baragaon, The