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Arthur Young (agriculteur, agronome et auteur britannique)
Arthur Young (Brits econoom (1741-1820))
Arthur Young (brytyjski pisarz i ekonomista)
Arthur Young (englischer Agrarwissenschaftler und Publizist)
Arthur Young (English writer on agriculture, economics, and social statistics)
Arthur Young (scrittore e saggista inglese)
Author of the famer's letter
Author of The farmer's letters
Author of The tours through England
Farmer's letters, Author of the
Joung, Arthur
Jung, Artur
Tours through England, Author of the
Young, Arth
Young, Arthur
Young, Artur
Young, Arturo
Артур Юнг
آرتور یانگ
आर्थर यंग
ヤング, アーサー
亞瑟•楊格 (英格蘭農業,經濟,社會統計學及作家)
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American (active 1775; see also from)
Betham-Edwards, Matilda (1836-1919)
Board of Agriculture (Great Britain)
Boixareu, Ramon
Casaux, Alexandre (1727-1796 marquis de)
Frenais, Joseph-Pierre ... (1788?)
Hirzel, Hans Caspar (1725-1803))
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
Lesage, M.
Maxwell, Constantia
Maxwell, Constantia Elizabeth (1885-)
Millon, Charles (1754-1839)
Mitchell, John (1711-1768)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Rackham, J.
Richardson, W.
Sée, Henri
Soulès, François (1748-1809)
Voss (1795))
高梨, 智弘 (1945-)
adventures of Emmera, The : or, the fair American. Exemplifying the peculiar advantages of society and retirement. In two volumes. ...
Agricultural survey: Essex.
American husbandry : containing an account of the soil, climate, production and agriculture of the British colonies in North-America and the West- Indies; with observations on the advantages and disadvantages of settling in them, compared with Great Britain and Ireland
Annals of agriculture and other useful arts
Arthur Young and his times
Arthur Young's travels in France during the years 1787, 1788, 1789
Arthur Youngs ökonomische Reise durch die östlichen Provinzen von England : in Absicht auf den Zustand der Landwirthschaft, der Manufakturen, der Malerey und übrigen schönen Künste : als eine Fortsetzung der sechsmonatlichen Reise durch die nordlichen Provinzen
Autobiography of Arthur Young, The
enquiry into the state of the public mind amongst the lower classes: and on the means of turning it to the welfare of the state. In a letter to William Wilberforce, Esq. M.P. By Arthur Young, Esq. F.R.S., An
Essays on the management of hogs, and the culture of coleseed, including experiments
Example of France, a warning to Britain.
Exemple de la France, L' : avis a la Grande Bretagne...
farmer's calendar containing the business necessary to be performed on various kinds of farms during every month of the year, The
Farmer's Guide in hiring and stocking farms..., The
farmer's letters to the people of England:, The
Farmer's tour through the east of england : being the register of a journey through various counties of this kingdom, to enquire into the state of agriculture, &c. ..., with other subjects that tend to explain the present state of english husbandry
General view of the agriculture of the county of Suffolk;
guide du fermier, ou instructions pour élever, nourrir, acheter & vendre les bêtes à cornes, les brebis, les moutons, les agneaux & les cochons ..., Le
idea of the present state of France, and of the consequences of the events passing in that kingdom, An
letter to Lord Clive, on the great benefits which may result to the publick from patriotically expending a small part of a large private fortune particularly in promoting the interests of agriculture, by forming an experimental farm. Containing A practical Course of Management, with Estimates of the Expences and Profit. Illustrated with a plan of the Farm, A
Letters from His Excellency General Washington, to Arthur Young ... containing an account of his husbandry, with a map of his farm; his opinions on various questions in agriculture; and many particulars of the rural economy of the United States.
Manual del directivo : guía práctica para una gerencia eficaz
On the advantages which have resulted from the establishment of the board of Agriculture : being the substance of a lecture read to that institution, May 26th, 1809
Peace and reform, against war and corruption : in answer to a pamphlet
Political arithmetic containing observations on the present state of Great Britain and the principles of her policy in the encouragement of agriculture : addressed to the œconomical societies established in Europe : to which is added, a memoir on the corn trade, drawn up and laid before the commissioners of the Treasury, by Governor Pownall
Political arithmetic. French
Political arithmetick. Part II. Containing considerations on the means of raising the supplies within the year. Occasioned by Mr. Pulteney's pamphlet on that subject. By Arthur Young, Esq. F.R.S
Political essays concerning the present state of the British Empire particularly respecting, I--Natural advantages and disadvantages; II--Constitution; III--Agriculture; IV--Manufactures; V--The colonies, and; VI--Commerce.
Proposals to the legislature for numbering the people, 1771:
question of scarcity plainly stated, and remedies considered. With observations on permanent measures to keep wheat at a more regular price., The
question of wool truly stated In which the facts are examined for and against the bill now depending in Parliament, The
Reflections on the present state of affairs at home and abroad.
Reisen durch Frankreich und einen Theil von Italien, in den Jahren 1787 bis 1790
review of the corrected agricultural survey of Lincolnshire by Arthur Young, published in 1779, by authority of the Board of Agriculture together with an address to the Board, a letter to its secretary, and remarks on the recent publication of John Lord Somerville, and on the subject of inclosures, A
Rural oeconomy: or, Essays on the practical parts of husbandry. : Designed to explain several of the most important methods of conducting farms of various kinds; including many useful hints to gentlemen farmers relative to the œconomical management of their business ... : To which is added, The rural Socrates: being memoirs of a country philosopher.
Six months tour through the north of england containing, an account of the present state of agriculture, manufactures and population, in several counties of this kingdom ... interspersed with descriptions of the seats of the nobility and gentry, and other remarkable objects
Six weeks tour, through the southern counties of England and Wales. Abridgment
speech on the Wool bill, that might have been spoken in the House of commons, Thursday, May the 1st, 1788, upon the question of adjourning the consideration to that day three months., A
theatre of the present war in North America: with candid reflections on the great importance of the war in that part of the world., The
Tour in ireland; with general observations on the present state of that kingdom, made in the years 1776, 1777, and 1778 and brought down to the end of 1779
Travels in France during the years 1787, 1788 & 1789
Viatge a Catalunya (1787)
Voyage agronomique ; précedé du Parfait fermier
Voyage en Ireland, 1801:
Voyage en Irlande avec des observations générales sur l'état présent de ce royaume
Voyage en Italie pendant l'année 1789
Voyages en France en 1787, 1788 et 1789
Wirthschaft eines philosophischen Bauers.
管理職ハンドブック : 成功するための心得60