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De-Ville, Edmund Dene Morel-
De Ville, Georges Edmond
De Ville, Georges Edmond Pierre Achille Morel
Dene Morel, Edmund
E. D. Morel (British politician)
Edmund Dene Morel
Edmund Dene Morel (britischer Journalist, Autor und sozialistischer Politiker)
Edmund Dene Morel (Brits journalist)
Edmund Dene Morel (personnalité politique britannique)
Edmund Morel
Edmundus Dene Morel
Engelschman, een
Morel-de-Ville, Edmund Dene
Morel-de-Ville, George Edmond Pierre Achille
Morel de Ville, Georges Edmond
Morel de Ville, Georges Edmond Pierre Achille
Morel de Ville, Georges Edmond Pierre Achille (Vollstaendiger Name)
Morel de Ville, Georges Eduard Pierre Achille
Morel, E. D.
Morel, Edmond Dene
Morel, Edmund D.
Morel, Edmund Dene
Morel, George Edmund de Ville
Morel, M. E. D.
Ville, Georges Edmond de
Ville, Georges Edmond Pierre Achille Morel de
Ville, Georges Edmond Pierre Achille Morel de (Wirklicher Name)
Морель, Эдмунд Дене
Морель, Эдмунд Дин
موريل، ادموند دين
에드문드 딘 모렐
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Congo Reform Association
Congo reform association (see also from)
Duchene, Albert
Louis, William Roger (1936-...)
Louis, William Roger (1936-)
Louis, Wm. Roger (1936-)
Lutz, Hermann
Ponsonby, Arthur (1871-1946)
Snowden, Philip (1864-1937)
Stengers, Jean (1922-2002)
Union of Democratic Control
Verlag von Reimar Hobbing (Berlin)
Winton, Edw
Wouters, Wouter (fl.1917)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
شكرى، على احمد
Affairs of West Africa
Africa and the peace of Europe
African mail, The
Afrika und der europäische Friede
Black man's burden
British case in French Congo; the story of a great injustice, its causes and its lessons., The
crise dans la campagne contre la tyrannie congolaise...
Deeds, The
Desi︠a︡tʹ let sekretnoĭ diplomatii.
Diplomacy revealed
E.D. Morel, 1873-1924, c1980:
E. D. Morel contre Léopold II
E.D. Morel. Der Mann und sein Werk : ein Gedenkbuch.
economic aspect of the Congo problem, The : the kernel of the question
Eerlijke taal
enfer du Congo léopoldien, L'
Foreign affairs a monthly digest and interpretation.
Future of the congo an analysis and criticism of the belgian government's proposals for a reform of the condition of affairs in the congo, submitted to his majesty's government on behalf of the congo reform association. (with appendices)
Genèse diplomatique de la guerre [de 1914-1918] nouveaux documents
gerechter Engländer über die Schuld am Kriege
Gift, das zerstört Die Mär von dem deutschen Kriegsanschlag ; [Mit Titel-Bildn. d. Verf.]
granda mensogo. -, La
Great Britain and the Congo; the pillage of the Congo basin;
grosse Lüge! Ein Engländer über den Krieg;, Die
hel aan den Rijn, De
History of the Congo reform movement
Horror on the rhine
Ik beschuldig de Engelschen
King Leopold's rule in Africa
König Leopold Kongo
memorial on native rights in the land and its fruits in the Congo territories annexed by Belgium (subject to international recognition) in August 1908 ..., A
Military preparations for the great war fact versus fiction
Morocco and Armageddon
Morocco in diplomacy
Mr. Morel's errors.
Nigeria : its peoples and its problems
outbreak of the war. -, The
part du Tsarisme dans la guerre
Peace overtures and their rejection, December, 1916 - March, 1918
persecution of E.D. Morel The story of his trial and imprisonment, etc. [The report of his speech.], The
Poison that destroys the case for a national inquiry into the causes of the war and the disaster of the peace
politics of dissent, The : a biography of E D Morel
Pourquoi l'Herbe du printemps sera rouge
Problèmes de l'Ouest africain
public presentation to Mr. E.D. Morel, The : among those associated with the effort for reform of conditions of the Congo, ...
Public presentation to Mr. E. D. Morel, The : ... speeches delivered at the presentation ... on May 29th, 1911 ...
question congolaise
Recent evidence from the Congo : dedicated to those (if there be any) who affect to believe in the "Reform" Decrees
Red rubber; the story of the rubber slave trade flourishing on the Congo in the year of grace 1906.
Red rubber; the story of the rubber slave trade which flourished on the Congo for twenty years, 1890-1910
Rex v. E.D. Morel : being a verbatium report of the court proceedings at Bow Street, on Sept. 1 and 4, 1917, before Mr. E.W. Garrett.
rol van het tsarisme in den oorlog, De
Schrecken am Rhein
schwarze Pest in Europa
Secret diplomacy a menace to the security of the state the national and imperial problem
secret history of a great betrayal, The
Siegesfrüchte Haben uns. Staatsmänner d. Frieden erlangt, für den unsere Soldaten kämpften?
Ten years of secret diplomacy an unheeded warning
Thoughts on the war : the peace, and prison
treatment of women and children in the Congo State. 1895-1904 ... A appeal to the women of the British empire, and of the United States of America., The
Truth and the war
Tsardom's part in the war (with notes on the Times' recent revelations)
Union of Democratic Control, The
Varför dröjer freden ? två världspolitiska essayer
War and diplomacy being a speech delivered at a public meeting called by the Society of Friends at Devonshire House, Bishopsgate, London, on May 14th, 1915
Десять лет секретной дипломатии
كتاب حقيقة الحرب العالمية