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Isaac Watts
Isaac Watts (britischer Kirchenlieddichter)
Isaac Watts (Brits theoloog (1674-1748))
Isaac Watts (English hymnwriter, theologian and logician)
Isaac Watts (théologien et logicien anglais)
İsak Vots
Paṭṭakkāran Vat̲sa
Vat̲sa, Paṭṭakkāran
Watt, Isaac
Watts (Dr)
Watts, I.
[Watts, Isaac
Watts, Isaak
Watts, Johann
Wattsius, Isaacus
Исаак Уоттс
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Barlow, Joel (1754-1812)
Brady, Nicholas (1659-1726))
Drummond, Robert Paul (1947-2007)
Greene, David (1797?-1866)
Händel, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759)
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Religious Tract Society (Great Britain)
Superville, Daniel (17--)
Superville, Daniel de fils
Tate, Nahum (1652-1715))
Thomas, Isaiah (1749-1831))
Vračić, Berislava
Westminster Assembly (1643-1652)
Wijkström, Anders (1726-63)
Alas and Did My Saviour Bleed (At the Cross)
Appendix, containing a number of hymns taken chiefly from Dr. Watts's scriptural collection. [One line from Revelation]
art of reading and writing English or, the chief principles and rules of pronouncing our mother-tongue. both in Prose and Verse; with a Variety of Instructions for True Spelling. Written at first for Private Use, and now Published for the Benefit of all Persons who desire a better Acquaintance with their Native Language, The
beauties of the late Revd. Dr. Isaac Watts; ... To which is added the life of the author, The
Before the Skies
Christ hath a garden, op. 352
Church psalmody: a collection of psalms and hymns, adapted to public worship. Selected from Dr. Watts and other authors.
Come, Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs
Come we that love the Lord
culture de l'esprit, La : ou directions pour faciliter l'acquisition des connoissances utiles. Par mr. Isaac Watts, docteur en théologie. Traduit de l'anglois par Daniel de Superville...
Death and heaven or the last enemy conquer'd, and separate spirits made perfect: With an Account of The Rich Variety of their Employments and Pleasures; attempted in two funeral discourses, in memory of Sir John Hartopp Bart. and his lady, deceased
Devout exercises of the heart, in meditation and soliloquy, prayer and praise
discourse on the way of instruction by catechisms, and of the best manner of composing them. By Isaac Watts, D.D, A
Divine and moral songs
Divine songs. Selections.
doctrine of the passions explained and improved or, a brief and comprehensive scheme of the natural affections Of Mankind, attempted in a plain and easy Method; with an account of their names, nature, appearances, effects, and different uses in human life. To which are subjoined moral and divine rules For the Regulation or Government of them. By I. Watts, D.D, The
Evangelical discourses on several subjects To which is added, An essay on the powers and contests of flesh and spirit
Give us the wings of faith
Guide to prayer : or, A free and rational account of the gift, grace and spirit of prayer : with plain directions how every Christian may attain them
Hor? lyric? Poems, chiefly of the lyric kind. In three books. Sacred I. To Devotion and Piety. II. To Virtue, Honour, and Friendship. III. To the Memory of the Dead
Horae lyricae : poems, chiefly of the lyric kind, in three books
Hush! My Dear
Hymns and spiritual songs
Improvement of the mind
Jesus shall reign
Joy! / Joyful, Joyful
Joy to the World (Our God Reigns)
JOY TO THE WORLD (もろびとこぞりで)
knowledge of the heavens and the earth made easy or, the first principles of astronomy and geography explain'd by the use of globes and maps: .., The
Logick, or, The right use of reason in the enquiry after truth
New England primer
O God, our help in ages past
Petit catéchisme historique du Dr. Watts. Nouvelle édition
Philosophical essays on various subjects viz. space, substance, body, spirit, the Operations of the Soul in Union with the Body, innate Ideas, perpetual Consciousness, Place and Motion of Spirits, the departing Soul, the Resurrection of the Body, the Production and Operations of Plants and Animals: with some remarks on Mr. Locke's Essay on the human understanding. To which is subjoined a brief scheme of ontology, or the Science of Being in general, with its Affections
Poems. Selections
Poetical works
poets of Great Britain., The
Prieks pasaulei SBar solo, jauktam korim (SATB) un kamerorķestrim : for soli (SBar), mixed choir and chamber orchestra
Psalm 34
Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, applied to the Christian state and worship
Psalms of David
Radost svijetu svom : nikolinjske i božićne popijevke
Raṇṭām Cōdyōttaraññaluṃ prārthanakaḷuṃ, 1845
redeemer and the sanctifier or the sacrifice of Christ and the operations of the spirit vindicated: With a free Debate about the Importance of those Doctrines, represented in a friendly Conversation between Persons of different Sentiments, The
Reliquiae juveniles
second sett of catechisms and prayers or, some helps to the religion of children, and their Knowledge of the Scripture, from seven to twelve years of age. Collected out of the larger books of prayers and catechisms, for childhood and youth. By I. Watts, D.D, The
Serious considerations concerning the doctrines of election and reprobation Extracted from a late author
short view of the whole Scripture history with a continuation of the Jewish affairs from the Old Testament, till the Time of Christ; And An Account of the chief Prophecies that relate to Him: represented in a way of question and answer. Illustrated with various Remarks on the History and the Religion of the Patriarchs, Jews and Christians; and on the Laws, Government, Sects, Customs, and Writings of the Jews; and adorned with Figures relating to their Camp, Tabernacle, and Worship. By I. Watts, D.D, A
Shorter catechism
Songs for children in easy language ... 1892.
strength and weakness of human reason: or, the important question about the sufficiency of reason to conduct mankind to religion and future happiness, Argued between an Inquiring Deist and a Christian Divine: and The Debate Compromis'd and Determin'd to the Satisfaction of Both, By an impartial moderator, The
Three Choral Hymns: Morning and Evening
Variations on a hymn by Orlando Gibbons, c1981
waning of the Renaissance 1640-1740, The : studies in the thought and poetry of Henry More, John Norris and Isaac Watts
Watt’s Cradle Hymn
Watts's compleat spelling-book : in three parts. ...
When I survey the wondrous cross
Who is this fair one?
Wondrous Cross
Works of ... Isaac Watts. - 1810 -, The
world to come or, discourses on the joys or sorrows of departed souls at death, and the glory or terror of the Resurrection. .., The
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Christmas Album : La vierge Marie vous regarde
Come, Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs
Journeysongs Third Edition: Volume 22
Manna Worship Two
O God, Our Help in Ages Past
Ultimate Classical Christmas Album of All Time, The
Wonderful Cross, The