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Gabriel, Peter
Gabriel, Peter Brian
Gabriel, Peter Brian (Wirklicher Name)
Gabriel, Peter (musicien)
Gabriel, Peter (pjevač)
Peter Brian Gabriel
Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel (auteur-compositeur-interprète britannique)
Peter Gabriel (Brits zanger)
Peter Gabriel (brytyjski muzyk rockowy, wokalista i flecista)
Peter Gabriel (cantante, polistrumentista e compositore britannico)
Peter Gabriel (englischer Musiker)
Peter Gabriel (English singer, musician, songwriter and activist)
Peter Gabriel / Me
Peter Grabriel
Petrus Gabriel
Pīters Geibriels
Πίτερ Γκάμπριελ
Питер Гэбриэл
Питър Гейбриъл
Пітер Ґебріел
პიტერ გებრიელი
פיטר גבריאל
بيتر جابرييل
بيتر غابرييل
پیتر گابریل
ปีเตอร์ กาเบรียล
피터 가브리엘
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Banks, Tony (co-performer)
Barnard, Mick (co-performer)
Big Blue Ball (isMemberOf)
Chadwick, David (co-performer)
Charisma (Etats-Unis)
Collins, Phil (co-performer)
Collins, Still (co-performer)
Crawlers, Carpet (co-performer)
Duke (co-performer)
EMI music France
Ensor, Jeremy (co-performer)
Ferry, Brian
Gabriel, Peter (1950-...)
Gabriel, Peter (1950-)
Garden Wall (isMemberOf)
Genesis (isMemberOf)
Genesis (Musical group) (see also from)
Genesis (musikgrupp) (see also from)
Genesis 1966-1975 (see also from)
Genesis Musikgruppe Affiliation (see also from)
Genesis, Abacab – The Music of (co-performer)
Genesis, After (co-performer)
Genetics (co-performer)
Gunn, Ronnie (co-performer)
Hackett, Steve (co-performer)
Hassell, Jon (1937-)
J, LL Cool (co-performer)
Julio César, m (1990)
Kravitz, Lenny (co-performer)
Lauper, Cyndi (co-performer)
Lennon, Sean (co-performer)
Mama (co-performer)
Mayhew, John (co-performer)
McLachlan, Sarah
Musical Box, The (co-performer)
Myles, Alannah (co-performer)
N'Dour, Youssou
Naxos Digital Services
Newman, Randy (co-performer)
Ono, Yoko (co-performer)
Out, Seconds (co-performer)
Path of Genesis, The (co-performer)
Peace Choir (isMemberOf)
Peter Gabriel ltd
Peter Gabriel ltd (see also from)
Petty, Tom (co-performer)
Phillips, Anthony (co-performer)
Q‐Tip (co-performer)
Ready, Supper’s (co-performer)
ReGenesis (co-performer)
Rhodes, David
Rutherford, Mike
Rutherford, Mike (co-performer)
Scorsese, Martin (1942-)
Silver, Jonathan (co-performer)
Stewart, Chris (co-performer)
Szcześniak, Mieczysław (1964- ))
The Spoken Word (isMemberOf)
Thomas, David (co-performer)
Touch, Invisible (co-performer)
Virgin France
Virgin records international
Virgin Records Ltd
Wharton, William (is pseud.)
Zappa, Ahmet (co-performer)
Zappa, Dweezil (co-performer)
Zappa, Moon Unit (co-performer)
100 Days to Go
14 Black Paintings
1977‐03‐15: Broken Eyes and Contact Lenses: Music Hall, Cleveland, OH, USA
1978‐08‐25: A New Perspective: University Great Hall, Lancaster, UK
1982‐07‐16 & 18: Muppet04: Showering Pavilion, Shepton Mallet, UK
1982‐07‐16 & 18: The First WOMAD Festival: Shepton Mallet, UK
1982‐12‐18: Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, USA
1987‐06‐12 : Palasport, Bologna, IT
1987‐07‐21: The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA
1987-07-27 Blossom Music Amphitheater - Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA
1987‐09‐18: No Self Control: Verona, Italy
1987 World Tour
1993-06-26: Skydome, Toronto, Canada
1994‐06‐26: Glastonbury, Pilton, Somerset, UK
2002‐10‐24: Live at Studio 104: Studio 104, Maison de la radio, Paris, France
2002‐11‐25: Fleet Center, Boston, MA, USA
2002‐12‐05: Maison Radio Studio 104
2003‐11‐21: Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, UK
2004‐06‐07: Still Growing Up: Wembley, UK
2007‐06‐29: The Warm Up Tour Summer 07: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2007‐07‐02: The Warm Up Tour: Brescia, Italy
2009‐03‐18 Caracas, Venezuela – Latin American Tour
2009‐03‐22 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Latin American Tour
2009-03-24: Santiago Chile
2010‐03‐28: New Blood: O2 Arena, London, UK
2012‐09‐30: Peter Gabriel Live Red Rocks
31·03·09 Monterrey Mexico
Across the River #1
Across the River #2
After the Ordeal
Against all odds music from the original motion picture soundtrack
Ain’t That Peculiar (live vinyl)
Aisle of Plenty
All Day and All of the Night
Am I Very Wrong?
And I’ll Scratch Yours
And Through the Wire (instrumental)
Animal Magic
Animal Nation
Another Day in 1977 (live)
Apocalypse in 9/8
[apology for an electrical fault cancelling gig]
Après moi
Arrival, The
As Sure as Eggs Is Eggs
Assorted Rare Treats (B‐Sides & Rare Tracks)
At Night
Atmospherics: Listen to the Radio
Baby Man
Back in N.Y.C.
Back in New York City
Back to Front 2012: 2012‐09‐23: Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY, USA
Back to Front 2013: 10.11.13 Leipzig, Germany
Back to Front 2013: 11.10.13 Leipzig, Germany
Back to Front 2013: 13.10.13 Stuttgart, Germany
Back to Front 2013: 15.10.13 Paris, France
Back to Front 2013: 16.10.13 Düsseldorf, Germany
Back to Front 2014: 02.05.14 Cologne Germany
Back to Front 2014: 25.05.14 Berlin, Germany
Back to Front EP
Back to Front: Peter Gabriel – Live in London
Back to Front – Winter 2014 – 23.11.14 Graz, Austria
Band Intro / This Is the Picture
[band introduction]
Band Introductions
Barry William Show
Barry Williams Show (5.1 mix), The
Barry Williams Show (unadulterated radio edit), The
Barry Williams Show Video (Director: Sean Penn, stereo, 5.1 mixes: Tchad Blake), The
Battle of Epping Forest, The
Be Still
Before night falls (2 min 19 s)
Before the Flood
Best 2002–2003
Big Time (extended version)
Big Time (instrumental)
Big Time (rare unreleased version)
Big Time (VMM remix)
Biko (edit)
Biko (edited)
Biko (extended version)
Biko (fade out)
Biko (live single version)
Biko (video mix)
Birdy : music from the film
Birdy’s Flight (from Not One of Us)
Birdy. Selections
Black Paintings
Blood of Eden (radio edit)
Blood of Eden (special mix for Wim Wenders’ Until the End of the World)
Book of Love (B‐Side)
Book of Love (reissue), The
Book of Love (remix), The
Book of Love / Washing of the Water, The
Book of Memories (disc 1)
Boy in the Bubble (first summer vocal), The
Bread and wine (2 min 22 s)
Broadway Melody of 1974
Broken Arrow
Build Me a Mountain
Bully for You (instrumental)
Burn You Up and Burn You Down
Burn You Up, Burn You Down (radio edit)
Can‐Utility and the Coastliners
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Carpet Crawlers, The
Chamber of 32 Doors, The
Cinema Show, The
Close Up (from Family Snapshot)
Cloudless (radio edit)
Colony of Slippermen, The
Come Talk to Me (Clearmountain mix edit)
Come Talk to Me / Steam
Conqueror, The
Counting Out Time
Courage (radio edit)
Courage (The Hexidecimal mix)
Crossing the Salt Pan
Cuckoo Cocoon
Curtains (B‐Side)
Curtains (Broad mix)
D.I.Y. (live)
D.I.Y. (version 2)
Daddy Long Legs
Dancing With the Moonlit Knight
Darkness (5.1 mix)
Darkness (6 min 10 s)
Darkness (Engelspost radio edit)
Darkness (Greed vs. Engelspost remix)
Darkness (instrumental)
Darkness (remix by Engelspost)
[data track]
Deep Heat
Define Dancing
Deja Vu
dernière tentation du Christ, La
deutsches Album, Ein
different drum (4 min 40 s)
Different Drum, A
Digging in the Dirt (instrumental)
Digging in the Dirt (Raw Stylus mix) (radio edit)
Digging in the Dirt (Rich E mix)
Digital Us Concept Mix, The
Disturbed (3 min 43 s)
Dog 1 Dog 2 Dog 3 (soundcheck)
Don’t Break This Rhythm (full version)
Don’t Give Up 1
Don’t Give Up 2
Don’t Give Up (alternative version piano and B‐Vox mix)
Don’t Give Up (instrumental)
Don’t Leave
Don’t Remember (demo), I
Don’t Remember (instrumental), I
Don’t Remember (live single remix), I
Don’t Remember (live single version), I
Down the Dolce Vita
Down to Earth
Downside up (3 min 52 s)
Downside Up (instrumental)
Downside Up (live)
Dressing the Wound
Drop (5.1 mix), The
Du bist nicht wie wir
Engelspost Remixes, The
Excellent Birds (version 1)
Excuse Me
Exit Through You
Fallen Angel
Family and the Fishing Net, The
Family and the Fishingnet, The
Family Portrait Trailer
Family Snapshot (live at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY, 2002)
Father and Son
Father, Son (Daniel Lanois & Richard Chappell mix)
Feed the Flame
feeling begins (4 min)
Feeling Begins (extract), The
Fireside Song
Firth of Fifth
Fischernetz, Das
Fisherman’s Song (from “The Mermaid”)
Floating Dogs
Flotsam and Jetsam
Fly on a Windshield
For Absent Friends
Fountain of Salmacis, The
Fourteen Black Paintings
Frag mich nicht immer
Full Stretch
Funkadelic Flashback (Stickybuds remix)
Funny Man
GA‐GA (Go Swimming instrumental)
Games Without Frontiers (demo version / studio 1980)
Games Without Frontiers (DJ Riko's Whistler's Delight mix)
Games Without Frontiers (instrumental)
Games Without Frontiers / Lead a Normal Life
Games Without Frontiers (live 2004)
Games Without Frontiers (live B‐Side)
Games Without Frontiers (Massive Attack DB mix)
Games… Without Words
Genesis - sum of the parts
Get ’em Out by Friday
Get the Guns
Get Up Stand Up
Gib nicht auf
Go Away Mr. Evans
Go Swimming (Ga Ga mix), I
Go Swimming (Ga Ga vocal demo), I
God Knows
Going Out to Get You
Gracie’s Recapture
Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging, The
Greatest Hits 1977–1995, The
Grieve (5.1 mix), I
Grieve (live in Milano, Italy: September 2002), I
Grieve (the Engelspost remix), I
Growing Up (5.1 mix)
Growing Up (album version)
Growing Up Live Trailer
Growing Up (Stabilizer remix)
Growing Up (Tom Lord‐Alge mix)
Growing Up (Tom Lord Alge radio edit)
Growing Up (Trent Reznor remix)
Growing Up (Tricky instrumental mix)
Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man, The
Hair on the Arms and Legs
Hairless Heart
Half Blood
Happy the Man
Harold the Barrel
Have the Touch (1983 remix), I
Have the Touch (’85 remix), I
Have the Touch (Robbie Robertson remix), I
Heard It Through the Grapevine (live 2nd 1977 tour), I
Heat (from The Rhythm of the Heat), The
Here Come the Flood
Here Comes the Flood (Band version)
Here Comes the Flood (early version)
Here Comes the Flood (German)
Here Comes the Flood & On the Air
Here Comes the Flood (piano version)
Here Comes the Flood (version 2)
Here Comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist
Heroes (Wildebeest mix)
Hidden in the World of Dawn
Hit: The Definitive Two CD Collection
Home Sweet Home
How Dare I Be So Beautiful?
Howling at the Moon
Humdrum (live at the Diplomat Hotel in New York, NY, 1980)
Humdrum (live vinyl)
Hush, Hush, Hush
I’ll Be There (live)
I’m Amazing
I’m Still Looking for a Home
Ich und mein Teddybär
Ikhnaton and Itsacon and Their Band of Merry Men
Image Blown Out
Imagine (live)
In doubt (1 min 33 s)
In Hiding
In Limbo
In the Beginning
In the Cage
In the Rapids
In the Sun
In the Wilderness
In your eyes (7 min 12 s)
In Your Eyes (alternate mix)
In Your Eyes (Athens 1987)
In Your Eyes - DNA Mashup
In Your Eyes (extended Special mix)
In Your Eyes (fade out)
In Your Eyes (instrumental)
In Your Eyes (live, 1987: USA)
Indian Melody
Intro Signal to Noise
Intro to San Jacinto
Intruder (demo version / studio 1980)
Intruder (instrumental)
Intruder (live)
It is accomplished (2 min 51 s)
It's Me
Jetzt kommt die Flut
John Has a Headache
Johnny Warman: Screaming Jets
Jung in Africa
Just Another Day in 1977 (live, 1977: GB)
Keine Selbstkontrolle
Ken and the Wheel (studio outtake 1979)
Kiss of Life (live vinyl 12″ B‐Side)
Kiss That Frog (edit of album version)
Kiss That Frog (LP version)
Kiss That Frog (Mindblender mix)(edit)
Kiss the Frog (Mindblender mix)
Knife, The
Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe), I
Know What I Like (live), I
Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (live: Reading Festival, UK – 1979‐08‐26), The
Lamia, The
Land of Anaka
last temptation of Christ, The
Lay Your Hands on Me
Lazarus raised (1 min 37 s)
Lead a Normal Life (live in Normal IL)
Let It Be
Light Dies Down on Broadway, The
Lilywhite Lilith
Listening Wind
Little Light of Love
Live at the Roxy 1977
Live at The Spectrum (disc 2)
Live Blood
Live in Athens 1987
Live in Cleveland 1977
Live – Quebec City 30
Live USA
Long Walk Home: Music From the Rabbit‐Proof Fence
Looking for Someone
Lost Souls
Love to Be Loved
Love Town (live)
Lover’s Leap
Low Light
Magic of Time, The
Make Tomorrow
Man Who Loved the Earth / The Hand That Sold Shadows, The
Me and My Teddy Bear
Mercy Street (demo)
Mercy Street (end)
Mercy Street (instrumental)
Mercy Street (live, 1987: USA)
Mercy Street (live B‐Side)
Mercy Street (start)
Mercy Street (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)
Mercy Street (VMM remix)
Mercy Street (William Orbit remix)
Merrily Up on High
Met a Man, I
Milgram’s 37 (instrumental)
Milgram’s 37 (live 7″ vinyl bootleg single)
Mission Accomplished
Modern love.. [etc]
Modern Love (original 1977 music video)
Moodoo’s Secret
Moon and the Water, The
More Fool Me
More Than This (5.1 mix)
More Than This (Elbow mix)
More Than This (full album version)
More Than This (radio edit)
More Than This (The Polyphonic Spree mix)
Moribund the Bergermeister
Moribund the burgermeister
Mother of violence... [etc.]
Musical Box, The
My Body Is a Cage (Oxford London Temple version)
My Head Sounds Like That (5.1 mix)
My Head Sounds Like That (remix by Röyksopp)
My Heads Sounds Like That
My Heart Sounds Like That (live in Milano, Italy: September 2002)
My Secret Place (7″ version)
Mystery of the Flannan Isle Lighthouse, The
Nest That Sailed the Sky, The
New Blood: Live in London
Ngankarrparni (Sky Blue – reprise)
Nicht die Erde hat dich verschluckt
No More Apartheid (B‐Side)
No More Apartheid (LP version)
No More Mickey
No Photos Allowed
No Self Control (instrumental)
No Self Control (take 1)
No Self Control (take 2)
No Way Out (5.1 mix)
Noodle: The Tower That Ate People
normales Leben, Ein
Not One of Us (live early version late 1978)
Not One of Us (live in Leicester, UK, 1980)
Not One of Us (live Vinyl)
O But
Obra selecta.
Of these, hope (3 min 52 s)
Of These, Hope (reprise)
On Stage
On the Air (9.4.1977)
On the Air (instrumental)
On the Map
One Day
One Eyed Hound
Only Us
Open (3 min 25 s)
Out Out (extended mix from Gremlins soundtrack)
OVO: The Millennium Show
Party Man
Partyman (soundtrack)
Passion: Music for the Last Temptation of Christ
Pavillion of Memories
Perspective (extended version)
Peter Gabriel and Rob Sinclair: Back to Front - The Visual Approach
Peter Gabriel III
Peter Gabriel Interview—Piccadilly Radio (April 1977—Manchester, UK)
Peter Gabriel Interview, The
Peter Gabriel IV
Peter Gabriel Photo Gallery
Peter Gabriel (Security)
Peter Talking
PG Talks During Technical Problem
Place to Call My Own, A
Play Art Festival, Arezzo
Play: The Videos
Plays Live: Highlights
Polka Party!
Pop Goes the Weasel
Post Script
power of the heart (5 min 51 s)
Power of the Heart, The
Powerhouse at the Foot of the Mountain (from San Jacinto)
Présentation des musiciens
Promise of Shadows, The
promise of the shadows (2 min 11 s)
Qualquer Coisa a Haver Com o Paraiso
Quiet and Alone
quiet moment (5 min)
Quiet Moment, A
Quiet steam
Rabbit‐Proof Fence, The
Race (2 min 36 s)
Radio Interview
Radio Intro
RARE: A Rare Tracks CD Collection
Rated PG
Reach Out
Red Rain (Bright Lights remix)
Red Rain (instrumental)
Red Rain (live) (feat. Natalie Merchant and Michael Stipe)
Return of the Giant Hogweed, The
Return, Parts 1–3, The
Rhythm of the Heat (alternate mix), The
Rhythm of the Heat (from the South Bank Show), The
Rhythm of the Heat (instrumental), The
Rhythmus der Hitze, Der
Riding the Scree
Ritual Mask, A
Running to the Rain
San Jacinto (instrumental)
San Jacinto (live B‐Side)
Sandstorm (3 min)
Santa Monica (extended version / studio outtake 1980)
Schnappschuss (Ein Familienfoto)
Schock den Affen
Schockiere den Affen
Scratch My Back / And I’ll Scratch Yours
Sea Bee
Secret World Live (disc 2)
Secret World Live Trailer
Secret World (LP version)
Secret World (radio edit)
Sense of Home, A
Serpent, The
Seven Stones
Shaking the Tree: 16 Golden Greats
Shaking the Tree ’97
Shaking the Tree (Bottrill remix)
Shaking the Tree (Jungle 2 Jungle soundtrack 1997)
Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats
Shaking the Tree: Twelve Golden Greats
Shaking the Tree (Youssou 12″ version)
She Is Beautiful
Shock the Monkey (instrumental)
Shock the Monkey (live)
Shock the Rhythm
Shosholoza (live 1st Womad Festival, Shepton Mallet, UK: 1982‐07‐16)
Show Yourself
Signal to Noise (5.1 mix)
Signal to Noise (cut in edit)
Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats
Silent Sun, The
Sketchpad With Trumpet and Voice
Sky Blue (5.1 mix)
Sky Blue (Martyn Bennett remix)
Sledgehammer (alternate mix)
Sledgehammer (extended dance mix)
Sledgehammer (extended version)
Sledgehammer (Illicit mix)
Sledgehammer (limited edition dance mix)
Sledgehammer (live)
Sledgehammer Macho
Sledgehammer (single mix)
Slow Blooded
Slow Burn
Slow Marimbas
Slow water
Slowburn (extended version)
So Alive
So Intro
So – The Definitive Authorised Story of the Album
Soft Dog (instrumental)
Soft Dog (studio outtake 1980)
Solid Gold Collection
Solsbury Hill (full length live version)
Solsbury Hill (live at the Bottom Line)
Solsbury Hill (take 1)
Solsbury Hill (take 2)
Solsbury Hills
Song Without Words, A
Sound Fruit
Speak (Bol)
Spectrum: Live in Philadelphia, July 21st 1987
Spiel ohne Grenzen (Games Without Frontiers)
Start / Don’t Remember (medley)
Start... [etc.]
Start (Saxless)
Start, The
Stealing the Children
Steam (dub mix)
Steam (edit)
Steam : (live)
Steam (Oh, Oh, Let Off Steam mix 12″)
Steam (Oh, Oh, Let Off Steam mix dub)
Stigmata (2 min 30 s)
Still Growing Up Live 2004: 01.05.04 Ischgl
Still Growing Up Live 2004: 05.05.04 Dortmund
Still Growing Up Live 2004: 05.06.04 Glasgow
Still Growing Up Live 2004: 06.05.04 Rotterdam
Still Growing Up Live 2004: 14.05.04 Vienna
Still Growing Up Live 2004: 23.05.04 Karlsruhe
Still Growing Up Live 2004: 27.05.04 Paris
Still Growing Up: Live & Unwrapped
Story About Womad
Story of OVO 2, The
Strawberry Fields Forever
Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Studio Outtakes / Live Recordings
Summer 2003: 06.07.03 Mountain View, CA
Summer 2003: 06.14.03 West Palm Beach, FL
Summer 2003: 06.16.03 Atlanta, GA
Summer 2003: 06.21.03 Camden, NJ
Summer 2003: 06.29.03 Clarkston, MI
Summer 2003: 07.01.03 Columbus, OH
Summer 2003: 07.04.03 Toronto, ON
Summer 2003: 07.05.03 London, ON
Summer 2003: 07.06.03 Montreal, QC
Summer Festival, Piazza Duomo, Brescia
Supper’s Ready
Support Act Introduction
SW Live EP
Teddy Bear (vinyl 7″ B‐Side)
That’ll Do (B‐Side)
That’ll Do (Babe Pig in the City soundtrack)
That’s Me
That Voice Again
Think It’s Going to Rain Today, I
This Is Party Man
This Is The Picture (cut)
This Is the Picture (Excellent Bird)
This Is the Picture (Excellent Birds)
This Is the Picture - FanCam
Time of the Turning (reprise) / The Weavers Reel, The
Time Table
Topping the Mountain
Tower That Ate People (remix), The
Tower That Ate People (Steve Osbourne mix), The
Tracker, The
Tree That Went Up, The
Trilogy: Rarities 1976–1987
Troubled (2 min 53 s)
Try a Little Sadness
Twilight Alehouse
Ultra Rare Traxx 2
Ultra Rare Traxx 3
Ultra Rare Traxx Volume 1
Und durch den Draht
Under Lock and Key (from Wallflower)
Underlock and key
Unlocking the Door
Us Demos
Us – Remix
Veil, The
Video Introductions
Visions of Angels
Visit to a Doctor, A
Waiting for the Big One
Waiting Room, The
Walk Through the Fire (instrumental)
Wall of breath (2 min 29 s)
Wallflower (6 min 25 s)
Wallflower (demo)
Wallflower (instrumental)
Wallflower (live in Chile: September 1993)
Warm and Alive
Warm Up Tour – Summer 2007: 14/06/07 Gelsenkirchen · Germany, The
Warm Up Tour – Summer 2007: 23/06/07 Hyde Park · England, The
Warm Up Tour – Summer 2007: 26/06/07 Hannover · Germany, The
Warm Up Tour: Volume 14 – Arezzo 05‐07‐07, The
Warm Up Tour: Volume 7 – Hyde Park, England 23‐06‐07, The
Warming Up
Warms Up in Paris
Washing of the Water
Washing on the Water
Watcher of the Skies
Waterloo Sunset (Oxford London Temple version)
We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37)
Weevers Reel, The
What Lies Ahead
When You’re Falling (Afro Celt Sound System)
Where the Sour Turns to Sweet
While the Earth Sleeps
White Ashes
White Mountain
White Shadow
Whiter Shade of Pale, A
Whiter Shade of Punk (live in Boston, MA: October 1978), A
Who Are You?
Whole Thing
Why Don’t We (live in Detroit, MI: March 1977)
Why Don’t You Show Yourself?
Wikipedia, viewed 23.02.2015:
Willow Farm
Winter’s Tale, A
With this love (3 min 35 s)
With This Love (choir)
Wonderful Day in a One‐Way World, A
Youssou N’Dour
Питер Гейбриэл
Contributed to or performed: 
¡Released! The Human Rights Concerts - A Conspiracy of Hope
100% Hits, Volume 7
100% Wave, Vol. 06
1973‐10‐05/09: Dave & Steph… Your First Suppers Ready: Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
1979 Television Special
1982-10-02: Six of the Best: Concert Bowl, Milton Keynes, UK
1986-06-15: A Conspiracy of Hope Tour, Giants Stadium, NJ, USA
20 Years on MTV: 1986
2001: A Post Modern Oddyssey
21 World
30: Real World at WOMAD
4-Box, Volume 11, The
46664, Part 1: African Prayer
46664: The Event
4FM You’ve Got the Music in You
80’s Giga Hits Collection
80s Verantwoord Powered by Rob Stenders
Absolument 80 : Les plus grands tubes internationaux
Absolute 80s
Absolute Music 1
Absolute Music 15
Absolute Music 16
Absolute Music 2
Absolute Music 4
Absolute Music 7
Across the River (live 1st Womad Festival, Shepton Mallet, UK: 1982‐07‐16)
Against All Odds: Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Agua Marina Deluxe
Alias: Soundtracks Season 1
All Day and All of the Night (live at the Roxy, West Hollywood, CA: April 1977)
All Right Now
All This and World War II
Allerbeste Uit Radio 1 Classics 1000 2017, Het
Angel Baby
Années 80 + Mode D'Emploi Tome 1, Les
Anthems: Electronic 80s 3
Artist’s Choice: Sarah McLaughlin
Astro Sheen
Atlantic Records: The Time Capsule
Awards 1993, The
Awards 1995, The
Babe: Pig in the City
Back in NYC (live at the Roxy, West Hollywood, CA: April 1977)
Bacobens Rock Top 500 (CD10)
Bacobens Rock Top 500 (CD8)
Bacobens Rock Top 500 (CD9)
BBC Radio 2's Tracks Of My Years With Ken Bruce
Be Still
Best 80’s Album in the World… Ever!, The
Best Love Ever, The
Best of 1980–1990, Volume 8, The
Best of 2002
Best of 92
Best of Absolute Music, Volume 1: 1986–1990, The
Best of British
Best of British: 50 Golden Years of British Popular Music
Best of Super Stars, Volume 2
Best Pop Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best Prog Rock Album in the World… Ever!, The
Best Rock Album in the World… Ever! II, The
Best Rock Album in the World… Ever!, The
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden: Editie '94, Het
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden: Editie ’95, Het
Big Shiny '80s
Big Time
Big Time (main extended mix)
Black Album, Volume 2, The
Black Album, Volume 3, The
Black Album, Volume 4, The
Blind Man's Bluff Shades
Blood of Eden
Blood of Eden (live)
Blood of Eden (radio edit)
Body Combat 13
Book of Love / Not One of Us, The
Booom !!
Bowers & Wilkins With Real World Records
Braun MTV Eurochart ’96, Volume 4, The
Bravo Hits 3
Brit Awards
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Hot Chip rx)
Capital Gold Legends III
Capital Gold: British Legends
Capital Gold: Eighties Legends
Capital Gold: Rock Legends
Chartbusters February 1993
Chimes of Freedom
City of Angels
City of Angels: Music From the Motion Picture
Classic Cuts Presents 80’s Night: The Ultimate DJ Collection
Classic Hits
Classic Rock 1966–1988
Clive's Test Tracks
Club Classics 2: The 35 Most Wanted
CMJ Prisoner, The
Cocoa: Duets: U2 Duets for Spicelegs (Not for Propoganda)
Come Talk to Me
Come Talk to Me / Flume
Compact Collection, The
Concert de Paris pour Amnesty International: Le Combat Continue…, Le
Concert for Amnesty International
Cool feeling
Culture Dance, Volume 8
Dancemania 80’s Two
Deadpool 2 (Super Duper Cut)
Deadpool 2: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Diana, Princess of Wales: Tribute
Disney • Pixar: Greatest
Disney Box Office Hits
Djin Djin
Dog 1 Dog 2 Dog 3 (live 1st Womad Festival, Shepton Mallet, UK: 1982‐07‐16)
Don't Give Up
Don’t Give Up
Don’t Give Up (edit)
Don’t Give Up (LP version)
Donna Top 5000
Download to Donate for Haiti
Duets Album, The
Earthrise II
Earthrise: The Rainforest Album
Electric 80's
Electronic Charts
Everything Is Recorded
Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell
Extended 80s
Fallen Angel
Famous Charisma Box, The
Fatteliku: Live in Athens 1987
Festival des Vieilles Charrues 2007
Fetenhits: The Real Classics, the 2nd
Fight Back
Fine Time
Fisherman’s Song
Five Doubts, The
FM4 Best of Remixes
For the Lady
Games Without Frontiers
Gangs of New York
GEO [world]
Get Up, Stand Up
Glastonbury 25th Anniversary - A Celebration
Global Sounds
Glory of Gershwin, The
Golden Collection, The
Golden Rock Ballads, Volume 8
Gravity’s Angel
Greatest Hits '93, Volume 1, The
Greatest Hits of the 80's
Greatest Hits of the 80’s
Greatest of the Eighties, The
Greatest Rock Album in the World (disc 1), The
Greatest Rockstar in the World, The
Greenpeace - Breakthrough 2
Greenpeace - The Album
Greenpeace Breakthrough 2
Greenpeace: Rainbow Warriors
Greenpeace: Rainbow Warriors (disc 2)
Halt and Catch Fire: Songs from the AMC Television Series
Hard to Hold: Soundtrack Recording
Hardest Hits, Volume 2
Here Comes the Flood
Here Comes the Flood / On the Air (live at the Roxy, West Hollywood, CA: April 1977)
Hit Connection
Hit Parade
Hit‐Giganten: Legenden, Die
Hitarchief Top 2000
Hockey Anthems
Hot Hits Pop Volume 18
Hot Wax
Hottest Hits of the 80’s
Icons, The
In Africa
In Good Company
In the Air Tonight: Virgin’s Greatest Hits
In Tune With the World
In Your Eyes
In Your Eyes (Witness, Los Angeles 1996)
Indian Melody (live 1st Womad Festival, Shepton Mallet, UK: 1982‐07‐16)
Influences: Sarah McLachlan
Inrockuptibles présentent : Objectif 2010, volume 2, Les
Intégrale Année 80, L'
Invisible Sun (live: 1986-06-15)
Jack o the Green: Small World Big Band Friends 3
Joko: From Village to Town
Just Another Day
Just Another Day in 1977
Just the Best, Vol. 42
Kate Bush Collaborations
KFOG: Live From The Archives 11
Kind of Magic / Driven by You / Take It Back / I Would Do Anything for Love (but I Won’t Do That) / I Can’t Dance / Steam, A
Know What I Like (live, 1983‐01‐28: Guildford, UK), I
Know What I Like, I
Kuschelrock 1
Kuschelrock 24
Kuschelrock 27
Kuschelrock Special Edition: Die schönsten deutschen Lovesongs 2
Kuschelrock Special Edition: Lovesongs of the 80’s
Kuschelrock, Volume 2
L’album pop rock 1980–1999, Volume 2
Landmark Music
Landmark Music: Guild 45th
Latter Day Taints
Let It Be
Light Age, Volume 1
Light Age, Volume II
Listen and You'll See: 10 Years of Society of Sound
Love Album, The
Man With the Child in His Eyes, The
Mantra Mix
Massive Mixes: Collaborations & Remixes '89 - '02
Meto2 de baile, vol. 2
Midnight Cowboy
Mr Music 93-03
Mr Music Plus: Plus 11‐93
Mr Music Plus: Plus 3-93
Munich City Nights, Volume 18
Music and Rhythm
Music for Dreams
Music From and Inspired by Natural Born Killers: An Oliver Stone Film
Music From Vanilla Sky
Music of the Millennium
Music of the Millennium 2
Music of the Millennium III
Musikexpress 34: Real World
Musiques du Monde, Les
My Secret Place
Nixe • The Mermaid, Die
No Boundaries: A Benefit for the Kosovar Refugees
No Boundaries: Benefit for Kosovar Refugees
No Self Control (live early version as Don’t Know How to Stop: Reading Festival, UK: 1979‐08‐26)
No. 1 Hits 1986, The
Now That's What I Call Music 3
Now That's What I Call Music Years
Now That's What I Call Music! 18
Now That’s What I Call Music ’86
Now That’s What I Call Music 7
Now That’s What I Call Music 8
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1980: The Millennium Series
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1986
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1986: The Millennium Series
Now That’s What I Call Music! 23
Now That’s What I Call Music! 24
Now That’s What I Call Music! 25 Years
Now That’s What I Call the 80s
Now! T.W.I.C.M. Collection (1983-2000)
Ö3 Greatest Hits, Volume 18
Octupuse’s Song
Oh My My
Old Grey Whistle Test: The Anthems, The
Oldies but Goodies
One Heart
One Shot Presents 80!
One White Field
One World
One World One Voice
Open Your Eyes
Open Your Eyes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Ostatnia Rodzina
Party Man
Peace One Day - The Album
Phenomenon: Music From the Motion Picture
Philadelphia: Music From the Motion Picture
Platinium 80
Platinum 80s
Plays Well With Others
Plus Beaux Duos, Les
Plus Belles Voix, Volume 3, Les
Pop & Wave, Volume 2: More Hits From the Fantastic 80’s
Pop & Wave, Volume 2: More Hits of the 80's
Pop Giganten der 80er
Pop Giganten: Hits der 80er, Volume I
Pop Heaven
Power of the 80s, The
Pre Historie '70: Editie 2011, De
Pre Historie 1977, Volume 1, De
Pre Historie 1980, Volume 1, De
Pre Historie 1986, De
Promo Only: Platinum Series
Pure Moods III
Purify (interlude)
Qualquer Coisa a Haver Com o Paraiso
Qui sait ?
Radioplay Euro Express 863U
Reach Out I’ll Be There
Reach Out, I’ll Be There (live, 1983‐01‐28: Guildford, UK)
Real World 25
Real World Music: Starbucks Celebrates the World of Music Arts & Dance
Red Planet
Red Planet (Music From The Original Motion Picture)
Red Rain
Red Rain (Witness, Los Angeles 1996)
Refugees: A Charisma Records Anthology 1969-1978
Refugees: A Charisma Records Anthology 1969–1978
Rock for Amnesty
Rock Legends - Volume 1
Rock Super Stars, Volume 3
Rock the Planet
RTL Megastars, Volume 4
Salala (radio edit)
Sanremo Millennium: International
Say Anything
Screaming Jets
Secret Policeman’s Third Ball (The Music), The
Sem fronteiras: Em benefício dos refugiados de Kosovo
Senses Working Overtime
Set Me Free: Worldstars for Freedom
Shakin’ the Tree
Shaking the Tree
Shaking the Tree (02 remix)
Shaking the Tree (extended version)
Shall Be Released (live), I
Shall Be Released, I
Shall We Dance?
Shouting From the Streets: Songs of Protest
Signal to Noise
Signal to Noise (Witness, Los Angeles 1996)
Silent Sun, The
Simply the Best
Solidays: L'Album
Solsbury Hill
Song of the Seashell
Songs 2003–2013
Songs for Tibet II: The Art of Peace
SOS Planet Earth
Sounds of the Eighties: The Rolling Stone Collection 1986–1987
Spotlight Influences
Star Traks
Stereoplay Special CD 73: Singer and Songwriter
Strange Days
Strange Days: Music From the Motion Picture
Stranger Things: Music from the Netflix Original Series
Studio : Bandes originales de films
Sunday Music
Super 70’s Rock
Superstars in Concert
That I’ll Do
That’ll Do (Academy Award nominees, Los Angeles 1999)
This Dream
This Is Party Man
This Is the Picture
TM Century: GoldDisc 254
Together Forever
Tokyo Dome 1988
Top 100 Allertijden 1997
Top Hits U.S.A. T137
Top Hits U.S.A. T149
Top Hits U.S.A. T183
Torhout Werchter 20: 1977–1996
Tower of Song: The Songs of Leonard Cohen
Tune Up: Rock: 59
Twilight Alehouse
UK Records: 80 Great Hits From the 60s & 70s
Ultimate Duets Album, The
Ultimate Smallville Soundtrack
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Pop-Duette aller Zeiten, Die
Undercover I
Very Best of Legends II, The
Virgin Value Limited Edition 8 of 10
Virgin’s 21st Anniversary Sampler
Virtuosity: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Voices of Love
Voices of the Real World
Voix en or, Volume 7, Les
W H Smith Cable Jukebox, Disc 3
WALL·E: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
Want My 80's Box!, I
Warm Doorway
Was het nu 70 of 80?
Washing of the Water
Where the Human Spirit Sings: The Rarest Live Performances, Vol. 2
While the Earth Sleeps
While The Earth Sleeps (Dub Mix)
While The Earth Sleeps (Junior Vasquez Mix)
While the Earth Sleeps (long version)
While The Earth Sleeps (Tribal Beats)
Wild Thornberrys Movie, The
Wild World
Witch’s Song
Wondrous Stories: 34 Artists That Shaped the Prog Rock Era
Woodstock 94
World Moods
Worldstar Session, Volume 1
Worldstar Session, Volume 2
Worldstar Session, Volume 3
Wüsten Afrikas, Die
X Marks the Spot
Your Favorite Chick Flix Songs From the Movies!