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Canning, Georg
Canning, George
Çorç Kanning
Džordžs Kannings
George Canning (britischer Politiker der konservativen Partei und Premierminister 1827)
George Canning (British statesman and politician)
George Canning (britisk diplomat og politikar)
George Canning (britisk diplomat og politiker)
George Canning (Brits politicus)
George Canning (brittisk diplomat och politiker)
George Canning (dyplomata angielski, premier brytyjski)
George Canning (personnalité politique britannique)
George Canning (politico britannico)
Georgius Canning
Griffin, Gregory
Τζωρτζ Κάνινγκ (Βρετανός πολιτικός, πρωθυπουργός της Μεγάλης Βρετανίας)
Джордж Канінг
Джордж Каннінг
Каннинг, Д
Каннинг, Джордж
Каннинг, Джордж (английский политик)
Ҷорҷ Каннинг
Ջորջ Կաննինգ
ג'ורג' קנינג
جورج كانينغ
जार्ज कानिंग
जोर्ज क्यानिङ
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Edmonds, Charles
Ellis, George (1753-1815)
Frere, John Hookham (1769-1846)
Gifford, William (1756-1826)
Great Britain Prime Minister (1827 : Canning) (see also from)
Griffin, Gregory (1770-1827; see also from)
Griffin, Gregory (see also from)
Janvry, Haudry de
Lake, J. W.
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Phillpotts, Henry (1778-1869)
Royal Historical Society
Sayers, James (1748-1823)
Smith, John (active 1786-1787)
Therry, R.
Anti-Jacobin; or, Weekly examiner., The
Antidote containing strictures upon two anonymous pamphlets : entitled Six years' residence in Italy, or a Queen's election [by Veritas] : and the defence of the Queen examined
Brieven van John Henry Lance (1793-1878), arbiter bij het Gemengd Gerechtshof in Paramaribo, geschreven aan George Canning (1770-1827), minister van Buitenlandse Zaken van Groot-Brittannië
British classics ; comprising the choicest works in prose and verse, of the best ancient and modern authors ; with original prefaces. Edited by J.-W. Lake
Burlesqueplays of the eighteenth century ; [The rehearsal ; The what d'ye callit
comment upon the history of Tom Thumb
Corrected report of the speech of the Right Hon.ble George Canning, in the House of Commons, 25th April, 1822, on Lord John Russell's motion fora reform of Parliament.
Correspondence between Mr. Secretary Canning, and the Hon. D. Erskine. As printed and laid before the House of Lords
Debatter i engelska underhuset, den 24 Febr.1826, angående sidenhandteringens tillstånd samt den 1 Mars & 18 juni 1827, rörande spannmåls-lagarna. : Öfversatta utur The speeches of George Canning, Vol. 5 & 6. Jemte ett appendix om tull-system och industri i Sverige, med upplysande kalkuler angående spannmålshandeln.
Discours complets de MM. Canning, Wilson, Hume, Brougham, etc.
Discours prononcé le 18 mars 1820, à la clôture des élections de Liverpool
Discours prononcé par M. Canning, ministre de Sa Majesté britannique, dans la réunion de négociants qui a eu lieu à Bordeaux, le 8 mai 1816
Epistle from William Lord Russell
Epistle to Peter Pindar
Formation of Canning's ministry, February to August 1827, The : edited, from contemporary correspondence
George Canning and his friends; containing hitherto unpublished letters, jeux d'esprit, etc.
George Canning; three biographical studies
letter-journal of George Canning, 1793-1795, The
letter to the Right Hon. George Canning, &c. &c. &c. on the nature of absenteeism and its influence on the state of Ireland in reply to an article of the Edinburgh Review (Nov. 1825), A
letter to the Right Honourable George Canning on the bill of 1825, A : for removing the disqualifications of His Majesty's Roman Catholic subjects and on his speech in support of the same
letter to the Right Honourable Wills Earl of Hillsborough, on the connection between Great Britain and her American colonies, A
Letters to the late Marquis of Londonderry, K.G. &c. &c. &c., to T.S. Gooch, Esq. M.P., chairman of the late Commons' Committee of Inquiry into Agricultural Distress, and to others relative to the British trade at Genoa : also on the general importation of foreign wool into, as compared with the exportation of woollens from Great Britain
Man in the moon &c. &c. &c., The
Memories and thoughts
Message from the President of the United States, transmitting a letter from the Secretary of state, to Mr. Monroe, on the subject of the attack on the Chesapeake; also Mr. Monroe's correspondence with the British government, and Mr. Madison's correspondence with Mr. Rose, on the same subject. March 22, 1808. Printed by order of the Senate.
microcosm, The : a periodical work
Papers presented to Parliament in 1809.
Parodies and other burlesque pieces
Poetical Works of the right hon. George Canning, with an original life and explanatory notes, by J. W. Lake,...
Poetry of the anti-Jacobin
present operations and future prospects of the Mexican mine associations analysed, by the evidence of official documents, English and Mexican, and the national advantages expected from joint stock companies, considered, in a letter to the Right Hon. George Canning, The
Recueil des discours prononcés au Parlement d'Angleterre
Redevoering, te Londen gehouden
Some official correspondence of George Canning [1821-1827]
Some points in the question of the silk trade stated in a letter addressed to the Right Hon. George Canning, M.P., His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
Speech of the Rt. Hon. George Canning, delivered at the Liverpool dinner, given in celebration of his re-election, March 18, 1820.
speech of the Rt. Hon. George Canning, in the House of Commons, on the 16th day of March, 1824, on laying before the House the "Papers in explanation of the measures adopted by His Majesty's government for the amelioration of the condition of the slave population in His Majesty's dominions in the West Indies"., The
Substance du discours prononcé par le très-hon. : Geo. Canning ... sur la motion de M.G. Ponsonby ... Séance de la Chambre des Communes, du 3 février 1808.
Substance of Mr. Canning's speech in the House of Commons, Tuesday, December 11, 1798, on Mr. Tierney's motion, respecting continental alliances.
Substance of the speech of the Right Hon. George Canning, in the House of Commons, on Wednesday, November 24, 1819, on the address to the throne, upon the opening of the session of Parliament.
Two letters from the Right Honourable George Canning to the Earl Camden, Lord President of the Council.
Ulm and Trafalgar ; The poetical works